Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1393

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The sharp sword edge takes Ye Guchen’s chest straight, and the sharp sword light tears the air.

Looking at the ink sword attacked by Mo Ye, Ye Guchen pupil light was complicated. He did not at all evade, but stood in place, like a sculpture.

“How is this going?”

Ximen’s rich face was dumbfounded and completely dull.

Just now, Mo Ye came to the battle to fight against Lu Jimo and the others, already making Ximen wealthy and confused, and a little confused.

He guessed that Mo Ye might have some unknown relationship with Ye Guchen.

But now, after both Lu Jimo and Xue Yunzi had fallen behind, Mo Ye had directly attacked Ye Guchen.

This made Simon’s wealth and wealth completely bewildered.

But now I can’t control that many anymore, he shouted loudly: “Brother Ye, get away!”

With Ye Guchen’s strength, not to mention avoiding this sword, it is anti-killing Mo Ye, and it is not impossible.

However, Ye Guchen was unheard of, and he looked directly at Mo Ye.

Mo Ye’s sight under the iron mask carried a touch of hatred.

Time, as if slowing down in this brief moment.

Mo Ye’s sword edge fell on Ye Guchen’s chest.

The sword edge is only an inch away from Ye Guchen’s chest.

The sharp sword qi came out through the sword edge, leaving a little blood on Ye Guchen’s chest.

Ink color long sword, stop in this brief moment.

Ye Guchen’s pupil light is very indifferent, not at all, facing the fear of death.

Because he knew that Mo Ye would not kill him.

Even if Mo Ye wants to kill him, Ye Guchen has no regrets, because this is what he should pay.

“Hu…Scared Young Master to death…”

Seeing this scene, Ximen Fugui wiped the cold sweat from his forehead with one hand, let out a long relaxed breath.

Although he still doesn’t know what Ye Guchen has to do with Mo Ye.

But obviously, between the two people, not at all real life and death hatred.

Perceiving this somewhat dull atmosphere, Ximen retreated far away with wit.

Only Mo Ye and Ye Guchen were left on the scene.

The sword edge in Mo Ye’s hand is still on Ye Guchen’s chest.

2 people were silent for a while.

After a long time, Ye Guchen opened the mouth and said: “It’s been a long time.”


Mo Ye let out a cold voice, and then said: “If I meet in this way, then I would rather never meet you.”

“I didn’t expect. You can become one of the 7 Little Overlord. It seems that you have experienced a lot during this time.” Ye Guchen sighed slightly in his tone.

“Yeah, I have grown a lot, because I still have goals that I haven’t achieved, and you, do you have the face to face me?”

While Mo Ye said, he raised his other hand, put it on the iron mask on his face, and then slowly removed it.

A stern face appeared in Ye Guchen’s eyes.

dashing eyebrows star eyes, deep eyes.

The temperament is a little more deep and fierce than before.

This person is not someone else, but Su Moyan!

That is the big brother of Su Jianshi.

After the servant of Emperor Haotian came to Tucun in Lotus Village.

Ye Guchen wanted Su Jianshi and Su Moyan to go to Sword Ancestor Pagoda Forest with him, but Su Moyan refused.

He said to go to a place where he can become stronger.

Now it seems that the place that can make Su Moyan stronger is Dark World.

The fighting and killing of Dark World is far more intense than Southern Heaven Domain.

Only in that cruel place can Su Moyan grow up quickly.

Even Ye Guchen is a cultivation evildoer, but Su Moyan’s strength is indeed much stronger than before.

7 Little Overlord is not something everyone can take on.

At this moment, Su Moyan had a hint of hatred in his eyes, he dropped the ink sword in his hand, and then hit Ye Guchen with a fiercely punch.

Ye Guchen didn’t evade, so Su Moyan punched him.

“Ye Guchen, before I leave, I entrusted the younger sister to you, but what about you, how did you take care of her?” Su Moyan’s eyes were slightly red with blood, and he clenched his fists.

“It’s me, I didn’t take care of her, you this fist, you should.” Ye Guchen sighed.

He didn’t explain, he didn’t justify, he just accepted it silently.

Because Su Moyan is the big brother of Su Jianshi, and Su Jianshi is now in the Seal Men Imperial Sword.

Whatever the situation of impropriety, Ye Guchen will not shirk its own responsibility.

“Hehe, can you just take care of her without taking care of her? Do you know how much she has paid for you?” Su Moyan clenched his fist again and slammed it at Ye Guchen.

Ye Guchen does not evade.

But this time, the fighter stopped in front of Ye Guchen and did not fall.

After a long time, Su Moyan released his fist.

“Don’t you have any explanation?” Su Moyan said solemnly.

“What to explain, why not explain, this Ye will never shirk the responsibility that should be undertaken.” Ye Guchen said firmly.

Su Moyan shook the head slightly and said: “I actually learned about the situation, let alone the little girl at the time, even your own life is hard to protect.”

“The little girl is willing to pay for you, and you also inflicted heavy damage to Emperor Haotian for the little girl.”

Su Moyan let out a deep breath.

When he saw Ye Guchen before, he was indeed angry.

After all, he personally entrusted Su Jianshi to Ye Guchen, but in the end it turned out like this.

But Su Moyan is not unreasonable.

He also understood the situation at that time.

It’s not that Ye Guchen is unwilling to protect Su Jianshi, but that he himself was forced to die and almost fell.

So Su Moyan can blame Ye Guchen and so on again?

“Then Emperor Haotian, I will definitely not let it go, little girl, I must save it too.” Su Moyan’s tone was cold and severe.

Ye Guchen resolutely said: “I have already made a blood oath, and I will surely kill Emperor Haotian. On this Buried Sky Island, he and I will have an end. When the time comes, I will definitely rescue Su Jianshi.”

Ye Guchen’s words made Su Moyan’s expression a little softer.

At least, Su Jianshi not at all fell, they might still be able to rescue him.

Although saving people from Di Haotian is more difficult than heavenly ascension, Ye Guchen and Su Moyan will not give up.

“Next, how do you act?” Ye Guchen asked.

“I will continue to be my 7 Little Overlord, and I will inquire about Emperor Haotian’s traces.” Su Moyan said.

“That’s okay, you are inquiring about the news in Dark World, and I’m on Southern Heaven Domain.” Ye Guchen slightly nodded said.

Su Moyan now stays in Dark World and will play a greater role.

Afterwards, Su Moyan and Ye Guchen exchanged jade slip, when the time comes to facilitate contact.

“This burial island is the last chance to rescue the little girl. If you miss this time, it will be as difficult as heavenly ascension to save the little girl at the Sword Ancestor.” Su Moyan said solemnly.

“I know this naturally.” Ye Guchen slightly nodded.

“By the way, there is one more thing to tell you.” Su Moyan’s eyes flashed slightly.

“What’s the matter?” Ye Guchen asked.

“In Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, there are people from my Su family.” Su Moyan said.

Ye Guchen hearing this, his eyebrows picked up slightly.

In Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, there are Su family?

That means that those remaining strengths of the Su family hid in the Dark World.

He also remembered the neon clothes he had encountered when he was outside Saint Sovereign’s realm, making Holy City.

Su Qiqing, who he rescued on the trade fair, also left with the neon clothes.

Could that neon clothes, also the Su family?

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