Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1414

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The bright red blood is dazzling, spilling from the sky.

The long sword runs through the shoulders of Dongfang Guangyao.

Dongfang Guangyao seemed to be unbelievable, and it wasn’t until intense pain came from the fleshly body that he soberly revealed a fact.

He was indeed hit hard by Ye Guchen.

Dongfang Guangyao’s figure abruptly then retreated, with one hand covering his shoulder, his expression was embarrassing and embarrassing.

This feeling is like a male lion bitten by an ant that he doesn’t care about.

Dongfang Ziyun not far away couldn’t believe it.

Under the collision of such extreme tricks just now, Ye Guchen did nothing at all, but Dongfang Guangyao was hit hard.

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she would never believe it.

“Ye Guchen, you…” Dongfang Guangyao’s expression was atrocious, like an angry lion.

Ye Guchen expression is indifferent.

His body of the ancient god plus the ancient god immovable king armor is enough to make him resist the shock wave.

In contrast, Dongfang Guangyao’s fleshly body is far inferior to Ye Guchen.

“How could this Young Master lose to you!” Dongfang Guangyao seemed to be burning all over, pushing his bright physique to the extreme.

“Fenyang Realm!”

The light wheel behind the eastern light radiates endless light.

The golden lines spread out from under his feet, and then spread to the void, as if the surrounding Heaven and Earth were turned into a field.

This is a bit similar to the Sword Dao field, but it is not the real Sword Dao field, but a special ability of the bright physique itself.

“This physique, Interesting.” Ye Guchen light flashed.

Bright physique, it was a bit beyond his expectations.

Ye Guchen immediately felt that the surrounding space was like mercury, and his True Qi was oppressed.

This feeling is like sinking into the mud.

Ye Guchen’s True Qi, speed, formidable power, etc. will all be weakened under the suppression of the Fenyang domain.

“Ye Guchen, my Fenyang domain can completely weaken your abilities in all aspects, but in this domain, I like a fish back in water, and my strength doubles. How do you fight me?” Dongfang Guangyao Leng Ran shouted.

The penetrating wound on his shoulder also started to stop bleeding and heal.

“Big Brother Guangyao really has something to do.” Dongfang Ziyun finally let go of his heart when he saw this scene.

In fact, even Dongfang Guangyao himself didn’t expect that he would even take out his card moves.

Ye Guchen’s strength has far exceeded his estimates.


Dongfang Guangyao shot again.

His speed is fast to the extreme, like a golden rainbow of light.

Ye Guchen performed the secret technique again, but it was more than half slower than before.

Dongfang Guangyao came again, and two sun golden wheels, one from left and one from right, cut towards Ye Guchen.

At the same time, Dongfang Guangyao also made a move, squeezing a strange knot with both hands.

“Dairi Aquarius Seal!”

One print out.

In front of Dongfang Guangyao, there seemed to be a bottle of crimson.

The treasure bottle was spinning in the void.

The fiery flames burst out from the mouth of the bottle, burning the void.

Coupled with the blessing of the Fenyang domain, the formidable power of this move is even more powerful, as if it can burn the void.

Ye Guchen directly displayed Immortal God Weeping, a sword shook out, and the scene of the fall of immortals appeared.

However, as soon as this sword was released, the formidable power was immediately weakened by the Fenyang Domain by several percent.

Hong long long !

Between the collisions, waves broke out.

And this time the collision, it was obvious that Dongfang Guangyao gained the upper hand, Ye Guchen retreated.

But his face did not change at all, opened the mouth and said: “Domain, this Ye is not without.”

After all, Ye Guchen leaped scarlet qi and blood all over, and endless sword qi turned into a tide of blood pouring out, and an 18th Layer blood hell rose from the ground.

It is the Domain of Swords of Asura Sword Dao.

Asura’s ten-eight domains in the sea of ​​blood collide with and repel the Fenyang domain.

Not only that, Ye Guchen actually showed Edgeless Sword Dao again.

An immemorial sacred mountain was suspended in the void, and the terrifying gravity spread out.

Originally, Dongfang Guangyao was like a fish back in water in the Fenyang domain, but now it is suppressed by Edgeless Sword Dao’s gravity Sword Domain, and the speed has returned to its original state again.

“Damn it, Ye Guchen’s innate talent in Sword Dao is so enchanting…” Dongfang Guangyao complexion is gloomy.

Even if it is on the opposite side, Dongfang Guangyao has to admit that Ye Guchen is indeed superb innate talent in Sword Dao.

Two completely different Sword Dao domains were easily displayed by him.

Moreover, Dongfang Guangyao also knows that Ye Guchen has more than just these two Sword Dao domains.

He also comprehended more Sword Dao.

Ye Guchen 2 kinds of Sword Dao came out together, enough to weaken the power of the Fenyang domain by more than half.

“Dari Aquarius, go!”

Dongfang Guangyao’s moves changed, and the crimson’s aquarium directly confronted Ye Guchen’s suppression.

Seeing this, Ye Guchen raised his hand, and the endless sword qi gathered into a bright sword lotus.

It is Sword Ancestor absolute art, the dying sword lotus!

And it’s a complete 360-leaved sword lotus.

Ye Guchen snapped his fingers, and the sword lotus drew a beautiful light tail, and collided with the crimson’s aquarium.


It is like the collision of Two Great Stars, bursting into waves of 10000 hectares.

The endless sword qi and crimson fires swept across 4 squares, razing the surrounding ruins.

Dongfang Guangyao retreated violently, coughing up a mouthful of blood.

Ye Guchen’s figure also regressed, his chest qi and blood shaking.

Under this move, make judgments.

The radiant Fenyang domain of the East also collapsed in such a violent impact!

“How could this be?”

Seeing the Dongfang Guangyao that was completely downwind, Dongfang Ziyun shook his head, unable to believe it.

In her eyes, Dongfang Guangyao was a symbol of invincibility, except for a few people such as Di Haotian, because no one could pose a threat to him.

But now, Ye Guchen, who was most despised by Dongfang Ziyun, completely suppressed Dongfang Guangyao.

This is something she can’t believe.

However, if Dongfang Guangyao was completely defeated, then she would have nothing to eat.

Thinking of this, Dongfang Ziyun face revealed a trace of Ruthless Color, between Ye Guchen’s attack on Dongfang Guangyao.

She also shot.

Dongfang Ziyun’s current strength is not weak, she directly took out a Flying Sword and rushed away from behind Ye Guchen.

“He… I knew you would shoot.” Although Ye Guchen didn’t see the Flying Sword behind him.

But his Divine Soul has such a keen perception that he has long detected the movements of Dongfang Ziyun.

Ye Guchen turned around with a sword and directly shattered Dongfang Ziyun’s Flying Sword.

After that, Ye Guchen directly superimposed the Asura Blood Sea Ten 8 Layers and the Gravity Sword Domain.

The ultimate Sword Domain, which is the fusion of the double Sword Domain, rolled away from the East Ziyun inch by inch.


Dongfang Ziyun showed an unprecedented panic!

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