Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1418


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Just when Ye Guchen and the others set off for the North Island.

On the other side, above a wasteland.

Two figures are following all the way.

One of them was a woman in scarlet armor, with an extremely coquettish face, white as snow.

Her red hair is leaping like a flame.

She carries a long scarlet axe on her back, which contrasts sharply with the woman’s slender lovable body.

The feminine temperament is similar to Luohu Princess, although she is a woman, she has a cold Qi of Slaughter.

Beside her, stood a handsome Young Master holding a folding fan.

these two people are two of the seven Little Overlord.

Asura Palace, female Luo.

The city that never sleeps, Song Gu.

Nu Luo discovered the Asura True Qi left by Dugu Qiumo before, so she followed it all the way.

However, Dugu’s speed of seeking the devil is far beyond their expectations.

“Which direction… is Beidao?” Nu Luo said, looking into the distance.

“North Island? What did the man go to North Island? He don’t tell me. I wonder if North Island is also the place controlled by our Dark World Heaven’s Chosen. He should also go to East Island or South Island.” Song Gu also had doubts.

The North Island is a place controlled by Dark World. This is something everyone knows.

The Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen who owns Asura True Qi should also go to the East Island or the South Island. It is impossible to go to the North Island where Dark World Heaven’s Chosen converges.

“Maybe he has some purpose, but no matter what, I will find him and find out the source of Bai Xiuluo True Qi.” Female Luo said.

Asura True Qi is a unique skill of Asura Palace, impossible.

If it were the top Heaven’s Chosen of their Asura Palace, the battle star understood, it is estimated that they would not let go of the Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen who owns Asura True Qi.


Nu Luo and Song Gu, moved towards Bei Dao.

On the other side, a white hair fluttering with a stern face, Dugu Qiumo, is rushing to the North Island at an extremely fast speed.

“If the deity can be transformed with the help of Yinfeng Demon Valley, then in this Buried Sky Island, no one will be able to stop the deity.” Dugu Qiumo muttered.

He also got the order of Ye Guchen to rush to the North Island.

The North Island is, after all, the site of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, and the Devil Valley of the Wind and Wind is another place of opportunity. There may be many Heaven’s Chosen from Dark World.

Ye Guchen only brought Bei Ming Xing’er and Ximen wealthy, obviously there is a certain danger.

So he also directly let Dugu Qiuma come over.

Only when Dugu asks the devil to help you, you can be sure.

A few days have passed.

Ye Guchen and the others also stepped into the scope of the North Island.

Not long after entering the North Island, Ye Guchen caught a Dark World Heaven’s Chosen and asked him about the location of the Valley of the Wind and Wind.

“You… are you going to that kind of place?” The Dark World Heaven’s Chosen was obviously very surprised.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Guchen eyebrow raised.

“The Valley of the Yin Wind Demon is a Death Forbidden Land, in which the King of Yin Demon God is more likely to exist.”

“Besides, there is also the giant of my Dark World there. When you go, it is courting death.” The Dark World Heaven’s Chosen said.

“Huh…really?” Ye Guchen smiled.

The four small giants of Dark World are other existences comparable to the four Sovereign Levels.

But now, Ye Guchen doesn’t have to be too afraid of Heaven’s Chosen of this level.

He casually killed the Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World.

Then took Bei Ming Xinger and Ximen Fugui to the location of Yinfeng Mogu.

Yinfeng Demon Valley, located in the northern area of ​​North Island.

It is a place where the wind is permeable all year round, and it is also a nest where the Yin Demon God lives.

At this moment, there are already many Dark World Heaven’s Chosen surrounding the Yinfeng Demon Valley.

“I heard that in this Yinfeng Demon Valley, there is a pile of magic Soul Crystal, but we just can’t get it.”

“I seem to have heard that there are four other Heaven’s Chosen from the Giant level. I wonder if they can successfully break into the Valley of the Wind and Wind?”

“The Magic Soul Crystal is very good for the cultivation of Divine Soul, and it is too important for the transformation of the Sea of ​​Consciousness Heavenly Palace. Now in Tiantian Island, who can break through the fastest and become the Supreme Palace of Heavenly Palace.”

A lot of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen are discussing.

At this time, several powerful silhouettes appeared.

“It’s a few of the Thirteen Taibao!” Some Dark World Heaven’s Chosen saw this, unable to bear lowly cried.

One of them, dressed in blood, is holding a bloody scimitar.

He is a famous blood butcher in the Thirteen Taibao.

On the other side, there is a young man with a feminine appearance.

He is also one of the 13 Taibao, named Liu Piao.

There is another monk who looks like a bald monk, but with a scar on his face and a fierce look on his face.

His name is Ghost Monk, and he is also a well-known existence in the Thirteen Taibao.

At this moment, three of the Thirteen Taibao appeared, making the surrounding Dark World Heaven’s Chosen feel surprised.

The three of them ignored the gazes of everyone around them, instead staring at the Valley of Yinfeng Demon.

“That Yinfeng Devil Valley is not easy to enter.” The Blood Butcher took a look and said.

“You can take one of them, the soul crystal that can be measured. If we can get it, it will be of great help to the state of the breakthrough.” Liu Piao opened the mouth and said, and his voice was as soft as a woman.

“Do you think it is that simple? Do you really think that there will be no giants in such a place of opportunity?” The ghost monk sneered.

Just as his voice fell.

In the distant sky, a bloody cloud rolled over suddenly.

I took a closer look and found that it turned out to be a bloody baleful qi.


The blood-colored baleful qi, as if condensed into a substantial cloud, hiding the sky and covering the earth, sweeping.

And in the blood-colored baleful qi cloud, a silhouette of blood-colored armor appeared.

A powerful oppression of the 9th Layer Peak of the God’s Mansion swept out, making Heaven’s Chosen around Yinfeng Demon Valley feel a sense of suffocation.

“Yes… is one of the four little giants, taught by Rakshasa, God Rakshasa!” Some Dark World Heaven’s Chosen exclaimed.

Heaven Rakshasa, Rakshasa teaches top young Paragon.

Is one of the four small giants with strong strength.

Everyone didn’t expect that Rakshasa actually showed up.

Sky Rakshasa, dressed in blood armor, carrying a blood lance on his back.

There seems to be a sea of ​​blood hidden in his eyes, with a thick Blood Fiendish Qi.

Sky Rakshasa is definitely one of the most powerful Heaven’s Chosen in Dark World. It can compete with Southern Heaven Domain’s four Sovereign Levels and Heaven’s Chosen.

“Yinfeng Devil Valley, is a great opportunity for me to break through to Venerable Heavenly Palace.” Tian Rakshasa said, his voice hoarse.

Seeing the arrival of Rakshasa, the blood butcher, Liu Piao, and the ghost monk, their faces are all not pretty.

One day Rakshasa was here, they could only pick up scraps.

And just when everyone was shocked by the arrival of Rakshasa.

In another part of the sky, another shadow came.

“She is…”

When seeing this shadow, all Dark World Heaven’s Chosen were shocked again and exclaimed!

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