Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1407

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The strange demon on Buried Sky Island is the creature of the dark world.

Whether they encounter Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain or Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World, they will actively attack.

I have never heard of such things as being able to control other monsters.

But now, this scene really appeared before them.

There are 100 to 1000 monsters, flocking to the two forces.

At this moment, even Chu Xuanzhen, Dongfang Guangyao, and the others, his expression was completely gloomy.

Although these strange monsters may not be able to pose a deadly threat to them, they will obviously consume their strength and delay their pace.

Not to mention, the other Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain may not be able to survive the tide of monsters.

“Ye Guchen, no matter what, we are all in the same camp. Do you want to rebel in this way?” Dongfang Guangyao’s expression was very cold, saying every word.

“Oh, don’t you think it’s too ridiculous to say this now, your Dongfang Aristocratic Family’s methods are more cruel than Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.” Ye Guchen sneered.

He naturally will not have any hesitation or sympathy.

“Ye Guchen, if this matter spreads out, you are the sinner who betrayed Southern Heaven Domain!” Chu Xuanzhen shouted coldly.

“Betrayal of Southern Heaven Domain? If you are dealing with your Great Influence, even if you betray Southern Heaven Domain, then treat me as betrayal.” Ye Guchen felt very funny.

He is not procrastinating, urging the monsters to besiege Heaven’s Chosen from the 2 camp.

He gestured with a glance, Bei Ming Xing’er and Ximen Fugui are both aware.

They knew that Ye Guchen was going to take them directly into Ancient Vestige.

And these two people, there is a group of strange monsters delaying.

Of course, this group of alien monsters is also impossible to delay for too long, not only Chu Xuanzhen, Ye Cangshen and other top Heaven’s Chosen are there.

They finished dealing with the alien group, but it was only a matter of time.

And Ye Guchen just wanted to seize this time and enter Ancient Vestige to explore.

Soon, the 3 people of Ye Guchen turned into 3 streams of light and escaped into Ancient Vestige.

“Ye Guchen, I will kill you!” Chu Xuanzhen burst out sword qi, his eyes glistening coldly.

Dongfang Guangyao is also full of blue veins in his temples, and he is very angry.

Ye Guchen not only slaughtered them Dongfang Aristocratic Family Heaven’s Chosen, but now actually plot against them again.

Nangong Jue Yun also turned blue with anger.

“Hey, Ye Guchen, really good plot against.”

Mu Nieqing was deeply sighed looking at the surging group of strange monsters.

“Heh, this is the first time someone dared to plot against me.” Ye Cangshen’s expression was also a little cold.

Next, the troops of the two camps fought with the surging group of monsters.

Chu Xuanzhen and the others, there will be no mortal danger yet.

However, the three forces of Sword Ancestor, Dongfang Aristocratic Family, and Nangong Family suffered heavy losses.

Many people were killed by strange monsters.

In this scene, Chu Xuanzhen and the others looked cold, and I wished Ye Guchen chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades.

At this moment, Ye Guchen, with Bei Ming Xinger and Ximen Fugui, began to go deep into Ancient Vestige.

Around Ancient Vestige, there was a thick gray haze.

This kind of mist can isolate people’s perception of Divine Soul.

Ye Guchen and the others, like a blind man touching an elephant, walk in it.

“What is going on in Ancient Vestige?” Ye Guchen was curious.

“I don’t know, it may be the inheritance of various predecessors, or it may be various treasures and holy medicines, or something related to the Tiantian Island.” Bei Ming Xinger said.

“Something related to Funeral Island?” Ye Guchen wondered.

“I don’t know if you guys know a piece of news. In addition to the East, West, South, and North 4 islands, there is a core island on this buried island.” Bei Ming Xinger said mysteriously.

“Core island?” Ye Guchen eyebrow raised.

He had never heard of this news.

“Yes, it is rumored that the core island is the center of Tiantian Island, and it also hides the real secret of Tiantian Island.” Bei Ming Xinger said.

“The real secret?”

Ye Guchen became more confused as he listened.

The predecessor of Funian Island was a forbidden place.

And what is its secret?

“As for what the secret is, then I don’t know, but I heard that if you want to make the core of Tiantian Island appear, you need to gather 4 mechanism keys, and then you can make the core of Tiantian Island appear. “Bei Ming Xinger said.

“So that’s how it is.” Ye Guchen slightly nodded.

Then Ye Guchen suddenly thought.

The Earth Sovereign sword may be on the island of Buried Heaven.

And East, West, South, North 4 islands, obviously impossible to have the Earth Sovereign sword, if there is, it has been discovered long ago.

Then the only possibility is that the Earth Sovereign sword should be in the core of Tiantian Island.

Ye Guchen also thought of that Emperor Haotian, it seemed that because of some things, he was not at all directed at him, but Chu Xuanzhen was only allowed to deal with him.

“Could it be that Emperor Haotian also confirmed that the Earth Sovereign sword is in the core of Buried Sky Island, so he went looking for 4 mechanism keys?” Ye Guchen pupil light lit up slightly.

This guess is likely to be true.

“Ye Guchen, did you think of something?”

Seeing Ye Guchen’s expression, Bei Ming Xinger said.

“No, let’s enter the exploration.” Ye Guchen pupil light flashed darkly.

It is not appropriate to talk to them about the Earth Sovereign sword.

Next, the three Ye Guchen gradually penetrated into the ruins.

There are many broken temples in the ruins.

Ye Guchen and the others one after another searched and found only some rotten Divine Weapon among them.

“You won’t get anything, right?” Bei Ming Xing’er frowned, her face not very pretty.

At this moment, Simon Fugui suddenly whispered: “Look ahead!”

Ye Guchen and the others looked around, and suddenly found that there seemed to be faint brilliance flashing in a collapsed temple in front of him.

“Is there a treasure?” Bei Ming Xing’er’s pretty face was overjoyed and looked towards Ximen Fortune.

“Fatty, is it really because of your luck?” Bei Ming Xing’er was suspicious.

The thing of luck is really unpredictable.

“Of course, with Young Master, I’m afraid I won’t find treasure?” Ximen said proudly.

“Well, don’t talk too much, that group of strange monsters can’t stop them for long, we need to go deeper.” Ye Guchen warned.

They entered the dilapidated hall.

Among them, there are some 5 light and colorful jade stones stacked in them.

“That’s Yinyue Jade, and Divine Jade, too Void Spirit Jade, oh my god, too much!” Bei Ming Xinger unable to bear whispered.

The essence contained in these jade stones has a significant effect on the promotion of Divine Weapon.

Some top grade Divine Weapon patterns can even be upgraded if they are integrated into the essence of these jade stones.

At this time, from Ye Guchen dantian, there was a faint feeling of longing.

“It’s a sword for defeat!” Ye Guchen eyes flashed.

There was a wave of longing emotion from Qiufeijian, obviously hoping to swallow these rare jade stones.

Ye Guchen did not hesitate to come forward and collect it.

At this time, all directions, suddenly came the scalp tingling si si sound.

“What it is!”

Bei Ming Xing’er, Ximen rich and honorable, all have their hairs upright!

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