Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1388

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Thunder Strength has strong restraint power against all kinds of evil things.

There is also great restraint to the various negative forces of cold blood and evil spirits.

Therefore, when Ye Guchen took out the Domain of Swords of the peerless thunderbolt Sword Dao.

The bloodthirsty sword suddenly groaned, as if it had encountered a natural enemy, shaking uncontrollably.

The power of Devouring Evil, Devouring Demon Slash, also fell by at least 30%.

As for those wronged souls, as soon as they encountered nine-color mysterious thunder, they immediately made a sharp neighing sound, which turned into blue smoke in the surging lightning.


The violent concussion broke out, and the extreme moves of the two people collided, bursting out a circular sword qi ripple.

The surrounding Ximen Fortune and Heaven’s Chosen in Dark World were all affected and shaken.

In the violent collision, a silhouette spit out a mouthful of blood, flying upside down.

It’s Qin Shang!

His whole body was scorched by lightning, his clothes were torn, his chin was dripping with blood, and blood was flowing across his arms.

And the bloodthirsty sword he was holding, as if it had been severely wounded, the blade was covered with traces of cracks.

It stands to reason that Divine Weapon impossible is easily broken.

But the 9-color black thunder blessing 9 dragon thunder prison, and the power of thunderbolt Sword Dao.

The restraint on the bloodthirsty sword is too great.

This kind of attribute is counterproductive and sometimes very fatal.

“It’s defeated, Qin Shang is defeated!?”

Dark World Heaven’s Chosen saw this scene and felt cold all over, and my heart sank.

7 Qin Shang, one of Little Overlord, lost to a little-known Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen.

Ximen’s wealth is not surprising.

After all, Ye Guchen is an existence that even Nebula Young Master Gu Shaoyang can kill.

Defeating a Little Overlord is nothing.

“Who are you? In Southern Heaven Domain Impossible, I borrow the nameless people!” Qin Shang coughed out a mouthful of blood, staring at Ye Guchen.

When I was angry, I was also frightened.

In this battle of Buried Sky Island, how did Southern Heaven Domain have such a powerful Heaven’s Chosen?

Qin Shang was also darkly annoyed, the strength of Ye Guchen just restrained him.

Otherwise, even if Qin Shang would lose, he would not lose so miserably and thoroughly.

“Tsk tsk, haven’t you even heard of the name Sword Young Master Ye Guchen? Dark World is really unknown and inexperienced.”

Ye Guchen hasn’t said anything yet, Ximen’s wealth is impossible to bear opened the mouth and said.

He wants to leave the West Island safely, and he can still do things like holding Ye Guchen’s thigh and patting flattery.

“Sword Young Master, Ye Guchen?”

Qin Shang showed doubts in his eyes at first, and then as if suddenly remembering something, his eyes were stunned, and he stared at Ye Guchen.

“Could you be one of the ten newly promoted First Young Masters from Southern Heaven Domain, Ye Guchen?”

Qin Shang set off a storm in his heart.

There is not much news about Ye Guchen in Dark World, only some well-informed people know.

He also accidentally heard other Dark World Heaven’s Chosen mention it by chance, otherwise, Qin Shang would also be impossible to react.

“Then Ye Guchen, the battle strength is rumored to be astonishing, and he even killed ten First Young Masters of the same level. In this way, he killed me, it is not really impossible…”

Thinking of this, Qin Shang felt chills in his heart, like falling into a cold pond in the twelfth lunar month of winter, and every pore on his body exuded chill.

“If you are understood, then let you be a ghost.” Ye Guchen said indifferently and shot directly.

Kill a 7 Xiaoba King Level Don’t Heaven’s Chosen, you can also get 1000 points.


Ye Guchen is very handy, Qianyang Peerless Sword, Kunyue Peerless Sword, Star Breaking Peerless Sword, 3 swords come out together, merge in the sky and turn into a mighty sword qi torrent.

3 Perfect one, Moon’s Demise star Shen Haoyang breaks!

sword qi is like a torrent, pushing it all the way horizontally. This is not only a lore to Qin Shang, but also three Heaven’s Chosen among the ten 3 Taibao, and the rest of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, all included in the attack range within.

Hong long long !

Heaven and Earth shook and shook, and the whole alien lair seemed to be about to collapse.

The rich and honorable Simon stared at the scene blankly, his fat cheeks solidified, and it seemed to have several points of funny.

After one blow, a huge gully appeared on the spot, spreading several hundred zhang.

And in the gully, there were torn bones and splashes of blood everywhere.

Qin Shang, who was in the center of his moves, had already become a corpse, and even the bloodthirsty sword was cracked and lost spirituality.

Apart from this, the three Heaven’s Chosen in the Ten 3 Taibao also collapsed to the ground, all suffering severe injuries.

If they hadn’t been consumed by the Monster King before, they might not have been so miserable.

Now, they are like dead dogs.

As for the remaining Dark World trash fish, they were almost killed and injured.

Ye Guchen stepped forward, without any hesitation, and directly killed the three Heaven’s Chosen.

In addition to Qin Shang, within his spar, the points have risen again, reaching 6000 points.

You know, Funeral Island has only been opened for a few days.

The average Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen may only have a few dozen points of 100 points.

“Although I fell on the West Island of the Dark World Heaven’s Chosen camp, good fortune and misfortune are interdependent, and there is no loss.” Ye Guchen muttered.

Although the danger has increased, the harvest has also increased.

Not to mention, these 6000 points alone are already among the best in Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen.

If it landed on the East Island or South Island controlled by Southern Heaven Domain, there would never be such a gain.

Simon walked rich and honored, his fat face said with a look of resentment: “Brother Ye, you are too fierce, you didn’t leave me any soup.”

Ximen Fugui thought that he could get a few 1000 points. Ye Guchen didn’t expect them all.

“It’s good to be able to guarantee your safety, what else do you want?” Ye Guchen said calmly.

He is not a free babysitter, and he is not so kind to leave West Island with Simon’s wealth and honor.

If you want to get asylum, you have to pay.

Ximen Fugui was speechless, and his thick fingers were twisted, just like a bitter little wife.

Ye Guchen is a little speechless.

If it were not for the destiny of the heavenly stars, Simon’s wealth would be basically impossible to rank among the ten First Young Masters.

He is also one of the ten First Young Masters.

“Okay, don’t talk about it, go to the alien lair to explore.” Ye Guchen waved his hand.

Ximen is rich and honorable hearing this, cheering up.

Although he can only score 20% for the chance of the Alien’s Nest, it is not bad.

After all, Ximen Fugui didn’t contribute much, so he provided a piece of information, and Ye Guchen was doing the rest, so it was almost like a prostitute.

There was no dissatisfaction with Ximen’s wealth.

Soon, they went deep into the lair of the aliens.

A peculiar smell permeated out.

Inside the lair, there were also dozens of strange monsters, all of which were smashed to death by Ye Guchen with a set of 9-color mysterious thunder.

Soon, they went deep into the deepest nest of the aliens’ lair.

At a glance, both eyes shook slightly!

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