Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1381

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Funeral Island, once one of the forbidden places in Southern Heaven Domain.

Now, although it has got rid of the name of the forbidden area and has become the stage for the young Heaven’s Chosen of the two camps to compete, the eerie and weirdness never disappeared.

This is a gray-brown Desolate Land, with clouds lingering.

In the void, a wave of ripples spread, and Ye Guchen’s figure appeared.

“Sure enough, separated?”

Ye Guchen looked around all around and found that Jian Jinghong and the others were not around.

He was not too surprised.

If you switch to a normal Heaven’s Chosen, you might get panicked when you get an order on the Island of Suicide.

But Ye Guchen’s temperament is so calm, let alone his strength, even if you look at Southern Heaven Domain and Dark World Two Great Factions, they are considered top-notch in the younger generation.

Therefore, as long as there are no accidents, Ye Guchen can protect himself.

After checking the surrounding environment a bit, Ye Guchen took out a special spar.

After pouring True Qi into it, a light curtain spreads out.

Above is the general layout of the entire Funeral Island.

There are many densely packed light spots scattered on it.

These light spots represent Heaven’s Chosen from the Southern Heaven Domain camp.

It can be seen from the light spot that most of Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen were teleported to East Island and South Island.

Only a small part of Heaven’s Chosen, who was unlucky, was transported to the West Island and North Island on the dark side of the camp.

And Ye Guchen is one of them.

“Am I on West Island now?”

Ye Guchen’s face did not change at all.

Even if he knew that he was in the enemy’s camp, his face remained unchanged.

With his strength, it is not too difficult to return to the East Island and South Island.

And to be honest, in the entire Dark World camp, in addition to war-torn double stars, four small giants and other existence can pose a threat to him.

The rest of Heaven’s Chosen and Ye Guchen don’t have the slightest fear.

Even if it is 7 Little Overlord or Ten 3 Taibao, Ye Guchen doesn’t need to be too afraid.

Therefore, Ye Guchen was not in a hurry, he decided to start exploring the island of burial.

In this wasteland, the wind is miserable, and the ground has white bones of unknown creatures.

Funeral Island is a very strange existence.

It seems to be located in Southern Heaven Domain, but not in Southern Heaven Domain.

Located in the cracks of space.

“En? In Southern Heaven Domain, but not in Southern Heaven Domain?”

There was a sudden flash of light in Ye Guchen’s heart.

He suddenly remembered that he was in the territory of Heavenly Sword.

The mysterious Consciousness Clone, girl Assan, once said.

Her body seems to be on Southern Heaven Domain but not on Southern Heaven Domain.

“Don’t tell me Asang has something to do with this Buried Island?” Ye Guchen thought.

He remembered again, Assan said, her body and the Earth Sovereign sword are in the same place.

Inferring this way, doesn’t it mean that the Earth Sovereign sword might be on the Buried Sky Island?

After reaching this conclusion, Ye Guchen was also quite surprised.

He didn’t expect that Buried Tian Island might still be buried with this secret.

And at this moment, in Ye Guchen’s Sea of ​​Consciousness, a little fluorescent light suddenly flickered.

It was the light of consciousness that Asang gave him.

Relying on this little light, it can help Ye Guchen to find Assan’s body.

“No wonder, why Emperor Haotian seems to be not at all interested in my shots too much. It turns out that his most important purpose is to find the Earth Sovereign sword on Funeral Sky Island.”

Ye Guchen completely understood.

To Emperor Haotian, the Earth Sovereign sword is more important than anything.

No wonder he is not in a hurry to deal with Ye Guchen.

“It seems that Emperor Haotian should also be understood some kind of news. He will definitely try to find the Earth Sovereign sword later, and I definitely can’t let him get the Earth Sovereign sword.”

Ye Guchen’s eyes showed firmness.

If you really let Di Haotian gather 3 swords.

Not only will Su Jianshi truly fall into crisis.

Emperor Haotian will also condense 3 the emperor sacred sword, and his strength will soar to an unimaginable level.

“But if the Earth Sovereign sword is so easy to find, it is also impossible to appear until now. Di Haotian wants to find the Earth Sovereign sword, it is not in a short time.”

“I can just take advantage of this time to prepare.”

After Ye Guchen made up his mind, he felt a little more pressured.

His figure moved towards the direction of South Island.

Because before, he and Jian Jinghong and other swords had made a decision, and after they arrived at Funeral Island, they gathered together in the South Island.

After about one hour, Ye Guchen never saw any silhouette.

“It seems that the burial island is very large.” Ye Guchen thought.

Just a West Island is like a miniature continent.

The area of ​​the entire funeral island can be imagined.

At this moment, several black shadows appeared in front of him.

“En? Is it Heaven’s Chosen from Dark World?”

Ye Guchen was wary and looked at it.

But what surprised him was that those black shadows were not people.

And it looked like a cloud of human-shaped fog, just with a dark helmet, armor, etc.

It was like an empty shell of armor, filled with black mist.

“Could it be… the creatures of the dark world?” Ye Guchen’s eyes narrowed.

As early as when they came to 2 Jieshan, the sword master had warned them.

Although the Buried Sky Island is not as dangerous as the forbidden land before, there will still be some creatures from the dark world.

Some of the creatures in the dark world that may be encountered, the sword master has talked to Ye Guchen.

“This thing should be the so-called Yin Demon God.” Ye Guchen muttered to himself.

In the dark world, there are also many races.

For example, the source of the innate talent of Dugu Qiumo, the Soul Eater, is a very powerful race in the dark world.

And the Yin Demon God in front of him is also a kind of creature in the dark world, but it is relatively ordinary.

This kind of Yin Demon God is very resistant to physical attacks.

They themselves are more like the strange creatures formed by dark Soul Power and Battle Armor fuse together.

When Ye Guchen found the few Yin Demon Gods.

Yin Demon God obviously also discovered Ye Guchen.

At the moment, they are culled like evil spirits and ghosts, and at the same time they emit sound waves of established souls.

If this kind of soul sound wave is ordinary in strength, Heaven’s Chosen without Sea of ​​Consciousness Guardian Spirit, I am afraid it will be shattered immediately by Sea of ​​Consciousness.

But Ye Guchen did not move.

Yin Demon God’s soul sound wave blasted into his chaos Sea of ​​Consciousness, unable to cause any harm to Ye Guchen.

Those few Yin Demon Gods were obviously also shaken. Under the helmet, two ghost fire like eyes shook in the light and faded.

“Next it’s my turn.”

Ye Guchen raised hand and beckoned, 9 color black thunder spread out.

For the Yin Demon God, physical attacks do not have much effect.

Only Supreme Yang Strength, such as thunderbolt, flame, etc., can effectively kill them.

To deal with these few Yin Demon God, Ye Guchen took out Chaos Shenhuo.

Therefore, he only used 9 black thunders.

Soon, with a few sharp calls, those Yin Demon Gods turned to ashes.

Helmets, armors, etc., fell to the ground.

At this moment, Ye Guchen noticed that something rolled out of the armor.

“This is…” Ye Guchen was surprised.

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