Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1403

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Sword glow rushed out of the window lattice, and a black shadow flashed past.

Ye Guchen pupil light flashed darkly, using the secret technique of magic, and it also flashed out instantly.

On the front eaves, a slender shadow moved towards the dark depths at a very fast speed.

Ye Guchen uses the secret technique to follow closely from behind.

“Don’t tell me is Heaven’s Chosen from Dark World?”

Ye Guchen thought to himself while pursuing.

With the black shadow in front, the movement technique is extremely ghostly and extremely fast.

Change to other Heaven’s Chosen, even the Ten First Young Master level Heaven’s Chosen, it is estimated that accidentally will be lost.

But Ye Guchen is different.

What he performs is one of the ten secret techniques of immemorial.

If it is cultivation to the extreme, it is enough to wander the heavens.

Hunting down a trifling burglar is not easy.

“Little thief, can you escape?”

Ye Guchen’s tone was light, following that silhouette, and the distance got closer.

Just as Ye Guchen was about to catch up with the silhouette, the slender silhouette came to a halt.

“Don’t play, stop playing, stop!”

A delicate female voice suddenly came.

Ye Guchen also stopped, with a slight surprise.

That silhouette, lifted the black hood on the beginning.

The jet-black ponytail jumped out, revealing a white and pretty face from the front.

She was dressed in tight-fitting black outfits, drawing a delicate and tight curve.

“It was you,” Ye Guchen said.

This girl is no one else but Heaven’s Proud Daughter from Bei Ming Aristocratic Family and Bei Ming Star from Dragon and Phoenix List Ranked 8th.

“Ye Guchen, who do you say is the little thief?” Bei Ming Xing’er raised her eyebrows.

“In the middle of the night, sneaking outside of people’s homes. What is it not a thief?” Ye Guchen said lightly.

“You…huh, I just want to test what Sword Young Master can do that’s all.” Bei Ming Xinger said.

“You should be thankful that I didn’t regard you as the Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World, and I would kill you directly. Otherwise, you will die or be injured.” Ye Guchen said lightly.

Bei Ming Xing’er’s face changed slightly, but she did not refute it.

After all, when she came to this stronghold, she had long learned that Ye Guchen had killed Dongfang Cangming.

“How did you find me?” Bei Ming Xinger asked.

“Scent.” Ye Guchen said truthfully.

“No wonder, I forgot to cover the body fragrance again.” Bei Ming Xinger was annoyed.

Her lovable body is born with a faint smell.

For ordinary women, it may be a good thing.

But for Bei Ming Xinger, who aspires to become a superb female assassin, it is a kind of trouble.

Then she asked unconvincedly: “What is your movement technique, it is so fast, my Bei Ming Aristocratic Family, famous for its movement technique ghost and martial arts, is your movement technique faster than me? “

“This, I have no comment.” Ye Guchen shook his head.

The secret technique is his secret, how could it be revealed directly.

“Don’t tell, don’t tell, stingy!” Bei Ming Xinger pouted.

In terms of movement technique, she is very confident, not to mention Dragon and Phoenix List Heaven’s Chosen, maybe even a few of the ten First Young Masters may not be better than her.

But now, she was completely abused by Ye Guchen in the movement technique.

This made her a little bit disappointed.

“Bei Ming Xing’er, you should come to me not just for Bibi movement technique.” Ye Guchen said.

Bei Ming Xinger, impossible came to him without a purpose.

Bei Ming Xinger hearing this, blinked his eyes and said: “I heard that you killed all Dongfang Aristocratic Family members in this stronghold, and you also killed Dongfang Cangming?”

“Yes, what’s the matter?” Ye Guchen asked.

“It’s so happy!” Bei Ming Xing’er squeezed her pink fist, her pretty face showed a cheerful smile.

Ye Guchen just remembered that Dongfang Aristocratic Family and Bei Ming Aristocratic Family seemed to have always been hostile.

Before in Sacred Origin Dynasty, when he performed the sword technique to kill the gods and the others, Dongfang Ziyun and the others mistakenly thought that he was a member of the Bei Ming Aristocratic Family.

It seems that the old grievances of the two major Aristocratic families are indeed quite deep.

“So, what’s your purpose? Don’t you just praise this Ye?” Ye Guchen asked.

Bei Ming Xinger said: “As the so-called enemy’s enemy is a friend, I have a message to tell you. Would you like to cooperate once?”

“What news?” Ye Guchen asked.

“News about Ancient Vestige.” Bei Ming Xinger said.

“Ancient Vestige?” Ye Guchen was puzzled.

“The entire Buried Tian Island was originally a forbidden place. Naturally there are many relics in it, and there may be many good things in some of the relics.” Bei Ming Xinger explained.

“Then Ancient Vestige, there should be many people understood, Dongfang Guangyao, they should also be understood, otherwise, you are also impossible to tell me the news.” Ye Guchen said.

Bei Ming Xinger gave Ye Guchen a white look.

Ye Guchen is very clever.

“Yes, Dongfang Guangyao is also outside that ruin, as well as Nangong Jue Yun and Chu Xuanzhen. The reason they are not in this stronghold is that they are preparing to explore the Ancient Vestige.”

“And the Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World wanted to capture this stronghold to facilitate the exploration of the ruins, but now it is blocked by you.” Bei Ming Xinger said.

“According to your statement, since Dongfang Guangyao discovered Ancient Vestige, didn’t they don’t tell me directly into the exploration?” Ye Guchen asked.

If Ancient Vestige had been discovered a long time ago, Dongfang Guangyao and the others should have been explored long ago. Impossible has been delayed until now.

“You want to hide, how easy is Ancient Vestige, and it is also dangerous.”

“Furthermore, besides Ancient Vestige, there are more than ten lairs of strange monsters, Dongfang Guangyao and the others. It takes a lot of time to deal with those strange monsters,” Bei Ming said.

“So that’s how it is.” Ye Guchen understood.

The group of strange monsters delayed the exploration of Dongfang Guangyao and the others.

Ye Guchen suddenly remembered that he had obtained an alien core in that alien lair.

The core of the alien monster can be used to control the alien monster.

If when the time comes Ye Guchen manipulates the core of the alien monster to deal with Chu Xuanzhen, Nangong Jue Yun, Dongfang Guangyao and the others, how exciting will the scene be?

Thinking of this, Ye Guchen’s eyes flickered darkly.

He can now say that he has completely offended Dongfang Aristocratic Family.

That being the case, why not start first?

“Ye Guchen, why don’t we form an alliance? I think you also have an antagonism with Dongfang Aristocratic Family. When the time comes, when we join forces, we may not be able to mediate with Dongfang Guangyao and the others. It’s a big deal plus that fatty.” Bei Ming Star Son said.

The fatty referred to by her is naturally the wealth of Ximen.

“Heh, it is indeed possible to join hands.” Ye Guchen slightly nodded said.

He couldn’t find a reason to reject Bei Ming Xinger.

“Okay, then it’s a deal, happy cooperation!” Bei Ming Xing’er stretched out his hand with a smile.

She could hardly deal with Dongfang Guangyao with her own strength.

But now, with Ye Guchen, a fierce man, she has a lot more certainty.

“Happy cooperation.” Ye Guchen reached out and shook hands with Bei Ming Xinger.

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