Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1399

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Originally, Mu Nieqing was confident and had the chance to win.

After he wiped out Jian Jinghong and the others, he attacked the stronghold and killed Dongfang Cangming and the others.

Although Dongfang Cangming was called Dragon and Phoenix List Heaven’s Chosen, he could not stop his attack.

But now, all plans have been destroyed by Ye Guchen.

He killed 100 Dark World Heaven’s Chosen in one move, and now there are only dozens of Heaven’s Chosen left on Munieqing’s side.

And most of them still have injuries.

On Ye Guchen, besides himself, there is also a Ximen rich and honorable. Although not particularly strong, it is also a powerful force.

In addition, there are a group of Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen on the stronghold. If they rush out when the time comes, Mu Nieqing will be double-strucked, and the result is likely to be annihilation.

It was the most time, that is, Mu Nieqing escaped alone.

Therefore, Mu Nieqing was very resolute and chose to retreat directly.

While he was retreating, the remaining Zongtu, Cao Lang, and Lu Yuansheng also retreated together.

When Ye Guchen saw this scene, his face coldly said, “It hurts my sword dynasty Heaven’s Chosen, so I want to leave easily. Is it that simple?”

He shot Heaven and Earth Extinguish, and a terrifying sword glow fell from the sky, killing more than ten Dark World Heaven’s Chosen in an instant.

And Lu Yuansheng, who was also affected, spit out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

When Mu Nieqing saw this, the pupil light flashed slightly, but he ignored it, and continued to flash back.

Zongtu and Cao Lang also gritted their teeth secretly, but they left after all.

Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, temperament is more determined and indifferent.

“Save me!” Lu Yuansheng’s face was pale, his heart sank to the bottom when he saw Mu Nieqing and the others leave without looking back.

Ye Guchen fell with a sword and directly took Lu Yuansheng’s life.

“It runs fast.” Ye Guchen looked towards Mu Nieqing and the others, muttered, that had already swept away.

However, he also knew that Mu Nieqing, as the leader of 7 Little Overlord, definitely had 2 brushes. He wanted to keep them, and it was not that simple.

And now the most important thing is that it is not just Dark World Heaven’s Chosen that makes Ye Guchen angry.

Dark World Heaven’s Chosen is already in a hostile stance, so no matter how you do it, it is not too much.

But the most hateful thing is that one’s own faction is beaten down.

It is the most hateful to stab yourself.

“You are all right.”

Ye Guchen fell from the sky, watching Jian Jinghong and the others said.

“Fortunately, Brother Ye, you are here, otherwise, we are afraid that yin and yang will be separated.” Jian Jinghong slightly said with a bitter smile.

“Woo, Master, if you come one step later, you won’t see Xingzhu!”

Mu Xingzhu directly threw himself into Ye Guchen’s arms.

She usually has a firm personality, and only in front of Ye Guchen can she show her weak posture.

Ye Guchen felt a little guilty and touched Mu Xingzhu’s head.

He looked towards this group of swords again.

Jiang Fengmian, Ling Moshu, Ling Moyin, Gong Louyue, Han Lingxuan, Kong Kong, Xuanlian, Xu Zihao and the others.

Almost everyone has wounds on their bodies.

Everyone is exhausted and exhausted.

This made Ye Guchen’s eyes faintly burned with flames.

At this time, Mu Xingzhu said with a hint of aggrieved tone: “Master, they are all the Eastern Cang Ming, despicable and sinister, forcing us to fight to the death with Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, but he is watching from the sidelines.”

Mu Xingzhu told all the things that happened before, including Dongfang Cangming’s ugly face.

The more I said, the coldness in Ye Guchen’s eyes became stronger.

Finally, Ye Guchen said: “Sorry, it was I who hurt you. The reason why Dongfang Cangming targeted you should be because of me.”

Ye Guchen and Dongfang Aristocratic Family are at odds.

Jian Jinghong and the others were completely implicated by him.

“Where, even if you don’t have Brother Ye, with the sinister character of Dongfang Cangming, it won’t be any better to us.” Jian Jinghong said.

“Don’t worry, I will collect this account for you!”

Ye Guchen fell down and turned to the stronghold.

Ximen’s wealth also kept up.

Jian Jinghong and other swordsmen, and the few surviving Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen, also walked towards the stronghold with hatred.

Seeing Ye Guchen and the others coming, Dongfang Cangming swallowed, and a faint panic flashed in his eyes.

But when he thought that he was a member of the Dongfang Aristocratic Family, and there were three Young Masters behind him, his heart settled a little bit.

Ye Guchen took a step and stood in front of the stronghold city wall.

Feeling the icy coldness of Ye Guchen, a trace of unnaturalness flashed across Dongfang Cangming’s face, opened the mouth and said: “Ye Guchen, didn’t expect you came here, very good, you killed Some Dark World Heaven’s Chosen can be regarded as a small contribution.”

“Small credit?” Ye Guchen smiled, but that smile was cold.

“Yes, the reason why this battle was able to win is because I, Dongfang Cangming, adhere to principles in planning strategies to be able to win.”

“Of course, you and the sword dynasty swords can be regarded as a small help. Although they haven’t done much, they have no fault. Before Jian Jinghong and the others confronted me, forget it.” Dongfang Cangming waved his hand. Said.

Listening to his tone, it seemed that he was so generous.

However, Jian Jinghong, Mu Xingzhu and the others who heard this were about to explode.

They worked hard on the front line, Dongfang Cangming shrank from the stronghold to watch.

As a result, he has the face to win this battle because of him.

It’s fine to swallow their credit, but the one who decides the outcome of this battle, don’t tell me Ye Guchen?

Without him, pulling strongly against a crazy tide, the result is unimaginable.

This is not to say that it is Jian Jinghong and the others.

Even the Dongfang Aristocratic Family clansman standing next to Dongfang Cangming felt that his cheeks were hot and a little hot.

“Hehe, interesting, can you open the city gates, remove the defense array, and let us in?”

Ye Guchen faintly smiled, with an inexplicable tone.

Dongfang Cangming hesitated and looked at Ye Guchen, after all, he was still a little flustered.

He was afraid that Ye Guchen would be against him.

Dongfang Cangming thought for a while, and said, “Although the battle is over for the time being, it is difficult to guarantee that Dark World Heaven’s Chosen will not hide somewhere and take the opportunity to attack the stronghold.”

“So for the sake of safety, you will stay outside for a few days now, and wait until you are sure that there is no Dark World Heaven’s Chosen around before letting you in.” Dongfang Cangming said.

After waiting a few days, maybe Dongfang Guangyao will wait for a few First Young Masters to come back.

When the time comes, he will have to rely on, and naturally he will not be afraid of Ye Guchen.

However, anyone with a discerning eye knows that Dongfang Cangming dare not let Ye Guchen in.

The defense array outside the stronghold is not something that ordinary people can break.

Ye Guchen’s face fell completely gloomy when he heard this.

This Dongfang Cangming’s behavior can no longer be described as sinister.

It is shameless to the point of no offline!

“Your Dongfang Aristocratic Family people are really disgusting, so Dongfang Ziyun is like this, so are you.”

“In that case, this Ye can only step in personally!”

Ye Guchen stepped on the sole of his foot, and his figure jumped into Nine Heavens, and his breath exploded like a Sword God sweeping 8 squares.

“Ye Guchen, you are bold!”

Dongfang Cangming showed panic in his eyes and hurriedly asked Dongfang Aristocratic Family clansman to raise the defense array of the stronghold.

Upon seeing this, Ye Guchen said in a cold tone: “During the time I broke the array, you can think about how to confess after you get off Yellow Springs!”

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