Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1406

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As one of the small giants of Dark World 4, it is also the top power of Dark World, Young Master of Everbright City.

Ye Cangshen had this confidence and said such things.

Of course, the background of Chu Xuanzhen and the others is not weak, and he is impossible to be threatened by the god Ye Cang.

“Ancient Vestige, the one who can live, if it is a war-torn double star here, maybe True Self has to take a step back, but you also want us to step back. It is too naive to think!”

Chu Xuan’s true voice fell, and the breath of God’s Palace 8 Heavenly Layer broke out directly.

At the same time, he also urged the non-life Sword Dao, and an attacking Sword Intent with a deadly silence spread out.

Dongfang Guangyao and Nangong Jue Yun also shot.

Ye Cangshen also took out a white cloth and wiped the sword edge.

Then, the magic sword in his hand, shocked out!

“Shadow Stream, Kill of the Night Crow!”

The pitch-black Jian Gang burst out, and the strength of the God Ye Cang reached the 9th Layer Peak of the Shenfu.

It was only a step away from the realm of the Venerable Heavenly Palace.

Mu Nieqing and Zongtu, Cao Lang and the others also shot together.

Behind them, Dark World’s Heaven’s Chosen, and Southern Heaven Domain’s Heaven’s Chosen, are also fighting together.

Suddenly, the sound of killing shouts, screams, and collisions of moves are endless.

Blood was splattered, and Heaven’s Chosen on both sides suffered casualties.

In terms of Peak battle strength, Chu Xuanzhen urged the Sword King body to bless the power of the inanimate Sword Dao.

Even God Ye Cang couldn’t solve the battle for a while.

Chu Xuan’s strength is really not weaker than the four emperors.

Otherwise, he is also impossible to be valued by Di Haotian.

And just when the two parties strangle each other.

Ye Guchen and the others in the dark are observing.

“Hu, it’s dangerous. If you don’t have Ye Guchen, we’ll take the shot first. When the time comes, Dark World’s Heaven’s Chosen will be cheaper.” Bei Ming Xinger Yushou pats’s plain chest, some lingering fears.

“It doesn’t matter, after a while, the monster will be urged to attack.” Ye Guchen said.

“But…isn’t it not good to watch Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen fight like this?” Ximen Wealth hesitated slightly.

Ye Guchen hearing this, his face indifferently said: “If it were other Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen, I might take it, but for them, this Ye didn’t have the slightest sympathy.”

Of those Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen, 80% are members of the Sword Ancestor, Nangong Family, and Dongfang Aristocratic Family.

Ye Guchen has no sympathy or pity for those people.

“Yes, Dongfang Aristocratic Family is so annoying, you still help them speak?” Bei Ming Xing’er stared roundly.

“I don’t have it. I’m just afraid that when the time comes, Dongfang Guangyao and the others will use this as a reason to slander us and Dark World Heaven’s Chosen as a group, and then let other Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen repel us.” Ximen said richly. .

“I don’t tell me still care about these?” Ye Guchen said coldly.

He did not want to be bound by the so-called morality.

For example, Xueer, even if he is a member of the Dark World, don’t tell me Ye Guchen will make a move against Xueer?

Obviously impossible.

Good and evil are only relative, and Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain may not be more kind than Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.

Over time, both camps have suffered heavy casualties.

Chu Xuanzhen and the others, and Ye Cangshen and the others, although there is no death, they all have a great consumption.

In the dark, Ye Guchen muttered: “It’s almost done. If you continue to drag it, they are also impossible to truly separate Life and Death.”

Ye Guchen knows that Heaven’s Chosen of this level is hard to get caught if it wants to escape.

Right now, it happened to be when Chu Xuanzhen and the others were exhausted.

It’s a perfect shot at this time.

Ye Guchen took out the alien core, and directly poured Chaos Soul Power into it.

Strange soul fluctuations spread out.

The strange monsters around, as if affected, each and everyone became restless.

Ye Guchen thoughts move, and the strange monsters cruising around in 4 directions suddenly seemed to be manipulated, surrounded by Heaven’s Chosen of Two Great Factions.

“what happened!”

Heaven’s Chosen, the two parties, obviously noticed it immediately, and they retreated to each other, temporarily stopping the fight.

Around, there are 100 to 1000 strange monsters, like locusts crossing the border, surrounding the two sides of Heaven’s Chosen.

“Why is this? How can these strange demons suddenly rush up?” Dongfang Guangyao was puzzled.

The god Ye Cang, Mu Nieqing and the others, were also solemn.

“There is soul fluctuation, over there!” Nangong Jue Yun raised his brows and looked towards the distance.

Everyone looked at it.

“Hehe, it seems that you are also alert.”

Ye Guchen, Ximen rich and honorable, Bei Ming Xinger 3 people, showing their figure.

Now, there is no need for them to hide anything.

“It’s you, Ye Guchen!”

The two camps, whether it is on the Southern Heaven Domain side or the Dark World side, all screamed.

Chu Xuanzhen’s eyes suddenly became cold and severe.

He did not forget Di Haotian’s entrustment.

After Di Haotian entered the Funeral Sky Island, there were important things.

Ye Guchen, he hasn’t bothered about it yet.

He ordered that if Chu Xuanzhen met him, he would kill him if he could.

Because of this, Chu Xuanzhen’s eyes looked towards Ye Guchen at this moment, and a cold and severe killing intent flashed.

As early as in the Saint Sovereign world, he wanted to really fight Ye Guchen, but there was no chance.

But now, there is finally a chance.

Dongfang Guangyao’s face was extremely cold, and a raging anger gushed in his eyes.

“Ye Guchen, you dare to show up!” Dongfang Guangyao’s tone was cold and frosty.

“Why cannot?” Ye Guchen expression faintly.

Now everything is under his control.

“The slaughter of my Dongfang Aristocratic Family in the stronghold is even more torturing and killing Dongfang Cangming, Ye Guchen, you will not escape the sanctions of my Dongfang Aristocratic Family if you escape to the ends of the earth!” Dongfang Guangyao coldly shouted.

On the side, Dongfang Ziyun’s expression was somewhat unnatural.

A ray of fear flashed in his eyes.

Dongfang Guangyao is not afraid of Ye Guchen, but she is afraid.

Ye Guchen can torture and kill Dongfang Cangming, and can knead her in the palm of his fingers effortlessly.

“Ye Guchen dared to appear, really bring about one’s own destruction…” Nangong Jue Yun’s eyes were also killing intent.

Needless to say, he hates Ye Guchen.

“Hey, mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind, it turns out that we are just mantises.” Mu Nieqing faintly sighed, with a little grave expression in his eyes.

Ye Guchen was far more terrifying and difficult than he thought.

Ye Cangshen was looking at Ye Guchen.

There was a ray of doubt in his eyes.

Vaguely, it felt like Ye Guchen had seen him somewhere.

“You are Ye Guchen, have we ever met?” Ye Cangshen opened the mouth and said.

Ye Guchen took a deep look at Ye Cangshen, and said indifferently, “What if you have seen it before? What if you haven’t seen it before?”

Ye Cangshen hearing this said: “Interesting, you want to plot against us at the same time, but why?”

“Heh, why, rely on your Life and Death to be in my hands!”

Ye Guchen’s words fell, and there were 1000 strange monsters around, all of them swarming!

“Damn it, Ye Guchen can control a monster!”

There was an exclamation, very shocked!

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