Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3244

“I don’t think that the little human race cultivator really became a Taoist ancestor and became a human race leader…”

Inducted into Su Fang’s cultivation base, a strange singer flashed out of the eyes of Baoshu Shenmu.

When I first met Su Fang in Xi Xuanshan, Baoshu Shenmu was the apocalypse of aloof and remote, and it was not a common Taoist ancestor. The Taobaohouse of Taozu had to be polite.

At that time, Su Fang was not as good as a cockroach in the eyes of Baoshu Shenmu. If it wasn’t for Su Fang, she would not even pay attention to Su Fang.

Now Su Fang is standing at the same height as the Baoshu Goddess, and there is an amazing record of defeating the Heavenly Taoist Taos Powerhouse, and the treasure tree mother is not amazed?

Su Fang is speculating about the goddess of Baoshu.

The tone of Baoshu Shenmu suddenly became cold: “Before this Eminence proposed to trade with you, I wanted to help you, and try to get you to win the original realm of Lei Ze. You are so knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth. Contrary to the Tianzu, where do you come from?”

Su Fang raised his eyebrows.

Baoshu Shenmu then said: “You are so provocative of the majesty of the Tianzu people, how can the Tianzhou people be willing to give up? This Eminence, if it is to help you, how can the Tianzu people let go of my family?”

Su Fang finally understood.

Baoshu Shenmu apparently did not want to offend the Tianzu people, fearing to help Su Fang, and attracted the revenge of the Tianzu.

He indifferently said: “The mother of Sir means that I was killed by the Tianzu people. I will fight back is not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth. I can only endure it, accept it? Since the mother of Sir is afraid of the Tianshu people. Being implicated, the previous transaction will be given up.”

The treasure tree goddess eyebrows a roll, showing an unpleasant color.

“Human race brat, how can it be so rude in front of the mother of Sir?” The woman behind the treasure tree God suddenly opened a charming voice.

The face of the red-faced disaster suddenly showed a smile, like a beautiful flower bloom.

A breath of breath swept.

Su Fang’s with the the body of the flames, the uncontrollable surge of desire in the heart.

It is not a sinister means.

The woman’s breath contains a peculiar way of life, which can stimulate the original instinct of reproduction and reproduction, and people can’t control what they want to do.

Such a boulevard is truly strange and amazing!

But Su Fang has an immortal heart, and can he be easily moved?

As soon as the mind moved, Su Fang’s heart became stable again, and the flame with the body disappeared.

When the woman saw Su Fang as if she had nothing to do, she said: “Oh, it really has two sons… It’s no wonder that even the Tianzu dare to offend, even the god Mother Sir dared to offend, it turned out to be arrogant capital.”

“Let this Eminence look at it, what kind of means do you have in this human race brat, dare to be so arrogant!” That the old man of the Tianshu family was indifferent, and suddenly he shot the light of the dry yellow.


Heavenly Dao, the ruined and dying of everything, was crushed toward Su Fang.

Su Fang feels that life is like a tree, and it begins to die quickly and decay, and eventually it will turn into dust.

“In addition to the treasure tree goddess, the Tianshu people have two such powerful powerhouses. It is no wonder that they can stand in the chaos…” Su Fang was shocked.

Do not dare to care, Xuanyang law body suddenly broke out to Yang to Gangwei, containing Heavenly Dao Xuanyang Zhili, and the old man’s Heavenly Dao to collide.

The two opposite Heavenly Dao sensationally collided.

The Xuanyang Zhili mastered by Su Fang obviously restrains the life of the old man from being ruined, and begins to melt and incinerate under the Xuanyang Shenwei.

Old man The shape of the trembling, the old face of the bark is white.

Su Fang is still standing still, obviously it is the upper hand.

“The Heavenly Dao you have mastered is restrained by this Eminence. However, after all, you are the ordinary ancestor who has just been promoted, and is this Eminence opponent?”

The old man gave a coldly shouted, and the thoughts came out from within the body and turned into three thousand vines. Like a poisonous snake, he came to Su Fang and dragged Su Fang into the dead.

Su Fang has a roll of eyebrows.

He realized that Baoshu’s mother came here not for anything else, but to test his strength.

If Su Fang’s strength is not good, not only the previous transaction, Baoshu Shenmu will unscrupulously suppress Su Fang and hand it over to the Tianzu, in exchange for the supreme treasure that can help her become Eternal Immortal. That is the main root of Reese Vine.

“Jiuyang, burn the sky!”

Su Fang released the thought of hundred thousand, quickly combined, arranged, and condensed into nine rounds of Shenyang, releasing the hot Xuanyang Shenwei.

Chi chi chi!

In the nine rounds of the sun, the light and heat of the monks broke out, and they burned as the flames of Crimson.

The amazing flames of the gods, the waves of the convergence of the reason, moved towards three thousand vines and impacted away.

It is Su Fang Xuanyang’s body from the mastery of Xuanyang Zhili, created a Divine Ability, named Jiuyang Burning Sky, although the formidable power is not as great as the big return, but it is also amazing, and just restrains the tree family that day. Divine Ability of old man.

Chi chi chi!

One root vine was burned and quickly turned into ashes, and soon disappeared.

The nine rounds of Shenyang are still high in the air.

After two consecutive encounters, Su Fang was defeated.

Su Fang waved a roll, and the nine rounds of the sun became a path of Profound Light. He was inhaled with the body.

Then he smiled and started talking: “This Sir of the Tianshu, the strength of my little human race cultivator, can you still enter Sir’s eyes?”

“hmph ~”

Old man makes a coldly snorted.

Then looked towards the beautiful woman: “Rong Zu, join hands!”

The woman smiled at Su Fang: “human race brat, this Eminence and the ancestral cultívation of the avenue, a sudden and sturdy, mutual restrain, and create a great Divine Ability, you have any powerful trump card all Take it out, otherwise you have no chance to show it.”

“Su Fang, you are careful, but this Eminence reminds you that you can’t motivate the longevity lamp!” Baoshu Shenmu suddenly shouted in a deep voice, and then teleported to a distant place, it was a look of being out of the way.

Su Fang sneered in the heart.

There is no eternal friend between powerhouses, some are just benefits, between cultivators, the same is true for interracial cultívation.

Without strength, there will be no fair trade.

At the same time, the woman released the idea with the old man. A green Profound Light blended with a dry Profound Light, and it condensed into a World, a god of life and a sudden restraint, and Su Fang was shrouded in it.

Shua shua Shua!

At the foot of Su Fang and the surrounding space, it quickly spawned countless green grasses. At the beginning, it was just a sprout, and it quickly grew into a lush weed. The whole World was transformed into a green ocean.

Su Fang feels that strength of life is also uncontrollably surging and rushing.

I know that in the next moment, the boundless weeds, like life has come to an end, quickly wilting, dying, and finally turned into ashes.

Then sprout the sprout again, then grow from death to death, and start again and again.

These weeds grow from breeding to death, and there is a kind of Heavenly Dao. It is one year old and one glory, and it will never die.

Su Fang was shackled in the world, the will of the heart, the life, and the reincarnation of the times. In the cycle of life, the heart was consumed, and life was lost.

From the ancestors and the ancestors of the Tianshu people, the two mastered the opposite avenues, and the Divine Ability that was jointly displayed was so amazing.

“Life is born, grows, grows up, waits for Peak, and begins to decay, die, and then a new beginning. Not only life, everything, everything is like this…”

Sensing the amazing life of Force of Samsara, Su Fang suddenly had a clear comprehension in his heart, and his eyes flashed in the eyes.

His great retreat is the ultimate power of Heavenly Dao’s destruction.

But after the destruction?

“After the destruction, it is not the real end, but a new beginning…” Su Fang’s heart suddenly had a deeper understanding of the Great Return.

But now, when it is not comprehend Divine Ability, Su Fang doesn’t dare to care about the unrivalled divine ability that two Taoist Peak powerhouses have teamed up to play.

“It seems that it is not good to not come up with the most powerful Divine Ability…”

Su Fang’s most powerful Divine Ability is naturally a big return.

A horrible Heavenly Dao ruined from Su Fang within the body, causing the surrounding layers to linger, and the reason for the reincarnation of life, was immediately shattered.

Then Qi of Primordial Chaos, thoughts, and will emerge from the palace, and instantly condensed into a mirror of the color of Primal Chaos.


The mirror smashed a chaotic column of light, destroying all the horrible power of everything, and the destruction of World.

“What Divine Ability is that is so amazing that it can counter the Divine Ability that the ancestors and the ancestors joined together!”

The divine light of the saplings, gazing at Su Fang, is like seeing Su Fang for the first time.

“out of the ordinary, this human race cultivator is really out of the ordinary!”

Both Rongzu and the ancestors also showed an incredible expression, continuing to urge Shenwei and Su Fang to confront each other.

Baoshu Shenmu suddenly said: “Come here!”

The ancestors and the ancestors stopped, and the two looked at each other and filled their hearts with embers.

If they continue to confront each other, they will not be able to get any benefit.

Rongzu looked toward towards Su Fang and smiled awkwardly: “human race brat, you are out of the ordinary, elder sister, please help me, leave a seed for my Tianshu, how?”

Su Fang Eyebrows, cold eyes looked towards Baoshu Shenmu: “Shenzhen Sir this time to human race World, is it intended to suppress me, and then handed it to the Tianzu people?”

Baoshu Shenmu smiled: “Your Taoist is the descendant of this Eminence. This Eminence has a deal with you. How can this Eminence do that? Your strength is so out of the ordinary, almost Compared with this Eminence, it seems that the original world of Reze must be your bag, and the treasure that this Eminence wants depends on you, and it will not do this.”

After a pause, Baoshu Shenmu went on and said: “this Eminence is coming to human race World. It is to bring you a message. Tianzu people will call other ethnic powerhouses to deal with you. Soon after, they will come to human race. World.”

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