Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1412

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Generally speaking, Dongfang Guangyao will not take out his Divine Weapon when confronting the enemy again.

Because there are not many people, he is qualified to use Divine Weapon.

But now, facing Ye Guchen, Dongfang Guangyao has to take out his weapon.

Both of his hands hold the sun golden wheel, and the imposing manner is skyrocketing again.

This sun golden wheel fits his physique very well, so it can also maximize his strength.

Dongfang Guangyao threw the sun golden wheel with both hands.

The sharp golden wheel cuts the void, brings out the streamer of scarlet gold, and heads towards Ye Guchen strikes.

Ye Guchen 9 Long thunder prison rung, colliding with the sun golden wheel, burst out violent sparks.

The two golden sun wheels, as if they were manipulated by Eastern Light with mind, kept surrounding Ye Guchen, looking for gaps to attack.

Ye Guchen’s sword was airtight and blocked the two sun golden wheels.

At this time, Dongfang Guangyao was once again on the hunt.

He raised his hand, the terrifying sun, True Qi, gathered on his palm, and finally turned into a fiery flame, like a small sun.

And with the infusion of Dongfang Guangyao True Qi, the little sun became bigger and bigger, and finally it was bigger than Dongfang Guangyao’s whole person.

At this moment, the radiance of the East seemed to be holding a huge sun, and the terror wave contained in it made the East Ziyun feel trembling in fear.

“Holy Sun Art!”

Dongfang Guangyao threw out the blazing sun with one hand.

The void rippled in layers, one after another scorching True Qi ripples spread out, sending out surprising fluctuations.

Seeing that Dongfang Guangyao was crushing against him, Ye Guchen defended against the attack of the Sun Golden Wheel, but also counterattacked.

He successively displayed Qianyang Peerless Sword, Kunyue Peerless Sword, and Broken Star Peerless Sword.

3 Swords are one, blending into a terrifying one-type sword move.

Moon’s Demise star Shen Haoyang broke!

The huge sword glow pierced through the blazing sun, like Hou Yi’s arrow shot through the sun.

In an instant, the collision erupted, and the entire sun exploded. A fierce True Qi aftermath, accompanied by a biting sword qi, swept all four sides.

The gray fog around was scattered.

And this violent shock wave also hit Dongfang Guangyao and Ye Guchen.

2 The figure retreated immediately, his chest qi and blood tumbling.

The two golden sun wheels were also collapsed.

Dongfang Guangyao followed the trend, took over the golden wheel of the sun, and then flashed away at Ye Guchen.

He cut out with the sun golden wheel, and Ye Guchen also fought back with the sword.

The movements of the two people are almost to the extreme, and they can’t even see the clear silhouette, only the afterimages and the sparks of the collision of Divine Weapon.

Dongfang Ziyun was a little dazed.

She didn’t expect Ye Guchen to be able to fight Dongfang Guangyao to such an extent.

Originally, she thought that even if Ye Guchen’s strength was different from the past, if he faced the veteran Young Master, Dongfang Guangyao, he would still have hatred.

But now, the situation is completely different from what she imagined.

Ye Guchen is not only not weak and glorious in the east, but also seems to have faint signs of gaining the upper hand.


At this moment, the oriental light was shining, and his face was extremely gloomy.

This is different from the battle he imagined.

In his imagination, it should be him who killed Ye Guchen with a force of destruction, rather than getting into an anxious situation like now.

“Leaving the Wheel of Fire!”

Dongfang Guangyao’s moves were once again started, and the two golden sun wheels spun out in a staggered manner, emitting a blazing fire.

“Showing flames in front of this Ye is really displaying one’s slight skill before an expert.” Ye Guchen wiped the 9 Dragon Thunder Prison with one hand.

9 Above the sword of Dragon Thunder Prison, a flame was burning every inch.

5 Colorful, if the chaotic flame comes out, the temperature of the entire area between Heaven and Earth will begin to rise rapidly.

“That flame is…sacred fire?!”

Feeling the terrifying temperature, Dongfang Guangyao’s complexion suddenly changed.

His sun is free from the fire, and in front of the chaos and divine fire, he is simply a younger brother.

The 2 sun golden wheels were blown away by Ye Guchen with sword edge.

He once again killed Dongfang Guangyao.

“Divine light technique!”

Dongfang Guangyao made another move, and the blazing and scorching divine light burst out, and the earth turned into a piece of scorched earth wherever it was shining.

Holy sun, divine light, are the martial arts of the glory of the East, and the formidable power is strong.

Upon seeing this, Ye Guchen displayed the 8-pole Samsara Sword Art’s water pole.

The deep blue kangua rune manifests in the void.

Ye Guchen directly broke rune with 9 dragon thunder prison sword edge.

Then, the mighty sword qi surged out like a wave.

Not only that, Ye Guchen also took out Xuanyuan Zhongshui.

2 Under the superposition, the power of sword moves is even stronger.

And the attribute just restrains the oriental glorious divine light technique.

Hong long long !

Two completely different attribute moves collide together and make waves.

Dongfang Ziyun was even shocked by this fluctuation.

Pu chi!

Those Xuanyuan heavy waters penetrated through the holes, and every drop could crush the mountains.

Although Dongfang Guangyao hurriedly recalled the resistance of the Sun Golden Wheel, he was also shocked by the terrifying impact, and a mouthful of blood was spit out from his mouth.

As for Ye Guchen, his fleshly body is much stronger than Dongfang Guangyao, so he didn’t suffer much injury.

“How is this possible?” Dongfang Guangyao wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth with one hand, his tone was unbelievable.

He would be hurt by Ye Guchen and fall into a disadvantage.

You know, he is one of the top ten First Young Masters, until now, no one can shake his position.

Even the strength of Dongfang Guangyao is enough to compete with 4 Sovereign Level and Heaven’s Chosen.

But now, he was hit by Ye Guchen.

In his opinion, this is unimaginable.

After that, Dongfang Guangyao was completely angry.

He could not accept this shame.

“Ye Guchen, it seems that you are also fortunate enough to see the true strength of True Self.” Dongfang Guangyao said in a cold tone.

Next moment, his body surface is bright.

one after another golden lines, appearing from the surface of his skin.

Behind his head, a vertical light wheel appeared, releasing endless aura of light.

The radiance of the East at this moment is like a child of light, illuminating all beings.

“The Guangyao big brother motivated Guangming physique.” Not far away, Dongfang Ziyun’s expression also carried a hint of surprise.

You know, Dongfang Guangyao is against others and rarely really motivates his physique, because he feels it unnecessary.

But now, facing Ye Guchen, Dongfang Guangyao is really moving.

As Dongfang Guangyao urged the bright physique, his breath climbed again, and soon reached the 9th Layer Peak of the Shenfu.

“Ye Guchen, are you ready to die?” Dongfang Guangyao said indifferently.

His golden eyes seemed to be filled with rays of light. From a distance, it seemed that both eyes were filled with divine glow.

“Oh, you are too high on yourself.” Ye Guchen held 9 Dragon Thunder Prison, with the tip of the sword pointing diagonally to the ground.

His expression is calm and indifferent.

Special physique, Ye Guchen is not unkillable.

Trifling a bright physique, can it be hard to beat him?

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