Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1382

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What rolled out of the armor was a crystal similar to a crystal.

There seemed to be wisps of mist circulating inside.

“This don’t tell me is Soul Crystal?” Ye Guchen muttered.

Before coming to Funeral Sky Island, he had also learned about some creatures in the dark world.

Because the Yin Demon God is formed by the gathering of dark souls, after killing it, it will drop a crystal called Soul Crystal.

This kind of crystal is said to be very helpful to the cultivation soul.

Ye Guchen was the first time he got it. He picked up the crystal and felt a rush of pure Soul Power.

Ye Guchen thought about it for a moment, it was to stimulate his chaotic Sea of ​​Consciousness, trying to absorb this soul power.

What surprised Ye Guchen was.

The Soul Power of this crystal within the body can not only be absorbed, but also seems to be helpful to the shaping of the soul palace.

“There is such an effect?”

This went beyond Ye Guchen’s expectations.

He now finally understands why, for some Heaven’s Chosen, Tiantian Island is the best treasure for Venerable Breakthrough.

Let alone other opportunities, the crystals obtained after killing the Yin Demon God alone, if they accumulate enough, will make it possible for people to break through the Venerable.

“These dark world creatures, although weird, but from another perspective, it is not a treasure.”

Ye Guchen collected several Soul Crystals dropped by the Yin Demon God.

Because Ye Guchen is the cause of the Sea of ​​Consciousness, the breakthrough is even more difficult.

So these few magic Soul Crystals are far from condense the soul palace.

And Ye Guchen has also planned to conduct breakthrough after thoroughly cultivation success world.

So he only needs to collect resources now.

Next, Ye Guchen went all the way, wanting to meet the Yin Demon God and collect the Soul Crystal.

What made Ye Guchen a little disappointed was that although the creatures of the Dark World on Buried Sky Island were not small, they were not everywhere.

After a few hours, Ye Guchen only met a few Yin Demon God.

When Ye Guchen felt disappointed, there was a sudden violent fighting fluctuation in front of him.

Ye Guchen eyes flashed, his figure flashed away, approaching a dead tree.

He looked over and saw that two figures were caught in the siege of dozens of Yin Demon God.

“That’s… Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World.” Ye Guchen’s eyes gathered.

The two silhouettes are all male, a thin and tall silhouette, with a black robe, and pale skin, just like the impermanence of the underground palace.

And the other man, dressed in red robe, holding a long spear, was on the offensive.

The cultivation base of both of them is around the 2 Heavenly Layer of God’s Mansion, and their strength is not weak.

But what they were facing was dozens of Yin Demon Gods who were immune to physical damage, so it was not that simple to solve them.

“The thin, tall man with pale complexion should be one of the Ten 3 Taibaos of Dark World. He is impermanent.”

“And another red robe man with a long spear is also one of the ten three Taibao, Yang Hong.” Ye Guchen muttered.

He didn’t know much about Dark World, though.

But Southern Heaven Domain also has some information about Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.

Ye Guchen also read it carefully, among the ten three Taibao, there are these two people.

“Dark World’s ten 3 Taibao, the cultivation base is comparable to the Dragon and Phoenix List Heaven’s Chosen in Southern Heaven Domain, but it is not weak.” Ye Guchen thought to himself.

If it’s a normal Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen, if you run into the Ten 3 Taibao, it must be as far as possible.

After all, Heaven’s Chosen, which can stand out in a fiercely competitive place like Dark World, is not a good thing.

Its combat experience and strength are even better than Southern Heaven Domain’s Dragon and Phoenix List Heaven’s Chosen.

But for Ye Guchen, there is no pressure.

Heaven’s Chosen of the 2 world world is divided into 4 levels.

Ordinary Level, Dangerous Level, Extremely Dangerous Level, and Taboo Level.

His current strength, not to mention that he can steadily stabilize Di Haotian, at least he can contend.

In this way, Ye Guchen’s strength should be comparable to taboo level.

As for Guiwuchang and Yang Hong, although they belong to the Ten 3 Taibao, they can only be regarded as dangerous.

The gap is not small.

So Ye Guchen didn’t have any fears, just watched in the dark.

If it is Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain, and if he has no grudges against him, Ye Guchen might be able to help.

But since it is Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, then Ye Guchen doesn’t need to take action, just watch from the wall.

when the time comes when the sandpiper and the clam fight each other, it’s the fisherman who benefits.

As time passed, that Guiwuchang and Yang Hong finally killed those dozens of Yin Demon God.

“Hehe, I have harvested dozens of Soul Crystals.” Yang Hongyi said with a smile.

“What’s this? I heard that on the North Island, someone found a Valley of Yinfeng Demon, which looks like a nest of Yin Demon God.” Gui Wuchang said with a hoarse voice.

“Yinfeng Demon Valley…”

Ye Guchen, who was hidden in the dark, hearing this, eyes flashed, secretly recorded it.

At this moment, Guiwuchang seemed to be aware of it, and his pale face suddenly turned to Ye Guchen’s side. With a wave of his hand, True Qi burst out like an unrolled bolt of white silk.

“who is it?”

With a bang, the dead tree was directly shattered.

Ye Guchen body flashed, showing his body shape.

“Are you… from Southern Heaven Domain?”

Both Guiwuchang and Yang Hong looked surprised.

This is West Island, which belongs to Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.

Even if some Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen were unlucky and landed on the West Island, they should be hiding like a mouse in fear.

But at this moment, Ye Guchen’s expression was calm and calm, which made Deguiwuchang and Yang Hong both alert.

Yang Hong took out a jade slip and inspected it a bit, but frowned slightly, “Why is there no record of this person’s information on this?”

“There is no record, it proves that this person is in Southern Heaven Domain and should not be a famous person.” Gui Wuchang narrowed his eyes slightly, and the killing intent flashed away.

It turns out that Dark World Heaven’s Chosen and Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen, like Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen, will collect some information about each other’s Heaven’s Chosen.

For example, Ye Guchen recognized at a glance, these two people are Guiwuchang and Yang Hong in the Ten 3 Taibao.

Dark World naturally also has some information about Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen.

If it is Jun Xiaoyao, Chu Xuanzhen, Huang 1000 Autumn and the others here, they can know their identity at a glance.

But Ye Guchen is different.

What really made him famous in Southern Heaven Domain was the battle of Saint Sovereign.

It was also after the battle of Saint Sovereign that Ye Guchen was named Sword Young Master, one of the ten First Young Masters.

Calculating the time, it only adds up to more than 20 days.

It is for this reason that Ye Guchen’s information is not known by Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.

At least most of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen doesn’t know it.

“Hehe, it turned out to be an unknown person.” Yang Hong completely relaxed.

At this moment, Ye Guchen’s aura is restrained, and he does not look like Heaven’s Chosen.

He was not like Emperor Haotian and Emperor 1000 Qiu, wherever he went, he carried an astonishing aura, which was difficult for others to ignore.

“Do you know who we are?” The corner of Guiwuchang’s mouth also evoked a hint of coldness.

“Ten 3 Taibao, Ghosts are impermanent, Yang Hong.” Ye Guchen said lightly.

He can see from the attitude of these two people that the news that he became one of the ten First Young Masters seems to have not been known to the people of Dark World.

In other words, in the eyes of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, Ye Guchen is an ordinary, unknown person, like a cannon fodder.

Now, it’s more interesting.

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