Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1387

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“The one who killed me?”

Qin Shang was slightly stunned, and did not react for a while.

I even suspected that my ears had heard it wrong.

Who is he?

One of Dark World 7 Little Overlord.

It is the second only to the double star of war and disaster, the existence of 4 small giants.

Even in Dark World, it is also the famous Heaven’s Chosen.

Not to mention that he is backed by Underworld Sect, one of Dark World Seven Great Influences.

This is a top power like Rakshasa.

In the Dark World younger generation, not many people dare to say that they can kill him. Nowadays, if a Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen pops up, they dare to say that they want to kill him?

“Hehe, Ximen is rich and honorable. He is also one of the ten First Young Masters, and who you are, dare to say that you want to kill me, it’s ridiculous!” Qin Shang sneered.

Except for a few well-informed Dark World Heaven’s Chosen who know that Southern Heaven Domain has produced a powerful Sword Young Master, most of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen are not aware of Ye Guchen’s strength.

They didn’t even know that Ye Guchen, Heaven’s Chosen.

Qin Shang is one of them.

“It’s hard to say to kill the double star or the 4 small giants, but killing you, um…it shouldn’t be too difficult.” Ye Guchen said calmly.

“courting death !”

Qin Shang didn’t say much any more, and went straight out of the sword.

Holding a bloodthirsty sword, he cut out a terrifying sword glow across the air.

“Brother Simon, the rest of Heaven’s Chosen will be handed over to you.” Ye Guchen said to Simon Rich.

In addition to Kai Qin Shang, there are also three Heaven’s Chosen of ten and three Taibao ranks, and some cannon fodder fish.

However, they had already spent a lot of energy when dealing with the different Monster King before, so it was not too difficult to deal with.

No matter how weak Ximen’s wealth is, he is one of the ten First Young Masters at any rate. Impossible cannot even deal with these people.

“Don’t worry, give it to Young Master!” The origin ring flickered on Simon’s rich and fat fingers.

Various Divine Weapon magic weapons appeared, and the shaking people couldn’t open their eyes.

There are not many other things in Simon’s wealth, but Divine Weapon has many magic weapons, so many can kill people.

He can still deal with those ten 3 Taibao.

Here, Ye Guchen holds 9 Dragon Thunder Prison and collides with Qin Shang’s moves.

The sound of metal clashing erupted, and the breath oscillated in 4 directions.

Ye Guchen’s cultivation realm was also revealed in this brief moment.

“En? God’s Mansion 7 Heavenly Layer, who are you?”

As soon as they met, Ye Guchen’s cultivation realm surprised Qin Shang.

This realm, less to say, is also at the Southern Heaven Domain Dragon and Phoenix List Heaven’s Chosen level.

It stands to reason that Qin Shang is impossible not to know.

“I will tell you when you die.”

Ye Guchen used sacred sword 3 absolute, the sword glow of Qianyang Peerless Sword and broken star Peerless Sword swept out, fuse together, turned into a torrent of fiery sword qi.

It is the starry fire!

Feeling the terrifying fluctuation of this sword force, Qin Shang completely restrained his contempt.

He is not a fool, how can he not tell, Ye Guchen has no information on Dark World, but with this kind of strength, he is definitely not borrowed from the unknown.

“Blood Demon Slashing the Sky Sword, Crazy Demon Breaking Through the Sky!”

Qin Shang also urged the power of the gods within the body, the vast True Qi surging, the bloodthirsty sword exuded a dazzling blood glow, and a bloody sword glow that was ten zhang long burst into the air, as if it could break through the space.

The 2-style sword strokes collide, just like the collision of a big star, with vigorous waves surging in four directions, causing the surrounding earth to be cracked.

Ye Guchen was only slightly shaken back by 2 or 3 steps.

But Qin Shang spit out a mouthful of blood, and his stature retreated wild zhang.

In this scene, the rest of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen was full of surprise and dazedness.

7 Qin Shang, one of Little Overlord, fell into a disadvantage with one move!

This simply makes these Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World have no Dharma Idol letter.

“Hehe, now you know how powerful Brother Ye is!” Ximen smiled wickedly, the fat on his face trembling slightly.

Originally, he was living on the West Island alone, and he was still a little nervous.

As a result, his luck really helped him and let him meet Ye Guchen.

By Ye Guchen’s side, the wealthy thief of Simon feels safe.

He now understands why that many women are willing to surround Ye Guchen.

This sense of security can even be felt by big Lords like him.

“You miscellaneous fish, let Young Master take care of it.” Ximen Fugui turned to deal with Heaven’s Chosen such as Ten 3 Taibao.

Here, Qin Shang’s eyes also contained a ray of incredible.

He gritted his teeth, shot again, and poured True Qi into the bloodthirsty sword.

“Blood Blade Breaks Through the Sky!”

The bloodthirsty sword came out, and the sharp sword glow tore the air and stab at Ye Guchen.

Ye Guchen’s moves changed again, Qianyang Peerless Sword and Kun Yue Peerless Sword came out.

Heaven and Earth Extinguish burst out absolutely, the vast sword glow skimmed through the sky, with a breath of destruction.


sword glow In the collision, the surrounding earth and rocks cracked, and the chaotic rocks pierced through the air!

Under such a powerful collision, Qin Shang’s figure was shocked again, coughing up blood in his mouth.

In contrast, Ye Guchen was unscathed.

“How is it possible, even if you are the Ten First Young Master, it is impossible to be so strong!”

Qin Shang lost his voice, unbelievable.

It stands to reason that the level of 7 Little Overlord and Ten First Young Master should be similar.

Of course, there are strong and weak in the ten First Young Master.

For example, Chu Xuanzhen and Ximen are wealthy, and battle strength is not of the same level.

7 Little Overlord naturally has strong and weak points.

However, Qin Shang’s battle strength is located in the middle reaches of 7 Little Overlord, not the bottom.

Therefore, he was surprised.

“This Ye said, dealing with war-torn double stars or 4 small giants may not result in certain results, but dealing with 7 Little Overlord should not be particularly difficult.”

Ye Guchen faintly smiled.

“It’s not that simple, look down on 7 Little Overlord, you will pay the price!”

As Qin Shang said, his eyes suddenly became red, and a bloody astral qi burst out of him within the body.

The bloodthirsty sword also seemed to buzz and tremble, exuding bloodthirsty desire.

“En? What an evil sword.” Ye Guchen frowned.

Obviously, Qin Shang can become one of the 7 Little Overlord, largely because his bloodthirsty sword is an evil soldier.

But Ye Guchen is not afraid at all.

Because the nine-color profound thunder and the chaotic divine fire he carries can restrain all kinds of evil and cold power.

“Evil Devouring Demon Slash!”

Qin Shang urged with all his strength, a sword burst out.

In an instant, it seemed as if there was a completely bloody soul, rushing out of the bloodthirsty sword.

Those wronged souls are martial artists who died under the bloodthirsty sword.

Even their souls were imprisoned and swallowed by the bloodthirsty sword, becoming an Evil Spirit-like existence.

This move not only contains the power of the sword move itself, but also blesses the power of countless souls.

It is conceivable that this must be Qin Shang’s trump card move.


Qin Shang swept across with a sword, and Heaven and Earth seemed to be full of miserable wind and wind.

He is extremely confident about his move.

“Heh…” Ye Guchen’s expression remained unchanged.

He directly motivates the Domain of Swords, heaven punishment, the thunderbolt Sword Dao.

The ultimate move of blessing the Excalibur Yulei Jue, God Jue Tianzhu.

All of a sudden, Heaven and Earth thunderbolt shook, and the vast thunderbolt surged!

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