Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3250

Time flies quickly.

Su Fang has been completely immersed in cultívation in the internal space of time, and has forgotten the loss of time.

Or it can be said accurately that time has lost its meaning to his high-level repairers.

Compared with the life of the Taoist powerhouse, the age and cultivation time of Su Fang are extremely short.

Until this day.

Su Fang suddenly felt in her heart, and opened her eyes.

“Hurry… It’s time to enter the original world of Reze again!”

Su Fang within the body’s life rushes, and the feeling of vicissitudes that hang over the body retreats and returns to the 18-year-old life.

Fly out of the formation.

敕天法 body condensed thoughts, illusion of a body, special sect master holding the Temple of Heaven.

Then he will inhale the inside of the palace.

This time, I entered Lei Ze’s original world, and Su Fang had to go all out, so she would take her away with her.

There is a avatar, you can maintain the 敕天神 Palace for tens of thousands of years, and you can always control the entire 敕天神宫.

Leave Cave Mansion.

After the force of induction in a group of people inside the Temple of Heaven, Su Fang conveyed to the sacred candle sage: “The sacred candle sage, I will enter the original realm of Lei Ze, the 敕天神宫 will be temporarily closed, everything is give it to you!”

The evil candle sage quickly responded: “Do not worry, give it to this Eminence, there will be no mistakes.”

Su Fang a coldly snorted: “If there is a slight loss, I will never be light!”

The evil candle sacred replied: “This Eminence gives you assurance that if there is a slight loss, this Eminence will be handed over to you… blame, how your god thinks this Eminence also feels hauts trembling in fear, no Unyielding to serve your will, it seems that you have been retreating for so many years, and the strength has increased greatly.”

Not only is Su Fang retreat so much for so many years.

Also, because Su Fang has gone to the good corpse, the realm of the Tao is equal to the edge of immortality, and the will is naturally not a high ancestor of the evil candle sage.

Su Fang has his own means of controlling the holy candle, and he is not afraid of losing control after the evil candle.

Then Su Fang waved his volley.

An independent time and space inside the Tianshen Palace, together with the entire enchantment, was directly captured by him, then inhaled into the Taoist palace and moved inside the Heavenly Dao body.

The side that was taken away by Su Fang was independent of time and space, and there was a low-level life born from Pan Cong universe and his Heavenly Dao body.

Su Fang This is the intention to send them directly into the original realm of Reze.

If Su Fang really has any accidents, the human race will not be completely extinct, and it can continue to multiply in the original world of Reze.

Maybe one day, a powerful powerhouse will be born, leaving the original world of Lei Ze and returning to chaos.

After doing all this, Su Fang’s figure flashed, disappeared into nothingness, and disappeared from the Tianjin Temple to disappear without a trace.


Su Fang appeared outside the Temple of Heaven.

The human race Daozu, such as Dong Xuan Daozu, had long waited outside the Temple of Heavenly God, and did not know how long it took.

Dong Xuan Dao ancestors said: “Su Fang, are you ready to go to the original realm of Lei Ze?”

“Yes, Master!” Su Fang politely bowed to the other hand.

“You go to the original realm of Lei Ze, shoulder the heavy responsibility, be careful.” Dong Xuan Dao zu warned repeatedly.

Many human races have been looked towards towards Su Fang, and there is no dignity in their eyes.

“Su Fang is clear, this goes to the original realm of Lei Ze, and must live up to expectations!” Su Fang moved towards many ancestors cup one fist in the other hand.

Su Fang suddenly had a roll of eyebrows when he was about to leave.


An old man with a gorgeous dress and a rich atmosphere is so empty.

This person is also a Taoist, secretly controlling the Chamber of Commerce, and is also a powerful figure in the human race World.

“Su Fang Sir This trip to the original world of Reze, there is a gift!” From the Chamber of Commerce, the ancestors moved towards Su Fang cup one fist in the other hand, and then rolled out a Profound Light.

Profound Light falls on beyond a thousand miles and turns into a little star. It is the rare treasure of the Chamber of Commerce.

I saw a dazzling starburst from the stars, condensed into a huge light curtain of the hundred zhang.

Among the light curtains, countless cultivators float, densely packed, and difficult to see the quantity, from the lowest level of the true cultivator to the Taoist powerhouse.

Look at the costumes, these cultivators should come from Hong Tian Shen domain.

“Congratulation Su Fang Sir!”

In the light curtain, led by the Taoist powerhouse, countless cultivators also bowed to Su Fang.

Then, the light curtain changed again.

There are also countless cultivators, but they are no longer the cultivator of the Hongtian domain, but from the Tiantian domain, they are also grateful and respectful, moving towards Su Fang.

Then the light curtain continues to change, except for the Nanxuan, the other eight sacred cultivators, up to the Tao, down to the true, countless cultivator moved towards Su Fang worship.

Su Fang’s heart began to fluctuate, looking towards the Chamber of Commerce. “What do you mean?”

The Tao of the Chamber of Commerce: “Before you killed the Heavenly Dao ancestor and the Heavenly Dao ancestor, many people have a lot of criticisms for you. These years, after the vigorous promotion of the ancestors Sir, this Eminence also made some force. The human race World’s cultivator has already understood the truth and is in your heart. This time you enter the real world of Reze for the human race. The human race is not worth mentioning. Only in this way, I wish you success, Su Fang Sir. How is success or failure, my human race will be remembered forever!”

Su Fang silent for a moment, then moved toward the light curtain, cup one fist in the other hand, step into the Void, disappeared from the sight of the crowd disappear without a trace.

In addition, when Su Fang was ready to go to the extraterritorial chaos and wait for the appearance of the original Sky Gate of Lei Ze, Ye Nuo was also ready to enter the original realm of Lei Ze.

Still the altar, Zhouuo sits on the altar, surrounded by the number of hundred thousand cultivators.

At this moment, the cultivation base has been elevated to the height of the Tao, and only one step away from Dao.

“hmph ~”

The indifferent gaze of Zenuo projected from the altar, and the murderous aura that was fierce and cold was flashing from the depths.

Compared with the last time, this time, the cultivator of Concord was lost, and many of the ancestors were lost.

Those people, all of them are now Su Fang, naturally, can not come to send Ye Nuo.


A divine glow flashed out and turned into the silhouette of the seven ancestors of the Tianzu.

Kono hurriedly bowed: “See the Seven ancestors!”

The ancestors of the Seven ancestors had a volume on the body of Zeon, and they said: “It seems that you are ready. The painstaking cultivation of these years has not been in vain. It is not difficult to pass the 3-Layer test of the original world.” “”

Euno is confident and confident: “The discipline is fully grasped.”

“However, just passing the 3-Layer day test is not enough!” The voice of the Seventh Father suddenly became indifferent.

Zhouo startled, immediately started talking: “Seven ancestors said Su Fang?”

“Yes! If there is no such person to fight with you, the resources of the Tianzu people, plus your innate talent, through the ultimate test of the original realm of Lei Ze, and finally get the original realm of Lei Ze, it is not difficult. However, more This human race cultivator, you can win the hope of the original realm of Reze, it becomes very embarrassing.”

The words of the seven ancestors made Zhou Nuo quite dissatisfied.

The seven ancestors of the Tianzu people saw the mind of Euno: “Before I was worried about disturbing your cultívation, I didn’t tell you that this Eminence personally invited the rotation of the ancestors and sent his powerhouse to the human race World, which is still a success. Even the ancestors were killed by Su Fang.”

“Su Fang killed the ancestors?”

The sinusoidal light transient, the eyes are incredible.

The seven ancestors said indifferently: “And when the rotation of the ancestors was ready to kill Su Fang, the original world of Lei Ze appeared, and the Eternal Heaven blocked the rotation of the ancestors. It can be seen that Su Fang’s performance in the past has already been Spiritual recognition. If you can’t surpass Su Fang in the original realm of Reze, sooner or later you will be obliterated by the spirit!”

At the same time, Euno felt a heavy pressure and gritted his teeth: “disciple…clear!”

“You understand.”

On the occasion of the beheading of the seven ancestors, the figure was once again turned into a divine glow into the void.

“Su Fang, you are a low-level human race 蝼 桎梏, 桎梏 my father, my powerhouse, and I want to take away my original realm of Reze… I think!”

In the eyes of Euno, there is a shivering of hatred and anger, and the face of a woman like a woman is terrifying.

Waited for more than ten years.

The Sky Gate of Lei Ze’s original world appeared. With a full-fledged killing intent, Quano entered the Sky Gate and entered the original realm of Lei Ze.

Su Fang is a thousand years later than Euno.

After entering the original world of Reze, it appeared directly on the fourth lotus platform of 4-Layer.

The voice of the spirit came: “human race Su Fang, it seems that your harvest in these years is not small, the strength has improved a lot.”

Su Fang said: “This is also thanks to the guidance of the spirit of Sir.”

Bound Road: “This Eminence is just within the scope of the rules, giving you some pointers. You can have such improvement. It is your own effort. But… your strength has improved, you want to pass the 4. -Layer days test, it is estimated that there are some difficulties.”

“Is the 4-Layer day test so difficult?”

Su Fang’s heart sank, he had planned to enter the original world of Reze this time, not only to pass the 4-Layer days, but also to pass more tests.

I didn’t expect the spirit to estimate that he had difficulty in passing 4-Layer days, and Su Fang was surprised.

The spirit then went on to say: “The 4-Layer day of the Reze original is the most difficult test. The 5th layer is dangerous next time, but the difficulty is not as good as the 4-Layer day. As long as you pass the 4-Layer day test, the subsequent test In addition to strength, you still need luck.”

“originally is this way… my luck has always been good.” Su Fang has been a lot easier.

“Get started, human race cultivator, I hope that your efforts for millions of years are not in vain!”

The voice of the spirits fell.

The lotus platform space immediately extended to the surrounding area, turning into an independent time and space, boundless, and the interior was nothing.


A tall cultívation of the ancient hundred zhang, flashing out of nothingness.

Unlike the opponent that Su Fang encountered on the fourth lotus platform last time, this opponent is a Taoist ancestor, and his breath is ten times stronger than the last time.

The test of the original realm of Reze will be based on the strength of the tester. Su Fang is the last cultivation base. At this time, it is already a Taoist ancestor. The opponent appearing is naturally the height of the Tao.

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