Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1409

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In the slumping Ancient Palace Room, facing the Ominous Fiend Qi, the nine-headed god Insect King, Ye Guchen had a very solemn expression.

The breath of the 9-headed god Insect King is estimated to have reached the realm of the venerable, and it is definitely not something that the ordinary gods realm Heaven’s Chosen can contend.

Fortunately, Ye Guchen’s battle strength is far from what his realm can contend.

In addition, there are Bei Ming Xing’er and Ximen Fugui on the sidelines, they may not be impossible to deal with the 9 gods Insect King.

9 The 9 heads of Insect King, the head god, are all extremely ferocious, with dark eyes with a bloodthirsty baleful qi, staring at the 3 Ye Guchen.

Then, it shot. Although its body is huge, it is very flexible, with 9 heads biting at the 3 Ye Guchen.

Ye Guchen used the secret technique of God’s action, and his figure instantly turned into a thunder and lightning, and he swept to the side to avoid the bite of the 9 head god Insect King.

Bei Ming Xinger also displayed the identity of the Bei Ming Aristocratic Family, with a flexible figure that flashed out like a fish.

Bei Ming Aristocratic Family is known for its movement technique. Bei Ming Xinger has taken the movement technique cultivation to the extreme.

Except for Ye Guchen, Heaven’s Chosen, who has the secret technique of God’s action, and even the ten First Young Master level figures, it is not easy to catch up with her.

As for the wealth of Ximen, he directly took out a pair of golden wings.

The little wings spread out from behind him. They were very small. They didn’t match his fat and broad body shape. They looked quite funny.

But the little wings shook, and Simon’s wealthy figure turned into a golden light, flashing aside.

“Shoot!” Ye Guchen loudly shouts.

The 9 head god Insect King will not be too far away from the stone platform.

So Ye Guchen wanted to divert the 9-headed god Insect King and get the dark box. It was almost impossible.

Only when the nine gods Insect King were completely killed, they could get the box.

Ye Guchen turned out the 9 Dragon Thunder Prison, took out Qianyang Peerless Sword and Kun Yue Peerless Sword, and merged them into Heaven and Earth Extinguish, sweeping out against the 2-headed God Insect King.

铿 clang!

The sharp sword glow fell on the carapace of the 9-headed god Insect King, and even made the sound of metal collision.

Striking sparks burst out, leaving only a shallow white trace on the carapace.

“The defensive power of this beast is so strong?” Ximen Fugui was surprised when he saw this scene.

Ye Guchen’s sword stroke formidable power, in his opinion, is already extremely terrifying. He never thought that it would still be unable to cause too much damage to the 9-headed god Insect King.

“Nether thorn!”

Bei Ming Xing’er also took the shot. She took out a Divine Weapon that looked like a flying shuttle, about palm-size, with deep purple all over, with sharp jagged edges, which looked extremely lethal.

Of course, this is also a Divine Weapon.

This shuttle Divine Weapon broke through the air and landed directly on a head of the 9-headed god Insect King.

Pu chi!

The shuttle directly penetrated the carapace of the 9-headed Insect King, but it was unable to cause substantial damage to the 9-headed Insect King.

Because compared to the huge size of the 9-headed god Insect King, the damage of the flying shuttle is really limited.

Ye Guchen shot again, this time even the broken star Peerless Sword was also used. The three swords merged and turned into a sword destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

Moon’s Demise star Shen Haoyang broke!


This blow finally shook the body of the 9-headed god Insect King. One head was almost cut off in half, and black pus and blood poured out.

Si si !

9 The head god Insect King seems to be mad because of the pain. In its 9 heads, it spews black liquid, poison qi, flames, acid and so on at the same time.

Ye Guchen directly took out the ancient god of immortality, black liquid acid and other things, splashing forward, making the sound of chi chi, and white smoke.

Bei Ming Xinger dodges with the movement technique.

As for the wealth of Ximen, he directly put on 3rd-layer armor on his body very proudly, and also took out several protective masks.

“Cut off its 9 heads directly!” Ye Guchen gave a cold voice, beckoning his hands.

9 Se Xuan Lei rushed out of him within the body, blessing the god Jue Tian Zhu who held the divine sword Yu Lei Jue.

The Sword Dao domain of the peerless thunderbolt Sword Dao, the heaven punishment thunder prison, is also displayed.

Various methods, superimposed on each other, seem to turn the whole palace into a violent thunder field.


Ye Guchen swung his sword, and the sword glow spread out along with the lightning surge.

Hong long long !

Even though the 9-headed god Insect King has certain resistance to flames and thunderbolt, it is difficult to withstand such a fierce offensive as Ye Guchen.

Two heads were directly exploded.

Bei Ming Xing’er is also not to be outdone, and once again took out a great move.

The flying shuttle suddenly turned into a nine, pierced through a head and shot it into a sieve.

Ximen gritted his teeth and took out a few divine talisman.

The divine talisman landed on the head of the 9-headed god Insect King, and it exploded directly, violently undulating, blasting a head to pieces.

9 The head god Insect King neighed up to the sky, completely mad, and fell into a violent state.

Its remaining 5 heads directly locked Bei Ming Xing’er, and at the same time they bite away.

Upon seeing this, Bei Ming Xing’er panicked and wanted to rely on the movement technique to escape.

However, it was discovered that the 9 heads of the 5-headed god Insect King had blocked the way around.

Bei Ming Xinger’s face turned pale.

At this time, Ye Guchen tried his best to start again.

He displayed the artistic conception of Human and Sword Unity and blessed 10000 Sword Art.

Behind him, the wide sword wings stretched out, and his figure pulled out an afterimage.

He rushed into the dangerous battle situation with lightning speed.

He held Bei Ming Xinger’s slender waist in one hand, and held 9 Dragon Thunder Prison in the other, and displayed 10000 Divine Tribulation, World Extinguishes!

A sword crossed, and two heads burst again.

Bei Ming Xing’er’s pretty face still has a hint of whiteness.

When he came back to his senses, he found that his thin waist was being hugged by Ye Guchen.

She had a pretty face blushed and broke free without a trace.

Ye Guchen didn’t care either, all his attention was on the 9 head god Insect King.

Not far away, Simon Fugui saw this scene, with envy in his small eyes.

“Brother Ye’s feminine fate is really great. If I had the appearance of Brother Ye, I wouldn’t be a single dog now.” Ximen Fugui secretly sighed.

He can be sure that if he replaced Ye Guchen, he hugged Bei Ming star.

Bei Ming Xinger was afraid that he would have slapped him in the face long ago.

The result was Ye Guchen, and Bei Ming Xing’er just blushed and said nothing.

Here, Ye Guchen expression is calm, took out the chaos and sacred fire, blessing the sword-breaking style of Solitary Nine Swords.

A sword crossed, directly piercing the last three heads of the 9 head god Insect King at the same time.

Hong long long !

9 The huge body of Insect King, the head god, fell directly.

“Too strong, isn’t it?” Bei Ming Xing’er opened her mouth slightly, exclaiming in her heart.

Thinking of the scene where Ye Guchen rescued her just now, pretty face was red again.

Ye Guchen stepped onto the stone platform and picked up the dark box.

He was very curious, what is inside this dark box?

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