Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1383

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“Oh, knowing that we are the Ten 3 Taibao, and still so calm, your temperament is pretty good.” Yang Hong said.

“It shouldn’t be me.” Ye Guchen said.

“Well, what do you mean?” Yang Hong frowned.

Guiwuchang slightly shook his head and said: “Don’t talk nonsense, just kill him, even if a little, it’s still better than nothing, you can get ten points.” Guiwuchang coldly said.

The rules of Dark World and Southern Heaven Domain are actually similar.

Kill an Ordinary Level Heaven’s Chosen and get 1 points.

Kill a dangerous Heaven’s Chosen, 1000 points.

Kill an Extremely Dangerous Heaven’s Chosen for 10000 points.

Killing a Taboo Heaven’s Chosen is 100000 points.

In the eyes of Guiwuchang and Yang Hong, Ye Guchen is at best Ordinary Level Heaven’s Chosen, even if you kill it, you can only get ten points.

The corner of Ye Guchen’s mouth was curved, and said indifferently: “Ten 3 Taibao is a dangerous Heaven’s Chosen. Kill you two and I should be able to get 2 points.”

Hearing Ye Guchen’s words, Yang Hong and Guiwuchang were both stunned, thinking they had ear problems.

“courting death !”

Ghost impermanence no longer speaks much, the strength of the 6 Heavenly Layer of Shenfu burst out.

As soon as his palm stretched out, a black chain broke out of the wind, the tip was as sharp as a short blade, emitting cold glow.

Seeing this, Ye Guchen directly raised his hand to probe, and grabbed the dark chain directly.

“Is it courting death?”

Seeing Ye Guchen’s behavior, Guiwuchang’s pale face showed a hint of sarcasm.

However, before the ironic smile at the corner of his mouth spread, he saw an unbelievable scene.

Ye Guchen directly took over his chain with his bare hands.

Then the arm suddenly burst, nine-color black thunder burst out, crashing along the chain towards Guiwuchang.

Guiwuchang looked terrified, and hurriedly used True Qi Body Protection.


There was a burst of thunderbolt, and the ghost was directly bombarded with impermanence. The entire arm was scorched black, and the torn skin and gaping flesh were bombarded by 9-color black thunder.

Yang Hong on the side was completely dull.

Because just a short while ago, the breath that Ye Guchen burst out has reached the 7 Heavenly Layer of the gods.

“who are you?!”

Yang Hong’s face suddenly changed.

If it is really the very famous 7 Heavenly Layer Heaven’s Chosen, they Dark World impossible don’t know.

“It’s just a dead person, why know my name.”

Ye Guchen spoke coldly, flipping his wrist.

9 The Dragon Thunder Hell Sword fell into the hand, the blade was cold, and Thunder Strength burst out.

He stepped on the secret technique, and a flash fell in front of Yang Hong.

Excalibur Yu Lei Jue 1st Style, Myriad Transformations thunderbolt is displayed.

10000 sword glow lightning, burst out from the blade, surging like a thunder wave.

Upon seeing this, Yang Hong hurriedly speared to resist, and the cultivation base of Shenfu 6 Heavenly Layer also exploded in full force.

But with just one blow, Yang Hong was blown away, spit a mouthful of blood.

The impermanence of ghosts, Yang Hong, two people, are all in awe at the moment, looking at Ye Guchen as if they have seen a ghost.

They are all one of the ten 3 Taibao, even among the Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, they are also one of the first class.

But now, facing this mysterious robe boy, they actually felt a deep sense of despair and powerlessness.

“Damn it, no wonder he can walk on the West Island with confidence. It turns out that his strength is so powerful. I think it’s a mistake…” Yang Hong’s face was covered with clouds.

Guiwuchang’s face was pale, and now it is as pale as paper.

At this moment, he suddenly remembered, when he came to Funeral Island.

Heaven’s Chosen, the top of their forces, once said.

On the Southern Heaven Domain side, there seems to be a newly rising Sword Dao Heaven’s Chosen, who is extremely powerful and has shown his skills in the Saint Sovereign world.

And that Heaven’s Chosen, who once severely damaged the top Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain, Di Haotian.

Guiwuchang thought of this, and then looked at Ye Guchen.

A mysterious robe, a sword as a soldier, completely in line with the description of the Sword Dao Heaven’s Chosen.

“You…you don’t tell me that Ye Guchen?” Gui Wuchang said impossible to bear.

“Oh? It seems that Dark World is not completely ignorant of my news.” Ye Guchen raised his eyebrows slightly, his face calm.

This sentence undoubtedly recognized his identity.

“What, you are one of the ten first young masters of Southern Heaven Domain’s newly risen, Sword Young Master Ye Guchen, you have once severely damaged Taboo Heaven’s Chosen?”

When Yang Hong heard Ye Guchen admit his identity, his whole mind was dizzy, and he felt that the sky was falling.

Southern Heaven Domain Ten First Young Master level Heaven’s Chosen, that is at least 7 Little Overlord can compete.

They can compete with Southern Heaven Domain Dragon and Phoenix List Heaven’s Chosen, but they can hardly compete with Ten First Young Master.

Not to mention, this one in front of you is not just an ordinary Ten First Young Master.

It was the terrifying existence that once severely damaged Di Haotian.

Even in Dark World, Di Haotian is quite famous, almost everyone in Dark World Heaven’s Chosen knows.

Di Haotian is almost the battle strength ceiling of Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen.

And the young man in front of him, being able to severely injure Emperor Haotian, is equivalent to possessing a battle strength that hurts Taboo Heaven’s Chosen.

This is where Guiwuchang and Yang Hong are trembling in fear.

They are not 4 Little Overlord, 7 Little Overlord.

Let alone compare with the taboo-level war-torn double star.


Without the slightest hesitation, Guiwuchang and Yang Hong, two Heaven’s Chosen, turned and moved towards different directions and ran away.

“Are you going?”

Ye Guchen would never let them go.

Ye Guchen raised his sword, and the vast thunderbolt surged out.

It is the 3rd move, God Jue Tianzhu!

Hong long long !

9 Dragon Thunder Prison blessing 9 colors of profound thunder, plus the magic sword to resist thunder ultimate move, formidable power pours ten directions.

Both Guiwuchang and Yang Hong were affected.

They turned around and blocked, their bodies shook suddenly, and again spit out a mouthful of blood.

Ye Guchen continued to cross the sword.

“Sacred sword 3 must be, Heaven and Earth Extinguish must be!”

Qianyang Peerless Sword and Kunyue Peerless Sword are combined into one, turning into a sword glow that slashes the sky in Danger Land.

Yang Hong had no resistance and was cut in half in a scream.

After that, Ye Guchen backhanded and once again killed Guiwuchang with a sword.

“Ye Guchen, 4 Little Giants and 7 Little Overlord, there are people I teach Rakshasa, you dare kill my, you will never get out of this burial island!”

Ghost impermanence made a sharp roar sound.

“Heh… ridiculous, too many people threaten me with this sentence.”

Ye Guchen did not hesitate or fluctuate at all, and directly killed the ghost impermanence.

He took out a crystal from the origin ring.

This crystal has many functions, and every Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen has one.

Not only can you use it to look at the map of Funeral Sky Island, you can also count the scores.

Soon, the two names of Guiwuchang and Yang Hong were revealed in the crystal.

Then the words 2 points are displayed behind.

“Not bad.”

Ye Guchen was slightly nodded, and once again found more than 2 Soul Crystals from the dead bodies of Guiwuchang and Yang Hong.

These Soul Crystals were obtained by the two of them who killed the Yin Demon God before, but now they are all cheap Ye Guchen.

As for other things, Ye Guchen is not interested.

“Teacher Rakshasa, is it a part of the Dark World?” Ye Guchen muttered to himself.

As everyone knows, at the moment when he killed the impermanence of ghosts.

In another place on the West Island, a silhouette covered in blood robe seemed to be aware of it.

“The ghost impermanent guy is dead…”

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