Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3240

“Su Fang, in the hands of you can die in your hands, it is innocent to die, my only regret is that you can not die in the hands of aliens… I hope that you can be kind to my future cultivator…” Hong Heavenly Dao ancestors smiled and issued Decisive voice.

This person is despicable, knowing that it is impossible to escape, even when he is dying, he has made such a generous death to death, even if he is dead, he has to pour dirty water on Su Fang.

In the Hongtian domain, all cultivators are in silence.

Some people have a stunned look, and some people are sorrowful and helpless, but no one dares to speak out.

Among the side of the mysterious world, countless human race cultivators saw this scene through the Beidou Heavenly Eye, and they all fell silent.

At this moment, the image of Su Fang’s former tall stalwart began to shake in the hearts of many cultivators.

Zi zi zi ~

More than 20 times of this breathing time, Hong Heavenly Dao was transformed into a dry corpse.

Su Fang shakes the blood vine and inhales the in the body. The body of Hong Heavenly Dao’s ancestors is broken and turned into ash particles.

Then Su Fang stepped into nothingness and heard from everyone’s sight.

With his current strength, whoever wants to kill will kill anyone, only to be innocent, no need to explain anything to others, no one dares to explain to him.

“Unexpectedly, Su Fang is such a cold person!”

“Whether he has saved the human race, can he kill the Taoist househouse so unscrupulously?”

Su Fang’s disappearing Hongtianfudi, everyone has been silent for a long time, and began to talk.

Su Fang publicly killed the Heavenly Dao ancestors, giving the human race a great victory and a shadow.

Afterwards, there were a lot of Taozu powerhouses coming out, saying that Heavenly Dao ancestors, 敕Heavenly Dao ancestors, and off-line ancestors, betrayed the human race in the critical moment of the alien powerhouse.

The wind has calmed down, but there are still many cultivators who simply don’t believe it.


A huge palace floats in Void, which is where the power of the gods is concentrated…敕天神宫!

The black god of the gods, not as majestic and embarrassing as the Dong Xuan Tiange, but reveals a Huanghuang Tianwei.

Inside the shrine, there is a sea in the vast Formation Space. It is not an ordinary sea water, but a source of information derived from the formation.

In the rushing sea, there is an island floating on it. The Heavenly Dao ancestral plate sits on a boulder. A light curtain in front of it changes the picture scroll, which is the scene of Su Fang killing Heavenly Dao.

“A good Su Fang!”

“Hung Heavenly Dao’s ancestors were so eager to make a fuss, Su Fang turned a blind eye to his reputation, and he killed it in public, which shows that his heart is strong and not shaken by the foreign object. Hey, Hong Heavenly Dao ancestors are also smart and clever, wrong to lose their lives. !”

“This Eminence is not like the Heavenly Dao ancestors… You Su Fang is strong, and it is difficult to break through my 敕天神宫, this Eminence only needs to persist for a while, the Tianzu will definitely kill the human race World, by then, It’s when you Su Fang’s commandment!”

敕Heavenly Dao gaze at the silhouette of Su Fang in the light curtain, giving a sneer full of disdain.

Then he passed on the thoughts of the high-level gods and sent a path of decree.

About a hundred years.

Su Fang’s figure appeared on the outskirts of the Tianshen Palace and was blocked by a golden light curtain.

Su Fang sensed the powerful enchantment, a roll of eyebrows, standing in the Void, and making a sound: “Hey Heavenly Dao, come out!”

The sound spread throughout the Tianjin Temple, and countless cultivators were shocked and terrified.


敕Heavenly Dao ancestors came through the voice of anger: “Su Fang, you rely on strength, want to kill human race powerhouse, this Eminence self-confessed strength is not as good as you, but will never let you slaughter. With ability, you will break敕天神宫!”

Shua shua Shua!

From the golden light curtain, tens of thousands of cultivator cultivators are killed, but the cultivation base is not very high, the highest is the Tao Xuan, and the lowest is Daojun.

“Su Fang, 敕天神域cultivator would rather die the last person, and never unyielding to serve you this murderous madman!”

“You can kill us, but there are thousands of absolutely cultivators in the sky gods, see how you can kill it!”

Those cultivators were desperate to kill Su Fang.

“Hey Heavenly Dao ancestors, it seems that I still underestimated your shameless, even use these ordinary cultivators as cannon fodder.” Su Fang’s eyes are like ice.

The mighty will came to the fore, and the ordinary cultivators of the gods were shrouded, and then the mind was moved to teleport these cultivators.

敕Heavenly Dao’s sneer came: “Su Fang, you dare to kill even the ancestors, so ruthless, why not dare to kill these ordinary cultivators?”

Su Fang was a cold drink: “I was going to kill you directly. It seems that it is not enough. When I catch you, I will let you know that you can die quickly.” Extravagant things.”

敕Heavenly Dao’s ancestors responded with a sneer sneer: “When you kill the cultivator, you can break through the 敕天神宫, and then say that madness is not too late!”

Hu hu hu~

It is also a tens of thousands of heavenly cultivators, smashing from inside the enchantment, each and everyone with unparalleled grief and decisiveness, killing Su Fang without hesitation.

Su Fang casts a strong will and screams out many cultivators: “I killed Heavenly Dao ancestors because he relied on aliens and had nothing to do with you, and he now treats you as cannon fodder, you have to make that shameless small People sell their lives?”

One hundred thousand cultivators, the one headed by the Taoist anger shouted: “Su Fang, although your strength is strong, but you are not allowed to be so filthy to the ancestors Sir, you are killing Hong Heavenly Dao ancestors in public, I am all obvious, I am sorry for you. quibble?”

“Sophistry? If I don’t want to kill innocents, will you waste your tongue before you?”

Su Fang laughed and laughed, looked towards the sacred and many cultivators, and looked pity in his eyes.

These cultivators are obviously brainwashed by the Heavenly Dao ancestors, and each and everyone is stupid. It is absolutely impossible to tell them the truth, and only strong strength can make people convinced.

The sacred sacred shrine called “Su Fang, you have the ability to kill us all, or we will swear to die with you!”

“I want to die, isn’t that easy?”

Su Fang’s gaze fell on the sage, and the slaughter will impact his heart and soul, and immediately the heart is broken, and the original soul collapses, and immediately kills.

Then Su Fang waved his volley and grabbed a squad of cultivators, all of which were picked up from the palm of the hand.

“Hey Heavenly Dao, how many of you, all of them are sent out, I don’t kill them, but I can treat them all as my slave. How many cultivators are there in the gods, how much I will!” Su Fang Domineering and drinking, the sound spread throughout the heavenly domain.


敕Heavenly Dao screamed, but never sent a cultivator to attack Su Fang.

Even his ancestors came out to deliver food, let alone other cultivators? It’s just a white gift to Su Fang. It’s such a stupid thing, and Heavenly Dao’s ancestors wouldn’t do it.

Su Fang waved out hundreds of slaughter sword qi, and the tide fell on the enchantment outside the Tiantian Temple.

Chi chi chi!

Sword qi falls on the enchantment, a path of Profound Light flashes, directly swallows the sword qi, disappears disappear without a trace, fails to shake the enchantment.

“Oh… this enchantment has some meaning, it is connected to Heavenly Dao, and it is difficult for the Taozu Peak powerhouse to shake it!”

Su Fang reveals a thrilling color.

It is worthy of the gods and the gods, and the foundation is really strong. The defense of the Tianshen Palace is so amazing. It is estimated that the Daozu Peak powerhouse has no unrivalled divine ability or powerful Xuanbao. It takes thousands of years to break through the gods. The defense of the palace.

“try again!”

Su Fang was dominated by the evil corpse, urging the bloody body, erupting the amazing slaughter will and killing Heavenly Dao, and the heart of the company was also spurred together.

The slaughter frenzy of the sky swept across the enchantment.


The enchantment was finally shaken, and there was a violent turmoil, and the amazing Profound Light bloomed.

I know, there is a path of god in the Profound Light, intertwined into a huge symbol, bursting out of the will of Heavenly Dao, which contains a kind of heavenly Dao, the supremacy of the order, hula will Su Fang Sealed when attacked.

Su Fang’s offensive suddenly disappeared, and the enchantment became calm.

The silhouette of Heavenly Dao’s ancestors emerged in the enchantment, looked towards Su Fang, revealing the ridiculous color: “this Eminence is running the eternal years of the Tenjin Temple, and is it the avenue of your newly promoted ancestors? This Eminence cultívation, It is a kind of Heavenly Dao, and everything named 敕 ! cultivator is bestowed by the heavenly dao. This Eminence masters the true meaning of the Heavenly Avenue, and it has the Force of Heavenly Dao, which can seal everything, everything by this Eminence is the master, Su Fang, how can you heaven defying, this time is destined to return without success, still not to give this Eminence out of the gods?”

Su Fang turned a deaf ear to the ridicule of Heavenly Dao’s ancestors, looking at towards enchantment, but it was a burning gaze.

“I was promoted to the ancestor, and I was prepared to create the Divine Ability that belongs to my own avenue from the Heavenly Dao that I mastered. The defense of the 敕天神 Palace is so powerful that it is used as a target for testing Divine Ability.”

Su Fang smiled and sat down in an empty position, a pair of plans to stay here for a long time.

“Su Fang, it won’t take long, the Tianzu will kill the human race World, when you can’t escape, see how much you can spend in the gods!” 敕Heavenly Dao ancestors gave a full of disdainful laughter The phantom of the illusion disappeared into the enchantment.

“In the original world of Lei Ze, there is Dao’ in the spirit of the world, but there is no ‘law’. I Am Heaven, Tian Dao is I, Heavenly Dao, everything is not necessary, but you don’t have to be particular about Heavenly Dao. …”

After the failure of the 4-Layer test in the original world of Reze, the words that Jieling said to Su Fang made Su Fang feel like he did not understand.

After the promotion of Daozu, Su Fang had a deep understanding at this time.

“I have to forget everything before I can create a peerless Divine Ability…”

Su Fang closed his eyes and settled into the comprehend and deduction of Heavenly Dao, and ignored everything that happened outside.

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