Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1398

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This cold voice resounded from the outer heaven like the anger of a god king.

The surge of sword souls and the torrent of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen’s moves suddenly collided.

The fierce True Qi wave swept all directions.

“Well, who?”

Mu Nieqing and the others eyes flashed, with a look of surprise in his expression.

With the torrent of sword souls, even he felt a sense of Extremely Dangerous.

You know, he is the leader of 7 Little Overlord, and it is Heaven’s Chosen of the same level that can make him feel this sense of crisis.

When Jian Jinghong and the others heard that voice, an extremely surprised expression suddenly appeared in their eyes.

“It’s Brother Ye, he’s here!” Jian Jinghong was extremely excited, feeling like he was put to death and reborn.

Mu Xingzhu’s pretty eyes were also glowing with unprecedented brilliance, and happily said: “It’s the Master, knowing he won’t leave us alone!”

All sword dynasty swords have the feeling of avoided a catastrophe.

And the number of 100 Dark World Heaven’s Chosen was shocked and dazed.

They are unimaginable, what kind of powerhouse they are, by the strength of oneself, they can counter the moves of all of them.

However, it is not only that.

The torrent of azure sword souls, after the first round scoured, turned back again, and rushed away at the number 100 Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.

Mu Nieqing immediately coldly shouted: “Be careful, everyone!”

Hong long long !

When his voice fell, the torrent of 100000 sword souls had already killed a spear.

puff! puff! puff!

Those sword souls penetrated the chest of a Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, bringing out a bloody flower.

Even if those Dark World Heaven’s Chosen tried their best to defend, it was difficult to resist the attack of the sword soul.

Except for Mu Nieqing, Zongtu and the others, the remaining Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, only a few people, can barely resist the impact of the sword soul torrent.

The vast majority of people were pierced into blood sieves in such an impact, body dies and Dao disappears.

After a round of sword soul torrent, count 100 Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, only 40-50 left.

All the rest of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen will be punishable!

This scene makes Mu Nieqing eyes slightly shrink.

Zongtu and the others, I can’t believe everything in front of me.

They counted 100 Heaven’s Chosen’s team, and even that Heaven’s Chosen could only kill dozens of them with one move.

This is terrifying!

Not to mention them, even Dongfang Cangming and the others standing on the wall were slightly dull.

A hint of ominous premonition faintly rose in Dongfang Cangming’s heart.

At this moment, in the entire Heaven and Earth, everyone’s eyes are on the distant horizon.

The Heaven’s Chosen, who had not yet revealed his figure, slaughtered the Dark World and counted 100 Heaven’s Chosen with just one move. This sent cold shivers down one’s spine, with a chill out of his back.

Yuankong, a silhouette of a mysterious robe, stepping into the void.

His black hair flutters, his robe hunts and moves with the wind.

The face is clean and handsome, with clear lines, but with a sense of coldness, like ice that will not melt for 10000 years.

Around him, the 100000 sword souls hovered all around him, as if they turned into a sword soul blue dragon, with a breath of force.

one man one sword, independent high sky!

100000 Sword Soul, circle around!

Such an imposing manner made Mu Nieqing and other Dark World Heaven’s Chosen feel slightly stunned.

“He, don’t tell me…that one of the ten newly promoted First Young Masters in Southern Heaven Domain, Sword Young Master?” Mu Nieqing eyes shrank, muttering to himself.

Snow Obeying Building has a very strong intelligence network.

Therefore, Mu Nieqing also knows that Southern Heaven Domain has produced a powerful new one of the ten First Young Masters.

But before, Mu Nieqing didn’t at all taking seriously.

In his opinion, even one of the ten newly promoted First Young Masters, it is estimated that the strength is almost at that level.

But now, judging by Ye Guchen’s ability to shoot, Mu Nieqing knew.

He had previously greatly underestimated the strength of the Sword Young Master.

His strength, even among the ten First Young Masters, is definitely the existence of Peak.

Moreover, you can fight Heaven’s Chosen with 4 Sovereign Level.

However, without Mu Nieqing and the others, I was surprised by Ye Guchen’s strength.

Behind him, a chubby fat silhouette appeared again.

It is the wealthy Young Master, Ximen wealthy.

“It’s Young Master, he is here!”

On the wall of the stronghold, Heaven’s Chosen of the Aristocratic Family of West Gate saw the presence of wealth and wealth in West Gate, and his expression was also filled with joy.

To be honest, Simon’s wealth and strength are indeed lower than other Young Masters.

Therefore, these Simon Aristocratic Family clansman are also very worried about the safety of Simon’s wealth.

Now, seeing Ximen Fugui and Ye Guchen coming together, they both felt surprised.

“When did Young Master get so close to Ye Guchen?” a Simon Aristocratic Family clansman murmured.

And Dongfang Cangming, seeing this situation, his face was hard to see the extreme.

For the time being, Ximen’s wealth and honor, Ye Guchen’s imposing manner already made Dongfang Cangming’s heart beating.

Although he is Dragon and Phoenix List Heaven’s Chosen, yes, but compared with Ye Guchen, he is nothing at all.

However, although Dongfang Cangming was flustered, his heart settled slightly when he remembered that there were three Young Masters behind him.

“What happened to Ye Guchen when he came? Can he still openly violate the orders of the three Young Masters without telling me? I’m just following the orders.” Dongfang Cangming was self-comforted.

Here, Mu Nieqing and the others sank slightly when they saw Simon’s wealth appear.

Although Ximen’s wealth is far less threatening than Ye Guchen, he is also one of the ten First Young Masters.

It is more than enough to deal with the Heaven’s Chosen of the Ten 3 CPA level.

Thinking of this, Mu Nieqing was already considering whether to retreat.

Ye Guchen stepped into the air, lowered his head slightly, and saw Jian Jinghong, Mu Xingzhu and the others, all with wounds on his body, looking exhausted and embarrassed.

He first glanced at Dark World Heaven’s Chosen coldly, then turned his gaze to the wall.

Dongfang Cangming and the others stood there, there was no dust and dirt on their bodies, and there were no traces of fighting.

Seeing this scene, Ye Guchen didn’t know what happened.

It’s just that Dongfang Cangming, using the sword to startle and the others as spear.

“His account will be settled slowly later, first settle this side.” Ye Guchen gave Dongfang Cangming a cold look, then turned his attention back to Dark World.

“You Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, do you really want to die like that?”

Ye Guchen’s tone is indifferent, like a murderous god.

Zongtu, Lu Yuansheng, and Cao Lang were not very pretty.

Ye Guchen’s methods were too cruel. One move killed 100 of them, Heaven’s Chosen, and it completely frightened them.

Mu Nieqing took a deep breath, and then said: “Didn’t expect, I almost succeeded, but a Sword Young Master was killed halfway through.”

“This time, we were careless, but next time, you won’t have that good luck.”

“Everyone, retire!”

Mu Nieqing’s voice fell, and his figure retreated violently.

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