Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3258

Many Yunrou cultívation people, seeing Su Fang, an alien who appeared in Yunrou Mountain, was originally an accident.

Then I saw the murderous, very ruthless and fiercely wearing the bloody king vine mother body. At this moment, Su Fang was afraid to be like this. It was like a rabbit seeing a tiger. Many Yunrou cultívation people could not help but be surprised and embarrassed.

“This Eminence has to bear, this Eminence is still not your opponent even if it is restored to the state of Peak.” The bloody savage murderous flames disappeared, revealing a pitiful look.

Then I pleaded with Su Fang: “Reading this Eminence has also saved you, and your within the body, and this Eminence’s blood vein…this Eminence, then leave, see you later, how far can you hide? How far to hide.”

Su Fang said indifferently: “Sorry, I have promised that Shan Ling wants to help Yunrou. If you let go, you will soon make a comeback. At that time, Yunrou will definitely be unable to escape the catastrophe, so I can’t let you go. “”

“Su Fang, you have to push too much, you think this Eminence really dare not fight with you…this Eminence, this Eminence fights with you this time!”

The blood vines uttered an angry roar, and the bloody vines danced, sou sou sou moved towards Su Fang.

Where do you know~

嘭bang bang!

All the blood vines exploded and turned into countless bloodshots, which filled the entire mountain.

The blood vine this Venerable is turned into a blood vine, and the “xiu” slams into nothingness, and it is necessary to escape.

“Can you escape?”

Su Fang 讪讪一笑, 敕天法法出出神威, 霎 笼 笼 。 。.

Under the gods of the heavenly body, the blood of the sky, and the bloody vines that have been drilled halfway into nothingness, lost their ability to devour and penetrate, were deprived by life, and then were condensed by the celestial stone. Symbol is sealed.

Next, Su Fang ignited the longevity lamp, and the soul of the blood vine swallowed it, turning it into a lamp for the longevity lamp.

Wear the blood of the king and the vine mother, and die!

Many Yunrou cultívation witnessed Su Fang killing blood vines, as easy as killing chickens, each and everyone is shocking.

Everyone looked at towards Su Fang’s eyes filled with awe, but did not understand Su Fang’s intentions, for fear that Su Fang would wear the same thing as the mother of the blood, and her heart was frightened at the same time.

That Yunrou ethnic youth Daozu came to Su Fang, cup one fist in the other hand, said: “many thanks Sir Save me Yunrou!”

“It’s just a deal with Shan Ling, don’t thank me.” Su Fang said indifferently, then moved towards the giant mountain shouted: “Shan Ling, it is time for you to fulfill your promise.”


A Raymond flashed, and after a flash of light, it turned into a woman.

The woman’s surroundings are surrounded by fog, and only a glimpse of a silhouette can be seen, giving a mysterious and sacred feeling.

However, the fog of that layer is difficult to block Su Fang’s vision, and his eyes are clearly seen through the fog.

The woman’s face is flawless, petite and exquisite, with a black hair shimmering with strange luster, hanging down to the waist.

Su Fang sensed that it wasn’t really real hair, but a thunder that was condensed by a thunder. Each of the red silks contains a deep Dao Aura.

The woman does not have a trace of life, and the whole body is completely condensed by the essence of Yunrou World.

“See the mountain spirit!”

Many Yunrou cultívation people have moved toward women, and their eyes are worshipped and revered.

The Yunrou ethnic ancestors appeared since the mountain spirit, and the eyes seemed to stick to her body. The eyes were full of deep love, as if they were crazy.

Su Fang’s induction of Shan Ling can sense the breath of Lei Di Yin, but it is scattered and chaotic, which is very different from the breath of the first Lei Di Yin.

A roll of eyebrows, solemnly asked: “Where is Lei Di?”

“Sir is in a hurry!”

At the time of the mountain spirit’s dagger, a piece of hair fell off the head.

Chi chi chi!

Shan Ling’s hair is transformed into a path of thunder light, which is quickly intertwined and condensed, and finally turned into a half-square-squared neem.

It is Lei Diyin!

Su Fang waved the fingerprints of Lei Di, and after careful sensing, it was confirmed that Lei Diyin was undoubted, and his heart suddenly settled.

The second Lei Di was printed.

It is necessary to seal the seal of the Emperor’s Seal into the interior of the Dojo, and after sensing the stripping of the Mountain Spirit General, the breath will quickly become wilted and will dissipate.

Obviously, Lei Di Yin is like the fleshly body of Shan Ling. Now that the fleshly body and the Yuan Ling are stripped, she is also difficult to survive.

Su Fang has a volume of eyebrows and asks: “You are the Emperor of Lei Di, and after leaving Lei Di Yin, you will be turned into nothing, and you will not enter Lei Diyin quickly?”

Shan Ling smiled: “many thanks Sir, I will stay in Yunrou World, not going to the original world of Lei Ze with Sir.”

Su Fang said coldly: “You know, you will die out completely.”

Shan Ling said calmly: “I certainly know…”

“You are not afraid of death?”

“Of course I am afraid of death.”

Mountain spirit faintly sighed.

“Although I was the Emperor of Leidi, I came to Yunrou World to absorb the essence of World. It was born in Yunrou and I left me. I left the Yunrou, and there is no difference between me and death.”

“Instead of this, let me dissipate in this cloud-soft World. Sir has already received the Lei Di Yin, and I have no influence on Lei Di Yin. I also asked Sir to let me go.”

Su Fang’s eyebrows are twisted.

Along the side of the Yunrou ethnic youth Daozu understands, moved towards Su Fang gnashing teeth and shouted: “Insert that Thunder, or I will be irreconcilable until death!”

Shan Ling said softly: “Cloud brakes, Hugh is rude to Sir. If there is no such Sir, the Yunrou will be destroyed by the bloody king, how can you be sir physical? What’s more, I am willing to do so. Do, nothing to do with Sir.”

“I don’t care!” The eyes of the youth burned the flames, their faces were distorted, and they looked so good.

“Cloud brake, don’t you even listen to me?”

The young man stared at the mountain spirit, and the anger in his eyes disappeared. He had only a deep affection: “Shan Ling, my mind, you still don’t understand… If you lost you, what is the meaning of living?”

Shanling looked toward youth, his eyes became soft, full of love, and sighed: “You fool, your mind, how can I not know? I am only a spirit, but also know love, but I am not It’s life… Now I’m staying at Yunrou World, and I’m in harmony with the sea of ​​clouds, and I can be with you day and night from now on.”

“Of course I want to be with you day and night, but I hope you are alive!” Yunchao burst into tears.

Then he looked toward towards Su Fang, his eyes were incomparably affectionate, and there was pain and madness that made Su Fang shake.

At this moment, Su Fang’s mind crossed the silhouette of Luo Tiannv and Xuan Xin, and the scenes of getting along with them in the Pan Cang universe constantly flashed in their minds.

Although Su Fang has already smashed the corpse, at this moment, the old heart is not waved, but still can feel the kind of love.

Cloud brakes show a smirk, crazy said with a smile: “You are very powerful, for you, I am the existence of trivial ant… but I have the determination to die with the mountain spirit, if you do not hand over the Lei Di Yin, I die Also fight with you!”

As soon as the voice fell, his within the body rushed through the layers of clouds, rolling and boiling, like a burning flame, bursting out of a mysterious, shadowless Heavenly Dao.

He actually started to burn himself, trying to fight with Su Fang.

“Very touching, hehe… just don’t know in front of death, what you call love, will you still stick to it like this!”

Su Fang smiled, and the powerful slaughter slammed into a cloud, slamming his heart.

Although Yunchao is the powerhouse of Yunrou, it is just a common Taoist ancestor. Under Su Fang’s slaughter will, even self-immolation can’t be done. It is trembling, the heart is shaking, and the will begins to collapse.

Shan Ling quickly bowed to Su Fang, and the trembling voice said: “Sir, please spare the cloud brake!”

Yunchao bites the teeth shouted: “Mountain spirit, do not ask him, anyway, die, I am with you!”

Su Fang said indifferently: “I will give you a chance… I have a ban on the law, I can strip the life of the Taozu powerhouse, and create a fleshly body for this mountain spirit, so that she can live, but you need to give a fleshly body You will only have the soul of the source, you have to reinvent the world, and the lifelong cultivation base will be gone. Are you willing?”

The cloud brakes reveal the ecstasy, with the slightest hesitation, agreeing: “I promised!”

Shanling shouted the road: “Yunshu, you are the Yunrou to the powerhouse, and the only Taoist. If you reincarnate, the Yunrou will be completely degraded or even destroyed. How can you be so selfish? If you are dead, I am again How can I live?”

Cloud brakes hesitated and fell into a dilemma.

Su Fang said with a sneer : “Why, is it reluctant to let your fleshly body, or can’t you abandon your clansmen?”


Yunchao suddenly became languid and smiled.

“Well, teasing you about this infatuated seed, I can’t bear it… I’m not a slap in the face, so I will fulfill you once.”

Su Fang smiled and the convergence will oppress.

Then I asked the cloud brake: “I will ask you again, if the mountain spirit becomes ugly, will you still be so vowed?”

Yunchao was shocked and happy, chop nails and sever Iron said: “No matter what the mountain spirit becomes, even if it becomes a demon, I will never die!”

“You have to lose words.”

Su Fang stretched out the right hand and saw a burst of blood in his palm, turning it into a pure, advanced life energy.

This group of life energy, is the life of Su Fang to devour the life of the Tianzu ancestors powerhouse, the condensation of the energy essence, contains the strength of life, even beyond the ordinary ancestors of Yunchao.

Su Fang waved a roll and the essence of life flew to the mountain spirit.

The mountain spirit that was about to dissipate immediately turned into a blood mist.

Immediately after Su Fang’s thoughts, the blood mist, along with Shan Ling, was inserted into the fleshly body after the bloody vines of the mother.

Also grabbed the stone.

敕天石 floats above the top of the mountain spirit, releasing a path of golden Profound Light and condensing a Mark Symbol.

“The grace of grace, give life!”

Su Fang issued a majestic sound like Heavenly Dao, and the golden Mark Symbol fell into the body of the blood.

A powerful and mysterious power of grace has caused the life of the majestic to begin to surge in the body of the blood, and the bloody vines that have nothing to breathe have regained their breath of life.

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