Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1385

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Originally Ye Guchen was not going to be nosy.

But Ximen’s words of wealth and honor gave Ye Guchen an idea.

If you can really find the lair of the aliens, maybe there will be a big gain.

But Ye Guchen is not a naive person. He opened the mouth and said faintly: “How can this Ye believe what you say is real?”

Although this Simon is rich and wealthy, it looks harmless to humans and animals, not like a bad person.

But Ye Guchen is definitely not the kind of person who knows people by face.

Simon’s head is full of sweat.

He thought for a moment, and threw away 7 8 Divine Weapon directly from the origin ring.

Ye Guchen felt slightly surprised at the level of pride.

“Use these Divine Weapon as collateral, that’s enough, and Brother Ye should also know that Ximen is lucky, and it is not impossible to run into the Lair of Alien Demon.”

“You good luck, aren’t you trapped by the monster now?” Ye Guchen said with a smile.

“Yeah, but didn’t it just meet you here? This proves that Ximen’s wealth and luck are still good.” Ximen Fugui explained while defending against foreign monsters.

Hearing this explanation, Ye Guchen felt like he couldn’t refute it.

“Forget it, no mortgage, the consequences of deceiving this Ye, believe Simon Young Master, you don’t want to bear it.” Ye Guchen smiled, but the smile was full of deep meaning.

If Simon is rich and deceived, Ye Guchen will definitely make him pay.

“Of course!” Ximen was nodded as rich as a chicken pecking rice.

Ye Guchen crossed the sword, and the chaotic divine fire spread out, accompanied by lightning sword glow 4 shots.

The formidable power of the chaos divine fire can be imagined, and this kind of flame naturally restrains the dark world creatures such as the Yin Demon God and the other monster.

Coupled with Ye Guchen’s own strength, the 1000 strange monsters were quickly buried in the fire sea.

“Hehe, Brother Ye is so strong, no wonder it can kill Gu Shaoyang.”

Seeing that the crisis was lifted, Ximen Fortune also took a flattery.

Ye Guchen didn’t care about the flattery of Ximen’s wealth and honor, but cut out the soul-raising source of those strange monsters within the body and collected them.

After collecting it, Ye Guchen looked towards Ximen Fugui and said: “Can you take me to the alien lair now?”

“Of course, how could I lie to Brother Ye? Now in West Island, we, Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain, should be united.” Ximen nodded and said.

Ye Guchen glanced at Simon’s wealth.

This Ximen’s rich battle strength and temperament are probably the bottom of the ten First Young Masters.

However, he has the fate of heavenly stars, is very lucky, and has various Divine Weapon treasures.

Therefore, Ximen’s wealth and wealth should not be underestimated. At critical moments, battle strength will be very strong.

“Let’s go, if you are telling the truth, when the time comes, it might take you out of the West Island.” Ye Guchen said.

“Many thanks, many thanks, I don’t want to be trapped in the West Island alone, when the time comes, no matter how lucky, I will probably be besieged by Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World.” Ximen Fugui hurriedly nodded and drank.

Next, Ximen’s wealth is taking Ye Guchen to that strange monster’s lair.

On the way, Ximen Fugui kept talking and asked Ye Guchen about Yi Cangyue.

“Brother Ye, I heard that Fairy has a good relationship with you. Did you help you in Saint Sovereign before?”

“Brother Ye, what is the relationship between you and Fairy Cang Yue?”

“Cangyue Fairy, she never seemed to show her kindness to any man.”

Ximen’s rich mouth kept talking, making Ye Guchen a little annoying.

“I have nothing to do with Yi Cangyue.” Ye Guchen said indifferently.

“Really, that’s all right…” Ximen Fugui sighed in relief.

Yi Cangyue is the Goddess of his in mind, the object of his pursuit.

Ye Guchen shook his head secretly when he saw this.

He really has nothing to do with Yi Cangyue, but it’s hard to say that Dugu asks the devil.

But to understand it from another angle, isn’t Dugu Demon equivalent to Ye Guchen?

The deity and Avatar are actually one person.

Ye Guchen would naturally not tell Ximen Fugui this secret.

About an hour later, Ximen Fugui took Ye Guchen to a stop in a mountain col.

Ahead is a dark valley.

In the valley, there seems to be a silhouette flashing.

“En? Someone caught the early bird catches the worm?” Ximen’s rich and fat cheeks changed slightly.

Ye Guchen looked up.

Suddenly saw a group of people, in front of the cave, fighting with some strange monsters.

There are about 100 people in that group.

The leader is a man wearing a black robe and holding a blood sword. His breath has reached the 8 Heavenly Layer of the Shenfu, which is stronger than the Guiwuchang and Yang Hong previously encountered by Ye Guchen.

“Huh, that person don’t tell me is Qin Shang from 7 Little Overlord?” Ye Guchen muttered.

He has some information about Dark World Heaven’s Chosen here.

7 Little Overlord naturally understands.

This Qin Shang possesses a Divine Weapon bloodthirsty sword and is extremely powerful.

However, it is not only Qin Shang.

Ye Guchen also saw a full 3 Heaven’s Chosen, all of which are one of the top ten Pacific insurance companies.

In addition, the rest of Heaven’s Chosen are just general.

“Fortunately, there is no other Heaven’s Chosen at the 4th Giant level, otherwise it would be a little troublesome.” Ye Guchen muttered.

Facing 7 Little Overlord, he didn’t have any fear at all.

Only 4 small giants, comparable to other existences at 4 Sovereign Level, Ye Guchen is not afraid, but it is difficult to solve the battle quickly.

In a place like West Island, if the opponent cannot be quickly resolved, the consequences will be disastrous if Dark World’s Heaven’s Chosen notices it.

“What shall we do next?” Ximen Fugui asked.

“When the sandpiper and the clam fight each other, it’s the fisherman who benefits, wait quietly.” Ye Guchen smiled.

And here, Qin Shang is leading a group of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, fighting with different monsters.

“Hurry up, in this alien nest**, it is very likely that you will have a soul-cultivating pool. When the time comes to win the soul-cultivating pool, you may all advance to the Heavenly Palace Venerable.” Qin Shang said.

Hearing his words, the rest of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen also had a hint of excitement in their eyes.

They came to Funeral Sky Island. In fact, the most important thing was not a battle with Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain.

It is to seek the opportunity of the breakthrough Venerable.

And this soul-raising pond in the Alien Demon Nest is undoubtedly one of the best opportunities to help Venerable Breakthrough.

“Blood evil ten 3 swords!”

Holding a bloodthirsty sword, Qin Shang cut out ten bloody sword glows in an instant, and all the monsters in front of him were torn apart.

As one of 7 Little Overlord, his strength is beyond doubt.

And beside him, the three Heaven’s Chosen among the ten three Taibaos are also doing their best to kill the monsters.

After an hour of fighting, they finally eliminated most of the strange monsters.

Of course, Qin Shang and the others also have considerable consumption.

However, just when they wanted to directly enter the alien lair.

A sharp neigh suddenly sounded.

“That’s…” Qin Shang’s expression suddenly changed!

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