Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3251

This time, it is no longer the face of Su Fang, but a Reze ancient powerhouse.

Judging from the breath, the Reze ancient cultívation appearing on the fourth lotus platform is an ordinary Taoist ancestor who did not reach Peak.

Of course, if you really think of him as a normal ancestor, you will definitely die very badly.

The ancient people of Reze are the powerful races that once dominated chaos and the universal allegiance of the people. How can the ancient ancestors powerhouse of the Reze ancients be ordinary?

Under normal circumstances, a common ancestor of the Reze ancients can easily crush the human race’s Taozu Peak powerhouse.

This is the gap between races. Because of the different levels of life, even the same level of cultívation, the difference in strength is as different as heaven and earth.


That the Razer ancient cultívation waved to Su Fang and threw a thunder from the palm.

Of course, it is not an ordinary Leifa, violent, fierce, revealing a way to destroy the punishment.

Just heard the sound of Lei Zhen, the Thunder will kill Su Fang.

Su Fang estimates that this strike of the Reze ancient powerhouse can easily kill the Dazu who is the same height as Su Fang.

However, Su Fang is also an ordinary ancestor?

With one hand, the thought turned into a black and a red Profound Light, which mingled together to form a huge yin and yang taiji pattern of the thousand zhang area, forming a strong defense in front of Su Fang.

Hong long long !

The rapid and powerful bombardment on the yin and yang taiji pattern, the black and red Profound Light entangled and rotated, the birth of the endless life, yin and yang blending all things Heavenly Dao.

The attack of the Reze ancient powerhouse immediately fell into layers in the Yin-Yang Diagram and was finally dissolved.

It is Su Fang’s Heavenly Dao method that has created a Great Divine Ability from the Heavenly Dao that he has mastered. It is called the yin and yang mixed element map, which is very similar to the yin and yang Taiyi technique of Dong Xuan Tiange.

“go to hell!”

Su Fang’s thoughts moved, and the yin and yang taiji figure circled out and went straight to the Reze ancient powerhouse.

After a big collision, the yin and yang taiji figure strangled the Leize ancient powerhouse’s once-offensive and eventually engulfed it.

Su Fang just consumes some thoughts.

The strangled Reze ancient powerhouse turned into a majestic and pure Qi of Primordial Chaos, pouring into the interior of Su Fang’s palace, making the entire palace begin to boil, full of Heavenly Dao’s original atmosphere. Make Su Fang’s Dojo closer to the source of Heavenly Dao.

This is the benefit of the 4-Layer day test.


Su Fang was transferred directly to the fifth lotus platform.

The opponents encountered this time are ten times more powerful than before, and the Great Divine Ability is even more amazing.

Su Fang’s body, Xuanyang body, and Xuan Huang’s body fit together to display the Great Divine Ability, which contains different Heavenly Dao sensibility, to kill the illusioned Reze ancient powerhouse.

Although the opponents encountered in the fifth lotus platform are powerful, there is not much pressure on Su Fang.

However, after entering the sixth lotus platform, Su Fang finally felt tremendous pressure.

The illusion opponent’s cultivation base is still at the same height as him. However, the Heavenly Dao mastery is even more powerful. It contains the horror of destroying Heaven and Earth. The Divine Ability is not only powerful, but also changes.

Three hours of war.

Su Fang finally killed the Reze ancient powerhouse and was transferred to the seventh lotus platform.

His breath appeared to be sluggish, and the fleshly body also shattered, and the scars were damaged by the force of the thunder.

Su Fang spurred the blood of life, but also swallowed the life of the “blood pig” in the palace to supplement the huge consumption.

The seventh lotus platform made him consume more than half. Fortunately, after killing the Reze ancient powerhouse, he got a lot of Qi of Primordial Chaos, which made the Qi of Primordial Chaos in the Su Fang Palace remain full and merged. The pure Qi of Primordial Chaos made Su Fang’s Qi of Primordial Chaos more pure and advanced.

“The next eighth level, I am afraid it is even more difficult, you must be careful to deal with it…”

Su Fang draped a vestment on the Qi of Primordial Chaos and then transferred it to the eighth lotus stand.


A giant of the Reze ancients up to 500 zhang, with the thunder light and destruction of the sky, smashed out of nothingness.

The cultivation base of this Reze ancient powerhouse is still at the same height as Su Fang, but the breath is very powerful, so Su Fang is also amazed.

“The height of the powerhouse is stronger than that of the Zhou family powerhouse. It is only the eighth level of the 4-Layer day, and how difficult is the ninth level?”

Sensing the strength of the Reze ancient powerhouse, Su Fang knew that this time had to go all out.

“敕天法身, Deprived of innate talent!”

Su Fang showed his ability to practice the law.

A path of golden Profound Light erupted from the celestial stone, intertwined into a Mark Symbol, descending from the head of the Reze ancient powerhouse, releasing the powerful will and power to deprive the cultívation.

The thunder light of the Reze ancient powerhouse suddenly became dim, and the breath was suppressed by one third.

“Great return to the market!”

In the face of such a powerful powerhouse, Su Fang did not dare to have the slightest intention to directly display the Great Return.

The thought, Qi of Primordial Chaos quickly condensed a mirror of color of Primal Chaos, ejected a beam of light and bombarded the body of the Reze ancient powerhouse.

“Lei Shui Tianze!”

The strength of the Reze ancient powerhouse was astounding. Under the dual powers of the scorpion and the great retreat, a violent anger was erupted, and a powerful offensive broke out.

I saw a thunder light rushing from his eyebrows, but there was no rapid emergence, but a wave of water-like thunder light, time filled the entire lotus space.

These thunders are no longer violent, as soft as water waves, but the sacred powers contained in them are even more terrifying.

The Great Return to the World destroyed the thunderwater World, broken in layers, and finally bombarded the Reze ancient powerhouse and killed it.

However, Su Fang was also drowned by the raging thunder.

No hole can’t enter The sacred demon and the will to infiltrate into his within the body, break into his palace, destroy the destruction of him, and even destroy the will by a Heavenly Dao, trying to bring him The heart, and even the soul, is obliterated.


Su Fang spit out three bloods in succession. The fleshly body is broken from the inside out, the road palace is turbulent, and only the immortal heart and the original soul are not shaken.

“A good and powerful Thunder!”

Su Fang’s heart is stunned, urging the Qi of Primordial Chaos and the blood of life, and suppressing and killing the Thunder, which penetrates into the body.

Then grab a green and radiant medicine pill, which is the nine flowers Qiong Yudan given by the treasure tree goddess.

Swallowing medicine pill, Su Fang felt the injury quickly recovered at an alarming rate.

It is worthy of the Supreme Medicine pill of the Tianshu people. It has amazing resilience. In just ten breaths, Su Fang’s serious injury has recovered to a small half and is still recovering.


That the Reze ancient powerhouse was transformed into a Qi of Primordial Chaos, which enveloped Su Fang and penetrated into the Su Fang Tao Palace.

The Qi of Primordial Chaos in the Taoist Palace grew rapidly, covering more than half of the Dojo.

Su Fang feels that the cultivation base at this moment is approaching the state of the Taoist Peak. If it is a little bit, you can reach Peak.

What’s even more amazing is that Su Fang’s Jiu Xuan Dao Palace reveals the original atmosphere of Heavenly Dao, deep and vast, like a self-aspective Heavenly Dao.

Su Fang did not have much happiness in getting such a big benefit.

This time he entered the original realm of Lei Ze, and the promotion of the cultivation base is on the one hand. What is more important is that he has obtained the inheritance of the Reze ancients as early as possible.

If the test of the 4-Layer day fails, everything is meaningless.

“Thanks to the medicine pill of the treasure tree gods, otherwise it will be even harder… No wonder the spirit is the 4-Layer day is very difficult, it is not a general difficulty, the 9th Layer Heaven is a little dangerous!”

Su Fang’s heart was shocked, but the heart kept the state of the old well, without fear.

With his state of mind at this time, even the moment of the destruction of life, the heart will still not have a trace of waves.


Su Fang can’t help but have too much recovery time, and it is swept by a space twisting god, directly appearing in the ninth lotus platform, which is also the last level of the 4-Layer day.

A Reze ancient man appeared.

Unlike the previous Reze ancient powerhouse, this powerhouse is similar in shape to the normal human race cultivator, wearing a black robe, a breathless atmosphere, and a ancestor of the same height as Su Fang.

However, this old man gave Su Fang a feeling of ten times more than all the opponents encountered in the previous eight levels.

Su Fang is born from this person, and also feels an extremely dangerous atmosphere, which is a kind of breath similar to heavenly punishment.

The innate talent ability of the Ruize ancient cultívation is the Lei avenue, but the Lei avenue also has many branches.

And the Lei Ze Avenue of the cultívation of the old man of Reze is actually a Force of Heavenly Dao … heavenly punishment!

Heavenly punishment is different from Heavenly Tribulation, although the Heavenly Tribulation of the cultívation is also devastating, but it is also an opportunity for the cultivator.

Heaven punishment is different. It is Heavenly Dao’s punishment. It does not give life any chance to survive, let alone what opportunities.


The old man of the Reze ancient man gave a thunder.

Then he waved and grabbed, and the palm of his hand rushed out of a million thoughts, suddenly turned into an amazing thunder, lightning and thunder, and the punishment of the atmosphere filled the entire lotus space.

Ka ka ka!

a path of Thunder spurred out from the hands of the old man of the Reze, forming a huge thunder, Su Fang is like falling into the ruin of the last days.

Yin and Yang mixed yuan map!

Jiuyang burns the sky!

Blood is buried!


Su Fang, where dare to have the slightest meaning, is almost the result of all the efforts, the Dafa body exhibited Divine Ability, forming a layer of defense around.

The scorpion body also condenses a huge golden Mark Symbol, forming a powerful enchantment around it.

At the same time, Su Fang also displayed a large return to the market, condensed into a huge mirror of the huge zhang, Chaos Profound Light surging, brewing an amazing destruction.

Bang bang bang!

As soon as the thunderstorms condensed, the Force of Heavenly Punishment surged and condensed into countless softballs. From all directions to Su Fang, Su Fang was crushed into powder.

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