Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1420


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Yinfeng Demon Valley is the nest of Yin Demon God.

And this is not just an ordinary gathering nest, but more like a mother nest.

The Yin Demon God of the entire North Island almost all come from here.

The entire Valley of Yinfeng Demon has a huge range.

The inside extends in all directions, with many different caves and passages.

If Tianjiao who is not strong is lost in it, there is almost no possibility of coming out alive.

The first to enter is Rakshasa.

As one of the four small giants of Dark World, his strength is comparable to the four Sovereign Levels of Southern Heaven Domain.

Faced with those ordinary Yin Demon Gods, Rakshasa didn’t even have to act.

He stepped on his footsteps, and a ring of blood burst out, directly shaking the surrounding Yin Demon God to death.

As for the Demon Soul crystals left behind by the dead Yin Demon God, Rakshasa couldn’t see it at all.

What he cares about is the chance in the depths of the Valley of Yinfeng Demon.

Then it was neon clothes. She was dressed in neon clothes, white as snow, and her appearance was elegant.

A pair of peach blossoms are beautiful eyes, such as limpid autumn water, surging and charming.

Neishang looks like a big beauty, but it is not weak when it comes to real use of methods.

Her cultivation base also reached the Nine Layers Heaven.

Behind, there are Blood Buddha, Liu Piao, Ghost Monk.

These three are all members of the Thirteenth Taibao, and their strength is not weak.

There are other talents of Dark World who have also entered together.


In a dark cave hallway.

Three silhouettes flashed out. It was Ye Guchen, Bei Ming Xinger and Ximen Fugui.

“How do you feel that this Yinfeng Demon within the valley is panicking?” Ximen Fugui wiped his shoulder and said.

“Fatty, you are not counseling, are you?” Bei Ming Xing’er despised.

“How is it possible, with Brother Ye, how could Young Master be persuaded?” Ximen Fugui said confidently.

Now his confidence is Ye Guchen.

With Ye Guchen, there is a sense of security.

“It’s only at the outermost periphery of Yinfeng Demon Valley. Not at all is too dangerous. The real test is yet to come.” Ye Guchen said with a calm face.

And he also knew that the Yinfeng that could transform his divine mansion should be in the deepest part of Yinfeng Demon Valley.

Then, Ye Guchen three people moved towards a hole**.

A group of Yin Demon God rushed up.

These Yin Demon Gods wear various armors and helmets, but they’re empty inside.

There is only a dark mist.

This is the most common Yin Demon God.

Ye Guchen and the others, kill them in twos or twos.

And those Demon Soul crystals, Ye Guchen not at all held them, but let Bei Ming Xing’er and Ximen Wealth take them.

In the depths of the Yinfeng Demon Valley, there should be even greater opportunities, so Ye Guchen also looks down on the Demon Soul crystal.

They continue to travel to the depths of Yinfeng Demon Valley.

But for a long time, the sound of fighting suddenly came from ahead.

Ye Guchen signaled that Bei Ming Xinger and Ximen were wealthy and secretive.

They sneaked away quietly, and they saw a group of Dark World arrogances fighting hard with a group of Yin Demon God.

And those Yin Demon Gods are different from the ordinary Yin Demon God before.

The mist in their armor is a bloody red.

“This seems to be the elite Yin Demon God.” Ximen Fortune blinked his small mung bean eyes.

The elite Yin Demon God is far stronger than the ordinary Yin Demon God.

Generally, the Tianjiao of 6 Heavenly Layer in Shenfu is difficult to contend alone.

And now, a group of arrogances of the Dark World are fighting the elite Yin Demon God.

The reason for the battle is that there are mountains of Demon Soul crystals in the depths of that cave.

That’s not two, but thousands.

This is definitely an extremely rich opportunity.

It’s no wonder that those Dark World Heaven’s Chosen Gathering couldn’t bear it.

“Let’s do it too.”

Bei Ming Xinger looked at the mountain of Demon Soul crystals, and there was a little fervent expression in his beautiful eyes.

With these Demon Soul crystals, they will have a better grasp of the breakthrough to the Venerable Heavenly Palace.

“Wait…” Ye Guchen pressed the shoulder of Bei Ming Xing’er who was about to shoot.

Fragrant shoulder was pressed by Ye Guchen, Bei Ming Xing’er pretty face said slightly red: “What’s the matter, we can deal with these arrogances of Dark World?”

“Someone,” Ye Guchen said.

Don’t forget, his Divine Soul perception is extremely keen.

Sure enough, when those Dark World arrogances were about to be unable to hold on and were killed by the elite Demon God.

Three silhouettes suddenly came out and swept towards the direction where the crystals were piled up directly moved towards Demon Soul.

The elite Yin Demon God also reacted quickly and gave up attacking the remaining Dark World Tianjiao.

Instead, he went to the three silhouette strikes.

The three silhouettes are the blood butcher, Liu Piao, and the ghost monk.

As one of the 13 Taibao, their strength is naturally stronger than these ordinary Dark World arrogances.

But they are not at all trying to save the minds of those Dark World arrogances, but directly at the Demon Soul crystal.


The elite Yin Demon God roared, holding a sledgehammer, a war knife, a long Ge and other weapons in his hand, and went to besieged the three blood butchers.


When the blood butcher saw this, he took out a bloody scimitar in his hand and slashed away.

The scarlet sword gang burst out, slashing towards an elite Demon God.

Liu Piao reached out with one hand, holding a willow leaf flying knife between his fingers.

The wrist shook, and the Willow Leaf Flying Knife tore the air, and went away, carrying Wanjun strength.

Perforated an elite Demon God.

Finally, it is the ghost monk.

He has a strong build, a bald head, a scar on his face, and a fierce look on his face.

Not like a monk, but like a butcher.

He doesn’t have any weapons, and he strikes out.

The blood-colored Great Vajra Palm broke through the air and blasted towards an elite Demon God.

The three thirteen Taibaos fought against the elite Demon God and became a team.

“Didn’t expect, there are still people hiding behind.” Bei Ming Xing’er mumbled.

She also has some doubts about how Ye Guchen’s Divine Soul perception is so strong.

But this is Ye Guchen’s secret, she is not easy to inquire.

“We want mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind?” Ximen Fugui said.

He likes such yin people the most.

Ye Guchen just wanted to speak, but suddenly saw it.

The Liu Piao and the ghost monk blocked the offensive of the elite Yin Demon God.

The blood butcher flew towards the pile of Demon Soul crystals.

“It seems that they are not stupid enough, let’s take action.” Ye Guchen sneered said.

He is indeed the same as Simon’s wealth thought.

After all, it can save a little effort. What’s wrong.

But the three of them also communicated in advance, and they were a little cooperative.

Ye Guchen can only shoot.

“haha, these Demon Soul crystals are all mine…” A smug flashed through the blood butcher’s heart.

Before, their three people had indeed negotiated.

Liu Piao and the ghost monk blocked the elite Demon God, and he went to get the Demon Soul crystal.

But the blood butcher, obviously impossible, he hides evil intentions.

And he also believes that Liu Piao and Gui Seng do not completely trust him.

However, the most important thing is to search for resources first.

Just when the blood butcher wanted to collect this pile of Demon Soul crystals into the origin ring.

A sword glow came out suddenly.


The blood butcher screamed, and the baleful qi surged in his eyes.

Who has the courage to hit the attention of their Thirteen Taibao?

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