Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3247

In the tail of the ancestors, with a sharp whistling, and the supreme power of broken time and space, rolling up a stream of time and space, instantly appeared above the head of Xi Xuan Daozu.

If Xi Xuan Daozu is in the state of Peak, there is still the strength to fight against the ancestors.

However, he is the sixth body at this time. It is equal to the strength of the Taoist ancestor by relying on the awakening in advance. It is naturally difficult to overcome the potential of the future. Naturally, it is difficult to compete with the ancestors.

Seeing that the sixth body of Xi Xuan Dao was to be killed by the ancestors.


The divine ancestor divine light changed, the appendix suddenly changed direction, and moved toward Xi Xuanshan.

Zi zi zi ~

The tip of the tail of the white bone spurts a trace of blood gas. It is the life blood of the sixth ancestor of the Xixuan Taoist ancestors, which contains the destiny of the West Xuan Dao.


Shanwei actually entered the seal of Xi Xuanshan.

Because of the destiny of the West Xuan Dao ancestor in the appendix, the seal of the West Xuan Dao’s predecessor, with its own and Hong Meng Tian Bao prisoner, did not stop.

Bang bang bang!

The Shanwei suddenly broke out with a white Prosen Light, and the surrounding time and space began to become chaotic, and the seals were broken along with the layers.

From the inside of the seal, the voice of the Ten Gods is full of surprises and surprises: “Which powerhouse is helping, this Eminence is grateful, and will be rewarded in the future!”

The ancestors sent out jié jié and laughed: “This Eminence doesn’t require you to report any more. When you rush out of the seal, you destroy the human race and kill a human race cultivator named Su Fang. Even if you repaid this Eminence !”

The ten-party god said: “Destroy the human race, it is the obsession of this Eminence, as for the human race cultivator Su Fang … raise your hand!”

“I want to break through the seal that this Eminence created in the past, I don’t think about it!”

The sixth sect of Xi Xuan Dao ancestored an angel roar, burning everything, showing the innocent wheel, moving toward the ancestors and launching a fierce attack.

“human race cultivator, you burn the soul of the source, once the true spirit is damaged, it is difficult to reincarnate!”

Under the mad attack of Xi Xuan Daozu, the ancestors had to share most of their energy to deal with it. The speed of breaking the seal was naturally slower.

At this time, Xi Xuan Daozu has burned into a fireman, and turned a deaf ear to the threat of the ancestors. He still madly attacked the ancestors.


A silhouette burst out of the air, a strong and evil killing intent. When it was covered, it was Su Fang who was killed from the gods.

Seeing the burning of the West Xuan Dao, Su Fang immediately sensed the destiny of the West Xuan Dao.

Seeing the ancestors who were destroying the seal of the West Xuanshan, Su Fang immediately understood and gave a sigh: “Terror, you are courting death!”

The ancestors gave a coldly snorted: “human race cultivator, you are coming fast, this Eminence does not want to shoot you, if you don’t want to be killed by this Eminence, you will immediately go far!”

The origin of the ancestors is actually a Heavenly Dao imprint, with incredible inductive ability, and sensed in advance that Su Fang is coming to Xi Xuanshan.

He is not afraid of Su Fang, but is not willing to play directly with Su Fang, alarming the will of the original world.

Su Fang is not clear, but the ancestors are very clear. The original world of Lei Ze is the World that was opened by the Reze ancients in the ethereal Heavenly Dao. Although the Reze ancient powerhouse was punishable by death, Lei Ze The original boundary spirit can sense everything with the Force of Heavenly Dao.


Su Fang broke out with the amazing slaughter will and came to the ancestors.

“The power of the will is out of the ordinary, but in front of this Eminence, it is not worth mentioning!”

The ancestors sneered with a sneer, and suddenly opened their mouths and shouted.

There is a kind of terror force that shocks the heart and soul, and the ordinary Taoist powerhouse will be shattered in an instant.

The sixth body of Xi Xuan Dao was only affected by it. Under the impact of the horror, it was sent out and the will immediately collapsed.


Su Fang made a whistling whistle and attacked and killed the voice of the ancestors without any scruples.

Bang bang bang!

The horror of the horror shocked Su Fang’s heart and soul, but it was difficult to shake it.

“Imperial heart?! Unless it is immortal, can you fight against this Eminence’s broken heart, your human race cultivator, even repaired the immortal heart!” The ancestors did not surprise, issued an incredible exclamation.

At this time, Su Fang has exerted his best to display the most powerful Divine Ability.

“What a great Divine Ability…”

When the dinosaurs were divine light transients, he realized that Su Fang was able to seriously injure Zhou Su, and it was not a fluke.

However, it was too late, and the horror of the great destruction of all things and the end of the law, turned into a color of Primal Chaos beam of light, impact on him.

Hong long long !

Ka-cha !

The body of the ancestors began to shatter in the destruction of power, turning into bones and scums flying around.

Under the circumstance, the powerful ancestor of the ancestors, the Peak Powerhouse, was killed by Su Fang.

Su Fang has settled for 300 million years, and will be cultivating to the height of Great Perfection. The formidable power is terrible!

A golden one’s Profound Light flashes, Profound Light hangs over the phantom of the ancestors, breaks into nothingness, and disappears into the ethereal Heavenly Dao.

The ancestors are the imprint of the remaining in Heavenly Dao, and it is difficult for Su Fang’s great retreat to kill it.

However, if the ancestors want to regain their former strength, it is not so easy. They still don’t know how many years to go and how much resources and energy they consume.


Su Fang also refused to chase down the ancestors, and moved to the west Xuan Dao.

At this time, the sixth body of Xi Xuan Dao, the fleshly body has been completely burned, leaving only the soul of nothingness, burning, and it will burn out.

Su Fang immediately urged the longevity lamp to help the West Xuan Dao with the power of pure soul.

Where do you know~

West Xuan Taozu phantom moved towards Su Fang Shaking his head: “If you help the teacher, it will interfere with the fate of the teacher. Even if the teacher can reincarnate in the ninth, it is meaningless. Everything is resigned…”


Su Fang moved towards Xi Xuan Dao’s soul worship.

No matter how strong his heart is, his mood is high again. At this time, it is also grief, and tears can’t help but burst out.

His heart is full of powerlessness and despair. He can only watch the soul of Xi Xuan Dao’s ancestor being burned. In the end, he does not know how many true spirits can be left and whether he can continue to reincarnate.

“You this brat, since it has become a Taoist ancestor, why can’t you see the fate of the heavens? All this is the fate of the teacher!”

The soul of Xi Xuan Dao’s phantom looked toward Su Fang, laughing and laughing.

“Su Fang, teacher died for human race, dead without regret, teacher can have a discipline like you, no regrets.”

The voice of Xi Xuan Dao is getting weaker and weaker, and the soul will be turned into nothingness.

“hmph ~”

Suddenly a coldly snorted came out of nothingness, as if it was Heavenly Dao from the midst of it.

Su Fang was as punishable by the heavens, and was bombarded by an invisible force. The body was shaken into the broken time and space.

When he came out again, the fleshly body was broken everywhere, and a mouth spurted a blood.

“Immorious powerhouse!”

“I killed the horrible ancestor and even brought the immortal powerhouse… This person is what the treasure tree mother said, that is the rotation of the ancestors!”

Su Fang was in a state of serious injury, and her heart was arrogant.

“With the ninth cultívation, the impact is immortal? This road is feasible, but the human race is a low-level life, and ultimately it is still a bamboo basket to fetch water… Hey, destroy a slave of this Eminence, take this soul to compensate for this Eminence, After several rounds of reincarnation, I will cultivate it again, maybe I can cultivate an immortal slave!”

The old voice that sounded like a long-lasting sound rang again, and then a Profound Light emerged from nothingness, turned into a vain big hand, and wrapped around the soul of Xi Xuan Daozu.

The flame of the burning of the soul of the West Xuan Dao was extinguished, and then it was shrouded in nothingness, and it was about to be taken away.

“Let my Master!”

Su Fang was completely dominated by the evil corpse, igniting the evil flame and desperately killing the Profound Light.

“This Eminence didn’t want to kill you this junior. Since you dare to take the initiative to this Eminence, this Eminence will have a reason to kill you!”

The rotation of the ancestors revealed the voice of Heavenly Dao’s will, and the imaginary big hand suddenly changed direction, moved towards Su Fang.

Suddenly, Su Fang felt like an ant facing the sky, and all of them were smashed. How powerful Divine Ability and ability is difficult to display at this moment.

Hong long long !

Suddenly a thunder light surged, the thunder and thunder roared, and a Thunder light condensed Sky Gate quickly emerged from above.

Reze’s original world!

Unexpectedly, the Sky Gate that entered the original realm of Reze suddenly appeared at this moment.

As long as Su Fang is suppressing the emptiness of the big hand, suddenly stopped.

Then came the voice of Lei Ze’s original spirit: “This person is the inheritance of the original choice of Reze. According to Eternal Heaven, the immortal powerhouse must not shoot him.”

The voice of the rotating Yuanzu came again: “hmph, the Reze ancients have been dead for many years, and you in this area are also afraid to stop this Eminence?”

“Although the ancient people of Reze have already been destroyed, according to Eternal Heaven, there is another opportunity for the Reze ancients to send the inheritance to the Temple of Eternity. If it passes the assessment, the ancient people of Reze can be preserved in the Temple of Eternity. Status. No immortal powerhouse should be allowed to take action on the inheritance, otherwise it will be punished by the day.”

“that’s all …this Eminence will wait in the Temple of Eternity to see how this human race Junior passes the test…”

The rotation of the Yuanzu was indifferent to the coldly snorted, and the sound quickly became ethereal. The Profound Light also wrapped the soul of the West Xuan Daozu, and disappeared into nothingness.

The shackles on Su Fang are gone.

However, his heart has fallen into the low point of despair.

At this point he realized the real gap between himself and the immortal powerhouse.

With his strength at this time, facing the Ten Gods, even if it is not, it is impossible to follow this, under the will of the Yuanzu, if the weak chickens generally have no resistance.

too big!

The difference between the real immortal powerhouse and the real immortal powerhouse is too big. It is like a baby facing a robust man. There is no resistance at all.

Su Fang’s confidence can be surpassed after the gap with the immortal powerhouse. However, witnessing the soul of Xi Xuan Dao’s soul being captured and falling into the hands of an immortal powerhouse is to let him fall into the depression that has never been seen before.

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