Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1396

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Those three Young Masters, it is impossible to waste precious time on defensive strongholds.

Therefore, Dongfang Guangyao handed over the full planning of this place to Dongfang Cangming.

Therefore, Dongfang Cangming became the leader of this stronghold, and everyone must obey his orders.

Jian Jinghong and the others did not want to follow his orders, but due to the power of 3 First Young Master, they could only bear it for the time being.

But now, Jian Jinghong and the others can’t keep going.

Hearing Dongfang Cangming’s words, Mu Xingzhu was so angry that his pretty face hansha, tenderly shouted: “If you reject it, you reject it. You are not taking the life of our sword dynasty sword!”

Jian Jinghong and the others are also indifferent.

They are not fools.

Without threatening your own safety, it’s okay to ask them to help.

But now, Han Lingxuan, Ling Moyin, and the others are all approaching the limit, all with injuries on their bodies.

They were also exhausted, and if they persisted at this time, it would really bring about one’s own destruction.

“Get away.” Jian Jinghong’s eyes were cold.

However, Dongfang Cangming’s figure is motionless.

The Heaven’s Chosen from the Dongfang Aristocratic Family around him also stood in a row and blocked the city gate.

“What do you mean?” Jian Jinghong’s pupil light sank.

Dongfang Cangming held his hand and stood calmly, indifferently said: “Your sword dynasty, as the leader of the top 100 dynasty, should set an example, not a deserter.”

“So, please continue on the battlefield.”

As soon as these words came out, Jian Jinghong, Ling Moshu and the others were all filled with coldness, and a cold fighting intent rose up.

“Why, do you want to do it? If you do, you have to consider 3 First Young Master. If you violate their orders, there will be no good fruit.” Dongfang Cangming said with a sneer.

Upon hearing this, Jian Jinghong and the others looked a little ugly.

They are now injured and exhausted. They are also at a disadvantage if they want to deal with Dongfang Cangming and the others.

“You don’t tell me you are not afraid that my Master will return, do you settle accounts with you?” Mu Xingzhu coldly scolded.

Hearing Mu Xingzhu’s words, Dongfang Cangming’s eyes rarely flashed a hint of fear.

After all, Ye Guchen’s momentum is too strong today.

His performance in the Saint Sovereign world was so great that even Nebula Young Master Gu Shaoyang was killed by him.

And now, Ye Guchen is also one of the ten First Young Master Sword Young Master, so there is no need to obey the order of 3 First Young Master.

However, Dongfang Cangming is clearly impossible to regress.

He sneered and said: “Don’t use Ye Guchen to suppress people. He hasn’t appeared on the South Island until now, and there is no news of him on the East Island.”

“He may have landed on the island controlled by Dark World Heaven’s Chosen. Maybe he has fallen by now. Do you still want to pull his tiger skin?”

Dongfang Cangming is very tough. He doesn’t believe that Ye Guchen will appear here by such a coincidence.

And to take a step back, even if Ye Guchen did show up in the end.

There are 3 First Young Masters behind him to back him up, don’t tell me, are you afraid that Ye Guchen will fail?

“Hmph, how could my Master die?” Mu Xingzhu said with a cold face.

In her mind, even on this Funeral Island, all Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen died.

Ye Guchen is expected to survive.

“Nonsense, everyone, please.” Dongfang Cangming stretched out his hand and made a gesture of asking.

Jian Jinghong and the others gave Dongfang Cangming a cold look.

Now that they are injured and exhausted, they can hardly resist Dongfang Cangming and the others.

Continue on the battlefield, maybe there will be a glimmer of survival.

“Let’s go.” Jian Jinghong said solemnly.

The rest of Jianzi also gave Dongfang Cangming a cold look.

If there is a chance afterwards, they will definitely have to retaliate back 1000 100 times!

“Hehe, everyone, I’m bothering you.” Dongfang Cangming also said jokingly.

That screaming look made Kong Kong impossible to bear and wanted to step on his face.

Jian Jinghong and the others, forced to help, continue on the battlefield.

And those strange monsters, only a lot more.

I don’t know how long it will take to get rid of it.

And on the other side of the strange monster group.

On a rolling sand dune, a row of silhouettes stand densely packed.

There are 100 Heaven’s Chosen from Dark World standing here.

Among them are several Heaven’s Chosen, standing at the forefront, obviously the leader of this group of Heaven’s Chosen.

The leader is an azure clothes Young Master, who looks refined in manner, with a long sword on his back.

He held up his palms and played with 2 metal balls, the whole person looked restrained.

But the Heaven’s Chosen in Dark World around, looked towards him with a sense of awe.

This azure clothes Young Master is exactly the head of Dark World 7 Little Overlord, Mu Nieqing.

Even though he looks very elegant and easy-going, but when he really starts, it is enough to stun people’s eyes.

And beside him, the several Heaven’s Chosen standing beside him are all Heaven’s Chosen from the Ten 3 Taibao.

“Brother Mu, this stronghold seems to be completely captured soon.” said a strong man with a back of a tiger and waist of a bear and a machete on his back.

He is one of the ten 3 Taibao, named Zongtu.

“Before it is completely captured, we can’t take it lightly. This time we, Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, will completely occupy the entire Buried Sky Island, leaving Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen with nowhere to go.” Mu Nieqing said differently.

“Hehe, Brother Mu is the head of 7 Little Overlord. With you here, this stronghold is this not just reaching over to snatch away the grain?” said another Heaven’s Chosen, one of the top ten, his name is Cao Lang.

“I’m afraid that when the time comes, if the ten First Young Masters and the others of Southern Heaven Domain come to support, it will be a little troublesome.” The remaining Heaven’s Chosen hesitated.

He is also one of the ten 3 Taibao, named Lu Yuansheng.

“Heh, don’t worry, Brother Mu is from Snow Obeying Building, not to mention his own strength, but there is still that person behind him.” Cao Lang said, with a sense of awe in his tone.

Hearing this, both Zongtu and Lu Yuansheng’s minds were slightly startled.

The crying Demoness of Snow Obeying Building has long been famous throughout the Dark World.

It is rumored that the demoness of the sky cried, and even fought against the double star of the war.

In the end, the two stars of the War and Disaster Double Star teamed up, and they couldn’t get the slightest benefit. Instead, they were suppressed by the Demoness.

It is precisely because of the existence of this Demoness that the Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World is full of confidence in this battle of Tiantian Island.

This time, they finally have a chance to catch everything in one net with Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen.

However, Mu Nieqing slightly shook his head and said: “You think it is not too good. Young Lady is indeed very strong, but Southern Heaven Domain is not a soft food.”

“I’m Snow Obeying Building, but I found a gossip.” Mu Nieqing said.

“What gossip?” Zongtu and the others asked.

“On the Southern Heaven Domain side, the descendants of the hidden powers have taken action, and they want to unite Emperor Haotian and the others to besie Young Lady.”


As soon as this remark came out, Zongtu and the others were shocked and shocked.

When they heard the hidden forces, their eyes showed even more instinctive hatred.

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