Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3242

Su Fang’s eyes are filled with the flames of a sultry soul, and the power of engulfing the soul envelopes the ancestors of Heavenly Dao.

It turned out that Su Fang ignited the longevity lamp.

Under the eternal power of the longevity lamp, the ancestors of Heavenly Dao had no resistance at all, and even self-immolation became a luxury.

As the soul flame in Su Fang’s eyes beat, the original soul of Heavenly Dao’s ancestors began to uncontrollably peel off from the fleshly body.

“The longevity lamp! This Eminence can die under the longevity lamp of this kind of Hongmeng Tianbao, and it is dead without regrets…” 敕Heavenly Dao ancestors knew that it was difficult to escape, and it was difficult to self-immolate, roaring desperately and angrily.

Su Fang said indifferently: “You misunderstood, I will not kill you with a longevity lamp. I said before, death is a luxury for you, I will make your soul eternal with the soul flame of the longevity lamp. Burning!”

敕Heavenly Dao ancestors were really scared, and anger shouted: “Su Fang, how dare you treat this Eminence! This Eminence is a human race, a godland, Paragon, you torture this Eminence, with those aliens, evil roads What is the difference!”

“You rebellious human race, this is a death sin, but also reversed the right and wrong black and white, let the celestial cultivator be a cannon fodder, so shameless, how can you easily let you die? I want to let human race everyone know, betray human race What the end is!”

Su Fang’s cold ice fell, and the soul flame in his eyes beat again and again.

A phantom was taken from the within the body of the Heavenly Dao ancestor and was inhaled into Su Fang’s eyelids and disappeared into the flame.

Su Fang then smashed the soul of Heavenly Dao’s ancestors into the inner space of the longevity lamp, allowing him to be constantly immersed in the burning of the soul flame.


Su Fang waved the body of Heavenly Dao’s ancestors into the body.

Then Su Fang’s thoughts moved.

A shrine was released, and it was covered in the interior of the Temple of Heaven.

Sou sou sou!

A total of seven Taoist powerhouses were directly captured by Su Fang. Under his power and will, Dao Sheng did not have any resistance, like a weak chicken.

These seven Taoist powerhouses are the upper floors of the Tianshen Palace.

At this time, Heavenly Dao’s ancestors were suppressed by Su Fang. They fell in the hands of Su Fang. Some people were frightened and desperate. Some people were full of hate, unyielding, and looked at Su Fang with fierce eyes.

Su Fang divine light in a volume of seven Daosheng, said indifferently: “You are right, right and wrong, now 敕Heavenly Dao ancestors were suppressed by me, but you still do not know repentance, awe, so stupid, I will all of you It’s not too much to kill.”

Three of the Taoist hurriedly hurried to Su Fang: “How will we dare to defy the will of Heavenly Dao’s ancestors? Please Su Fang Sir forgiveness!”

Su Fang looked towards one of the middle age person, and asked: “If I remember correctly, you have participated in the competition organized by the aliens, and I was saved by me.”

That middle age person cup one fist in the other hand : “Su Fang Sir’s life-saving grace is always in mind. It is just the will of Heavenly Dao’s ancestors, who dare not defy, Su Fang Sir forgives!”

Su Fang said: “From today, I will live in the Tianshen Palace, and other mysterious circles and forces in the Tianshen domain. I don’t want to intervene, I will be handed over to you, and the other two will help!”

That middle age person and the other two were shocked and embarrassed, and immediately ecstasy.

“Shameless traitor!”

An old man gave a thunderous anger.

“act recklessly !”

Su Fang said coldly, a slaughter will burst out and kill the soul of the old man.

In addition, there are three Taoist priests, and they trembled and screamed, and no one dared to speak.

“All the cultivators inside the Tenjinjin Palace have left the Tenjinjin Shrine. In addition, I don’t want to see a chaotic sacred god domain. Can you understand?” Su Fang said awkwardly.

Under his majesty as Tianwei, six powerhouses trembling in fear, and quickly claimed to be.


Su Fang waved his hand and removed all the six Taoist priests from the interior of the Temple of Heaven.

Then, tens of millions of cultivators inside the Tianshen Palace were shown by Su Fang and all moved out.

“Su Fang, are you going to leave Dongxuan Tiange and regard the Tianshen Palace as the place of cultívation?” Dong Xuan Daozu suddenly passed the mind.

Su Fang responded: “The Heaven Mansion after all is Master’s Cave Mansion, the discipline has been promoted to Dao, and it is not appropriate to live with the Master. And the discipline should concentrate on improving its strength and strive to pass the original Leize. The test, the cultívation of the Tianjin Temple is in a good environment, so the discipline wants to regard the Tiantian Temple as the place of cultívation, and to move all the loved ones and the men into the interior of the Temple of Heaven.”

With the strength of Su Fang at this time, it is natural that there is no need to cultivate any forces, and the purpose of the Tianshen Palace is for its own purposes. It is also for the loved ones, friends, and men, to have a safe place to cultívation.

Dong Xuan Daozu is somewhat worried: “As a result, you are afraid that it will attract a lot of criticism.”

Su Fang A while hehe: “Master, how do outsiders talk, I will care?”

Dong Xuan Daozu is also a big laugh: “You shoulder the shoulder of the human race, and the district is not negotiable. Naturally, it is nothing. You are relieved of cultívation. You will be sent to you by the relatives and teachers of Tianquanxing. As for those gossips, although you don’t care, the teacher can’t care, and he will handle everything for you.”

At the end of the exchange with Dong Xuan Daozu, Su Fang stunned and went to the depths of the interior of the Tiantian Temple.

Su Fang carefully sensed the interior space of the Tianshen Palace and saw that the Dao Temple, Secret Realm, and cultívation environments were many times better than Tianquan Star, and they were not happy.

Enter the Cave Mansion of the previous cultívation of Heavenly Dao.

The shuttle is like the avenue of the ocean, coming to the central island.

Sensing the pure and advanced atmosphere inside the space, Su Fang is more and more happy in his heart. “The essence of the gods and gods is so deep, 敕Heavenly Dao Zuna shameless, what qualifications are there to enjoy such a cultívation Sacred Land?”


Unexpectedly, there was a movement in the palace, and the worm suddenly became arrogant, and he was forced to rush out of the palace.

“What kind of treasure is that, so that the day worm is so excited?”

Su Fang stunned towards a boulder on the island and then teleported.

The rock has the height of the hundred zhang, square and square, looks like a big print, the whole body golden, reveals an immortal atmosphere, although the breath is not as powerful as Hongmeng Tianbao, but it must surpass Wang Pinxuanbao.

Su Fang was careful.

This huge rock is actually a Hongmeng Tianbao that has not yet been fully formed. It is also called the half-step Hongmeng Tianbao.

Su Fang stripped a sense of consciousness and entered the interior of the longevity lamp, coming inside the formation of the soul of Heavenly Dao.

As soon as the mind moved, the flame around the soul of Heavenly Dao immediately disappeared with disappear without a trace.

“Hey Heavenly Dao, I am going to ask you, what kind of treasure is that rock?” Su Fang utters the sound of Primordial Spirit to the soul of Heavenly Dao.

“You lick this Eminence soul, let this Eminence suffer so much, and occupy the Cave Mansion of this Eminence, why should this Eminence tell you?” The soul of Heavenly Dao’s ancestors is very weak, but still unruly.

Su Fang said nothing, once again, a flaming soul flame was rolled out, and the Heavenly Dao ancestors shrouded and began to snoring.

“ahhhh ah… pain, this Eminence is dying… I am alive, I said, I said all of it!” 敕Heavenly Dao ancestors could not bear the burning pain of the soul and had to ask for mercy.

Su Fang puts aside the soul flame and indifferently says: “If you cooperate, I can at least let you eat less.”

“you are vicious…”

敕Heavenly Dao said, and then used the origin and use of the rock to Su Fang.

The original rock named Haotianshi is a treasure that was born from chaos. Although it has not yet been able to become a treasure of Hongmeng, it is also a peerless treasure that transcends Wang Pinxuan.

敕Heavenly Dao Zuben is an ordinary generation, it is precisely because of the 敕天石, from which he realized the avenue of the sky, and eventually became the master of one of the gods.

敕天石 can motivate the powerful and peculiar Heavenly Dao order and the Heavenly Dao will.

It is a pity that Tianshi Stone has not yet become a full-fledged Tianbao, and the Heavenly Dao ancestor is an ordinary Taoist ancestor. It is difficult to play a big role.

The Tianshen Palace is built on the basis of the stone, which is like a mysterious treasure. The stone is the foundation of the Xuanbao and the source of energy.

“You shameless villain, even if you have a peerless treasure, it is difficult to release the brilliance that you should have in your hands.” Su Fang smiled and the consciousness disappeared into the Formation Space.

At this time, the longevity lamp Yuan Ling suddenly opened: “Master, if you will make a good sacrifice to the stone, it will be of great use to you.”

Su Fang asked suddenly: “Longevity lights, do you know 敕天石?”

“Although I don’t know the celestial stone, but after all is Hongmeng Tianbao, I can naturally see some clues from the scent of 敕天石.”

“You also talk about the use of 敕天石?”

“If Master is making a stone into a mysterious treasure, with the Master’s cultívation, he can repair the power of Heavenly Dao and have the power to seal Heaven and Earth.”

“I am still only the realm of Small Accomplishment, and the energy of the small Accomplishment is to sacred the celestial stone?”

“If Master knows another ability of 敕天石, I don’t think so.”

“What other power?”

“For example, 敕天石 is like the emperor’s seal of the world. It represents the supreme power of the emperor, and can give the people the prosperity and wealth. At the same time, it can also deprive the prince of the king of all powers. Master can now understand the subordinates. Do you mean?”

Su Fang’s eyes became awkward.

According to the longevity lamp, if you refine the stone into a mysterious treasure, you will have the supreme power to give or deprive the cultivator of various abilities.

The ability to deprive cultivator of ability, not to mention the ability to give cultivator, is what Su Fang has always wanted.

The powerhouse has the ability to give ordinary cultivators the power to make ordinary cultivators possess life and various out of the ordinary abilities.

However, this ability has many limitations, not only the loss of its own cultivation base, air transport, the empowered cultivator, but also the future achievements are very limited.

Therefore, Su Fang has not used his grace to help his loved ones, friends and those.

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