Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1413

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At this moment, Dongfang Guangyao is like the incarnation of the Son of the Sun. The light wheel behind his head releases a scorching divine flower, and the aura of the whole person is extremely powerful.

When he fights against people, he rarely really motivates the bright physique, because there is no need at all.

But now, facing Ye Guchen, a difficult opponent, he also has to do his best.

“Very good, Guangyao big brother even Guangyao physique took out, and Ye Guchen will definitely die!” Dongfang Ziyun showed excitement and delight.

Ye Guchen doesn’t die for a day, and she feels uneasy.

Dongfang Cangming is a lesson for her.

However, Ye Guchen’s expression is calm to the extreme in the face of the oriental glory that is like the son of the sun.

He is also motivating the ancient Divine Art, his body is raised to 9 feet, and the whole body is filled with ancient light patterns.

Two ancient gods stars appeared on his forehead.

Ye Guchen, took out the form of the ancient god.

In terms of strength, the ancient god form is no weaker than various special physiques.

After all, this is one of the 100 races of the heavens. How could the core inheritance and formidable power of the ancient Divine Race be weak?

“Now, try again.”

Ye Guchen swept out with a sword, blessing the power of the ancient god’s body, and the sword edge, like a shatter void, rushed towards the east glory.


For Ye Guchen’s ancient god form, Dongfang Guangyao was also a little surprised, but he also shot.

Holding the sun golden wheel in both hands, swept out.

The supreme Supreme-Yang True Fire, wrapped around his body, looks like a scorching sun.

Bang! bang! bang!

The violent collisions erupted continuously, with terrifying power.

After Ye Guchen transformed into an ancient god form, the fleshly body’s strength increased by 8 times, plus his realm strength, and ten times more vigorous True Qi.

With a single sword, you can kill the expert of the 6 Heavenly Layer of Shenfu at will.

And Dongfang Guangyao, after taking out the bright physique, its strength has also risen to its peak.

But even so, there was a touch of extreme surprise in the eyes of Oriental Light.

Ye Guchen is too strong in the state of the ancient god.

Even if he took out the bright physique, he still felt his arms were about to shatter.

“How can Ye Guchen’s fleshly body be so terrifying?” Dongfang Guangdiao was surprised.

His bright physique is not specialized in fleshly body.

Although there is a certain blessing to the fleshly body power, it is obviously not comparable to the ancient gods.

“Dongfang Guangyao, you have any hole cards, you can display them, keep hiding them, you may not even have the opportunity to display them.” Ye Guchen expression was indifferent, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

“Impudent, how can you understand the strength of this Young Master?” Dongfang Guangyao scolded angrily.

He began to urge his own cultivation technique, bursts of fierce fluctuations burst out of him within the body.

This is the top cultivation technique of Dongfang Guangyao’s cultivation.

Then, he raised his hand, the blazing brilliance gathered, as if it turned into a light beam that annihilated everything.


Dongfang Guangyao waved his hand, and the brilliance that annihilated everything crashed on Ye Guchen.

This annihilation technique is more powerful than the previous sacred sun technique and divine light technique formidable power.

Upon seeing this, Ye Guchen displayed the 8-pole Samsara Sword Art again.

The extreme wind and the extreme fire are displayed at the same time.

The wind assists the fire, making this sword even more powerful.

The sword glow collided with the annihilation divine light, and the surrounding land was overturned.

There is a divine light breakthrough, facing Ye Guchen.

Ye Guchen directly made the ancient god Immovable King Jia.

The golden-bright and dazzling gold armor condenses on the body, and the divine light falls on it, making the sound of chi chi burning.

But because the formidable power has been weakened a lot by sword moves, there is no hole in the armor.

Upon seeing this, Dongfang Guangyao didn’t stay at all, and once again flashed back, performing a powerful trick.

“Sun Solar Technique!”

Dongfang Guangyao shouted sharply.

In him within the body dantian, it seems that rays of light are emitting.

Afterwards, behind Dongfang Guangyao, a strange sight rising from the horizon unexpectedly appeared.

“Is it a natural phenomenon?” Ye Guchen light flashed.

Some powerful Heaven’s Chosen have a powerful natural phenomenon.

For example, Dugu Qiu Demon, there is Demon King Pro Nine Heavens natural phenomenon.

Xueer cried a natural phenomenon one day.

And this natural phenomenon of the sun clearly belongs to the innate talent of Eastern Guangyao.

Even Ye Guchen has to admit that the Oriental Glory with its bright physique and natural phenomenon of the sun is indeed a difficult enemy to deal with.


Dongfang Guangyao urged the power of the natural phenomenon, that day, suppressed, with a panic of heavenly power, as if it could burn 10000 things in the world.

This move, even those Dragon and Phoenix List Heaven’s Chosen, is estimated to be unable to take it down, and if you die, you will suffer severe damage.

“Ye Guchen, die.” Dongfang Guangyao was confident of his move.

Dongfang Ziyun’s heart was beating too.

A smile gradually appeared at the corner of her mouth, as if she had already seen it, Ye Guchen turned into a dark coke scene under this move.

However, Ye Guchen’s face changed a little, not at all.

Although the power of natural phenomenon is strong, it still cannot threaten his life.

“8-pole Samsara Sword Art…”

Ye Guchen holds the sword in both hands, and the surrounding void, each and everyone hexagrams appear.

Qian, Kun, Kan, Li, Xun, Zhen, Gen, Dui.

8 Dao hexagrams, and all around space appears at the same time.

Finally, line up side by side.

With one sword, Ye Guchen directly penetrated 8 hexagrams.

Suddenly, the sword qi of the 8 attribute energies burst out.

It is the ultimate skill of 8 pole Samsara Sword Art.

8 Extreme reincarnation, Heaven and Earth are all destroyed!

The 8 sword qi fuse together, turned into a sword qi roulette of World Obliteration, crashed into the natural phenomenon of the glorious east.

Hong long long !

The deafening sound filled the sense of hearing.

The center of the collision was as bright and dazzling as the center of a nuclear bomb.

The scary sword qi and natural phenomenon power swept all directions.

Dongfang Ziyun’s complexion suddenly changed, and he hurriedly burst out True Qi to use his defense.

As a result, pu chi sounded.

Dongfang Ziyun was shocked to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Dongfang Guangyao was also shaken back, but a golden mask appeared on his body, covering his whole body.

The shock wave fell on it, only causing ripples.

“It’s over.” A smile appeared at the corner of Dongfang Guangyao’s mouth.

Dongfang Ziyun also smiled.

However, it hasn’t waited for their smiles to spread completely.

A biting sword qi, accompanied by the sound of coldly shouted, suddenly spread out from the smoke-filled space.

“10000 Divine Tribulation, World Extinguishes!”

With a sound of falling, a silhouette of extremely fast speed broke through the smoke and dust.

The power converged on the tip of the sword, and pierced the air towards the eastern radiance.

Dongfang Guangyao’s complexion suddenly changed, and his figure flashed quickly.

铿 clang!

The sword edge fell on the golden shield on the body of Dongfang Guangyao.

However, because of this sword, it is a trick to use point to break surface.

So in just one breath, the golden shield was directly pierced.

Ye Guchen pierced Dongfang Guangyao’s shoulder with a sword.

All of a sudden, blood splashed the sky!

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