Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3241

Su Fang began to comprehend and cultívation outside of the Tianshen Palace with such unbridledness.

In fact, if he releases the worms and tears off the defense of the Tianshen Palace, it is not difficult, but in order to test his own Divine Ability, he will naturally not let the worms shoot.

“Frenzy, it’s too arrogant, so dare to despise this Eminence, despise the gods!”

敕 Heavenly Dao’s ancestors have been paying attention to Su Fang’s every move, and seeing that Su Fang did not put the 敕天神 Palace in his eyes, could not help but gnashing teeth.

However, he is extremely jealous of Su Fang’s strength. Where can he leave the Heavenly Palace?

Not only the ancestors of Heavenly Dao, but also the cultivators of other gods, no one dared to approach Su Fang.

“You suppressed the powerhouse of the Tianzu people, how could you let go of you? You will slowly die here, wait for the Tianzhou powerhouse to come, then see how you will die!” 敕Heavenly Dao ancestor I can only pin my hopes on the Tianzu people, and I sneer in my heart.

“Su Fang, what are you doing?”

“He actually cultívation outside the Temple of Heaven, and it is too much to put the ancestors of Heavenly Dao in his eyes?”

“Only Su Fang is so domineering, even Daozu powerhouse can be so despised.”

“The Heavenly Dao ancestor is so despicable, he is dead, Su Fang has a crush on him, can he not bad luck?”

Many powerhouses released their thoughts and came to the Tiantian domain. They were all concerned about Su Fang’s every move. They saw that Su Fang was directly cultívation outside the Temple of Heaven, and they were all shocked.

time flies.

Su Fang gradually immersed himself in a wonderful state of emptiness, and his heart was empty and clear.

At this moment, the Great Divine Ability of the previous cultívation, which flashed through his mind, gradually faded until it was completely forgotten.

I forgot my Lord’s seal.

Forgot the celestial movement.

Forgot the Tian Yan Xuan solution.

Forgot the sacred sacred magic.

I also forgot the incomparable wheels.


These great Divine Ability are from other people.

Su Fang is now cultívation’s own Heavenly Dao, and how powerful Divine Ability is, it is difficult to play the most powerful power. And in the end, for Su Fang, those peerless Divine Ability turned out to be awkward.

He needs to create his own peerless Divine Ability on his own Heavenly Dao.

Divine Ability, which was previously mastered, can be used for reference, and the essence of Profound Truth is finally abandoned.

After the promotion of Daozu, Su Fang continued to cultívation and ponder in the Dongxuan Tiange. There has been no small gain. At this time, it is only further pondering, and then verifying that’s all.

Time flies, and unconsciously it is nearly 10,000 years.

The cultivator inside the Tianshen Palace did not dare to leave, but could only be trapped inside the shrine. Other cultivators in the Tianshen domain were even less likely to be close to the Tianshen Palace. Each and everyone was unstoppable.

After waiting for 10,000 years, 敕Heavenly Dao ancestors did not expect to come to the Tianzu, Su Fang is still safe and secure outside the 敕天神宫, 敕Heavenly Dao ancestors are disappointed, but not desperate.

He has full confidence in the defense of the Tenjin Temple and does not believe that Su Fang has the strength to break the enchantment.

“My cultívation is the Heavenly Dao, the all-inclusive Divine Ability, I should follow the avenues I have mastered, and the various Heavenly Dao masters.”

“Every of my bodies is a kind of Heavenly Dao, but that’s not all of my cultívation. My way is Heavenly Dao… What’s the most powerful Divine Ability in Heavenly Dao? ”

“Overview of the powerful Divine Ability of formidable power, both follow Heavenly Dao, the ultimate goal, there is only one…destruction!”

“Heaven and Earth is ruthless, whether it is life or material, it will eventually go to destruction, from being to nothing. Only destroying is the end and end of things!”

With constant meditation, Su Fang has more and more insights and clearer ideas.

Until this day.


Su Fang opened然 eyes opened eyes, there is a scene in the eyelids.

Heaven Falls and Earth Rends, life, matter, and even time, space, yin and yang, Five Elements, etc., collapse and destroy, to the end, and ultimately to a state of chaos.

“The first great Divine Ability that I created is destruction. Everything and the law are returned to the market. So it is called… Great Return!”

Su Fang slightly smiled, a horrible rhythm of breath around.

A breath of breath emerged from the eyebrows.

The thoughts, the will, and the Qi of Primordial Chaos condensed into a mirror of the color of Primal Chaos, which looked somewhat similar to the Primordial Saint Mirror.

Of course not Primordial Saint Mirror.

Primordial Saint Mirror, accompanied by Su Fang from the low-level universe, eventually surpassed the low-level universe, and thus became part of his destiny, difficult to give up.

Therefore, when I created Divine Ability, my heart was born, and the appearance of Primordial Saint Mirror was naturally changed.


Above the mirror, a column of Primal Chaos is ejected, and it falls on the enchantment outside the Temple of the Tenjin.

The seemingly unpretentious pillar of light contains a kind of destruction of everything, from nothing to perfection.

This Heavenly Dao is above all reason, destroying everything, and ending Heaven and Earth.

The powerful enchantment was swayed by the light column, and the formation was broken down in layers, turned into a state of nothingness, and was torn by a hole.

“What is this Divine Ability, even with such amazing Heavenly Dao sensibility and power, even the enchantment of the Tenjin Temple can be shaken!”

Inside the Tianshen Palace, 敕Heavenly Dao ancestors sensed this scene and suddenly startedled.

He didn’t expect it, Su Fang cultívation outside the enchantment for thousands of years, even created such an amazing Divine Ability.

However, the enchantment of the Tianshen Palace was extremely powerful. After Su Fang’s Divine Ability broke through a gap, it immediately shot a path of Profound Light, intertwined into a symbol, and quickly made up for the gap.

Su Fang’s Divine Ability also runs out of power, and the mirror becomes blurred.

Su Fang’s breath has also become a lot of stagnation, his eyebrows roll, waved the Divine Ability illusion mirror into a volume of Primal Chaos Qi income within the body.

敕Heavenly Dao Zudun’s heart is set, and a burst of sneer is full of disdain: “Su Fang, this is your Divine Ability? The Divine Ability is not out of the ordinary, but the fire is not enough, waiting for you to cultívation an era, Maybe you can barely reach the height of initial understanding, and it’s not too late to come back to the gods!”

Inside the Tianshen Palace, there was a burst of ridiculous cultivator.

“Su Fang’s own Divine Ability is amazing!”

“It’s a pity that it’s just a little bit of fur, and it’s hard to show the ensemble of his cultívation.”

“In time, Su Fang will be able to create an unrivalled divine ability that transcends the yin and yang of the East Xuan Dao and the unparalleled divine ability of the West Xuan Dao!”

“This Divine Ability is out, Su Fang is already qualified to establish a human sect in human race World, and it’s circulated!”

Those human race ancestors who are concerned about the Tianshen Palace, witnessed Su Fang’s own Divine Ability’s formidable power, are also shocking.

However, Su Fang’s own Divine Ability is obviously not enough, and many Taozu powerhouses have a lot of regrets.

Su Fang turned a deaf ear to the harsh laughter and arguments and continued to settle.

In the third millennium, the light is fleeting.

Su Fang, who has been silent for a long time, opened his eyes again, his mouth slightly rising, showing a faint smile.

“I started the great retreat, the reason that formidable power is not strong enough, I don’t realize that essence is one thing, on the other hand, it is the will!”

“The big returning technique is the devastating side of Heavenly Dao, and my evil body is the side of my destruction and killing. Only by combining my slaughter and destroying will in the great retreat can we really break out. Formidable power!”

Su Fang’s eyes flashed in the eyes of Ze Ze.

Once again, the thoughts were released, and at the same time, with the evil corpses, the whole person changed his breath and turned into a god of killing and destroying.

Sensing the breath of Su Fang, paying attention to his human race, and the ancestors of Heavenly Dao and the many cultivators of the gods, no one is scared.

Just sensing his breath, let everyone have a sense of horror at the end of Heaven and Earth.


Thoughts, Qi of Primordial Chaos Condensed mirror, the color of the Primal Chaos beam, ten times more than before, the Heavenly Dao contained in it, it is also ten times more powerful.

Bang bang bang!

The enchantment on the outskirts of the Tianshen Palace was bombarded with a hole by the Great Relics and continued to spread around.

The enchantment began to be madly repaired, but the speed of automatic repair could not keep up with the speed of the destruction of the great retreat of Su Fang.

After ten breaths.

The enchantment on the periphery of the Tianshen Palace was finally torn open, revealing the inner Tianshen Palace.

“Hey Heavenly Dao, ancestors!”

Su Fang made a sound full of Xiao killing intent, coming in from the enchantment gap.

“You are the youngster of the promotion of Dao Duo, and you can create such a powerful Divine Ability and break through the enchantment of the Temple of Heaven. This is impossible…”

敕Heavenly Dao ancestor, cry out in surprise from inside the 敕天神宫.

“Hey Heavenly Dao has rebelled against human race, death sin! It has nothing to do with other cultivators. If someone helps Heavenly Dao, it is the same sin!” Su Fang smashed into the interior of the Temple of Heaven, and the sound of the sound spread throughout the country.

The cultivator inside the Tianshen Palace, under the will of Su Fang, shuddered and completely lost his fighting spirit.

“Su Fang, this Eminence fights with you!”

敕Heavenly Dao ancestors burned themselves, and also spurred the original strength of the 敕天神宫, turned into the power of the vast Heavenly Dao seal, moved towards Su Fang rolling and rolling.

The whole Tiantian Temple was turned into a huge cage, and Su Fang was to be smashed into it.

“Desperate with my Su Fang, do you have that qualification?”

Su Fang sneered in a sneak peek, waving a hand to wear a bloody king vine.


The ability to wear the heavenly king and the vines to wear the earth at this moment is revealed at this moment, and it is difficult to block the shackles of the Tianshen Palace.

敕Heavenly Dao’s ancestors were hard to escape even if they were flying, and they were caught by the blood vines from the depths of the Tianshen Palace.

“Su Fang, you want to kill this Eminence!”

敕 Heavenly Dao ancestors angered and began to burn wildly.

“In front of me, you are not qualified, even if you are self-immolation, you are not qualified!”

Su Fang smiled indifferently, and suddenly burned the soul flame in his eyes.

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