Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1402

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Hearing Ye Guchen’s coldly contemptuous words, Dongfang Cangming’s expression was hard to see the extreme.

However, there was also a look of horror in his eyes.

It is also the 7 Heavenly Layer of Shenfu, but he is not the enemy of Ye Guchen.

But Dongfang Cangming, as Dragon and Phoenix List Heaven’s Chosen, obviously will not be obediently surrender.

He began to use the Dongfang Aristocratic Family secret technique to squeeze his own qi and blood cultivation base.

Although this secret technique will bring great side effects to him, it is nothing compared to life.

With the implementation of the secret technique, the breath of Dongfang Cangming also directly skyrocketed by 2 small realms, reaching the 9th Layer of Shenfu.

However, the 9th Layer of the gods is extremely unstable, far inferior to the real 9th ​​Layer of the gods.

Ye Guchen sees it, expressionless.

This secret technique is far inferior to his Heaven Swallowing Secret Technique.

But Ye Guchen does not plan to use Heaven Swallowing Secret Technique now. Even if Dongfang Cangming reaches the 9th Layer of Shenfu through the secret technique, it is definitely not his opponent.

“The storm slashed the waves!”

Dongfang Cangming shouted angrily, and gathered all the True Qi power within the body, and the vast True Qi surged like a storm.

Cut out with a single knife, the deep blue knife gang seems to be able to split a wave of 10000 hectares!

Facing Dongfang Cangming’s fate, Ye Guchen looked calm.

He urged within the body Shenfu, True Qi poured into the 9 Dragon Thunder Prison.

The sword qi is gushing behind, extending the wings of the sword.

The wings of the sword shook, Ye Guchen’s figure shook, and his sword pierced the air towards Dongfang Cangming.

It is the 10000 God Tribulation, World Extinguishes!

The sharp sword glow, gathered in one place, collided with the deep blue sword gun.

In the entire stronghold, among all the eyes of Heaven’s Chosen, Ye Guchen’s sword edge directly broke through the deep blue knife gangway, and then cast out unabatedly and penetrated to the east.

Dongfang Cangming looked terrified and hurriedly took out a shield as defense.

9 The sharp point of the Dragon Thunder Prison Sword was on the shield, the cracks spread out, and then it broke into countless pieces.

The sword edge penetrated Dongfang Cangming’s chest, but it did not pierce the heart.

Pu chi!

Dongfang Cangming coughed up blood, and his ribs were broken.

His expression was horrified, painful, horrified, and a trace of regret.

If he hadn’t done so absolutely, maybe he wouldn’t have fallen into this field yet.

The entire stronghold became quiet.

Ye Guchen holds the sword edge, and the entire sword is still pierced within the body of the Eastern Cangming.

While Dongfang Cangming squeezed sword edge with both hands, his expression was painful.

“This sword could have penetrated your heart directly, but do you know why this Ye didn’t do it?” Ye Guchen said coldly.

Dongfang Cangming’s body shook suddenly, his pupils trembling.

“Because just killing you with a sword like this is kind of kindness to you, but this Ye doesn’t want to give you kindness.”

Ye Guchen’s voice fell, and he pulled out sword edge.

Dongfang Cangming covered the wound with his hands, blood still gushing out.

“Kneel down and confess to the sword and the others.” Ye Guchen’s tone was extremely cold.

Such a sword killed Dongfang Cangming, it was too cheap for him.

Far from being able to offset the ugly behavior he had done before.

“He…hehe…” Dongfang Cangming knew that he was bode ill rather than well today. Instead, he was laughed, with a hint of madness in his expression.

“Ye Guchen, Young Master will definitely take revenge for me, you will definitely die, all of your swords dynasty can’t escape!” Dongfang Cangming roar said, seemingly crazy.

“Don’t kneel?” Ye Guchen eyebrow raised.

Then he swung a sword.

Pu chi!

a sword light, passing the legs of Dongfang Cangming.

Two of his legs were amputated at the base of his thigh.

Suddenly, Dongfang Cangming’s whole person was short, as if he had knelt down.

“Ah…my legs…my legs!” Dongfang Cangming’s face was as pale as paper, he made a roar of pain, his eyes burst, and blue veins on his forehead!

Everyone in the stronghold saw this scene, and cold air rose from the bottom of their hearts.

Although they had heard about it before, Ye Guchen used killing firmness.

But now, in their eyes, Ye Guchen is like Hell Asura.

“Damn…Ye Guchen…you can’t die!” Dongfang Cangming cursed while roaring.

He dignified Dongfang Aristocratic Family Dragon and Phoenix List Heaven’s Chosen, and he received such abuse at this moment, it is unimaginable.

“Compared with your ugly behavior, this punishment is too light and too light.” Ye Guchen said indifferently.

He is not a pervert who likes to abuse people.

Just face the wicked, you should use the wicked means.

Facing Dongfang Cangming, I couldn’t overdo it.

“Ye Guchen, you dare to take action against our Dongfang Aristocratic Family, you are dead, absolute death is set!” Dongfang Cangming’s throat almost burst.

“Unfortunately, no matter what, you can’t see it anymore.” Ye Guchen said indifferently.

Next, he flew out 2 swords again, and cut off Dongfang Cangming’s 2 arms.

Then, Ye Guchen asked someone to hang Dongfang Cangming, who was still breathing, on the city wall.

Blood kept flowing from the broken limbs of Dongfang Cangming, but because of his own cultivation base, he could not die in a short time, but it would be very painful.

Ye Guchen said indifferently: “Anyone wants to target this Ye, it doesn’t matter, but if you dare to target the sword dynasty swords, this Eastern Cangming is a lesson!”

Ye Guchen’s words resounded throughout the stronghold.

All the hearts of Heaven’s Chosen are stunned.

Jian Jinghong, Mu Xingzhu and the others were moved.

The reason why Ye Guchen showed such Asura methods is for their sake.

Those enemies are okay to target Ye Guchen, but if they dare to involve them, Ye Guchen will never let anyone go.

Heaven’s Chosen of other forces obviously understood this too.

“It seems that afterwards, I really can’t do anything to the sword dynasty sword.”

“Yeah, if you deal with Ye Guchen, that’s nothing, but if you use the dynasty sword as a threat, Ye Guchen can use any means.”

Many people are whispering.

I have to say that Ye Guchen’s move has indeed shocked many people who are plotting wrongdoing.

Ye Guchen also understands that there are too many people or forces that want to target him.

In order to prevent Mu Xingzhu and the others from being affected, he can only use this Asura method.

After Ye Guchen’s deterrence, in the entire stronghold, there was no daring to openly resist Ye Guchen.

The entire stronghold fell into short-term stability.

Ximen Fugui said to Ye Guchen with some worry: “Brother Ye, if you abuse Dongfang Cangming like this, Dongfang Guangyao will not let you go.”

Dongfang Guangyao, as the Tongtian Young Master, is considered a veteran Young Master among the ten First Young Masters.

His strength is stronger than Gu Shaoyang.

Ye Guchen is now massacring Dongfang Aristocratic Family people in public, and torturing Eastern Cangming.

Obviously it is provoking Dongfang Aristocratic Family positively.

The glory of the East was impossible to let him go.

“I, Ye Guchen, don’t fear anyone.” Ye Guchen looked confident.

He is no longer the boy who was oppressed in Sky Desolate Plain.

Looking at the entire Southern Heaven Domain younger generation now, there are not many Heaven’s Chosen that can make him jealous.

At least Dongfang Guangyao is not.


In the middle of the night, the entire stronghold fell into silence. On the city wall, Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain was guarding it.

Ye Guchen is sitting cross-legged in his residence, adjusting his interest rate.

At this time, Ye Guchen suddenly noticed a very light fragrance.


Ye Guchen also referred to as a sword, and Daozhen gasified into sword glow, rushing out of the window lattice!

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