Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3254

For the third pass, Euno made preparations in the Tianzu, and used the ban to repair a powerful fleshly body. It was like a broken bone on a bone bridge, killing a blood person and stepping through each and everyone.

Seeing that in the picture scroll, the genius of the genius and the brilliance of the picture, Su Fang sneered with a sneer: “With the resources of the Tianzu people, there is such a ability, and it will be a waste for a long time!”

Say with a abide: “There is a powerful force behind you, and it is also part of his ability. You can’t accept it.”

Su Fang said: “With the help of forces, it is certainly smooth and smooth, but without honing, the future achievements are extremely limited. I am now step by step, relying on my own efforts and ability to achieve today’s achievements.”

“This is not bad. If it is not your own efforts, let alone the 4-Layer day, the test of 1st Layer Heaven is difficult for you to pass. Compared with you, the Czech Junior is still a far cry.”

The spirit shook his head and smiled. Su Fang was already identified as the inheritance of the original realm of Lei Ze, and he ignored it.

Then the spirit grabbed a Profound Light, and Profound Light shrouded five jade slips inside, saying to Su Fang: “In these jade slips, there are five Lei Di printed in Primal Chaos Race, time and space information, you choose one yourself. Fan, this Eminence will send you directly.”

Su Fang grabbed the jade and interpreted the internal information.

After thinking for a while, Su Fang started talking: “Go to the Fus first!”

The spirit of the scorpion begins: “Fu 虞? You have chosen the easiest one, then this Eminence will send you directly to the Fusong.”

Su Fang suddenly asked: “Sir, if I collect all five Leidi seals, then after the first 4-Layer days, can you enter the Fifth Layer days without a test?”

The spirit said indifferently: “Of course there is no need to test… because at that time he has been directly obliterated, what else needs to be tested?”

In the words of the spirit, let Su Fang feel in the heart.

If Zhou Nuo is obliterated, Su Fang loses such a competitor, but it also means that Su Fang will face the unscrupulous revenge of the Tianzu people, and the entire human race will suffer.

“The Ten Gods, the Tianzu… Time is tight, I not only get five Lei Di marks as soon as possible, but also pass the 6-Layer day test after passing the Fifth Layer test, then transfer the human race to In the original world of Lei Ze…”

Think about it.

Su Fang asked the spirit of the dynasty: “What is the test of the XIUX-Layer day?”

The spirit of the spirit became sensational: “slaughter! With the blood of hundreds of millions of cultívation, the Reizes returned to chaos!”

The sound of the coldness of the spirits made Su Fang’s heart screaming uncontrollably.

Then the spirits slammed into a bullet, and a thunder light flashed, falling in Su Fang’s eyebrows and not entering the interior of the palace.

Su Fang took a sense of consciousness and saw a golden gold ball in the dojo, which contained the original flavor of the original realm of Lei Ze.

At the same time, Su Fang also felt that there was a wonderful connection with the original realm of Lei Ze.

“This mark can help you to sense the location of Lei Di Yin. This Eminence will send you to the Fuss, human race Su Fang, I hope you have good luck, find five Lei Di printing at an early date!”

On the occasion of the decapitation of the spirit, a shrine emerged from around Su Fang, shrouded him, and then sent it out.

That is, at this moment, Kono successfully broke the 3-Layer day.

“The human race cultivator is estimated to be struggling in the 4-Layer days, oh…this Eminence not only has to overtake you, but also puts you under your feet!”

Through the 3-Layer day test, Euno easily couldn’t help but burst out with confidence.

“Tianzu Junior, if you want to go beyond the human race cultivator, you probably have to work hard. He has already started the test of the Fifth Layer day!”

The spirit of the world came, and the words that made the Zeno divine light transient, full of confidence and pride suddenly disappeared.

“Spiritual Sir, please send it to the 4-Layer day!” cnnocleching one’s teeth said.

The spirits rolled out a Profound Light, and the interior shrouded the reward of passing 3-Layer days: “No hurry, pick your reward first.”

“No!” Zhou Nuo now wants to surpass Su Fang, and there is still a reward for it.


The spirit of the world smiled, and Shiwei sent Weinu to the 4-Layer day.


Primal Chaos Abyss.

Inside a time and space, floating countless material continent, like a piece of leaves floating on the ocean.

Ka-cha !

From the deepest point of time and space, suddenly there is no sign to flash a cockroach, a silhouette flashes out, and immediately into the Void, disappeared disappear without a trace.

It is Su Fang who came out of the original realm of Lei Ze.

In a teleport, Su Fang came to the depths of time.


Inductive ability is applied, and the inductive force is projected throughout the time and space.

On the other side of the material, there are countless interracial cultívation people, much smaller than the human race World, but the cultívation environment in the space-time plane is far better than the Jiu Xuan domain.

Su Fang hidden path: “It seems that the Fusong people are among the chaotic people, and they are mixed well…”

It’s awkward!

From a floating city in the depths of time and space, a Dao Aura prompted the thunder ball inside Su Fang’s palace to suddenly shake.

“Leidi is there!”

Su Fang was delighted in his heart and his body shape was teleported again.

When it reappeared, it came to the sky above the gods of the Fusong power.

Every piece of Leidiyin is related to the success or failure of Fifth Layer, and Su Fang does not dare to delay the time, so he dare not care about it, projecting the inductive force and carefully sensing the inside of God.

“The strongest of the Fusukes is a Taobao Peak Powerhouse, which is comparable to the Zhou’s Zhou’s strength, and Lei Diyin is in his with the body space… but it’s a little trouble!”

Su Fang sensed for three days and heard a lot of information from the mouth of the cultivating cultívation inside the gods.

The conclusion reached gave Su Fang a frown.


The Fushui’s topowerhouse is indeed a Taozu Peak powerhouse. With the strength of Su Fang at this time, it is naturally not fearful. It can be directly plunged into the interior of the gods and plundered from the ancestors of Peak.

However, this Fushun is not simple.

In the chaos, the race without the immortal powerhouse is hard to survive, and this Fushou is attached to a powerful race with an immortal powerhouse, becoming a vassal of that powerful race.

If you go directly to the Nafu Dai to the powerhouse, if the alarm powerhouse arrives, then the trouble will be big.

With the strength of Su Fang, it is sure to steal the Lei Di Yin before the arrival of the immortal powerhouse.

However, the immortal powerhouse Cave Mansion is incredibly enchanting, but it was created by the immortal powerhouse and it is difficult to break in a short time.

“It is necessary to bring the Napoleon immortal powerhouse out of the gods, and then take the thunder and lightning to capture the thunder of the immortal powerhouse…”

After thinking about it, Su Fang sat down in the sky and used his powerful sensory ability to sense and explore useful information. Then he used the collected countless information to make a plan and tried to put that to the powerhouse. Lead it out.

About three months.

Su Fang stood up and the whole person’s breath and appearance changed rapidly. It was no longer the age of seventeen, but a youngster who was fifteen years old. The cultivation base was also suppressed to the height of the Taoist. Even the breath is no longer owned by the human race, but from the Tianzu.

Su Fang’s life height at this time, there is already a trace of immortality, you can change the life form at will, change the appearance, age, is no longer easy.

As for the breath of life… Su Fang directly devours the life of the Tianzhou powerhouse with the blood of the king, and then reveals the atmosphere of some Tianzu cultívation, naturally with no difficulty.

Su Fang grabbed a gorgeous silver robes and was a legend of the Tianzu. It was similar to Zhounuo.

Then moved towards the gods’s technique household to fly, and quietly appeared behind the crowd waiting for the gods, as the crowd moved toward the front.

The sorcerers who entered the gods and the cultívations from other races, and the rigorous checks, the team moved forward slowly.

Su Fang is also not in a hurry, calmly moving forward with the team.

The dress of a pair of Tian zu out of the ordinary genius caused the attention of many sui and other ethnic cultívation.


A white light flashed in abruptly and slammed into Su Fang.

“Sure enough, it’s exactly the same as my debut.”

Su Fang’s squats showed a hint of chill, his body flashing slightly, avoiding the white light.

The white light stopped, showing the silhouette, turned out to be a fox-like beast, with white fur, a pair of eyes dripping straight, revealing spirituality and blackmail.

This is not a strange animal, but a snow beast, which is cute, intelligent, and deceitful, but there is no other special innate talent, but it is loved by female cultívation.

The snow raccoon glared at Su Fang, and suddenly a scream of screaming, the body twitched, and immediately the body was stiff and breathless, but it was dead.

Everyone’s attention has been drawn and they have been look towards towards Su Fang.

Su Fang touched the tip of his nose and smiled. With his inductive ability, it is not difficult to find out that the snow raccoon that seems to be dead is actually alive, but the camouflage is very realistic that’s all.

“You… you actually killed my treasure…”

A woman’s scream came, and then a Fusong woman wearing a purple dress came over the air.

The woman kept the snow raccoon and began to burst into tears, like a dead and dear one.

A big-faced big man came one after another, and looked towards towards Su Fang: “The braz of the Tianzu people, killing the pets of Miss Purple Smoke, you have to be extremely unlucky, and you will lose money!”

Touching porcelain?

Beyond the Fushun gods, they actually encountered porcelain.

Su Fang indifferently asked: “I didn’t touch the snow raccoon at all, how could I kill it?”

“We have witnessed you killing this snow raccoon, do you dare to deny it?”

“Here is the Fusong nationality, how can you please the Czech brat?”

Jumping out of the front and back of several Fusong cultívation, moved towards Su Fang indignantly filled with anger.

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