Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1384

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This silhouette, shrouded in blood robes, has a very powerful aura, and it has reached the 7 Heavenly Layer of the gods.

Around him, the bloody breath seemed to turn into blood snakes, wrapping around him.

Beside him, there are several other silhouettes, which are also very powerful, all of which are the top Heaven’s Chosen in Dark World.

“What’s the matter, Xueyunzi?” a Heaven’s Chosen asked.

“It’s nothing, it’s just the impermanence that I taught by Rakshasa died.” The Heaven’s Chosen, named Xueyunzi, spoke extremely indifferently.

“Oh, even though the strength of Guiwuchang is not Peak, it is also one of the ten 3 Taibao. Why did it die so soon?”

The rest of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen were all surprised.

It hasn’t been a few days since Tiantian Island was opened, and it stands to reason that at most, only some cannon fodder Heaven’s Chosen would die.

X3 CPIC is no cannon fodder.

“Not quite clear, but he should have been killed by Southern Heaven Domain’s Heaven’s Chosen, and that Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen is on the West Island.” Xue Yunzi narrowed his eyes slightly, and in his eyes, the blood light squinted Yan.

“Interestingly, in the West Island occupied by our Dark World, we arrogantly killed the Dark World’s Heaven’s Chosen. He don’t tell me that he won’t be able to get out of West Island?” The other Dark World Heaven’s Chosen’s voices are all playful. .

Xue Yunzi coldly said: “It’s very simple, that Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen, or he is a fool, or…”

“That is, he has great confidence in his own strength, even in West Island, he can be unafraid of my Dark World Heaven’s Chosen encirclement and suppression.”

“Haha, interesting, that Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen don’t tell me is Emperor Haotian, or one of the 4 emperors?”

Hearing Xue Yunzi’s words, the surrounding Dark World Heaven’s Chosen laughed.

“It doesn’t matter, let’s take action next. Although a ghost impermanent died and died, the scene is still found.” Xue Yunzi slowly raised his hand.

The blood-colored True Qi, wrapped around his wrist like a snake.

Xueyunzi is one of Dark World 7 Little Overlord.

And here, after killing Guiwuchang and Yang Hong, Ye Guchen continued to move towards the South Island.

“Teacher Rakshasa, what kind of existence is it?” Ye Guchen was thinking as he walked.

His knowledge of Dark World is limited to the narration of the sword master.

The entire Dark World is composed of 7 Saint Sovereign worlds.

The reason why they are called Dark World is that these seven Saint Sovereign worlds are particularly dark and cruel, but because they are located on the opposite side of Southern Heaven Domain.

And Dark World has always been hostile to Southern Heaven Domain, so it has this name.

However, although Ye Guchen did not know the situation of Rakshasa, he could figure it out. Rakshasa must be an extremely powerful force in Dark World.

Otherwise, Impossible has cultivated 4 small giants and 7 Little Overlord like Heaven’s Chosen.

Before I die, I have already said that in 4 Little Overlord and 7 Little Overlord, there are people they taught by Rakshasa.

“I don’t know if Xueer came, and she and the Blood Obeying Building Lord, Xue Yiqing, are also members of a certain force in the Dark World?”

“Then Xue’er, is it the double star of war, or one of the four little giants?”

Ye Guchen has many doubts in his heart.

However, with Xueertian crying Demoness’s physique, she should be at least 4 little Giant level other Heaven’s Chosen.

In Ye Guchen’s mind, when various thoughts flashed through.

A sharp neighing sound suddenly pulled him back to reality.

A group of strange creatures appeared in the front.

They resemble squids or octopuses. They are completely black and suspended in the air. Their sharp tentacles have barbs, and their circular mouthparts are also covered with white bone spurs.

Such terrifying creatures are absolutely invisible in Southern Heaven Domain.

“This is… a strange demon?” Ye Guchen’s mind condensed slightly.

On Buried Sky Island, Alien Demon and Yin Demon God are the most common creatures of the dark world.

And the same as Yin Demon God can produce Soul Crystal.

This kind of strange monster, within the body, can also condense something called the source of soul cultivation.

This source of soul cultivation, like the Demon Soul Crystal, is extremely helpful in shaping both the Yi soul and the soul palace.

However, unlike the Yin Demon God, the strange demon has a temperament, that is, gangs.

On Funeral Sky Island, there is one of the most terrifying disasters called Alien Monsters.

If you fall into this kind of monster tide, let alone ordinary Heaven’s Chosen, even Dragon and Phoenix List Heaven’s Chosen, which is the Ten First Young Master level Heaven’s Chosen, will fall into a life and death crisis.

But right now, the group of strange monsters in front of him, about 40-50, is not at all too threatening to Ye Guchen.

Ye Guchen didn’t hesitate, and shot directly. He wiped the sword edge of 9 Dragon Thunder Prison with one hand, and 5 colorful chaotic gods burst into flames.

Those dozens of strange monsters also discovered Ye Guchen, and they made a sharp neighing sound and charged at Ye Guchen.

The sharp tentacles covered with barbeds came through the air, enough to penetrate the Spirit Marked Divine Weapon.

Ye Guchen sword edge swept across, and the chaotic fire spread out.

Those strange demons immediately screamed in pain.

Thunderbolt and Power of Flame have great restraint effects on creatures like Demon God and other monsters.

But within a quarter of an hour, dozens of strange monsters turned into charred corpses.

Ye Guchen cut out one after another source of soul cultivation from the bodies of these strange monsters.

“As long as you collect enough magic Soul Crystals and the source of nourishing souls, when you break through to the Venerable Realm, you will be more sure.” Ye Guchen muttered.

At this moment, another demon’s neighing sound was heard in front of him.

Ye Guchen eyebrow raised, muttering to himself: “Sure enough, there are more than dozens of strange monsters.”

He flickered, and stepped forward on guard.

Looking around, there are a total of 1000 strange monsters, surrounded by a silhouette.

That chubby, chubby silhouette is taking out the same and the same Divine Weapon magic weapon, resisting the attacks of those strange monsters.

“En? That person is… Ximen rich and honorable?”

Ye Guchen picked frowned.

Ximen is rich and honorable, and Ximen Aristocratic Family Heaven’s Chosen has the life style of heavenly stars.

He is known as the Wealthy Young Master, and it can be said to be a strange existence among the ten First Young Masters.

Ximen’s wealthy battle strength is almost at the bottom, but the good luck is full, and there are many Divine Weapon magic weapons, which strengthened his strength.

“Isn’t it said that Simon is lucky, why is he in crisis now?”

Ye Guchen shook his head slightly.

He never believed in fate and luck, only the sword in his hand.

Moreover, Ye Guchen and Simon are not acquainted with each other, and he has no reason to act.

At this moment, Ximen Fortune seemed to be aware of something, and his eyes turned to Ye Guchen.

After seeing Ye Guchen again, Ximen’s wealthy eyes showed joy and suddenly shouted.

“Could it be Sword Young Master Ye Guchen, please help me!”

Ye Guchen shook his head slightly when he saw this, preparing to retreat.

Ximen Fugui saw Ye Guchen’s behavior, his forehead was sweating coldly, he cried again.

“Brother Ye, please be slow, I found a nest of strange monsters, if Brother Ye helps, I will take you there, it will definitely be rewarding!”

Ximen’s rich and honorable words made Ye Guchen pause.

There was a hint of interest in his eyes.

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