Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3253

Su Fang’s consciousness is in the boundless darkness, and she doesn’t know how long she has slept, and finally wakes up in sorrow.

Found lying in a pool of white mist.

The pool is not water, but a liquid like milk, which has an amazing Heavenly Dao origin, similar to the one that Heavenly Dao baptism obtained after Su Fang’s Heavenly Tribulation and the 9-Layer source.

“I didn’t actually die?”

Su Fang’s heart is stunned, but there are not many surprises to escape.

at this time.

A divine glow flashes, followed by a silhouette of the spirits appearing above the pool: “human race brat, this is a reluctance to pass, oh… if this Eminence is a timely shot, you will be tempered with the original realm of Reze Perish together.”

It turned out that the old man of the Reze ancients was obliterated by Su Fang’s great good fortune, which was exhibited by the will of the will, and Su Fang was at a critical juncture of life and death. It was the spirit who saved Su Fang.

Su Fang stood up and slammed into the other hand: “many thanks the spirit of Sir to save!”

This time it is indeed extremely dangerous.

If you don’t realize great good fortune in your life and death, Su Fang will definitely die this time. Only the longevity lamp and the original soul can be left. Although it is not the death of the Tao, everything will be turned into nothing.

Also, thanks to the spirit of the last time, Su Fang can not escape.

The spirit of the white mustard, started talking: “You don’t have to thank this Eminence, you have passed the 4-Layer day test by your own strength, and this Eminence also wants to have the Master in the original world.”

Su Fang looked around all around and asked: “How long has it been? What is this?”

The spirit replied: “There is no time in the past. There are nearly ten thousand years here, and the outside world is like a decade.”

Su Fang, this is a big heart.

At the same time, because of the difference between the time flow rate and the outside world, it is shocking.

Millions times the difference, which is unimaginable in the human race World.

However, it is not surprising that the original realm of Lei Ze was created by the immortal powerhouse of the Reze ancients in the ethereal Heavenly Dao. It is completely detached from time and creates a million times different time and space. It is not difficult.

The spirit then went on to say: “The place where you are in the place is the source of the source of the Reze ancients immortal powerhouse mimicking Heavenly Dao, which is intended to be used by the Reze ancient cultívation to wash the marrow.”

“Source of the pool?”

“The source of life has accumulated countless years of life, all of which are cheaper for you, and you have swallowed up most of them. Who is in the pool of the source of God is the source of life, not to mention serious injuries, that is, you only have one Remnant Soul It can also help you reshape the fleshly body and let you die and resurrect.”

“Is it so powerful?”

Su Fang quickly dispels consciousness and senses fleshly body and Taoist palace.

After some induction, Su Fang was not shocked.

In the last lotus platform on the 4-Layer day, his fleshly body almost died.

At this time, not only is it completely restored, but also an amazing transformation. Every cell has become perfect, and it contains a very powerful life energy.

What makes Su Fang even more shocking is that the fleshly body still reveals a sacred, eternal breath, as if it were shaped by the source of life.

This means that Su Fang’s fleshly body already has some immortal qualities.

Su Fang estimates that his life has reached more than a hundred times the limit of the human race, and even surpassed the superior life of the Tianzu.

The venomous king vine, which is merged with the fleshly body, was almost destroyed with the fleshly body during the ninth battle. At this time, it was completely restored, and there was no small change.

At this time, Su Fang can confidently swallow it if he encounters the mother who wears the blood.

The change of the Taoist palace is even greater.

The Taoist palace was also completely repaired, the barriers to the palace became more solid, and the interior was full of Qi of Primordial Chaos. This should be the killing of the last opponent, engulfing Qi of Primordial Chaos, and making Su Fang’s energy completely changed.

However, Su Fang’s cultivation base does not seem to improve much, and there is still a line difference from Peak.

Su Fang certainly knows why.

He is only going to pick up the good corpse, at least he needs to take a corpse to reach the Tao of the Tao.

The next cultívation can only be cultívation Jiu Xuan Wuji Jing, the main body of the three corpses.

The change of the body is also extremely amazing. Each body is a kind of incarnation of Heavenly Dao. A thought can release the powerful Divine Ability of destroy the Heavens and extinguish the Earth.

Su Fang estimates that if he is to fight with the old man in the ninth level, which is the illusion of the original realm of Reze, although it is unlikely to be crushed in an instant, defeating him will never be so difficult and dangerous.

“Many thanks the spirit of Sir to give such a creation.” Su Fang once again thanked the spirit.

“You don’t have to thank this Eminence, go to the source pool to wash the marrow, this is also the reward you passed the 4-Layer day test, and this Eminence has nothing to do with it.”

Through the 4-Layer day test, the rewards will be so amazing, how amazing is the reward behind?

Su Fang is full of expectations.

The spirit then went on to say: “human race Su Fang, are you going to continue on the Fifth Layer day, or return to human race World?”

Su Fang without the slightest hesitation responded: “Of course, continue to 闯Fifth Layer days… But before 闯Fifth Layer days, can I move the human race in the lower universe to the former 3-Layer days and let them be under 3 -Layer is the day?”

The spirit of the scorpion said: “Of course! But… Once the alien life enters the original realm of Reze and is contaminated with the original source of the original, it is difficult to leave the original realm of Reze, unless you complete the 9th Layer Heaven test and become the original Lord of the world.”

“It’s clear!”

Su Fang grabbed a Profound Light, which sealed a time and space.

Among the space and time internal space, it is the cultivator, great monster and other life born in the Pan universe and his Heavenly Dao body.

The spirit waved a roll of the original spirit of Lei Ze, and moved all the low-level universe life to the next 3-Layer day.

These cultivators, great monsters, and other life will continue to thrive in the original world of Reze.

The original realm of Lei Ze was opened up in Heavenly Dao. In the original realm of Reze, the true highest Heavenly Dao was repaired, and Spiritual Qi was very abundant. The growth speed of these lives and the speed of the cultivator and great monster are naturally far beyond. Low-level universe.

This is also a way for Su Fang to continue for the human race.

Next, Su Fang continued to communicate with the spirits, bringing the crisis facing human race World and the idea of ​​moving the human race to the original realm of Reze, to one another.

Bound Road: “This this Eminence can’t help you, everything can only be up to you, but this Eminence can tell you that when you pass the 6-Layer day test, you can move human race World all into the original world. ”

“Is it possible to pass the 6-Layer day test?” Su Fang was surprised and surprised.

“The 4-Layer of the original world of Reze is the 6-Layer day. It is the third day of the original world of Reze. The human race cultivator under the Tao and the Tao can survive. But if you want to know clearly, if you You can’t pass all the 9th Layer Heaven tests, you will be obliterated, those human races will not only be difficult to leave the original realm of Reze, and in the future, the original master of Reze has a new master, they become the slaves of other powerhouses.”


Su Fang certainly understands the consequences, but now he has to do this, not to mention his confidence in his own strength.

“What is the test of the Spirit of Sir, Fifth Layer?” Su Fang intends to pass the test of 5th layer day and 6-Layer day directly, and some can’t wait to ask.

The spirits slowly said: “The Fifth Layer test is different from the previous 4-Layer days. It is necessary to enter the World of Primal Chaos Race to find something.”

“Not in the original realm of Reze? Looking for something?” Su Fang was shocked and awkward, and the test of Fifth Layer was completely beyond his expectations.

The spirit of the singer said: “Yes! Now this Eminence can tell you the truth, the enchantment into the Fifth Layer days is sealed, even this Eminence can not be opened. And the original inheritance of the Reze, almost all in the 5th layer day after that.”

Su Fang’s eyes became embarrassed: “How can I get in?”

“To get into the 5th layer, you must find the five Leidi seals that open the seal, and the five Leidi prints are in the different Primal Chaos Race. So the test of the Fifth Layer is to find five Lei Diyin.”

“The test of the Fifth Layer days doesn’t seem too difficult.”

“Hehe, it’s hard to say that it’s easy and easy, not only depends on strength, but also on luck. The five Leidi seals, some in some Danger Land, dangerous, some are in the Some of the forces with immortal powerhouses, so strength and luck, both are indispensable, and they need some wisdom.”

“The power of the immortal powerhouse, Danger Land, wasteland?” Su Fang eyebrows, this time is a little troublesome.

“The original world of Lei Ze can sense the general orientation of the five Lei Di Yin, this Eminence will directly send you to the time and space where Lei Di Yin is located. As for how to get Lei Di Yin, it is your business, whether it is stealing Grab, or abducted, can be.”

“I am also a Taoist powerhouse, and there is no rival in the Tao. How can I go to the abduction?” Su Fang smiled and smiled.

“Time is still a million years. If you can’t find five Lei Di Yin in a limited time, it will be a failure. You also know the consequences of failure, that is… death.”


“In addition, this Eminence reminds you that you should find five Lei Di Yin before the Qiu Junior begins the Fifth Layer test, otherwise if you compete with you and find one of them, you will be difficult to complete the test.”


Su Fang is in the heart.

If Zhou Nuo also began the test of the Fifth Layer, with the power of the Tianzu, it must have an absolute advantage over Su Fang. At that time, even if Su Fang had immortal strength, it would be difficult to win.

Su Fang quickly asked: “Which is the 1st Layer Heaven at this time?”

“It’s still on the 3-Layer day, but it’s fast…”

The spirit waved a hand and rolled out a picture scroll in front of him, showing the celestial in the 3-Layer day in front of Su Fang.

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