Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1408

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From among the ruins of the temple all around, there was a tingling si si sound.

Ximen Fugui and Bei Ming Xing’er both felt palpitations.

Ye Guchen looked around all around and saw a group of dark insects, densely packed.

“Ah, what is that!” Bei Ming Xinger’s snow-white skin had small bumps.

For women, insect is always a scary creature.

“It’s a creature of the dark world, Black Divine Insect.” Ye Guchen’s expression didn’t change much.

This Black Divine Insect, like the Demon God, is a low-level race in the Dark World.

It’s just that Black Divine Insect wins by quantity, can swallow everything, even True Qi can be bitten.

It is precisely because of this that Black Divine Insect will make people become terror-stricken at the news, because the True Qi shield and armor of the cultivator are useless to Black Divine Insect.

And Black Divine Insect’s hard outer skeleton is also immune to the True Qi attack of the overwhelming majority.

It is precisely because of this that Black Divine Insect is a more difficult existence than a strange monster.

“Then what should I do?” Bei Ming Xinger blasted out a few moves, but it was unable to bring effective damage to Black Divine Insect.

“What are insects usually afraid of?” Ye Guchen’s face was very composed.

Bei Ming Xing’er and Xi Men’s wealth and honor looked at each other.

“It’s fire!”

Ye Guchen faintly smiled, raising his hand.

5 The colorful chaos and sacred fire burst out in a ring shape, spreading towards all directions.

Those Black Divine Insects, as soon as they encountered Chaos Divine Fire, the crackle immediately began to explode.

“This is…Shen Huo?”

Feeling the blazing temperature of the chaos and sacred fire, Bei Ming Xinger’s small face was slightly dazed.

This is a sacred fire, not Heaven and Earth Strange Fire.

“Hehe, Brother Ye’s means, you only saw the tip of the iceberg.” Ximen chuckled the wealthy.

If Ye Guchen didn’t have this strength, Ximen would not choose to hold his thigh.

Chaos and sacred fire surrounds all around and protects the body of Ye Guchen 3 people.

Those Black Divine Insect felt the terrifying temperature of the Chaos and Divine Fire, and they all showed look of dreading, receding like the tide of black, and finally disappeared in the darkness.

Seeing those Black Divine Insects completely disappeared, Bei Ming Xinger sighed in relief.

She turned to looked towards those jade stone, with a gleam in her wonderful eyes.

“Next we can divide up these jade stones.” Bei Ming Xing’er is like a treasure greedy little money fan at the moment.

“Brother Ye contributed the most, and Black Divine Insect was also driven away by him. Brother Ye should take the big head.” Ximen Fortune said actively.

Bei Ming Xing’er is also slightly nodded, she is not unreasonable.

Ye Guchen was not polite, and said, “I really need these jade stones. If you find something suitable for you later, you can also take it directly.”

Because these jade stones are needed to defeat the sword, Ye Guchen did not refuse their kindness either.

70% of the jade stone was taken away by Ye Guchen, and the remaining 30% was divided between Ximen Fugui and Bei Ming Xinger.

After getting the jade stone, Ye Guchen not at all immediately took out the sword of defeat.

Because now is not a good time to digest.

The strange demons outside could not stop Chu Xuanzhen and the others for long.

“Let’s go deeper.” Ye Guchen said.

their three people, and then explored several temples.

In a palace, they found a Divine Silkworm Treasure Clothes placed in a box.

The entire Divine Silkworm Treasure Clothes is woven with Divine Silkworm silk, exquisite and gorgeous, as if flowing with brilliance.

And Divine Silkworm Treasure Clothes is not only gorgeous in appearance, defensive power is also very powerful, wearing on the body, light as if nothing.

Bei Ming Xinger’s eyes were shining brightly.

“Take this Divine Silkworm Treasure Clothes,” Ye Guchen said.

“Really?” Bei Ming Xinger said joyfully in surprise.

Although she asked, she actually took Divine Silkworm Treasure Clothes in her hand.

After that, Ye Guchen helped Simon get rich and found a suitable opportunity for him.

The 3 people have gained a lot, and it is worthwhile.

“The whole Ancient Vestige, don’t tell me are only these things?” Ye Guchen was thinking.

It’s not that he is greedy and so on, but Ancient Vestige. It shouldn’t be the only chance.

“It seems we should continue to go deeper.” Ye Guchen thought.

Next, they went deep into Ancient Vestige.

In a mountain, they found a simple and heavy black iron gate, embedded in the mountain, with the breath of ancient vicissitudes.

“It seems that the greatest opportunity for Ancient Vestige lies in this iron gate.” Ximen said richly.

He is full of anger and luck, and vaguely, he also has a certain intuition and perception.

Ye Guchen flipped his wrist and 9 Dragon Thunder Prison fell in his hand.

He cut off One Sword Shrouding the Sky, sword glow strikes on the iron gate, and the whole mountain seemed to roar and tremble.

After a few swords, the entire iron gate opened suddenly.

The darkness is deep, filled with gray mist and dust.

“Be careful, everyone.” Ye Guchen was the first to enter, while Bei Ming Xing’er and Ximen Fugui followed closely from behind.

Behind the iron gate, there is a slumped ancient palace.

The sound of Black Divine Insect came from deep in the surrounding darkness.

Ye Guchen spurred the Chaos Divine Fire, and those Black Divine Insects instantly retreated.

And in front of the temple, there is a cracked stone platform.

On the stone platform, there is a simple and dark box.

“What is that?” Bei Ming Xinger was curious.

Ye Guchen’s eyes narrowed.

Vaguely, he realized that this dark box was definitely not simple.

Just when Ye Guchen wanted to step forward.

A loud neigh sounded.

“Is it Black Divine Insect again?” Ximen Fugui’s heart was stunned.

“No…” Ye Guchen shook his heart.

Behind the cracked stone platform, 9 shadows suddenly appeared.

“That’s…” Ximen’s wealthy eyes widened.

Under the shining of the chaos and sacred fire, Ye Guchen 3 people saw it.

That is a Black Divine Insect with 9 heads.

And the body is extremely large, more than ten feet long.

The body surface is also branded with weird deep purple magic patterns, and the breath is far from the ordinary Black Divine Insect.

“It’s the Insect King, the 9-headed god!” Ximen Fugui said in surprise.

9 Insect King is the king of Black Divine Insect.

The status is equivalent to the different Monster King among the other monsters.

However, in front of him, these nine head gods, Insect King, seem to be more powerful and difficult to deal with than Monster King.

“These 9 head gods, Insect King, seem not afraid of flames.” Ye Guchen noticed.

Chaos and divine fire can only make the 9-headed god Insect King jealous, but cannot really make it fear.

“Let’s go together!” Ximen Fugui is about to make a move, took out various treasures.

“Disgusting insect.” Bei Ming Xing’er got a small lump all over his body, enduring his numb scalp, also shot.

The 3 people all made a move to kill the 9-headed god Insect King.

And at the same moment.

Around Ancient Vestige.

Counting until the silhouette broke through the gray mist and rushed in.

It is Chu Xuanzhen, Dongfang Guangyao, Dongfang Ziyun, Nangong Jue Cloud and the others.

They all have blood stains on them, and their breath is very unstable.

“Damn, all of our men are dead, it’s Ye Guchen, this time, I want him not to get out of Ancient Vestige!”

3 In the eyes of First Young Master, they all carry a cold killing intent.

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