Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1419


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That shadow is a beauty in neon feathers.

She has blue silk, light can be seen, her skin is white as snow, and she has an extremely elegant appearance.

A pair of beautiful eyes with peach blossoms, charming eyes were like silk, attracting spirit seizing soul.

Is a peerless grace and elegance, a stunning beauty with stunning beauty.

Almost all the Heaven’s Chosen in Dark World around were dumbfounded.

Even if it is the thirteen Taibao Heaven’s Chosen such as Blood Butcher, Liu Piao, Ghost Monk, etc., there is a glimmer of coveting in his eyes.

The woman in front of me is famous in Dark World. I don’t know how many male martial artists’ dream lovers are.

Her cultivation base is also very high. Although she is not among the four little giants and seven little overlords, she is absolutely comparable to Mu Nieqing and his like in terms of true strength.

Even against the Big Four, it won’t be too vain.

When this woman appeared, Tian Rakshasa’s eyes also flashed an unexpected color, didn’t expect she would come here.

“Didn’t expect, neon clothes, you will also come to this Yinfeng Demon Valley.” Tian Rakshasa has a hoarse voice, opened the mouth and said.

“Hey, you are all here, why can’t people come?” The woman named Nishang gave a sweet smile, her voice was clear and beautiful, like Ying Chugu.

If Ye Guchen were here, there would be surprises.

This woman, it was he who met the beauty in men’s clothing in Holy City before, and also took away Su Qiqing’s neon clothes.

Moreover, she and the Su family seem to be connected.

“Heh…With you, the treasure in the Demon Valley of Yinfeng, I am afraid that a part of it will be separated.” Tian Rakshasa said, his attitude towards neon clothes is not too cold.

This woman is not too easy to provoke.

“When the time comes, you can rely on your ability.” Nishang said with a lovable smile.

Afterwards, Rakshasa and the others entered the Yinfeng Demon Valley without hesitation.

The neon clothes also entered.

Blood Buddha Tu, Liu Piao, and Ghost Monks are also following closely from behind.

After that, the other Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.

Only a small part of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, somewhat dreaded, did not enter.

The entire Yinfeng Demon Valley has a huge range, and the most terrifying Gangfeng is only in the deepest part.

So the wind on the outside is not too deadly.

On the day Rakshasa, the neon clothes and the others entered it not long.

In the distance on the horizon, three black dots emerged.

It is Ye Guchen who came here.

“Is that the Valley of Yinfeng Demon?”

Looking at the dark rolling valley not far away, Ye Guchen muttered to himself.

Yin Demon God, like the strange demon, is a creature of the dark world.

And their lair is obviously not that easy to break into.

The alien lairs outside Ancient Vestige blocked Chu Xuanzhen and the others for many days.

“There are some Heaven’s Chosen from Dark World outside, but they don’t seem to be particularly powerful. Don’t tell me, does Dark World Heaven’s Chosen who are not powerful come here?” Bei Ming Xinger said after a glance.

“I don’t know, it’s possible that they have already entered, but the Demon Valley of Yinfeng, it should not be so easy to enter.” Ye Guchen guessed.

However, his main purpose of coming here was not originally for the opportunity in the Valley of Yinfeng Demon, but for the transformation of his own divine palace.

So Ye Guchen didn’t care much about whether the opportunity was taken away by Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.

After that, Ye Guchen and the others just and honorable showed their bodies directly.

“Well, there are people there!”

“It looks aura, not quite like Heaven’s Chosen of our Dark World.”

The Dark World Heaven’s Chosen around are all Ye Guchen and the others in the first Time Lock.

They can also feel that the breath of Ye Guchen and the others is not from Dark World.


Ye Guchen did not hesitate or hesitate, and directly took out within the body 108,000 to create Celestial Sword Soul.

The sword soul of azure surges out, turning into a torrent of azure that kills everything, sweeping towards those Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.

Because in this group of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, not at all outstanding existence.

So just Ye Guchen, urging Sword Ancestor absolute art, can slaughter all sides, no one can stop him

Bei Ming Xing’er and Ximen are wealthy and they don’t even need to move a finger.

“It’s amazing…” Bei Ming’s starry eyes were also shining brightly.

Ye Guchen alone swept the Dark World Heaven’s Chosen present.

In just a short moment, all of these Dark World Heaven’s Chosen outside the Valley of the Wind and Wind were slaughtered.

Looking at the corpses all over the ground, blood flowing across the field, Ye Guchen’s expression did not fluctuate much.

The struggle of Two Great Factions is that you die and I die.

Ye Guchen is not a soft-hearted person.

“Let’s go in.” Ye Guchen said.

He took Bei Ming Xing’er and Ximen wealth and entered the Valley of Yinfeng Mogu.

Just not long after they entered.

Dugu Qiumo is also here.

Looking at the corpses all over the floor, Dugu Qiumo’s expression didn’t fluctuate.

He turned his head and glanced at the far distance of the skyline. In that Soul Devouring Demon Eye, there was a cold sharp gleam.

“Still following me, do you really want to die?”

Dugu Qiumo’s eyes narrowed, and a cold light flashed.

Will he know that someone is following him.

It’s just that Dugu asks for the devil and is too lazy to control it.

However, they are still persevering in following Dugu Qiumo, which makes Dugu Qiumo’s killing intent surge.

“Right in this Yinfeng Demon Valley, solve you.” Dugu Qiumo murmured coldly, and then flashed directly into the Yinfeng Demon Valley.

Not long after he entered, two figures also flashed from the distant sky.

One of them was a woman in scarlet armor, with long red hair, a coquettish appearance, and a sexy body. She carried a scarlet axe on her back.

The other person is a handsome Young Master holding a folding fan.

these two people, it is the girl Luo and Song Gu who follow Dugu all the way.

Both of them are also one of the seven Little Overlords.

Nu Luo swept her eyes and saw the wreckage all over the ground, she said in a surprised expression: “All the dead are Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World.”

She stepped forward, inspected the corpse for a while and said: “The wounds are all the same, they are the piercing sword wounds. It should be only one shot, so terrifying.”

“Don’t tell me that the person we followed did it?” Song Gu speculated.

Nv Luo hearing this, shook the head and said: “It shouldn’t be. Not at all there is the breath of Asura True Qi on this, it should be another person.”

Song Gu tsk tsk said: “Unimaginable, so many Heaven’s Chosen were killed by one person in an instant, that person must be Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen, no doubt, who is it, four Sovereign Level other Heaven’s Chosen? , Or that Emperor Haotian?”

If things are really as he guessed, it would be a bit dangerous to enter this Valley of the Wind and Wind.

“It’s not like it. It seems that in addition to the person we followed, there are other Heaven’s Chosen from Southern Heaven Domain who have come here. Let’s enter, but be careful.” Female Luo’s tone was also a little solemn.

Although they are all one of the seven Little Overlords, they are strong.

But the corpses all over the floor reminded them of something.

In addition to the person they were following, there was a terrifying Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen who entered the Valley of Yinfeng Demon.

Nu Luo and Song Gu also entered the Yinfeng Demon Valley with vigilance and alertness.

For a time, in Yinfeng Demon Valley, the heroes gathered!

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