Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3239


The huge scorpion corpse flashed on the sacred body, and it glowed with a blue-yellow luster.

The huge body is like alive, the tail is raised high, and the tip of the tail flashes a sweet poison.

An incomparably ferocious, corrosive horror rhythm that permeates the Poisonous Scorpion.

The poisonous smoke inside the poisonous sinus seems to be in the general of summon, coming to the Poisonous Scorpion, and the smoky smoke is rolling.

“either the fish dies or the net splits? You are not qualified with me or the fish dies or the net splits, your fish will die, but the net will not break!”

Su Fang smiled and let the body be covered by poisonous fog.


The fate of the fate of the law is unspeakable. The pressure from destiny comes down.

Just now, the Poisonous Scorpion, who was still arrogant, suddenly trembled on the ground and looked like a god.

Su Fang waved and grabbed Daozu from the Cave Mansion.

Immediately after Su Fang’s right hand, the forefinger moved towards the ancestral volley, and the Qi of Primordial Chaos, which contained Heavenly Dao’s high will and reason, condensed into a sword qi from the fingertips.

The defense of the ancestors was unable to withstand a single blow, and was pierced by the sword qi, and immediately killed.

A Daozu powerhouse was thus wiped out by Su Fang casually, and the powerful means he had had no chance to display.

This is Su Fang cultívation Jiu Xuan Wuji, mastering the power of Heavenly Dao, Heavenly Dao is superior to other Taoist ancestors, and has Qi of Primordial Chaos, even if it is promoted to Daozu, killing Daozu is like It is generally easy to kill chickens.

The body of the ancestors was inhaled into the body space, and the corpse was not let go.

The corpse can take the cultívation to the ghost, and the corpse corpse also happens to be the Cave Mansion.

Then Su Fang projected the inductive force and found some powerful poisonous insects and monster hiding places in the poisonous sacred sacred, one after another, and thrown into the inner space of the corpse.

As a result, there are a lot of cultívation resources in the ghosts, and the speed of improvement is naturally amazing.

“Next, it is Hong Heavenly Dao ancestor!”

Su Fang solves the problem of leaving the ancestors, and calmly leaves the poisonous sacred land and goes straight to the heavenly domain.

Less than ten years.

Su Fang came to the time and space of Hongtian Shenyu.

Beyond the enchantment, to sense the entire Hongtian domain.

After some induction, Su Fang showed a faint color, and immediately faintly smiled, and teleported to the Hongtianfu place where the power of Hongtian was concentrated.


Hong Heavenly Dao Zu Ling is sitting in an empty plate, and the sound of the sound is spread throughout the Hongtian blessed land, as well as the entire Hongtian domain.

Numerous Hongtianfu cultivators, all respectfully listen.

Not only that.

Hongtianfudi also invited the Chamber of Commerce to spread the scene of Hongtian’s domain to the entire human race World with the help of the Heavenly Eye.

This kind of scene was previously rare in the human race World, but it has not happened.

In the past, there was a Taozu powerhouse, who personally appeared in the Taoist teaching method. With the help of Jiu Xuantian, it was spread all over the human race World, and the human race cultivator was all heard.

However, at this time, the Heavenly Dao ancestor was not in the process of imparting teaching, and had no relationship with the teaching of the Tao.

“Xi Xuanshan war, the alien army is surrounded by Xi Xuanshan, Xi Xuan crisis in the evening, who is coming forward, regardless of life and death, to save the West Xuan by one person, repel the aliens, win the vitality for my human race?”

“The race held by the aliens, I lost the human race cultivator, was humiliated and killed by the aliens, and who came forward, one person challenged the entire alien, killed the alien ancestors, and rescued countless human race cultivators from the hands of the aliens. Forcing the aliens to sign the alliance under the city?”

“Who is it, killing the alien ancestors and driving the aliens out of the North Xuan and Xi Xuan?”

Hong Heavenly Dao’s grandmother’s face is red light, his eyes are full of excitement and excitement, but also with reverence and worship.

At this moment, he is not like a ancestor, but like a hawker who sells on the streets in the world of hysteria, how powerful it is to brag about his goods.

If the cultivator is doing this, it has long been aroused and ridiculed.

However, the person who said these words at this time is the Paragon of Hongtian, one of the nine races of the human race.

And the person he said, at this time, the name of Jiu Xuan, was grateful and admired by the entire human race, who dared to laugh, 谩骂 He Heavenly Dao ancestors?

Not only are there no ones, but on the contrary, through the Beidou Heavenly Eye, the cultivator in one side of this scene is full of blood, and the name of one person is shouted.

“Su Fang !”

“Su Fang !”

“Su Fang !”


Hung Heavenly Dao’s ancestors stretched out their hands and pressed each other, shocking the screams of heaven’s vault.

“This Eminence is awkward… At the time of Jiu Xuan’s election, this Eminence’s favorite pet, Dragon Tianci, was greedy and tried to kill Su Fang. As a result, he suffered a big loss in Su Fang’s hands.”

“And this Eminence is also a moment of confusion, for the emergence of the discipline, almost killed Su Fang, now in retrospect, this Eminence is a burst of fear, if this Eminence was impulsive at the time…oh!”

Hong Heavenly Dao has a sullen face and a look of remorse.

Then he waved and grabbed, and a silhouette burst out of the air, directly smashing into the air, it was a dragon gods who had a conflict with Su Fang.

He was swallowed by Su Fang and fled the genius of the genius, and lost the genius of the genius. At this time, it was the cultivation base of the Tao Xuan, which looked like a sloppy look and completely lost the past. .

“Master, disciples knowing sin… forgive!”

Long Tianci obviously understood the purpose of Hong’s Heavenly Dao ancestors, and trembled to Hong’s Heavenly Dao ancestors.

“You gangster, who almost killed my human race leader, trapped the entire human race in the land of annihilation, but also caused this Eminence to make a big mistake. This Eminence is injustice, this Eminence can spare you. only?”

Hong Heavenly Dao’s ancestors gave a coldly shouted, the sound of the waves rolling, the impact on the dragon’s body, the dragon’s gift into a group of blood mist, scattered in the Void.

The entire Hongtian domain, human race World, is silent.

Hong Heavenly Dao ancestors then slowly said: “this Eminence is also deeply embarrassed, so this Eminence decided to think for thousands of years, if Su Fang Sir is willing, this Eminence is willing to put Su Fang to kneel and play for his saddle.”

As soon as this statement came out, the entire Hongtian domain was a sound, and other human race cultivators were shocked.


A dull voice suddenly sounded: “Hong Heavenly Dao ancestor, is your play finished?”

Then a silhouette emerged from nothingness and stood shoulder to shoulder with the face of Hong Heavenly Dao.

“Su Fang !”

“That is Su Fang Sir who saved my human race!”

“See Su Fang Sir!”

All the cultivators in Hongtianfudi are excited and excited, and they have moved towards Su Fang.

Hong Heavenly Dao ancestors also moved towards Su Fang volley, bowed and humble.

“Su Fang Sir, knowing that there is sin under the sin, sin is not forgiven, Sir is a punishment for punishment, and is willing to accept it all, no complaints!” Hong Heavenly Dao ancestors screamed.

“Hung Heavenly Dao ancestors, what is this? The past things have been going on for many years. What’s more, Hong’s Heavenly Dao ancestor did not make any mistakes at the time of the crime. Why did he want to be so motivated to Su Fang?”

“What is Su and Fang’s other things, and what will the previous district’s trivia be remembered?”

“The cultivator that used to offend Su Fang Sir has not been a minority. For example, the grandson of the Emperor Xuan Tiange’s Spring and Autumn Period, the great grandson of Taishang Sanxuan, and Su Fang have never retaliated against them. How can they go because of the past? Revenge Hong Heavenly Dao ancestors?”

Everyone is in vain, can’t understand what He meant for Heavenly Dao.

The discussion of many cultivators in Hongtianfudi was clearly heard by Su Fang, and it was cold and cold in the deep.

The purpose of the Heavenly Dao ancestors is no simpler.

He put his posture so low in public, and he avoided it. He did not mention that he betrayed the human race, but he wanted to save his life.

Under the eyes of the entire human race cultivator, if Su Fang kills it, it will be a narrow-minded, well-received reputation. It is not so easy to lead the entire human race.

In order to survive, Hong Heavenly Dao’s ancestors are exhausted, and still so insidious and mean.

Hong Heavenly Dao ancestors secretly Su Fang sound transmission: “Su Fang Sir, facing the alien powerhouse outside the East Xuan Tiange, in order to survive, this is forced to bow to the inferior, but there is no need to target Sir. ”

“is it?”

“Please give Sir the next opportunity. As long as Sir forgives this time, I am willing to do the same thing as I just said, and it will not only be the next one, but the entire Hongtian domain is Sir.”

Su Fang smiled: “If I don’t?”

Hong Heavenly Dao’s ancestors: “Su Fang Sir kills me, I just want to stand up to the human race, and thus control the entire human race, become the human race, Paragon. Now if you kill me in public, it will only make everyone afraid of you, Stay away from you, but you won’t be acknowledgment allegiance to you. Slightly and sternly, Sir should be very clear and naturally make the most sensible choice.”

“I Su Fang contributes to the human race, just ask for the heart, not the power race as you think, what is the human race Paragon. The so-called glory and power, in the eyes of my Su Fang, but Floating clouds, dung.”

“You still don’t know. When I master the original world of Reze, I will enter the real world of Reze with the human race. I don’t need anyone to support me. I am still the Paragon of the human race.”

“There is another reason, I have to kill you… I Su Fang never likes to succumb to the will of others, and will not affect my will because of any threat. My heart is like the sky, and I will be affected by the foreign object. You want to kidnap me Su Fang by fame, dominating my will, affecting my heart, so… you must die!”

Su Fang made a voice of indifference, as if he had sentenced the death of the Heavenly Dao ancestors.

Chi chi chi!

More than a dozen blood vines emerged from Su Fang within the body, and the Heavenly Dao ancestors were firmly shackled, and the bloodshots penetrated into his palace, fleshly body, and began to madly swallow.

All the cultivators who witnessed this scene were all unexpected and shocked. When they grew up and looked at Su Fang, they didn’t understand why Su Fang wanted to kill Heavenly Dao.

The entire Hongtian blessed land, as well as one side of the mysterious world, the silence of death.

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