Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3249


Heavenly Dao’s condensed thunder light knife reveals the coolness and ruthlessness of Heavenly Dao and bows to Su Fang.

When he reached the top of Su Fang, the huge thunder light knife of the thousand zhang shrunk to a size of one foot, and the knife fell on Su Fang’s head and broke into Su Fang’s with the body.

In an instant!

In Su Fang’s mind, his loved ones, friends, his men, and countless familiar, strange faces flashed in his mind, one after another in his mind.

At the same time, Su Fang also felt that there is a path of causality in the darkness, and it is also cut off by this knife. Those causalities are the good fruits of Su Fang’s good cause.

Su Fang’s heart, a burst of tears.

Every time a face is broken, every path of causality has a heartbreaking pain, as if it is a complete screening with all the loved ones, friends, men and all human races he wants to guard.

This knife, the whole process is only a moment of Lightning Spark, but for Su Fang, it seems to have experienced the reincarnation of the world.


A lifelike Su Fang silhouette was stripped from Su Fang’s body within the body.

Su Fang’s body and heart are like what has been lost, and it suddenly becomes empty.

At the same time, it has become easier than ever, just like getting detached.

“father, mysterious heart, goddess, senior Sister, White Spirit, Qing Yu, Xi Xuan Dao…”

Su Fang closed her eyes, and the faces of her loved ones clearly appeared in her mind, but there was no emotional fluctuation in her heart, as if she were facing strangers who were irrelevant to each and everyone.

It is not ruthless, nor is it the loss of affection for loved ones, but the shackles of detachment, not the emotions, the emotions, and the embarrassment.

Whether it is a mortal or a cultivator, it is easy to be disturbed by emotions, not seeing the heart and the truth, making things that are contrary to the heart, or even making emotions that are irritating.

Su Fang went to good corpse, but she did not go to the love of her relatives and friends. Instead, she took away all the emotions brought about by good thoughts and jumped out of everything.

“It turned out that this is the so-called too forgotten…”

Su Fang feels that there is no layer of ambiguity in his heart. Unconsciously, he has entered a realm that is higher than the heart and heart, like all-inclusive.

This height is also the highest level of the heart of the realm … too forgotten!

Since I went to the good body, Su Fang’s heart realm has entered the height of being too forgotten.

However, it is just getting started.

With the breakthrough of the real heart of the Tao, Su Fang felt that the Heavenly Dao was farther away. The 桎梏, bottleneck on the cultivation base disappeared disappear without a trace at this moment.

“You… you actually went to the good body!”

The voice of the sacred corpse of the Ten Commandments came from the inside of the seal of the West Xuanshan. There was shock and surprise in the tone, and there were still some flaws.

When he was chased by the human race powerhouse, he had to forcibly separate the dead body, the good body, and the evil body into three. As a result, the body was killed, the good bodies and the evil bodies lost control, and each went on a different Avenue.

If this is not the case, the Ten Gods will be able to reach the height that the human race has never reached and become an immortal powerhouse.

Now I have witnessed Su Fang’s going to the good body. I have taken a big step on the road to immortal Peak. Can he be a singer?

Su Fang smiled: “I am really thankful for the fact that I am able to successfully remove good corpses.”

“Thanks to this Eminence?”

“If you are about to break through the seal, the human race is facing the catastrophe. In order to protect the relatives and human race, how can I squat down the knife?”

“What if you go to good corpse, what about it? Wait for this Eminence to rush out of the seal, you can kill you!”

The sound of the murderous aura of the Ten Thousand Gods rushed out of the seal, and then began to fully impact the seal, making the seal begin to accelerate the break.

Su Fang casually smiles and then looks at the phantom that has been taken away.

This phantom is the good body of Su Fang!

Su Fang thought of a move.

The corpse moved toward the sky, and the sky disappeared.

However, Yu Tianshi has a more spirituality in an instant, exuding a path of golden Profound Light, mysterious lines appear.

The sacred, immortal, and majestic Heavenly Dao order is right, and it rises to the sky.

Su Fang has settled for 300 million years and has already cultivated the stone into a body.

At this moment, Tianshi Stone has become the sustenance of good corpses, which makes the celestial stone more than the Yuanling, and the quality has also changed. It is no longer a half-step Hongmeng Tianbao, but is elevated to the height of Hongmeng Tianbao.

“My good corpse is pinned on the body of the gods, protecting my loved ones, friends, and even the entire human race!”

Su Fang this Venerable slightly smiled, waved moving towards West Xuanshan.


敕天石 circling out and hovering over the West Xuanshan.

Chi chi chi!

From the bottom of the 敕天石, a path of golden Profound Light is ejected, intertwined, and turned into a golden plaque with a large area of ​​a thousand miles, which falls on the West Xuanshan.

From a distance, it looks like a big print, and moved towards West Xuanshan.

敕天石 contains the Heavenly Dao order, which can be deprived or given to the cultivator, everything in life.

Su Fang was pinned off by the good corpse in the celestial stone. At this time, the scorpion released, forming a powerful Seal of Heavenly Dao order, deprived of the freedom of the Ten Gods.

“I don’t think that this Eminence has been broken by you this time… Su Fang, your seal is also difficult to swear this Eminence for a long time, wait for this Eminence to break the seal, you will burn your body and soul…”

As the golden Mark Symbol released by Haotianshi infiltrates into the interior of Xixuan Mountain, the voice of the Ten Gods is getting smaller and smaller, and finally stops.

Su Fang Put away the 敕天石, then a 趔趄, almost difficult to keep the air.

He first killed the ancestors, and then was seriously injured by the rotation of the ancestors, and then smashed the good corpse, urging the celestial stone to seal the ten lords, the consumption is also amazing, this time has arrived at an arrow at the end of its flight.

“Master, yes!”

Su Fang grabbed ten medicine pills and swallowed them. At the same time, he also spurred the life and energy of the blood pigs to devour the blood pigs, and restored some of them. This conveyed the thoughts to Dong Xuan Dao and the others.

Sou sou sou!

The human race Daozu powerhouse, such as Dongxuan Daozu, can’t wait to break through.

Inspired by the strong seal in the West Xuanshan, the atmosphere of the Ten Gods was re-encumbered, and the human race was suddenly surprised and happy.

Then the human race Dao sensed the breath of Su Fang. Although it was sluggish, it gave them the illusion of facing Heavenly Dao. The realm is obviously different from before.

Many human races have once again been shocked, and they can’t help but feel a sense of awe, even Dong Xuan Dao.

Scorpio sighed: “This Eminence’s deduction is really good. Su Fang is the hope of my human race. This time, the ten-party god is once again sealed, no longer worrying about bringing disaster to my human race.”

Dong Xuan Daohehe laughed: “He is the discipline of this Eminence, hehe…”

Su Fang shook his head and said: “Scorpio Sir, Master, you don’t have to be too happy too. The seal I created with Yu Tianshi is just to make up for the seal of Master. That’s all, it can only be sealed for a while, long. Millions of years, short, five hundred thousand years, the Ten Gods may have to break through the seal.”

Many human race ancestors who were just excited were divine light transients, like a splash of ice water, and suddenly fell into the abyss of ten thousand zhang.

I don’t know~

Su Fang then smiled casually and faintly said: “The last time I passed the 3-Layer test of the original world of Reze, I came back to Dazu, and I was able to kill Dao’s Peak. This time I re-entered the original world of Lei Ze. When I return to the day, I will kill the evil spirits of the ten gods and eradicate the human race!”

In the plain tone, there is a strong self-confidence and unparalleled confidence.

Dong Xuan Dao and the others cheered up again.

If other people say this, naturally no one will believe it.

Although the evil spirits of the Ten Commandments have not really entered immortality, there is no one under the immortality. Even Hongmeng Tianbao can hardly smash it, showing how amazing its strength is.

However, Su Fang rises from a deserted slave who came from a low-level universe. He rises above the human race Peak powerhouse and does not know how many miracles have been created.

In his words, how do many Taoists do not believe?

“There are laborers, Sir, who will completely seal the periphery of Xixuan Mountain and take turns to sit in the town to prevent another alien powerhouse from trying to open the seal of the West Xuanshan and release the Ten Lords.”

Su Fang moved towards a lot of Taozu powerhouse, a cup one fist in the other hand, and then squatted away.

After returning to the Temple of Heaven, Su Fang entered the Cave Mansion directly.

He first put the scorpion body back into the distance. The scorpion stone is the array eye of the entire 敕天神宫. If you leave for a long time, it will make the interior space of the 敕天神宫 unstable.

The idea is moving.

Every move of everyone in the Tianjin Temple was inspired by Su Fang.

Inductive force swept through father, Shu Zhenzhen and many relatives, friends and men. There was a warmth in Su Fang’s heart, but there was no slight mood swing.

Then Su Fang began to devour the medicine pill and spiritual objects at any cost, and the twelve races and alien ancestors who were shackled by him became his training materials.

So crazy to swallow, Su Fang’s injury, consumption, recovery speed is naturally amazing.

Next, Su Fang settled down in the formation of time, cultívation, and continued to enhance the cultivation base, and also continued to comprehend Divine Ability.

There is also a 5th layer test in the original world of Reze. Su Fang is confident that he has at least the possibility of success above 7-Layer.

However, time is tight, Su Fang can only make every effort to improve the cultivation base. At this time, he entered the original realm of Reze. His goal is not only the 4-Layer day test, but 5th layer day, 6-Layer day, and even more. .

The more tests you have passed, the more amazing the rewards you get, and the faster your strength will be.

In this way, there is hope to kill the evil spirits of the Ten Commandments and completely resolve the human race crisis.

Even if you can’t kill the evil spirits of the Ten Commandments, you can bring the human race into the original realm of Reze, and avoid the destruction of great tribulation.

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