Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3245

“Do you want other ethnic powerhouses to deal with me?”

Su Fang is not at all unexpected.

Although the father of Euno is not a powerful figure of the Tianzu, after all is a county king.

The human race is a low-level race like trivial ant in the eyes of the superiors of the Tianzu.

This time Su Fang grabbed the father of Ye Nuo and that many of the Tianzhou powerhouses. How can the Tianzu people be willing to give up?

Because of the constraints of the oath, the Tianzu people naturally did not dare to come out personally in order to get the original realm of Lei Ze. They did not dare to retaliate against Su Fang in a big way. It is not surprising to ask other ethnic powerhouses to deal with Su Fang.

Then Su Fang showed a domineering smile: “As long as it is not the immortal powerhouse, I will try to kill myself.”

The ancestors sneered at the sneer: “human race brat, you know how big Primal Chaos is, how many powerhouses are there? How can you out of the ordinary, can you sweep the entire chaotic family?”

Baoshu Shenmu stared at Su Fang and solemnly said: “This Eminence knows that you have a longevity lamp, this Hongmeng Tianbao, and also seriously damaged the Tianzhou powerhouse with this treasure. However, if you think that only the longevity lamp, Being able to sweep the peerless powerhouse under immortality, it is a big mistake and a mistake. According to this Eminence, this time the Tianzhou people call the powerhouse, there is no fear of your longevity lamp.”

No fear of longevity lights?

The longevity lamp has the powerful power to devour the soul. Even the alien powerhouse under the Taozu can resist the power of the longevity lamp.

Rongzu reveals a charming smile, said with a smile: “human race brat, you are really a frog in well, there are countless Divine Ability among the chaotic people, and Hongmeng Tianbao is not a panacea.”

At this time, the longevity lamp said in Su Fang’s mind: “Master, these Tianshu cultívation people said that it is good, there are indeed many Divine Ability, Xuanbao, and some strange life, it is difficult to subordinate. Threatened.”

Su Fang is only vigilant, looked towards Baoshu Shenmu: “Excuse me, Mother, Sir, what kind of racehouse does the Tianzu people want to move this time?”

“An immortal powerhouse of the Eternal Temple, a powerful powerhouse, named Tengzu.”

Baoshu’s mother said slowly, referring to the name of the ancestors, her eyes are full of jealousy.

“Eternal Temple? Terror?”

“You human race has never had an immortal powerhouse. Naturally, you don’t know how the Eternal Temple exists. Since you have combined the longevity lamp and cultivated the longevity lamp into a body, the Eternal Life is naturally known, and this Eminence will not say much. This Eminence specifically tells you about the ancestors.”

Then the treasure tree mother came to the road.

The ancestor is not actually a life. His predecessor, the name of the horror Saint Ancestor, is a peerless god in the chaotic species.

Later, the horror Saint Ancestor died while the impact was immortal.

However, because of the horror of Saint Ancestor’s life, the strength of Heavenly Dao is mastered, so even if it is degraded, there is still a mark of his illusory Heavenly Dao.

An immortal powerhouse named Rotary Yuanzu, branded with the horror of Saint Ancestor’s Heavenly Dao, helped the horror of Saint Ancestor to be born again, known as the ancestors, and after countless years of cultívation, it has returned to its strength.

At this time, the ancestors, without souls, are just a peerless powerhouse made by Heavenly Dao imprint cultívation, like a jealousy, a machine that only knows slaughter.

The ancestors have no soul, and Su Fang’s longevity lamp is naturally difficult to threaten him.

“I don’t think that there is such an amazing Divine Ability in chaos, the resurrection of the fallen powerhouse, and the strange and powerful existence…” Su Fang was shocked, and realized that things were a bit serious.

“Now do you know the afraid right??” The ancestors gave a sneer.


Su Fang smiled, he was only a little worried, but there was no fear in his heart.

“Many thanks Mother Sri reminds me that I will be careful to guard against the ancestors.” Su Fang is facing the gods ancestors cup one fist in the other hand.

After a pause, I went on and said: “I used to promise the Mother Sri, as long as I control the original realm of Reze, I will do it. But please also ask Mother Sri, it is best not to be half-hearted. Some are not happy.”

Su Fang’s tone is obviously threatening.

“You Junior, this is so vengeful… Hey, this Eminence does not generally care about you.” Baoshu goddess coldly snorted.

Then she waved out a storage ring. “This is the treasure of my family. There are three nine flowers, Qiong Yudan. As long as your soul is not destroyed, even if there is only one drop of blood and one hair, you can Let you recover your life.”

Su Fang grabbed the storage ring and felt a surprise after a touch.

There are a total of 10 million medicine pill in the storage ring. The smell of medicine pill is amazing, and it is ten times more pure and advanced than the human race Pill Master refining medicine pill.

Among them, three sealed green medicine pills are even more amazing. Su Fang just feels a little bit, and feels awkward. It is the Jiuhua Qiong Yudan that Baoshu’s mother said.

Then Baoshu God Mother said: “Under the previous conditions, the Tianshu people will help you win the original realm of Lei Ze. This Eminence also promised to shoot for you once. If it is the ancestor, you can’t cope, you will avoid the edge, then remind Move Mark Symbol, this Eminence will quickly get to human race World to help you.”

“This kind of transaction is fair.” Su Fang puts away the storage ring.

When he was going to teleport, Rongzu suddenly smiled and said: “Human race brat, when to go to the Tianshu family, stay in your seed.”

Su Fang’s body and mind trembled, and immediately the body became nothing, disappearing disappear without a trace.

When Su Fang left for a long time, the ancestors said indifferently: “Shenzhen Sir helps human race, in case it is known to the Tianzu people, will it not bring disaster to my family?”

The sapphire mother said indifferently said: “This Eminence To be Eternal Immortal, you must get the main root of Reese vine in the original realm of Reze, and you can take no risk?”

“The Tianzu people promised the goddess, as long as the gods took out the shot once, and the twelve treasure trees broke the seal of the West Xuanshan, and the ten gods came out, Su Fang would die. No doubt, when he got the original realm of Lei Ze, Will hand over the roots of Lei Ze Teng to the Mother of God.”

“You just joined forces with Rongzu to fight with Su Fang. Do you think Su Fang and Nao Nuo can become the masters of Lei Ze’s original world?”

The ancestors were speechless.

The possibility that Su Fang will eventually get the original realm of Reze is definitely far beyond that of Quano.

Baoshu God Mother: “Even if the Tianzu people know that this Eminence is helping Su Fang, my family is at most troublesome. Don’t forget, my family is also Primal Chaos Race, which is sheltered by Eternal Heaven. The immortal powerhouse can’t be shot to my family. When I get the main root of Lei Zeteng, I am promoted to immortality, and when I can directly rank in the Temple of Eternity, the Tianzu people are even less dare to deal with my family.”

“The mother is wise.”

Rongzu and the ancestors together cup one fist in the other hand.

“Let’s go, human race World should not be left for a long time, and it is known by the Tianzu people. How much is trouble.”

The mother of Baoshu rolled out a green glow, shrouded the ancestors and ancestors, and then disappeared into the chaos in the domain.

Su Fang returns to the Temple of Heaven.

“The longevity lamp, what is the existence of the Eternal Temple?” Upon returning to Cave Mansion, Su Fang couldn’t wait to ask.

The Longevity Light Yuan Ling responded: “The strength of the Master was too low, so the subordinate did not tell the Master. With the strength of the Master, it is already qualified to know the Eternal Temple. It is natural to say nothing.”


There are countless races in chaos, and the races kill each other and annex them.

Some powerful races with immortal powerhouses will inevitably have conflicts. Once they are fully operational, they will certainly suffer from suffer, which is something that no one wants to see.

Ever since, at the beginning of the ancient race that human race has not yet been born in chaos, Chaos and the Immortal Powerhouse have reached an agreement to jointly formulate rules to constrain the chaotic people.

Many immortal powerhouses have established the Eternal Temple. As long as they have immortal strength, they can enter the temple and their races are bound and protected by Eternal Heaven.

It is because of the existence of the Eternal Temple that the chaotic people maintain a very delicate balance. Although there are still conflicts between the major races, the constraints of Eternal Heaven can be controlled within a certain range.

And the weak races without the immortal powerhouse are not protected by Eternal Heaven and become the pigs of powerful races.

Unfortunately, the human race is in this situation.

The longevity lamp said: “If the Master can become immortal and be listed in the Temple of Eternity, the human race will be oppressed, but there is no need to worry about being erased and swallowed by others.”

“What a hard thing to be immortal?” Su Fang shook his head and smiled.

Although he has become an immortal qualification, it does not mean that he is destined to become immortal. He does not know how many difficulties and obstacles, and how long it takes to take that step.

“The things of the Temple of Eternity are too far away for me. The urgent task now is to solve the ancestors who are about to kill human race World…”

Ending the communication with the Longevity Light Yuan, Su Fang enters the interior space of the Instinct.

Beginning to settle into the cultívation, and also divesting thoughts outside the Temple of Heaven, always alert to the ancestors who are about to be killed.

time flies.

About 300,000 years later, Su Fang was cultívation in the formation for an amazing 300 million years.

For such a long time, Su Fang’s cultivation base is still in the normal state of the Tao. Compared with before, the improvement is not so amazing.

To the height of Daozu, only one step away from the highest Peak in the avenue, every step of promotion is extremely difficult, and Su Fang’s promotion is not normal.

There is also a reason for 桎梏Su Fang, that is, three corpses.

Su Fang Nirvana sanctified, repaired the three corpses of obedience, goodness and evil, making his strength and speed faster than the ordinary cultivator.

However, at the height of Daozu, the three corpses became the embarrassment of his cultívation.

Next, it is to take away three corpses and reach the realm that is too forgotten, so as to enhance the cultivation base.

However, the precipitation of Su Fang has made the strength of Su Fang an amazing improvement.

“300,000 has passed, why haven’t the ancestors appeared yet? Could it be that Baoshu’s mother is deliberately alarmist?”

Su Fang is puzzled and then spurs the fate of the body to deduct the future.

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