Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1391

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On the edge of the huge rift valley, a row of silhouettes stood.

Everyone has a strong breath.

The headed is 3 people.

A man in a blood robe was surrounded by blood.

There is also a man in a scarlet robe. His whole body seems to be flaming up. A pair of crimson’s eyes are like hot red steel balls.

The last person left is a black-clothed youth with long black hair and an iron metal mask on his face, holding an ink-colored long sword.

Ye Guchen not at all any fear, but an expression calmly walked up.

Ximen’s wealth and honor is a little nervous.

7 Little Overlord is comparable to the existence of ten First Young Masters.

At this time, 3 people came, and everyone would be flustered and a little unbearable.

Although Ye Guchen and he are both one of the ten First Young Masters.

However, Ximen Fugui, the Ten First Young Master, has a lot of moisture, which means it can barely become the end of the Ten First Young Master by relying on various Divine Weapon magic weapons.

Seeing Ye Guchen and Ximen Fugui not only didn’t hide, but instead took the initiative to come forward, a hint of surprise appeared on Xue Yunzi’s face.

But he still said with a sneer: “The one who hunted my Dark World Heaven’s Chosen on the West Island these days should be you, and you also killed the impermanence that I taught by Rakshasa.”

“Yes.” Ye Guchen said indifferently.

He glanced at Xueyunzi and the others, and when his eyes fell on Mo Ye, his eyes slightly shrink, but he quickly returned to normal.

The corners of his lips also evoked an imperceptible smile.

But this smile, not at all, was discovered by Xue Yunzi and the others.

The man in the scarlet robe on the side also showed a touch of cold and severe color, opened the mouth and said: “I know you, you should be one of the newly promoted Ten First Young Masters in Southern Heaven Domain. One, Sword Young Master Ye Guchen.”

Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, not everyone is uninformed.

This red-robed man has also heard of Ye Guchen’s name.

“Oh, you should be one of the 7 Little Overlord Lu Jimo, good at Fire Dao cultivation technique.” Ye Guchen smiled indifferently.

“For us, 7 Little Overlord, your Southern Heaven Domain is very clear on your investigation.” Lu Jimo snered.

He turned to Mo Ye on the side and said, “Mo Ye, don’t you have anything to say about these two prey?”

The young man named Mo Ye turned his eyes to Ye Guchen.

Although he wears an iron mask on his face, the gaze that shines through the two round holes carries a faint hatred.

Yes, it’s hatred!

Feeling this hatred, Ye Guchen’s chest rises and falls, and he sighs deeply.

His eyes are a little complicated.

“I have nothing to say.” A slightly hoarse and deep voice came from Mo Ye.

“Haha, that’s good, it’s not bad to be able to kill two of the ten First Young Masters in one go.” Lu Jimo smiled, as if he was already winning.


Xue Yunzi made a move.

He burst into the True Qi of the 7 Heavenly Layer of the Shenfu, gathered in his palm, turned into a bloody palm print, and suppressed Ye Guchen.

Lu Jimo also shot, his cultivation is Fire Dao cultivation technique, Da Ri Burning Demon Skill.

During the cultivation technique, he is like a sun, and like a big furnace, bursting with a hot breath.

Raging Flames True Qi rolled around him, turned into fiery snakes, and slammed away at Ye Guchen.

On the contrary, it was Mo Ye who didn’t make the first move, as if observing the situation.

Here, Ye Guchen took out 9 Dragon Thunder Prison Sword, and turned to Simon Fugui on the side: “Just protect yourself, and let me do the rest.”

“Okay, Brother Ye, be careful!”

Simon Wealth hurriedly nodded, and then took out 3 pieces of body protection Divine Weapon, shields, armors, shields, etc., all put on him.

The whole person seems to be put on a tortoise shell.

This kind of defense, even Xueyunzi and the others, would be impossible for a while to do any harm to Simon’s wealth.

“Let me come for a while, this Sword Young Master, you go to deal with the wealth of Simon.” Lu Ji demonic path.

His gaze towards Ye Guchen was full of fighting intents.

After all, in the news he has heard, Ye Guchen’s battle strength is considered top-notch among the ten First Young Masters.

Lu Jimo wanted to know if he could defeat the existence of Peak among the Ten First Young Masters.

“Okay, leave the wealth of Ximen to me.” Xueyunzi eyes flashed and shot the wealth of Ximen.

As for the Mo Ye who didn’t make a move, they didn’t urge at all.

After all, everything is in their hands now.

Ye Guchen and Ximen are as wealthy as beasts trapped in a cage, unable to escape.

Ye Guchen sneered at the attacking Lu Jimo.

If it’s a few others, Ye Guchen might have to cheer up.

But this Lu Jimo, but the cultivation technique is Fire Dao cultivation technique.

Ye Guchen has a chaotic sacred fire, and he is least afraid of flame attacks.

After all, the sacred fire is out, and the 10000 fire acknowledge allegiance.

Facing the attacking fire snake, Ye Guchen shakes the long sword in his hand, and the sword qi gushes out, tearing the fire snake apart.

After that, Ye Guchen continued to face Lu Jimo and pierced through his sword.

Upon seeing this, Lu Jimo took out a crimson stove.

This is his Divine Weapon, Fire King Furnace.

9 The tip of the Dragon Thunder Prison Sword hit the Fire King Furnace, and there was a harsh metal collision sound.

2 The figures are shocked.

“Nine Arrows of Burst!”

Lu Jimo slapped his palm on the Fire King stove.

In an instant, the furnace mouth opened and 9 bursting arrows flew out.

Every arrow can instantly kill a Heaven’s Chosen from the 5 Heavenly Layer of God’s Mansion.

At this moment, 9 arrows came out, and the formidable power was superimposed, as if it could collapse the ten thousand zhang mountain.

Upon seeing this, Ye Guchen directly displayed the water pole in the 8-pole Samsara Sword Art.

The Kan Gua image emerged in the void, and Ye Guchen’s sword was broken.

Suddenly, sword qi is like a wave, surging.

Not only that, but within Ye Guchen’s divine palace, Xuanyuan heavy water also surged out with this sword.


Fire and water rushed into each other, bursting into waves.

Some Xuanyuan heavy water directly shot out and fell towards Lu Jimo.

Lu Jimo felt a chill in his heart and felt an extreme danger.

He hurriedly resisted with the Fire King Furnace.

With a few loud noises, the Fire King Furnace seemed to be hit by a mountain, and flew backwards.

Even with Lu Jimo, he was shocked and vomited blood.

“What is that?” Lu Jimo was shocked.

Ye Guchen took advantage of the trend, the sword light shone, and took Lu Jimo’s head straight.

“The heart of the earth is hot!”

Lu Jimo directly inspired the Heaven and Earth Strange Fire he was carrying.

The violent scarlet flames burst out from the furnace of the King of Fire, with the bursting breath of burning Heaven and Earth.

“Ye Guchen, die.” Lu Jimo sneered on his face.

His flame is top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, and his killing move.

Ye Guchen chuckles when he sees this.

For others, the flames in the heart of the earth may indeed be a killing move.

But to him, it was just ridiculous.

Ye Guchen raised his hand, 5 colorful chaotic spirits burst out.

The heart of the earth was almost in a flash, and it was suppressed to the extreme.

“How is this possible?” Lu Jimo exclaimed, his pupils trembling!

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