Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1390

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That Mo Ye, can be considered most recently, a young Heaven’s Chosen who suddenly emerged in Dark World.

And his experience is quite legendary, not at all relying on any forces behind his back.

Alone, he made a name for himself in Dark World and became one of the 7 Little Overlord.

And this time, that Mo Ye also came to participate in the Battle of Funeral Sky Island.

He does not fight for any forces, acting alone, like a lone wolf.

“It’s not easy to invite him, but in order to hunt down that Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen, it can only be so, and it’s not enough to invite him, I will invite another one.” Xue Yunzi muttered.

I have to say that he was very cautious, facing the unidentified Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen, he did not despise him.

Just when Xueyunzi was planning to siege Ye Guchen.

A marginal boundary on the West Island.

The disciplines of several gods Sword Ancestor are marching, looking all around and communicating at the same time.

“Hey, have you heard that in the past few days, many of the disciplines of Overlord Influence have fallen.”

“Yes, and all the people who died are my god Sword Ancestor, Star Universe Sword Pavillion, and Dongfang Aristocratic Family.”

“What the hell is going on, is there a Heaven’s Chosen in Dark World specifically for our Great Influence?”

“This is not clear…”

The Sword Ancestor disciple communicated with each other.

However, I don’t know when, not far in front of them, a black clothed silhouette suddenly appeared.

That black clothed silhouette, slender figure, precarious black hair, and an iron metal mask on his face.

In his hand, he held an ink-colored long sword with the tip of the sword pointing diagonally to the earth.

A cold and murderous breath came out.

“En? Who are you!”

The disciplines of these gods Sword Ancestor reacted with an alert expression.

“The people of Sword Ancestor, goddamn it!”

The hoarse voice of cold and severe came from this person’s mouth, with an extreme killing intent and hatred.

“You…you don’t tell me it is the Dark World Heaven’s Chosen who hunted down our Overlord Influence these days!” A god Sword Ancestor disciple cried out in surprise, with a little fear in his eyes.


This person shot directly, and the ink sword drew out a cold sword glow across the air.

The blood spattered, and the screams echoed in the 4 wild.

However, in a short time, the Sword Ancestor disciple of the gods are all in different places.

After killing these Sword Ancestor disciple, this black clothed silhouette stood in place, muttered: “Not enough, I killed not enough people…”

At this time, this silhouette seemed to have a feeling in the heart, taking out a black spar.

The function of this black spar is similar to that of Ye Guchen’s spar. It is used to assist in viewing maps and other props after entering the island of buried sky.

And this black spar also takes into account the ability of transmission.

“Let me participate in the encirclement and suppression of a Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen, huh…”

This black clothed silhouette hehe sneered, body flashed, and left directly.

He is not someone else, it is exactly one of the 7 Little Overlords that Xueyunzi said like a lone wolf, Mo Ye!


After about 7 or 8 days, Ye Guchen and Ximen became wealthy, and they were finally on the edge of the West Island.

Along the way, because of Ximen’s wealthy physique, they found a lot of opportunities.

However, due to time constraints, Ye Guchen did not at all go one after another to investigate.

Anyway, as long as Ximen is rich and honorable, chance is not lacking.

Taking a step back, even without the wealth of Ximen, it is not particularly difficult to find opportunities on this Funeral Island.

The most important thing now is to leave the West Island and go to the South Island to meet Jian Jinghong and the others, so Ye Guchen did not waste time.

“Hu, finally leaving the West Island.” Ximen Fugui wiped the sweat from his fat face and put out a breath lightly.

“This is not the time to relax, you think we killed that many Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, will they let us leave safely?” Ye Guchen’s lips overflowed with a sneer.

“Brother Ye, what do you mean…” Ximen Fugui suddenly shivered, like a basin of cold water pouring to the bottom of his heart.

“If I were Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, an unidentified Heaven’s Chosen killed that many people on his own site. He would definitely find ways to intercept them at the junction and keep them here forever.”

Ye Guchen’s words refreshed Simon’s wealthy heart.

He was able to become the Ten First Young Master because of luck and possessing the fate of heaven.

But in fact, I, a group of counselors, perhaps many of the mentality of Dragon and Phoenix List Heaven’s Chosen, are better than that of Simon.

“Brother Ye, you know that they might intercept us at the junction, why do you want to snare yourself?” Ximen Fugui hurriedly asked.

Ye Guchen had surplus for a long time, but he still went forward. What is it that he didn’t cast himself into the net?

“Oh, why avoid it, those are all points.” Ye Guchen lightly said with a smile.

After finally encountering a good opportunity to earn points, how could Ye Guchen give up?

Ximen is stunned if he is hearing this.

He didn’t expect, Ye Guchen not only has no idea to escape.

Instead, he regards the Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World as prey.

It’s as if the prey that was locked by the hunter started thinking about how to hunt the hunter.

“It’s a fierce person…”

Simon is speechless, and he admires Ye Guchen prostrate oneself in admiration.

He now understands why many people call Ye Guchen a lunatic.

Because Ye Guchen is not only ruthless to the enemy, but even more ruthless to himself. Normal people will not think of throwing themselves into the trap, but Ye Guchen did so.

Not only does he want to survive desperately, but he also wants to kill Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.

For a fierce person like this, it is the first time that Simon Fugui has seen him.

“Why, if you dare not, we can separate here, let me attract the sight of those Dark World Heaven’s Chosen. If you want to leave West Island safely, there should be no big problem.” Ye Guchen said indifferently.

Hearing Ye Guchen’s words, Ximen’s wealthy face also showed a hint of struggle.

If you leave Ye Guchen, you will be able to stay away from danger, and it is quite possible to leave safely.

However, in this way, Ximen’s wealth must never cooperate with Ye Guchen in the future.

Simon is not stupid to be rich, on the contrary, he is very shrewd.

After clenching his teeth secretly, Simon said wealthy and wealthy: “Forget it, Young Master has also given up. With my luck and the strength of Brother Ye, you can definitely turn the crisis into peace.”

Ximen is rich and wealthy, and he is betting on Ye Guchen.

“Good.” Ye Guchen slightly nodded.

He didn’t say anything or promised.

But a good word means everything.

After making the decision, Ye Guchen and Ximen Wealthy 2 people also swept towards the junction of West Island.

After another two days, they finally approached the boundary line.

The four regional islands of Funian Island are separated from each other by huge cracks, which look like a big rift valley.

At this moment, Ye Guchen looked away, on the edge of the Great Rift Valley.

A row of densely packed silhouettes stood, and each silhouette exudes an amazing breath.

The three silhouettes headed by them are even more powerful.

“Are there 7 people from 3 Little Overlord? It’s a bit troublesome, but…no problem!”

In Ye Guchen’s eyes, a cold light shot!

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