Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1410

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The most central thing in Ancient Vestige should be this dark box.

After all, it is guarded by the 9-headed god Insect King.

Bei Ming Xing’er and Ximen were wealthy and curiously rushed forward.

Ye Guchen opened the box and found a dark key lying in it.

The key is simple and mottled, without any special fluctuations, it looks like a key made of ordinary ordinary iron.

“What is this?” Ximen Fortune blinked with mung bean eyes.

Ye Guchen picked up the key, but did not notice any special fluctuations.

“This don’t tell me is…” Ye Guchen suddenly thought of it.

Bei Ming Xing’er is also divine light flashed, 2 people and 4 eyes facing each other, they all understand the other’s thoughts.

“This is the mechanism key?”

Ye Guchen and Bei Ming Xing’er opened the mouth and said almost at the same time.

“Is this the key to the institution?” Ximen’s wealth was also surprised.

Previously, Bei Ming Xing’er said that the entire Buried Sky Island actually has a core island that has never been seen.

You need to collect 4 organization keys to open it successfully.

They never thought, now that this mechanism key has appeared in front of them.

“This mechanism key is very important, and it is related to the birth of the core island in the future.” Bei Ming Xinger said solemnly.

The core island should be the most important opportunity for Tiantian Island, and it has not even been born in the past.

Ye Guchen is definitely nodded.

He actually knew that the Earth Sovereign sword was probably on the core island.

But Di Haotian was trying his best to search for 4 mechanism keys.

Therefore, this mechanism key must not be obtained by Di Haotian.

If Emperor Haotian takes the initiative and gets the Earth Sovereign sword in time, he can combine the three swords into one, and Su Jianshi’s situation will undoubtedly become dangerous.

“Ye Guchen, among the three of us, you have the strongest strength. You can keep this mechanism key.” Bei Ming Xinger actively said.

Ye Guchen hearing this, slightly nodded, and nothing to be polite.

After all, if Zangtian Island were to emerge, it would be impossible for him to enter.

However, just when Ye Guchen received the key to the institution.

There was a sudden movement outside the hall.

A cold voice came: “Ye Guchen, where can you escape this time?”

Hearing this voice, the faces of Bei Ming Xing’er and Ximen Fugui changed.

Ye Guchen expression calmly, looked towards outside the hall.

Four silhouettes appeared at the same time. It was Chu Xuanzhen, Nangong Jue Yun, Dongfang Guangyao, and Dongfang Ziyun.

Although the 4 of them rushed out of the encirclement of the alien group, there were some wounds on their bodies, which had several points of embarrassment.

As for the rest of Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen, they all fell into the hands of strange monsters.

The most important thing is that those Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen are mostly people from the Sword Ancestor, Nangong Family, and Dongfang Aristocratic Family.

So this also means that Ye Guchen indirectly killed the young Heaven’s Chosen of Three Great Influences, causing Three Great Influences to suffer heavy losses.

“En? What did you get?” Chu Xuanzhen’s eyes fell on the stone platform.

An opened dark box was placed on it.

The agency key has been put into the bag by Ye Guchen, they naturally don’t know.

“What opportunity did we get, what is your business?” Bei Ming Xinger said.

“Hmph, it doesn’t matter, just kill them directly, and then search their origin ring.” Dongfang Guangyao’s tone was extremely cold.

He has not said much about Ye Guchen’s killing intent.

And Dongfang Aristocratic Family and Bei Ming Aristocratic Family are also in a hostile position, so he also has a killing intent towards Bei Ming Xinger.

“You…” Bei Ming Xing’er bit his lip, and there was also a cold color in his wonderful eyes.

Their 2 big Aristocratic Family is also incompatible as fire and water.

“Bei Ming Xing’er, when the time comes, the three of us scattered and left. When the time comes, if we can escape, we will join the Ancient Vestige foreign exchange.” Ye Guchen sound transmission secretly.

Right now, if they are entangled here, they might also attract Dark World’s Heaven’s Chosen. When the time comes, the situation will be more complicated.

The fact that Ye Guchen got the agency key naturally cannot be disclosed.

So now, Ye Guchen wants to get rid of the entanglement of Chu Xuanzhen and the others as soon as possible, and there is only this way.

“Well, you have to be careful too, they are likely to target you.” Bei Ming Xing’er said with a trace of worry.

Ye Guchen is obviously the one who hates the most.

“No, they can’t be sure, who of the three of us got treasures, all when the time comes, they have a high probability that they will spread out to deal with us, that’s also our chance, maybe even counter Kill.” Ye Guchen flashed a cold light in his eyes.

He had already reached this point, and even made the arrangement in reverse.

This is differentiation tactics.

Separate the enemies first, then defeat them separately.

Anyway, these 3 First Young Masters are irreconcilable to Ye Guchen. In that case, kill one or two first, wouldn’t it be beautiful?

Afterwards, the three Ye Guchen didn’t hesitate, and rushed away in different directions from each moved towards the great hall.

“Want to run?” Chu Xuanzhen raised his eyebrows.

Nangong Jue Yun and Dongfang Guangyao also set their eyes on Ye Guchen, full of killing intent.

At this moment, Chu Xuan really seemed to have thought of something and said, “Don’t worry, this may be Ye Guchen’s trick. The treasure in the box may be in the hands of Bei Ming Xinger or Ximen Fugui. Then Ye Guchen attracted us all. Go chasing him, but missed the big fish.”

Hearing what Chu Xuanzhen said, Dongfang Guangyao and Nangong Jue Yun were secretly nodded.

Chu Xuanzhen’s analysis is indeed reasonable.

“Yes, Ye Guchen himself is an extremely treacherous and cunning person, and his scheming is not weaker than his strength.” Nangong Jue Yun coldly said.

“Then let me chase Ye Guchen, after all, he just slaughtered us Dongfang Aristocratic Family Heaven’s Chosen. If I don’t put him down personally, my Dongfang Aristocratic Family will have no face.” Dongfang Guangyao said.

Nangong Jue Yun and Chu Xuanzhen both showed a trace of regret and unwillingness in their eyes.

They actually wanted to end Ye Guchen’s life with their own hands.

But right now, it’s not the time to struggle.

“Well, with your strength, it is enough to deal with Ye Guchen, we will hunt down the other two people.” Chu Xuanzhen was slightly nodded.

Dongfang Guangyao is also a strong and veteran Young Master.

He has a bright physique, and there is a natural phenomenon in the dantian.

Even if Chu Xuanzhen met Dongfang Guangyao, he would not take much advantage.

Let him deal with Ye Guchen, Chu Xuanzhen also has several points of grasp.

“I’ll go too.” Dongfang Ziyun said to the side.

Without witnessing Ye Guchen’s fall, she feels uneasy.

“Well, with your support, Ye Guchen has nowhere to escape.” Dongfang Guangyao faintly smiled.

Soon, Dongfang Guangyao and Dongfang Ziyun, two people, moved towards Ye Guchen, chased them in the direction they left.

Chu Xuanzhen went after Bei Ming star.

Nangong Jue Yun went to chase the wealth of Ximen.

And just after they left not very long.

An azure clothes Young Master also came here, it was Mu Nieqing.

“En? It seems that there is still a breath left here…” Mu Nieqing frowned.

His gaze turned towards the direction where Ye Guchen and Dongfang Guangyao and the others were leaving. After a little thought, he turned into a shadow and swept away.

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