Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3257

Su Fang With his own strength, Zhou Nuo relies on treasure and medicine pill. Is this not cheating?

Jieling said: “The Japanese Junior is indeed a trick, but he has made that half-step Hong Meng Tianbao into a body, which is also part of his own ability, so it is not cheating. This Eminence also has no way to take him. You are not convinced. No.”

“Not convinced? Such a character, what can be achieved in the future, what am I not convinced?” Su Fang sneered with a sneer.

Jieling said: “This Eminence is not optimistic about the day of the Zhou Junior… You still have to hurry to find the remaining four Lei Di Yin, if he waits for the 4-Layer day test, and you grab the Lei Di Yin, to Your troubles will be big.”

“many thanks Jieling Sir reminds me, next time, I go to Yunrou.”

“Yunrou? Yunrou is not a great race. It is not difficult for you to win the Leidi.”

On the occasion of the decapitation of the spirit, he urged a real source of Lei Ze, and sent Su Fang directly.


The sea of ​​clouds is boundless, and the entire space-time plane is shrouded in clouds, which seems to be magical.

In the misty sea, one side of the material is faintly discernible, and there is a strange Primal Chaos Race above the material, which is the Yunrou ethnic group.

The Yunrou nationality also had a glory in the past, and there was an immortal powerhouse.

It is a pity that the immortal powerhouse was later unknown. It is said that it is deeper into the chaos where life has not been involved, and then it will never come back.

The physique of the Yunrou people is very strange. Their life energy has the effect of nourishing life and restoring injuries. Together with the loss of the immortal powerhouse of Yunruo, it has become the fat of many Primal Chaos Race eyes. Was hunted everywhere.

In the end, the Yunrou people hid in the immortal powerhouse and opened up a hidden and secluded space-time plane.

One of them is Leidi, which is among the Yunrou people.

Ka-cha !

A lightning bolt tears the clouds, and Su Fang’s silhouette flashes from nothingness with lightning.

“A wonderful cloud soft family!”

After Su Fang’s induction, she couldn’t help clicking on one’s tongue in wonder.

The life of Yunrou is extremely strange. There is no substantial fleshly body. The whole person is like a cloud of condensation and life energy. It can change shape at will. Only the cultívation above Dao Xuan has cultivated a normal fleshly body.

Such a strange life, Su Fang was the first time I saw it. Naturally, I was amazed and had to feel the chaos of life.

However, Su Fang came to Yunrou to come to visit the mountains to play with water, but to come to find Lei Diyin. After some sighs, Su Fang went straight to the depths of the 茫茫.

About three days.

A huge mountain covered by thick clouds appeared in Su Fang’s sight.

Su Fang’s out of the ordinary gaze through the clouds, you can see the mountains are extremely large, even more than ten times more than the main peak of the West Xuanshan.

There are Dao Temple on the mountain and countless Yunrou cultívation.

Su Fang, with the help of the original source of the Lei Ze, can clearly sense that Lei Di Yin is hidden inside the giant mountain.

What surprised Su Fang was that at the moment the mountains were over, the countless cultívation of Yunrou was volleyed, and the enemy was generally seen towards the air.

A woman volleyed over the mountain.

What surprised Su Fang was that the woman turned out to be one of his acquaintances and still very familiar.

Wear the blood of the king vine mother, blood vine!


Absolutely did not think.

The last time outside the Hail Sanctuary, I was seriously injured by the blood of the king and the vine, but I couldn’t think of it in the Yunmo.

“It seems that I am wearing this body with the blood of the king, but it is really a fate!” Su Fang touched the tip of his nose and smiled.

However, he did not mean to take the shot. His purpose is Lei Diyin. Where can I take care of the leisure affairs of Yunrou?

Of course, Su Fang will be happy to kill the mother of the blood, and completely solve the previous grievances. Su Fang is willing to do it.

“When you wear the blood of the king, the Yunrou is not the place where you are arrogant, leaving quickly, otherwise this Eminence is welcome!”

Among the Yunrou cultívation, the head is a handsome, delicate young man, moving towards a thunder in the air.

The cultivation base of this young Yunrou youth is extremely out of the ordinary. It is a Taozu powerhouse. The Yunrou cultívation has the highest cultivation base, but it is a common Taoist ancestor. It can be seen how much the Yunrou ethnic group has fallen.

Wearing the blood of the mother and the vine, the squirrel with a smile: “I found the legendary cloud soft family, this Eminence is to take you back to restore strength, how can I leave easily?”

Under the serious injury of blood, I fled to this Primal Chaos Abyss, and unwittingly discovered the Yunrou family. With her innate talent, she penetrated the enchantment and entered here.

That Yunrou ethnic youth shouted: “You have sneaked into my family for many years, have swallowed countless clansmen, the injury has long since recovered, why not refuse to leave?”

Blood with a smile: “this Eminence I heard that the mountain spirit of Yunrou Mountain was born from the essence of the whole cloud soft world, and swallowed the mountain spirit. This Eminence may have a big change. As long as you surrender that Shan Ling, this Eminence will naturally leave the Yunrou, and promise not to engulf a Yunrou cultívation.”

“I want to play the idea of ​​the mountain spirit, unless it is stepping on our body!” The Yunruo youth angered and shouted.

After that, he led the tens of thousands of Yunfu cultívation, formed a formation, rolling the fog, the entire giant mountain, and the blood vines in the sky.

“Yunrou to powerhouse, you are just an ordinary ancestor, how can you counter this Eminence? This Eminence devours those Yunrou cultívation before, stripping away memories, knowing that you secretly love the mountain spirit, now in order to maintain the mountain spirit, even at the expense Sacrifice the entire Yunrou family, it is too selfish!”

The laughter of bloody vines came from the dense fog and spread all over the place.

This wears the blood of the king and the vine mother is demeaning, even the words provoke the Yunrou cultívation.

Sure enough, the Yunrou cultívation was tempted by the bloody stalks and began to hesitate. The great array also showed flaws.

Chi chi chi!

A bloody vine descends from the sky, penetrates the heavy fog, and squats with a Zunyun cultivating cultívation, and then quickly swallows it.

Su Fang held his hand in the distance and saw this scene. The eyebrows were a roll and hesitated to shoot.


A god thought passed: “You are a human race? Human race, there is such a powerhouse?”

Su Fang suddenly stunned: “Mountain Spirit?”

“I am the mountain spirit of Yunrou Mountain… human race cultivator, I am from your body, sensing the breath of the original world of Lei Ze, you should be from the original world of Lei Ze!”

“Lei Di Yin? You are the spirit of the Lei Di Yin?!” Su Fang from the thought of the god, sensed the breath from Lei Diyin, suddenly it was a burst of gloom.

Unexpectedly, the Lei Di Yin, who lived in the Yunrou nationality, not only cultivated Yuan Ling, but also the mountain spirit of Yunrou Mountain.

“Yes, I am Lei Diyin, also the mountain spirit of Yunrou Mountain. You should come to Yunrou, you should come to catch me!” Lei Di Yin Yuan Ling is very simple, directly telling Su Fang’s intention.

Su Fang responded faintly: “Since you know what I am coming to, you should know that you are hard to resist, or let me go!”

“You have the origin of the original realm of Reze, and your breath makes me feel very scared. I really can’t resist your will. But I have a request, please ask Sir to help Yunrou to resolve this catastrophe, I have everything. Obey Sir.”

“Why should I help Yunrou?”

“Although I can’t defy Sir, I have a way to destroy Lei Diyin and let Sir go empty-handed. And my condition is nothing more than a hand for Sir.”


Su Fang very simply promised that the big troubles faced by the Yunrou people would indeed be a little help for him.

“many thanks Sir !”

“You don’t have to thank me, it’s just a deal that’s all.”

Su Fang stepped out and flashed into the fog.

The blood vines are swallowing up the Yunrou cultívation, full of pleasure, evil laughter, accompanied by a scream of screams, constantly reverberating in Yunrou Mountain.

Su Fang’s cold voice suddenly came: “Blood Sir, you are very proud!”

“Su…Su…Su Fang?! Impossible, this Eminence must have an auditory hallucination, how can the human race cultivator appear in the Yunrou family?”

The blood vines are trembled together with a bloody vine.

For her, Su Fang is a nightmare, and it is still a recurring nightmare.

Soon the blood vines reacted: “This Eminence has now restored Peak, even if the human race brat really came to the Yunrou, this Eminence should be happy, afraid of him doing it?”

“I am afraid that this time I will let you down. If you see me, you will definitely not be happy!”

Su Fang laughed and laughed, and a god shiver emerged from within the body.

The surrounding clouds began to roll, and when they were dispelled, Su Fang’s figure was revealed.

“Su Fang, is it really you?!”

The blood vines first revealed a shocking, unexpected expression, and immediately surprised and happy.

However, when she sensed Su Fang’s breath, the ecstasy of her face turned into incredible.

The bloody vines stuttered openly: “Daozu! And it’s still a powerful Taozu powerhouse…you, how can you be so amazing in the time zone!”

Su Fang looked towards Blood Man: “Why don’t you think that the weak human race cultivator of that year will now be above you?”

“Su Fang, you don’t want to be bully intolerably!” Blood vines gnashing teeth, bloody bumps in the eyelids, revealing incomparable resentment, “To escape you, this Eminence escaped from human race World here, you have been Chasing to the Yunrou family!”

At that time, how arrogant and overbearing the wearing of the blood king vine mother, this time actually scared this way, Su Fang dumbfounded: “Do not misunderstand, I am not coming to chase you, you are not worthy of me so much trouble Hehe … can only blame you for your bad luck, you said it yourself, I am your nightmare, no matter where you flee, you can’t escape my hand.”

Blood shouted: “You… you bully intolerably!this Eminence … I… I am with you either the fish dies or the net splits !”

Su Fang shook his head and said: “You know for yourself that eventually the fish will die, but the net will never break.”

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