Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1392

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Ye Guchen’s body, 5 colorful chaotic fire surging.

The temperature between Heaven and Earth rose sharply, and the void was slightly distorted by the burning ground.

When the Chaos Sacred Fire was taken out by Ye Guchen, Lu Jimo seemed stupid, shocked in his pupils.

His cultivation is the Fire Dao cultivation technique, which is extremely sensitive to flames.

From the moment Ye Guchen took out the chaotic sacred fire, Lu Jimo felt that the flame was extremely terrifying.

Even more terrifying than his top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire.

“No, impossible, what kind of flame are you, don’t tell me it is… a god fire?”

Lu Jimo’s pupils shrank suddenly to the size of a needle’s eye, thinking of a certain possibility, he couldn’t help but lose his voice.

That’s sacred fire!

Although top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire are rare, it takes a lot of time and effort to find and find them.

But Shenhuo is different.

This level of flame is too rare.

Rumor has it that those Divine Craftsman who forged the Immemorial Sword were also forged with sacred fire.

This shows the power and rarity of Shenhuo.

But right now, this rare existence was actually taken out by a Heaven’s Chosen from Southern Heaven Domain, which made Lu Jimo couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Do you feel naive to show off flames in front of me?” Ye Guchen said indifferently.

God fire, 10000 fire acknowledge allegiance.

With the body protection of Chaos God Fire, any Fire Attribute attack and formidable power of Lu Jimo will at least weaken more than normal.

Unless the other party, like him, owns the fire.

However, Lu Jimo is obviously impossible to own the fire, top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire are already considered top grade.

“No, I don’t believe it!”

Lu Jimo’s face was condensed, he urged True Qi to move Shenfu.

Inside the Fire King furnace, raging flames rose into the sky, as if it turned into a huge Fire Lotus.

The entire Fire Lotus contains a burst of terrifying aura.

“Fire Lotus!”

Lu Jimo took out his own ultimate move, blessing the heart of the earth, and rushing away at Ye Guchen.

Ye Guchen’s sword power changed, and Li Gua rune appeared in the void.

The tip of his sword pierced, and a burst of flames came out accompanied by sword glow.

At the same time bless the power of Chaos and Divine Fire.

5 The colorful chaotic divine fire, entwined with sword glow, collided with the Fire Lotus.

In a flash, the bursting circular flame air wave moved towards spread out around.

Those Dark World Heaven’s Chosen dodge in a hurry for fear of being affected.

In this powerful confrontation, Lu Jimo came out with spit blood flying upside down, his coat was scorched, his skin turned black, and he was extremely embarrassed.

7 Lu Jimo, one of Little Overlord, failed miserably!

“Then Ye Guchen is so strong?” Here, when Xue Yunzi, who was struggling with Simon’s wealth and honor, saw this, his face changed.

“Brother Ye is awesome!” Ximen Fortune yelled with excitement in his small eyes.

With Ye Guchen here, they might really be able to leave today.

“Damn it, you guys get on it!”

Lu Jimo’s face was ugly.

He wanted to fight alone and kill Ye Guchen directly.

However, Ye Guchen’s strength was far beyond his expectations. He didn’t expect Ye Guchen to be still carrying a chaotic fire.

This is simply Tian Kata Lu Jimo.

Therefore, even if Lu Jimo was unwilling, he could only give up heads-up and directly besiege.

Those Dark World Heaven’s Chosen hearing this, also swarmed up.

Ye Guchen saw it and took out Sword Ancestor absolute art directly.

108,000 Celestial Sword Soul, bursting out from Ye Guchen within the body, like a torrent of azure, above heaven under earth during the dinner.


Ye Guchen sword edge pointed, 100000 sword souls flocked to the Dark World Heaven’s Chosen who had been killed.

108,000 Soul Sword, used as a group attack method, couldn’t be more suitable.

Those Dark World Heaven’s Chosen who saw the torrent of sword souls were also complexion greatly changed and displayed various means to resist.

But after a round of bombardment, Dark World Heaven’s Chosen did not save one.

“How could this be?”

Both Lu Jimo and Xueyunzi’s hearts are slightly trembled.

Ye Guchen’s strength and various methods are far beyond their expectations.

This is also the Ten First Young Master level Heaven’s Chosen?

They all believed that it was one of the four emperors.

“Damn it, our Dark World’s intelligence on Ye Guchen is absolutely wrong. His strength is not only the Ten First Young Master, but at least the Extreme Dangerous level of the 4 Emperors.” Xue Yunzi thought secretly in his heart.

7 Little Overlord and Ten First Young Master are both dangerous levels.

The 4 emperors and 4 small giants are of the Extremely Dangerous level.

But the types of Emperor Haotian and War Disaster Double Star were of taboo level.

On Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, the few people who know Ye Guchen only regard him as dangerous.

But Ye Guchen’s current strength has definitely reached the Extremely Dangerous level.

This is no longer what 7 Little Overlord can handle.

It is estimated that only the presence of 7 Little Overlord Ranked 1st 2nd can compete against him.

“Mo Ye, don’t be idle, do it soon!” Lu Jimo roared.

Xueyunzi and Ximen are entangled in wealth, unable to offer a helping hand.

And those Dark World Heaven’s Chosen were almost slaughtered by 100000 sword souls.

So right now, the only one who can help Lu Jimo is Mo Ye.

Mo Ye hearing this, the ink-colored long sword in his hand turned over and finally moved.

He stepped into the air and swept out with a sword.

“Hmph, very good, Mo Ye is here, the two of us, don’t tell me, still can’t compete with you?” Lu Jimo sneered.

Ye Guchen expression is still calm, as if not at all shaken by the changes in the immediate situation.

However, at this moment, Lu Jimo suddenly felt that a sharp sword qi locked himself.

On the side of his instinctive figure, a sword edge still pierced his back and pierced his chest.

Then there was a sudden burst of sword edge, and the small half of Lu Jimo’s chest, along with an arm, were thrown out directly.

Blood splashes wantonly!


Lu Jimo roared that did not sound like a human voice, his eyes bursting.

The extreme pain was accompanied by an unbelievable shock.

He turned around and looked at the sword Mo Ye, unable to believe it at all.

In this scene, the blood cloud on one side was also stunned, completely unexpected.

“Mo Ye, why are you crazy?” Xue Yunzi roared.

At this moment, Ye Guchen was impossible and indifferent. He stepped on the secret technique of magic, which turned into a flash of lightning, and flew directly in front of Lu Jimo.

sword edge oscillates, taking Lu Jimo’s head straight.

Lu Jimo was already hurt, and he was severely injured by Mo Ye’s sneak attack. At this moment, he simply had no resistance.

But for a short moment, accompanied by an unwilling roar.

Lu Jimo, one of the dignified 7 Little Overlord, also fell into the hands of Ye Guchen.

“Next, you will be the only one left…” Ye Guchen turned to Xueyunzi.

And that Mo Ye also raised sword edge and pointed at Xue Yunzi.

As for Ximen’s wealth, he was a little at a loss, not knowing what to do.

How can the 7 Little Overlord of Dark World come back?

“Mo Ye, you…” Xue Yunzi trembled all over, his face sullen.

He couldn’t even beat Ye Guchen alone, let alone a strong Mo Ye.

A quarter of an hour has passed.

Xueyunzi also fell in the siege of Mo Ye and Ye Guchen, and finally died under Ye Guchen’s sword.

Now, with the exception of Mo Ye, the rest of the Dark World Heaven’s Chosen present have all fallen.

Mo Ye’s gaze looked towards Ye Guchen.

Ye Guchen is also looked towards Mo Ye.

2 people looked at each other, speechless for a while.


Hatred burst into Mo Ye’s eyes, and the sword edge in his hand shook suddenly, piercing Ye Guchen’s chest!

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