Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1394

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When he first encountered neon clothes in the Holy City of Good Fortune, Ye Guchen felt that this woman was extremely mysterious, and she was afraid that her origin was somewhat out of the ordinary.

Thinking about it now, there must be a reason why she maintained Su Qiqing like that.

The biggest reason is that the neon clothes are also the Su family.

“It seems that the inheritance of your Su family has not been completely cut off.” Ye Guchen said.

Su Moyan said with a cold tone: “Although there are still a few clansman in the Dark World, it is far less than one of the tenth of my Su family’s flourishing period2. If you didn’t hide in the Dark World, maybe this last A batch of clansman will be killed by forces such as the god Sword Ancestor.”

“Dark World, what kind of existence is it?”

Ye Guchen asked the doubts for a long time.

As Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen, when he heard Dark World, most people said that Dark World is a place full of conquests and chaos.

That place is the opposite of Southern Heaven Domain.

But now, Dark World seems to be more like a sanctuary. Those people or forces who cannot mix in the Southern Heaven Domain have all entered the Dark World.

“Dark World is far less simple than you think, and it is definitely not a symbol of so-called evil. Although there are indeed many Demon Sect cultivators in it, at first, Dark World is not like this.” Su Moyan said.

After all, he has been in Dark World for so long, and his opinion is obviously not the same as before.

“It turned out to be like this.” Ye Guchen muttered to himself.

If Dark World is not a completely evil existence, then what is the reason why Southern Heaven Domain fought with it?

Ye Guchen faintly felt that there seemed to be a great secret.

“If you really want to know, I suggest you go to Dark World to experience it yourself in the future.” Su Moyan said.

“I’ll talk about it later.” Ye Guchen shook his head slightly.

“Well, I’ll leave first.” Su Moyan said.

“Well, take care, about Su Jianshi…”

Ye Guchen wanted to say something, but Su Moyan interrupted him with a wave of his hand.

“No need to say anything, I just hope that the little girl can stand in front of me completely.” Su Moyan said.

“Definitely,” Ye Guchen said.

Su Moyan took a deep look at Ye Guchen, and then left directly.

After Su Moyan left, Ximen Wealthy also came over.

“You should know what you can say and what you can’t say.” Ye Guchen said indifferently.

“Of course, I only saw you kill Xueyunzi and Lu Jimo, but didn’t see anything else.” Ximen Fugui quickly nodded and said.

Southern Heaven Domain and Dark World have always been incompatible as fire and water.

If Ye Guchen’s relationship with Dark World Heaven’s Chosen spreads out, it might cause Ye Guchen a lot of trouble.

“Let’s go, go directly to the South Island.” Ye Guchen said.

He has gained a lot this time, with a full harvest of 8,000 points.

Looking at the Southern Heaven Domain, it is definitely one of the best.

Next, Ye Guchen took Simon’s wealth, crossed the border, and headed to the South Island.

And the other side.

Funeral Island, West Island.

A silhouette with white hair floating and a stern face was standing in front of a pile of corpses.

Opposite him, the only remaining bloody Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, with unprecedented panic and Zhang Huang’s expression in his expression.

“You… are you really Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain? How can you be more ruthless than Heaven’s Chosen of our Dark World?”

The Heaven’s Chosen, one of the top ten CPAs, was so scared to be shattered by the white hair silhouette in front of him.

Their Dark World Heaven’s Chosen is famous for vicious and merciless, and their combat experience is more abundant than Southern Heaven Domain’s Heaven’s Chosen.

But now, facing this white-haired Asura-like existence, even if he is one of the ten 3 Taibao, he is frightened the soul flew away and scattered.


This silhouette is naturally a solitary begging for a demon, his tone is cold, urging Soul Devouring Demon Eye.

In an instant, the head of this Dark World Heaven’s Chosen exploded, and the red and white things scattered and splashed.

Dugu Qiumo took out the spar, which has more than 6000 points.

Although Ye Guchen is slightly weaker, he is still in the forefront.

“Didn’t expect it will be teleported to places like West Island, but that’s okay.” Dugu muttered to the devil.

When he teleported in, he also separated from Princess Luohu, and Alone lived on the West Island.

West Island is also a territory controlled by Dark World.

Switching to other Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen may be extremely frightening, but for Dugu Demon, it is better.

Not only can he grow quickly through killings, but he can also get rich points rewards.

“Let’s find the next prey.” Dugu Qiumo muttered to himself, walking away from the secret technique.

And just after Dugu Qiumo left about half a day.

The two figures fell here.

One of them was a woman in scarlet armor with a coquettish face and white skin.

She has long red hair, burning like a flame.

The temperament is similar to that of Luohu Princess, but has several points of similar.

She carried a long scarlet axe that did not match her size on her back, and it was stained with blood.

And beside him, stood a Young Master holding a folding fan with a handsome face.

2 When people see the miserable situation in front of them, their faces are all slightly frozen.

“It’s a ruthless method, it’s nothing more than our Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.” The Young Master who is holding a folding fan frowned.

“Oh, this…”

However, when the woman in the scarlet armor scanned her eyes, her face changed slightly.

“This…this is Asura True Qi?” The woman’s tone was extremely surprised.

“What, Asura True Qi, is your Asura True Qi of Asura Palace?” The man with the folding fan was also surprised.

Asura Palace is the top power of Dark World, and it is equivalent to the powers of Rakshasa and Underworld Sect.

Asura Palace, one of the most notable signature features is Asura True Qi.

This special True Qi is only available to the martial artist of Asura Palace.

This woman in scarlet armor and long red hair is the Heaven’s Chosen of Asura Palace.

At the same time, she is also one of 7 Little Overlord.

And it rose to popularity in 7 Little Overlord, the top 3 presence, the strength is stronger than those before Qin Shang, Xueyunzi, Lu Jimo and the others.

And the Young Master holding a folding fan is from another top power in Dark World, the city that never sleeps.

His name is Song Gu, Ranked 7th in 4 Little Overlord.

“Yes, this is indeed Asura True Qi, but who is it?” Nuluo questioned.

Song Gu hesitated slightly, and then said: “Could it be your Asura Palace…”

What he was referring to was the strongest Heaven’s Chosen in Asura Palace.

The battle star is also one of the double stars of war!

“Absolutely impossible, there is no need for that person to attack these people, and they are also impossible to provoke that person.”

When Nuluo mentioned the battle star, her charming face was full of fanatical worship.

As the strongest Heaven’s Chosen of Asura Palace, he is also a battle star of one of the double stars of war and disaster.

His strength has stood in the Peak of the younger generation of Dark World.

Such an existence, how could it be possible to attack these a nobody.

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