Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1400

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Ye Guchen’s words, like 9 You Asura whispering, made Dongfang Cangming’s face suddenly changed.

Ye Guchen, actually wanted to kill him! ?

“Ye Guchen, what do you mean by these words, don’t tell me if you want to fight in your own nest?” Dongfang Cangming’s eyes were slightly apprehensive.

He is not a fool, Ye Guchen was able to kill Gu Shaoyang in the Saint Sovereign world before.

Although he is Dragon and Phoenix List Heaven’s Chosen, he is obviously impossible compared to Gu Shaoyang.

Ye Guchen can kill even Gu Shaoyang, killing him is not easy.

“Fighting in the nest? Oh, a scum like you, staying in the Southern Heaven Domain camp is just a hindrance, it’s better to clean it up.”

When Ye Guchen’s voice fell, he used sacred sword 3 Jue, and swept out towards the stronghold.

On the ground of the base, there is also a flickering formation mark.

A protective mask suddenly rose, covering the entire stronghold.

The sword glow displayed by Ye Guchen fell on the mask, causing the mask to vibrate like water waves, but it could not be completely broken.

When Dongfang Cangming saw this, his originally flustered heart completely relaxed.

Although the array of strongholds is not too strong, it cannot be broken by any single Heaven’s Chosen.

Dongfang Cangming hugged his hands on his chest, his face changed from flustered to playful, with a hint of irony at the corners of his mouth, and said, “Ye Guchen, don’t do it in vain. Do you know that what you are doing now is to give the sword dynasty? Discrimination.”

Ye Guchen gave Dongfang Cangming a cold look. Instead of answering at all, he continued to take action.

Jian Jinghong coldly said: “Those strange demons were put down under the leadership of our sword dynasty Jianzi.”

“The 100 Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen was also killed by Brother Ye.”

“If you have given so much, it is considered a slander in your mouth, then you Dongfang Aristocratic Family, you are not even qualified to be slandered!”

Jian Jinghong’s 3 words, like Startling Thunder on the ground, exploded in 4 directions.

In the city stronghold, a part of Heaven’s Chosen showed a little shame on their faces.

They were indeed in the stronghold, watching Jian Jinghong and the others fighting.

Dongfang Cangming and Heaven’s Chosen, some of the forces that have hatred with Ye Guchen, are disapproving.

“Hmph, no matter what, Ye Guchen is now attacking the stronghold. He is not a rebellion. When the three Young Masters come back, he will definitely rule Ye Guchen.” Dongfang Cangming said confidently.

He just wanted to drag Dongfang Guangyao and the others to come, and then directly let them deal with Ye Guchen.

As for Dongfang Cangming, as long as he stayed in the stronghold now, he would be safe.

And at this time, Ximen made his fortune and made his debut: “Dongfang Cangming, if you don’t let him in, can’t you let me in if you don’t tell me?”

Dongfang Cangming’s expression changed slightly when he saw the rich and honorable Ximen speak.

Although Ximen Wealth is a bit hip in the Ten First Young Master, it is also the Ten First Young Master after all.

In addition, he is still leaning on the Simon Aristocratic Family behind him, even if it is Eastern Cangming, he dare not offend him too much.

But now, he is impossible to let Simon in.

Letting him in will remove the array, which is equivalent to letting Ye Guchen in.

After thinking for a while, Dongfang Cangming said embarrassingly: “I’m sorry, Simon Young Master, please feel wronged for a while, and wait until you are sure that there is no Dark World Heaven’s Chosen outside before letting you in.”

“Dongfang Cangming, you…” Ximen was also frowned, his fat face was cold.

At this time, in the stronghold, some of the Heaven’s Chosen from the West Gate Aristocratic Family saw this, they silently approached the hub that manipulates the array, and then rushed forward, trying to disarm the array.

“Hurry and stop them!” Dongfang Cangming shouted when he saw this.

The rest of Heaven’s Chosen from Dongfang Aristocratic Family stepped forward to obstruct.

However, although most of Aristocratic Family Heaven’s Chosen of West Gate was blocked.

However, there are still a few people who have affected the array, making the defense formidable power of the entire guarding array weakened by more than half.

“You don’t tell me all to rebel?” Dongfang Cangming’s face was cold.

Now even if he tries to offend Simon Aristocratic Family, he is also impossible to open the defense array.

Otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous.

At least his own life is in danger and cannot be guaranteed.

“Damn it, almost succeeded.”

Outside, Jian Jinghong, Mu Xingzhu and the others, seeing this scene, secretly sighed.

Now they can’t wait to get rid of Dongfang Cangming and hurry up.

After this incident, Dongfang Cangming kept an eye on it, and let Dongfang Aristocratic Family guards around the array hub.

Dongfang Cangming felt relieved and looked towards Ye Guchen and said: “Ye Guchen, don’t waste your time. Even if the defense array formidable power is weakened by more than half, it is definitely not something you can break.”

Dongfang Cangming’s words contained a bit of irony and ridicule.

In his opinion, Ye Guchen’s wasted effort is undoubtedly very ridiculous.

“Oh, are you so sure?” Ye Guchen held the 9 Dragon Thunder Prison, and a dark light flashed in his eyes.

Dongfang Cangming hehe said with a smile: “Ye Guchen, if you can break this array alone, the life of my Dongfang Cangming will be here waiting for you to get it.”

Ye Guchen hearing this, the corner of his mouth aroused a touch of coldness.

The strength of the 7 Heavenly Layer of his sacred mansion burst out, blessing ten times the power of True Qi.

The long sword in his hand points to the sky, a terrifying sword force began to spread all over him.

Human and Sword Unity, also took out at the same time.

9 On the sword edge of the Dragon Thunder Prison, there was a chilling sword glow.

“What kind of sword is that?”

“I don’t know, I almost never saw Ye Guchen perform such a sword technique!”

Ye Guchen’s hand stunned many young supreme talents.

Rao is Dongfang Cangming, and he was slightly taken aback, and a feeling of palpitations suddenly appeared in his heart.

But he still said comfortingly: “No, Ye Guchen is just playing mystery, how could he break this array alone.”

The sky, around Ye Guchen, seemed to form a sword qi storm.

The long-lost sword move came out of his hands again.

“Solitary Nine Swords, broken sword style!”

Ye Guchen sword edge trembles, a peerless sword move exclusively dedicated to Sword Demon, outrageous!

An astonishing sword glow that illuminates Heaven and Earth, burst out of the sky, and fell straight to the protective mask.

Everyone’s eyes seemed to be taken away by the bright sword glow at this moment.

At this moment, all Heaven’s Chosen has the feeling of hair stands on end.

They asked themselves, if they faced this move, they would only be lost.

Solitary Nine Swords’ sword breaking style is a sword that breaks 10000 spells.

Most suitable for use point to break surface, through any defense.


The sword glow of the broken sword fell on the protective light shield, and the protective light shield immediately vibrated violently as never before.

“No, it won’t…” Dongfang Cangming’s heart trembled slightly.

However, a trace of cracks gradually spread from the center of the collision.

After that, it spread rapidly, and most of the masks were made up for cracks.

Finally, in Dongfang Cangming’s unbelievable face.

The defensive mask, with a bang, shattered into endless light spots!

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