Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3260

Looked towards those alien ancestors, Su Fang’s squats flashed a killing intent.

Lei Diyin is related to him, and even the life and death of the entire human race, there must be no trace of it.

The twelve-ethnic powerhouse entered the Shenshen ruins. I don’t know what kind of accidents will happen. Su Fang intends to kill all the alien ancestors before the eruption of the tide, so that they will not be allowed to enter the Shenshen ruins. It is also worth the adventure.

Dong Xuan Daozu sensed Su Fang’s Xiao killing intent, and quickly dissuaded: “Su Fang, don’t take it easy! The twelve races came here, and there is a powerhouse with Hongmeng Tianbao, who used to deter the teacher and other ancestors.”

Su Fang’s heart is shocked: “Hong Meng Tian Bao?”

“Not bad! That Hong Meng Tian Bao is extremely out of the ordinary, and Wei Neng is definitely not under the longevity lamp. Fortunately, the alien ancestor is not free to motivate Hong Meng Tian Bao, so I don’t want to talk to human before the Primal Chaos Heaven tide. Race conflict, otherwise teachers and other ancestors, this time I am afraid that it will be a heavy loss, there are not many people who can survive.”

“hmph… I have a chance, I want to see it, how terrible it is.” Su Fang gave a sneer and dismissed the idea of ​​hands-on.

The other party has Hongmeng Tianbao and another extremely powerful top powerhouse. Su Fang is not afraid. If he wants to kill them all, he has too much confidence and has to give up. After entering the Shenxu market, take another step. .

“After knowing the purpose of the twelve races, the human race is also planning to enter the ruins of the tide of the day, and may be able to get a strong alien inheritance.”

“No, the gods of the gods are extremely dangerous. It is not worthwhile to take risks now… Master, let the human race go away quickly, I can go in alone.”

“You also want to enter the Primal Chaos Heaven tide source?” Dong Xuan Dao is not unexpected.

“It doesn’t work if you don’t go in. This is the test of the original layer of Lei Ze.”

“originally is this way, then you are careful!”

Dong Xuan Dao Zu immediately sang the sound transmission to other human races, and then went away.

Those alien ancestors who saw the human race suddenly left, were accidental, but did not mind.

The twelve-ethnic Taoist powerhouse has twenty three statues, but no one has found Su Fang in the distance.

Su Fang’s destiny has the ability to deceive his fate. If he wants to hide his breath now, no one can discover his existence except the immortal powerhouse.

Su Fang teleported away from the area where Primal Chaos Heaven erupted, then sneaked into nothingness, and some time, waiting patiently.

Just as Su Fang was in the West Xuan Shen domain and was preparing to enter the Shenshen Shenshen, he also completed the 4-Layer test and entered the pool of Shenyuan.

The source of life in Shenyuan Pool has been absorbed by Su Fang, and the essence is absorbed. The rest are some residual water, but for Sino, it is not small.

However, Zhou Nuo did not care about the reward of Shenyuan Pool. When he woke up, he couldn’t wait to enter 5th layer day.

The content of the Spirit General Fifth Layer test was brought to the heart of the company.

“Fifth Layer days test, it is my chance!” Zhou Nuo’s heart is filled with fierceness.

The Fifth Layer test, to find the Lei Di Yin in the Primal Chaos Race, is clearly beneficial to the company.

And outside the original realm of Reze, he can also rely on the strength of the Tianzu, not only to win the Lei Di Yin, but also to seize the opportunity to kill Su Fang.

I was repeatedly overtaken by Su Fang, and I was also robbed of the immortal Tianxin jade. Even the father and many Tianzhou powerhouses were taken away by Su Fang. Can you not hate in the heart?

What’s more, Lei Diyin is also related to his own life and death.

Now that I have seized the opportunity to surpass Su Fang in one fell swoop, Quanno will not miss it.

“Excuse me, Sir, Su Fang got a few Lei Di prints at this time?”

“Restricted by the rules, no comment.”

“Where did Su Fang go?”

“No comment!”

Zhou Nuo also intended to inquire about the news of Su Fang from the spirit, so that he could run less.

Who knows that the spirit is tight-lipped, so that the wishful thinking of the company is lost.

No way, where the five Lei Di Yin are located, every place has to run a mile, and one can not be missed.

Zhouo seized five jade slips and made a decision after thinking about it.

“Sir, please send it to Yunrou!”

The first choice for Euno is the Yunrou.

He is going to take a trip to the place where the two Leidis are the easiest to get, even if it is go on an errand for nothing.

“as you wish!”

Jieling directly promoted Lei Ze’s original deity, and sent Ye Nuo to Yunrou.

When the genius disappeared in the original realm of Lei Ze, the spirit 讪讪said with a smile: “This day, the Czech Junior, this time is afraid to eat a little loss!”


When Zenuo appeared in Yunrou, he immediately urged Lei Ze’s original source to sense the breath of Lei Diyin.

The Lei Di Yin of the Yunrou nationality has long been taken away by Su Fang, and Quanno naturally cannot feel the slightest breath of Lei Diyin.

However, he did not confirm it. He would not be reconciled anyway. Although he could not sense the breath of Lei Diyin, he went straight to the depths of Yunrou.

Just near Yunrou Mountain.

Hu hu hu~

The mist around it is frantically surging, covering the sky and covering the sun.

Of course it is not an ordinary fog.

The cloud of the Yunrou people had the ability to deceive the cultívation, and there was a lot of confusion in the fog.

The fog is in harmony with the puzzle, and with the strength of the company, it is difficult to get out of the formation.

“District Yunrou, dare to treat this Eminence like this, wait for this Eminence to break the formation, you will definitely be the extreme family will be exterminated!”

Seonol fell into the formation, but did not panic, but the murderous aura was threatening.

“Zuo Nuo Shaojun Wang, you still have to think about how to live, then consider destroying the Yunrou people!”

The fog suddenly separated.

The silhouette of a thoughtless illusion flies out, which is the thought that Su Fang left when he left the Yunrou.

“Su Fang, it turned out that you are making a ghost!”

Zhou Nuo suddenly realized.

Immediately sneer at the sneer: “If you are this Venerable, this Eminence may be afraid, you have to fight hard, now is just a thought, can you go to this Eminence?”

Su Fang smiled and said: “Why should I take it out myself? I just need to use the form and the power of Yunrou World to trap you here for a while. When I get all the Lei Di Yin, I don’t need to personally. When you shoot, you will naturally be wiped out by the original world of Reze.”

The neutron divine light transient.

Without the slightest hesitation, the piece of Ruyi Tianbao was launched, which broke the power of amazing time.

Hua hua hua!

The time around it was tens of thousands of times, and it suddenly accelerated.

No matter how powerful the formation, under the power of time, it will quickly lose and collapse, and it will be difficult to withstand the test of time.

The surrounding fog began to disappear layer by layer, and the formation began to collapse rapidly.

After about an hour.

At the end of the day, Euno finally used the Hongmeng Tianbao to kill the fog and came over Yunrou Mountain.

Before he gasped, the surrounding clouds rolled again and again, and they swept over.

“Su Fang, wait for this Eminence to meet you, you will have to smash your body!” Couno sneaked a cold drink, did not dare to stop, directly spurred the original source of the original.

Hong long long !

A thunderous thunder over the Yunrou Mountain, thunder light rushed out and condensed into a Sky Gate, which involved the disappearance of the genus.

Su Fang’s phantom phantom smiles and disappears into the clouds.

He also knows that Zenuo is so powerful that it is difficult to trap him in the Yunruo family. Therefore, the Yunrou people have long been involved in the formation of the formation, plus this idea, the purpose is to scare the sinuo, so as to avoid the cloud-soft family suffering.

“Go to the Fus!”

When he returned to the original realm of Reze, he left the gnashing teeth and was sent directly by the spirits to the original realm of Reze.

“The Fusongs are the vassal races of the superiors. Su Fang may not dare to go to the Fuss to rob the Lei Di, even if it comes, it is difficult to get the Lei Di in a short time.”

“hmph… I have nine immortals in the Tianzu family, and they are even stronger than the forces that the Fuss depend on. If I spend some more money, then the Fuss to the powerhouse dare to take out the Leidi seal?”

Zhou Nuo came to the Fushui gods, looked towards the gods, and his eyes showed unparalleled arrogance and domineering.


Kono went straight to the portal of God.


“That youngster, it turned out to be the Tianzu!”

In front of the portal, waiting for the cultívation who entered the gods, I saw that Zenuo was a cultívation of the Tianzu, and no one was surprised and surprised.

Shua shua Shua!

Everyone seems to be hiding from the blasphemy, and they are moving away towards each other.

“In the end, there are some low-level races, I have never seen the market, and I see this Eminence, even each and everyone is like this!”

In his heart, sneer sneered in his heart, and his expression became more and more proud, a pair of aloof and remote, and the posture of the people.

Before entering the portal of the gods, it quickly became empty, and Ye Nuo calmly came to the front of the portal.

When I was about to enter the capital of the gods, a cultivating cultívation of the guardian of the portal sighed and asked: “Are you from the Tianzu?”

Hearing the tone of the other party without any respect, Juno’s eyebrows were a volume, and he said indifferently: “This Eminence is the king of the Tianzu tribe. This time, I came to the Fusong, and I was inspired by the immortal powerhouse of my family. Family to powerhouse!”

Nafu 道 cult cultivator looked at Quano with a horrified look, started talking: “You wait a little.”

Then he took out a Mark Symbol and passed the sound of the Primordial Spirit.

Before the portal, Euno stood up and looked proud. The arrogance and domineering of the superior Sir was revealed.

Less than ten breathing hours.

The portal suddenly opened wide, and a silhouette of ignorance and emptiness came out of the portal.

There are more than 20 Fusong cultívation people, of which there are as many as twelve Taoist ancestors, and the giants of the Fuss are almost out of the nest.

Accor is not surprised, his face shows a smile, started talking: “this Eminence is just a Junior, why should it be so popular? Too polite, too grand!”

It turned out that he thought that these Fushun giants came to welcome him.

“Don’t say that you are the king of the Zhou family, this is the ordinary Taoist of the Tianzu people. This Eminence has to meet personally, hehe…” An old man of the Fusong family is sad with a smile.

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