Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3248

Jieling conveyed to Shen Fang: “human race Su Fang, this time Eminence can save you once by the rules of the Eternal Temple. The next time you are not so lucky. Hey, you are too bold, some immortal powerhouse What is it that you can now provoke?”

Su Fang is refreshing, moving towards the sky Gate cup one fist in the other hand : “many thanks the spirit of Sir to save!”

“You don’t have to be arrogant. You are the first to enter the original world of Reze. The possibility of passing the 9th Layer Heaven test is only one layer at most. Now there are at least 6-Layer, and this Eminence is very optimistic about you.”

“When you become the master of Reze’s original world, you have the original eneritance of Reze, and sooner or later you will become an immortal powerhouse… The time to enter the original realm of Reze is not much, try hard, human race cultivator !”

The voice of the spirit gradually drifted away, and the Sky Gate in the air disappeared as the thunder light.

“Rotating Yuanzu, when I am promoted to the immortal day, I will definitely go to the door to report today’s great hatred!” Su Fang looked towards the empty air, moving towards the ethereal Heavenly Dao.

Longevity lamp starteded talking: “Master, if you become immortal, the strength will certainly surpass the rotation of the Yuanzu, that the turn of the Yuanzu is promoted to immortality in the reincarnation, and the Master cultívation is the all-inclusive Heavenly Dao, once promoted to immortality, naturally It’s much better than him. But it’s too hard to be an immortal powerhouse with Heavenly Dao…”

“I have a fruit position, and there is an opportunity like the original realm of Lei Ze, and I am sure to be able to surpass the Taoist ancestors and become immortal!”

“The day I look forward to the day when Master can achieve immortality…”

“Listening to the meaning of the turn of the Yuanzu is to see that the Master has the potential to become immortal, so he took the Master’s soul and cultivated him into a slave. Therefore, the Master will not have anything for a while. The immediate priority is the seal of Xi Xuanshan. …”

Su Fang looked towards Xi Xuanshan, could not help but startled.

Although the sealant did not break the seal before the ancestors, the seal still appeared loose.

At this time, the ten gods are madly attacking inside, causing the seal to be broken.

It is estimated that for thousands of years, the seal created by Xi Xuan Dao Zu with his own and Hong Meng Tian Bao prisoner will be broken by the Ten Gods.

Sou sou sou!

The human race ancestors of the Eastern Xuan Dao, Tian Tiantai, and the Dark Mother Tao, appeared in the sky above Xi Xuan Mountain.

On the way to Xi Xuanshan, Su Fang sent a message to the human race Daozu, and now they rushed to Xixuan Mountain.

Seeing the seal of the West Xuanshan, many human race ancestors were accidental and shocked.

Then there was another burst of despair.

Su Fang brought the things that happened before to the many human race ancestors.

“I don’t think that the Tianzu people are so mean…”

Dong Xuan Dao and the others are all gnashing teeth, and they are also admired for the experience of Xi Xuan Dao.

“This old thing, have died a few times, still still act recklessly …” Dark mother Tao is both worried and saddened by Xi Xuan Dao.

Xi Xuan Daozu is the most promising powerhouse among the human race ancestors except Su Fang.

Now the soul of the reincarnation of Xi Xuan Dao is actually taken away by the immortal powerhouse of the aliens. What will happen in the future, no one can say.

The human race has therefore lost a glimmer of hope.

Every human race is full of pessimism and despair.

Dong Xuan Dao Zusai solemnly: “You still have to talk about how to solve the West Xuanshan seal.”

Many Taoists fell silent.

For a long time, the dark mother ancestor started talking: “If you can’t find any good way in the 10,000 years, then this Eminence is only effective for the West and the old ghosts, with their own seals, the ten lords of God re-smashed.”

Scorpio shook his head and said: “It’s useless. Xi Xuan Dao’s ancestors and the Hongmeng Tianbao prisoner’s cages barely sealed the seal of the Ten Commandments. Now the seal has been shaken, even if it’s all incarnation seals are useless.”

The smug voice of the Ten Commandments came from inside the West Xuanshan: “Human race, don’t waste any more effort, except for the immortal powerhouse, no one can stop this Eminence now. Wait for this Eminence to get out of jealousy, including you, All human races will be cleaned up by this Eminence to prove their immortality, jié jié jié …”

Many ancestors are all gnashing teeth, but they are all worthwhile.

Su Fang suddenly said: “Let me try!”

Shua shua Shua!

Everyone looked toward towards Su Fang, and a glimmer of hope in the eyelids.

Su Fang settled for a while, then slowly said: “I got a treasure in the Temple of Heaven, it is the sacred stone of Heavenly Dao’s ancestors. In addition, I just witnessed the Master’s soul being taken away, and there is a breakthrough in the realm. So I decided to give it a try. As for success, I can’t guarantee it.”

Tian Haoran said: “Hey Tianshi? This Eminence knows this treasure, 敕Heavenly Dao ancestors created the 敕天大道, it is from the 敕天石comcompred. You are not planning to use the 敕天石 to reseal ten God Lord?”

Not waiting for Su Fang to open, from the inside of Xi Xuanshan, the laughter of the ten-party gods revealing the resentment: “敕天石? No use, except for the immortal powerhouse shot, even Hongmeng Tianbao is difficult to smash this Eminence! ”

Su Fang smiled and smiled in his eyes. He said to many Taoist powerhouses: “Please take care of the law outside the West Xuanshan and ban the surrounding time and space. No one should snoop.”

Everyone is unclear, but Su Fang is the only hope at this moment. They have left the Xixuan Mountain, and according to Su Fang’s instructions, they guarded the time and space around the West Xuanshan, and displayed the Shenwei to confine the 100 Million Li space.

Su Fang Primordial Spirit also applied for formation, in line with the destiny, Heaven and Earth, and Heavenly Dao, which cut off the fate, and shrouded Xi Xuanshan and the sky, completely insulting the outside world.

After doing all this, Su Fang sat down in Xi Xuanshan.

The sacred corpse of the Ten Commandments once again heard the voice from inside the seal: “You are Su Fang who has repeatedly broken this Eminence major event? You cultívation Jiu Xuan Wuji Jing, it should be the descendant of this Eminence, but it is everywhere and this Eminence is right, but now it is still trying to reseal this Eminence, and it is overestimate one’s capabilities.”

Su Fang said indifferently: “You are not the Lord of the Ten Commandments, but it is the scorpion of the Ten Gods, that’s all, you are trying to destroy the human race, to prove that Eternal Immortal. And I intend to guard the human race, guard me. My relatives and friends, to prove my way. You and I are water and fire, how can water and fire be compatible?”

The Ten Commandments of God sent out an angry roar: “This Eminence has been killed by the human race, and it has long since smashed three corpses, becoming an immortal powerhouse, and leading the human race to stand among the chaos. Human race, what else is worth guarding?”

Su Fang replied coldly: “This is the so-called difference, and it doesn’t matter.”

The ten-party god sneer: “Do you think that it is so easy to get rid of three corpses? This Eminence is going to have a look, how do you get rid of three corpses, how can you reseal this Eminence!”

Su Fang no longer speaks, sitting in the air.

Precipitate for a long time.

Su Fang grabbed a jade slip.

In the Leize ancient sacred market, before the death of the sect of the Ten Gods, he gave him this jade, and there was a way to get rid of the three corpses.

At this time, Su Fang is planning to go to good corpse.

“If I want to get rid of good corpses, I have to cut off all good thoughts and good fruits, and I will pin them on a treasure. From then on, I will be free from all good thoughts, get detached, and mysterious treasures will be One of my body is boundless!”

“I can think of 敕天石 as a treasure that is a good corpse, but if you want to get rid of all good thoughts, easier said than done?”

Thinking of this, Su Fang showed a bitter smile.

The faces of each and everyone, friends, and men are constantly emerging in my mind, and my heart is full of good thoughts.

The three corpses are to smash the dead body, the good corpse, the evil corpse, so as to get rid of all the evils of the world, get rid of all the emotions, as Heavenly Dao is so ruthless, so that it can coexist with Heavenly Dao and become the existence of Eternal Immortal.

To go to good corpse is to cut off all family ties and good thoughts. Su Fang is the most affectionate, and how can it be broken?

Time passes by.

Su Fang’s face is no longer calm, gradually filled with painful colors, and finally a layer of sweat, the muscles on his face are constantly twitching, as if suffering from the tremendous pain that has never been experienced.

“Su Fang, give up, since you want to protect your loved ones and human race, how can you get rid of family and good thoughts?”

The voice of the Lord of the Ten Commandments is like a magical sound. It is constantly transmitted from the inside of the seal of the West Xuanshan, and it impacts the heart of Su Fang.

The expression on Su Fang’s face became more and more painful when he heard the voice of the Lord of the Ten Commandments.

“What’s more, human race, the so-called good, is just hypocrisy that’s all. Human race cultivator, and even among the chaotic people, which power is not for you to eat me, I eat you? This is Heavenly Dao Law, how can you change?”

“This Eminence was kind to the human race in the past. What is the result? Your so-called goodness does not exist, why bother?”

The gloomy voice of the Ten Gods continued to come, trying to make Su Fang’s heart chaos, not only could not get rid of the good corpse, but also be embarrassed, and it was difficult to breakthrough on cultívation.

Su Fang was originally a chaotic consciousness. Under the interference of the Ten Lords, consciousness became more chaotic, and it was difficult to condense the will of the good corpse.

Suddenly, in the mind of Su Fang, the incarnation seal of Xi Xuan Dao was flashed, and the scene of the ten-party god.

Then came watching Luo Qing, the reincarnation of Xi Xuan Dao, and was sentenced to death by Great Elder.

Then it was the sixth body of Xi Xuan Daozu, and there was no image of killing the ancestors.


Under the great pain, Su Fang’s mind suddenly became as bright as a torn dark cloud.

“Guarding relatives and human races, and going to good bodies, seemingly contradictory, but it is a big mistake and a mistake.”

“I am going to good corpse, not because I want to be loveless to my loved ones, human race, nor to be ruthless, but to be better guarded. Lyricism is the most affectionate!”

Su Fang opened然 eyes opened eyes, eyes flashing rays of light, the pain of the face is gone.

His right hand turns, 敕天石 appears in the palm of his hand, and then floats outside the hundred zhang to float.


Su Fang smiled, and the unsuccessful will, the atmosphere broke out and disappeared into nothingness.

Hong long long !

A thunderous thunder came.

The Heavenly Dao will suddenly come down and condense over the top of Su Fang to become a thousand zhang-sized thunder light knife, moving toward Su Fang.

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