Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1386

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But within the lair of the strange monster, a huge strange monster appeared.

This strange monster is more than ten times larger than the average strange monster.

And different from the dark monsters, this strange monster has a hard, pitch-black outer skeleton, which is like a worm, suspended in the air, looking mysterious and hideous, and very hideous.

“It’s a different Monster King!”

Qin Shang face changed.

Alien monsters are creatures living in groups, and in every group of alien monsters, there is an Alien Monster King, powerful and dominate the entire community.

However, the strength of Monster King is undoubtedly close to Heavenly Palace Venerable Level. Goodbye.

“Everyone, take action together, focus on killing this different Monster King!”

Qin Shang screamed, and immediately shot, the blood-colored sword glow tore the sky Splitting Earth.

However, when the sword glow fell on the body of the Monster King, it was blocked by its black carapace, leaving only a shallow mark on it.

The three Heaven’s Chosen in the Ten 3 Taibao, and the other nearly 3 Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, are also all used together.

In an instant, all kinds of moves, gorgeous like rain, turned into a torrent, sweeping across the different Monster King.

The war broke out.

On Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, the strength is not weak.

However, Monster King, with sharp barbed tentacles spreading out, can penetrate a Dark World Heaven’s Chosen every time, sucking it into a man.

In the dark, Ye Guchen and Ximen are rich and wealthy, and they are secretly speechless when they look at the strange Monster King.

“Fortunately, this group of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen rushed in front. Otherwise, it would be as difficult as heavenly ascension for the two of us to enter the alien lair.” Ximen Fugui sighed.

“Is this also due to your luck?” Ye Guchen asked.

“That’s natural.” Ximen was rich and wealthy, obviously confident of his destiny.

Over there, the war continues.

It took a full hour for Dark World Heaven’s Chosen to finally kill the Alien Monster King.

And Dark World Heaven’s Chosen also suffered heavy casualties.

A total of more than 100 Heaven’s Chosen, about half of them died.

Qin Shang and the three Heaven’s Chosen among the ten three Taibaos, although they did not fall, they were very exhausted and wounded.

“This beast finally died, and he entered the alien lair and obtained the soul-raising pond!” Qin Shang said.

Hearing Qin Shang’s words, the faces of the remaining Dark World Heaven’s Chosen showed excitement.

Exhausted suffering untold hardships, and killed many monsters, even the different Monster King.

They can finally enjoy the fruits of victory.

But just when they want to enter the lair.

A flat voice suddenly sounded.

“Many thanks for your help, but let me take care of the next thing.”

Hearing this voice, Qin Shang and the others condensed suddenly, and suddenly turned his head.

The two figures slowly walked out of the rear col.

A black robed youth with a handsome face, and a chubby fat man.

It was Ye Guchen and Ximen who were wealthy.

“Are you… Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain?”

Qin Shang raised his brow.

He thought it was other Heaven’s Chosen from Dark World who wanted to pick peaches behind his back.

But I didn’t expect it to be Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain.

Qin Shang first glanced at Ye Guchen, slightly frowned.

In their profile, not at all details about Ye Guchen.

But when his eyes turned to Simon Fugui, his face was a sneer.

“It turned out to be a wealthy Young Master, one of the ten First Young Masters in Southern Heaven Domain, and Ximen is wealthy.”

The appearance of Ximen’s wealth is too prominent. In Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, almost no one does not know him.

“Since you know it is this Young Master, then you should know that you are going to finish today.” Ximen Wealth raised his head slightly, with a confident look.

Hearing Ximen’s rich and honorable words, Qin Shang seemed to have heard some big joke, and shook his head and smiled.

“Hehe, ridiculous, I am one of the 7 Little Overlords, and you, although you are the ten First Young Master, but you are the weakest existence among the ten First Young Masters, just relying on good luck.”

Qin Shang was extremely disdainful of Ximen’s wealth.

In his opinion, what qualifications do those who rely on luck have to be like him?

“Sometimes, luck is also part of strength.” Simon Shi Shiran said.

With Ye Guchen by his side, he felt extremely relieved.

“Hmph, I heard that you have a lot of treasures, it’s like a mobile treasury, since I happened to be touched by me, then I, Qin Shang, would be disrespectful.”

Qin Shang stared at Ximen Fortune, as if staring at the fat on the cutting board.

“Hmph, Young Master is here, you have to come here!” Ximen deserves a beating with a face of wealth and arrogantly hooked Qin Shang’s little finger.

“courting death !”

Qin Shang face revealed a trace of Leng Yi.

He had dealt with the different Monster King before, although it was consumed.

However, it is simple to deal with the wealth of Ximen who has the weakest battle strength among the Ten First Young Masters.

“Blood evil ten 3 swords!”

Qin Shang was holding a bloodthirsty sword, and ten 3 swords sword glow rushed away at the same time.

Ximen rich and noble did nothing.

“Hmph, are you scared?” Qin Shang showed a sneer.

“Hehe, this fool doesn’t know who the person standing next to me is.” Ximen Fugui thought triumphantly.

However, to his surprise, Ye Guchen didn’t even intend to shoot.

“Brother Ye?” Ximen froze for a moment.

“I want 80% of the resources of the Alien Demon Nest.” Ye Guchen said indifferently.

“This…” Ximen was stunned, and didn’t expect Ye Guchen to bargain at this juncture.

They had also heard it before, that there is a possibility that there is a soul-raising pond in the Alien Demon Nest.

Originally, the rich and wealthy Ximen wanted to get along with Ye Guchen 5, so he was just average.

But now, Ye Guchen is asking for 80% directly.

In other circumstances, Ximen’s wealth and honor could never agree.

But right now, the sword glow was almost cut to the top of his head, and Ximen was anxious for wealth.

He is not without the power of a fight against Qin Shang, but he must be entangled for a long time, and he may not be defeated, let alone killed.

In this way, Ximen’s wealth and honor alone depended on himself, and he would not be able to get the chance of the alien lair.

“With your luck, will you get fewer opportunities in the future? What’s the harm in contributing a little now?”

“Moreover, I can solve Qin Shang.” Ye Guchen said indifferently.

He is not the bodyguard of Simon’s wealth, and he will be slaughtered when he should.

Finally, with such an opportunity, Ye Guchen is not a pedantic person.

Afterwards, maybe, you can get more opportunities by relying on Simon’s wealth.

“Okay, brother Ye, you are cruel, I promised!” Ximen Fugui said, with a distressed expression on his face, as if he was cutting his own flesh.

Just when Ximen’s rich voice fell.

Ye Guchen’s wrist shook, and the sword glow skimmed through the air, directly colliding with Qin Shang’s blood-colored sword glow.

With a few clanging clashes, Qin Shang’s sword glow was directly blocked.

“Ah you are……”

Seeing that the offensive was blocked, Qin Shang’s eyes narrowed.

“Kill your people!”

Ye Guchen holds 9 Dragon Thunder Prison, sword edge points directly at Qin Shang!

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