Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3238

The heavenly family that is separated from the human race World by endless time and space.

Inside an independent time and space, I am confused by the rich blood of life.

There is a huge blood pool in the sky and time, the blood inside the blood pool is rolling, and life is full of ripples.

In the center of the blood pool, a huge, japan-like flower floats on the hundred zhang.

This flower is the fierce and wicked life in Chaos. It is called the Sunshine Face Flower, which can swallow all life and even devour the Taoist powerhouse.

And the Japanese Ghost Flower also has Body of Undying, unless it is immortal to powerhouse, it is difficult to kill it.

A Tianzhou youngster is sitting in the face of a flower in the face of the sun, and the sun-filled face devours the blood of life in the blood pool, and then infiltrates the life into his body, making his life The breath is rapidly increasing at an alarming rate.

This person is the genus!

The blood pool’s blood is decreasing. When it comes to the bottom, there are Tianzu cultívation people appearing by the pool, grabbing thousands of alien cultívation who are life-threatening, and thrown into the blood pool after slaughter.

In order to improve the life and fleshly body of the celestial body as soon as possible, he helped the body possession of a Japanese-faced ghost face flower, and then used the Japanese-faced ghost flower to devour the blood of the life to continuously enhance the life and fleshly body of the genus.

In the flower, Euno sits on the plate and exerts a ban on the law to engulf the life, a very enjoyable look.


A thought shuttles out of the channel and condenses in the blood pool to become the silhouette of the Tianzhou powerhouse. He is started to talk to the genus: “Zuo Nuo Shaojun Wang!”

“Zhu Wei Sir? What?”

When he was interrupted by cultívation, he first asked for a roll of eyebrows and immediately smiled. He was so arrogant that he still maintained the respect he deserved in front of the Taozu Peak powerhouse.

Zhou Yu hesitated. “Not long ago, the county king Sir went to human race World …”

“He doesn’t enjoy the Tianzu people, what to do in the human race World…not good!” Zhou Nuo first sneered, and suddenly he realized what he was suddenly, divine light transient, “stupid, stupid old thing, he will live Kill me!”

Zhou said: “The king of the county is relieved, and the king of the king went to the human race World. It is indeed the case that the younger king of the county, as expected, is preparing to kill Su Fang, and to eliminate the trouble for the younger kings… but he did not succeed.”

“Su Fang is not dead, if Su Fang is in the hands of the Tianzhou powerhouse, then I can’t live.” Zhou Nuo long sighed in relief.

Then the eyebrows are twisted: “Is the human race Su Fang, did not return to human race World? Otherwise how can you not kill him?”

Zhou Yu said solemnly: “It is not that Su Fang is not in human race World, but… Su Fang has been promoted to Dao, and the strength is amazing!”

“Su Fang is promoted to the ancestors?!” Zhou Nuo was so shocked that he felt tremendous pressure, and there was also a strong incitement and killing intent in his heart.

Then he said: “Even if you are promoted to the ancestor, it should not be difficult to kill him?”

The phantom of Zhou’s thoughts reveals the color of smile: “The king of the king ordered the invasion of human race World’s twelve race ancestors, and wanted to kill Su Fang with the help of twelve races. As a result, the twelve races were suppressed by Su Fang. Many, the others are all scared to escape.”

“Twelve races are really incompetent!”

“My family powerhouse, Zhou Hao, has been caught by Su Fang, this Eminence personally shot, was also seriously injured by Su Fang with the great Divine Ability and Hong Meng Tianbao, had to tear the soul to escape.”

Zhou Yu’s words made Kono suddenly speechless and his face was shocking and incredible.

Zhou Yu went on to say: “The king of the county and the men he brought to the human race, including more than a dozen Taoist ancestors, were all stunned by Su Fang with a long life…”

Then, Zhou Yu gave Su Fang’s words and told Ye Nuo.

“absolutely I can’t think of it, the human race has come out with such a powerful person…” said Zeno Glyshing teeth.

Zhou said: “The young king, what should I do next?”

Kono closed his eyes, meditated for a long time, and finally slowly opened the eyes, eyes re-emerged as the ancient well calm: “that’s all … before I passed the test of XEMAXth Layer Heaven, the original world of Lei Ze, Tian Zhou The family does not enter the human race World step.”

Because of the vows in the original realm of Reze, even if he had a killing intent for Su Fang, he could only temporarily bite his teeth.

“What should the county king do?”

“Stupid and incompetent, shameful old thing, died in Su Fang’s hands?”

Kono made a coldly snorted and closed his eyes again.


Su Fang spent three million years in the formation, restoring the life, gas, and soul consumed to the state of Peak, and there is still improvement.

In the formation, I passed the thought to the East Xuan Daozu: “Master, I have recovered, what is the situation of human race World now?”

Dong Xuan Daozu quickly responded: “The 12 races of Beixuan and Xixuan did not fight, and all of them were withdrawn to the Nanxuan domain. After the human race regained the two major gods, they no longer pursued. The twelve races still stayed in the moment. Nan Xuan Shen domain, it looks like you are ready to retreat to Monster Race World.”

“Is the aliens retiring without fighting?”

Su Fang had an accident.

However, it is also normal. The 12-ethnic Taoist powerhouse has been hit hard. The overall strength of the human race’s top powerhouse has surpassed the 12 races, and they will not be able to retreat.

Dong Xuan Daozu continued to pass on the mind: “Hey Heavenly Dao ancestor, Hong Heavenly Dao ancestor and the rogue cultivator hooked off the ancestors, and after returning to their respective nests, they have been unable to shrink. You crushed the twelve races and suppressed the heavens. After the news of the family powerhouse spread, the Hui Heavenly Dao ancestor of the wily old fox sent a person to the East Xuan Tiange to plead guilty, the other two were no movement.”

“It seems that I have to go to the door in person and visit these three people.” Su Fang smiled.


A jade slipped out of the air.

The thoughts of the Eastern Xuan Dao ancestors were then passed on: “This is some of the information of the three people. You don’t want to care about them. Although the three of them are despicable, after all are famous for many years, the Taozu powerhouse has a profound foundation.”

“many thanks Master reminder!”

Su Fang grabbed the jade slip and inducted the information inside, then stepped out and took out Secret Realm directly, then left Dong Xuan Tiange.

“Go first to the poisonous sacred, find the shackle!” Su Fang decided to start with the rogue cultivator.

The poisonous field in the territory between the Hongtian and the Tiantian domain is a Danger Land.

In the abyss, there are poisonous mists and poisonous smoke all the year round, among which there are countless poisonous insects and monsters.

That rogue cultivator is the venom of the cultivating cultivator. Although the strength is ordinary, due to the extremely powerful acute poison, it is also a powerful figure in the nine major gods. The ordinary ancestors did not dare to provoke.

Su Fang shuttles time and space, about a hundred years, to the outside of the poisonous abyss.

Look at it.

Among the chaos in the domain, there is a huge collapse zone out of thin air, which is filled with black, blue, and red smog, which looks quite dazzling.

However, under the dazzling surface, it is extremely dangerous. Those are not smog, but the poisonous mist formed by the accumulation of acute poison.

“It’s just that ghosts need to be promoted. These acute poisons can just give ghosts a boost of nutrients…”

Su Fang slightly smiled, the idea is to let the ghost and his fleshly body fuse, and then flash into the poisonous world.

Those acute poison smog seems to be spiritual in nature, to sense the breath of life, and immediately rushed to Su Fang.

Acute poison is really amazing, let alone the usual cultivator, that is, the Taoist powerhouse has to deal with it carefully, and it is no small trouble.

However, these acute poisons are nothing to Su Fang.

With his powerful life, far beyond the limits of human race, these acute poisons are also difficult to corrode, not to mention ghosts.

Not only did he not deliberately exert his defenses, but he went to the cockroaches to absorb the acute poison smog and let the ghosts devour.

Ghosts are like eating big tonics, and they are screaming in the excitement of Su Fang within the body.

Just as Su Fang entered the sinister sinister sin, at the deepest point of the venomous venom, there was a thousandan zhang-sized Poisonous Scorpion corpse.

Poisonous Scorpion has a mysterious natural god pattern on the corpse. I don’t know how many youngsters are dead. The body is still endlessly brutal and toxic.

In the interior of the Poisonous Scorpion corpse, a black robed old man sits on it, and it is the rogue cultivator that Su Fang is looking for.

At this time, the detour of the ancestors was locked, and the mind was restless.


Got away from Daozu and grab a golden Mark Symbol and pass the voice of Primordial Spirit: “Hong Heavenly Dao!”

Soon from Mark Symbol, the voice of the Heavenly Dao ancestor was heard: “Going away, what?”

Going away from the Taoist ancestors: “This Eminence is suddenly uneasy, it seems that there are robberies coming… Does Su Fang have been to Hongtian or Futian?”

“How can Su Fang be so powerful, and dare not take the world’s big and big, killing you, my human race. What are you afraid of?”

“hmph, that Su Fang, even the Tian’s Sir, dare to suppress and act unscrupulously. How can you be scrupulous about you and me? No, this Eminence is still leaving human race World and fleeing to Primal Chaos Abyss!”

“Escape to Primal Chaos Abyss, or be eaten by aliens, or be caught as a practice material, slave? Mo fear, if Su Fang goes to the door, say more good things, take a soft, things will pass, you still still The human race behind the Taozu powerhouse.”

“So far, it can only be so…”

Going away from Daozu, he said that the words have not been finished, and suddenly the divine light is transient, and it looks like towards Cave Mansion.

“Su Fang ..”

At the moment, just outside the Cave Mansion, which is off the ancestors, Su Fang stood up and looked at the Cave Mansion with a smile. It seemed to be able to see everything inside the Cave Mansion.

“Su Fang Sir, guilty…”

Going away from Daozu quickly reacted, flew out of Cave Mansion and squatted down to Su Fang.

Su Fang eyebrows slightly frowned, immediately indifferently asked: “If you know that you are guilty, then die!”

Going away from the Taoist screaming, he quickly said: “Su Fang Sir, after all is human race Dao, ask Sir to let go, and be willing to join allegiance Sir, for human race…”

“Being scared to death, human nature, if you escape when the Tianzhou powerhouse arrives, I will not blame you, but will not pursue you. However, you are relying on the aliens, so acting is equal to rebellion. Human race, do you still expect me to spare you?” Su Fang’s indifferent voice reveals the majesty and ruthlessness of Heavenly Dao.

“Su Fang, you don’t want to be bully intolerably, big deal or the net dies or the net splits!” Tick off the ancestors and make a sharp, not human, stunned, turned into a blue Profound Light into the Cave Mansion. .

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