Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3262


Su Fang was rolled out by the tide.

Before I even had time to see the environment of the gods and gods, a powerful time, Shenwei, came to him and shrouded him.


Su Fang was shocked.

Unexpectedly, Kono would set up an ambush in the Shenshen god market, and he would attack when he appeared.

Zenuo obviously spurred the wishful treasure, and the time of the eruption was amazing.

Su Fang is like being caught in a swamp, and the flow of time around it becomes extremely slow, and it is difficult to get out of it.

Su Fang urged Qi of Primordial Chaos to emerge from within the body, and to get rid of the shackles of time, at this moment, a blood red light column descended from the sky.

I saw a mirror of blood floating in the sky, and shot a path of blood, covering Su Fang and the surrounding area.

That mirror is not an ordinary Xuanbao, revealing the Eternal Immortal atmosphere that is only available in Hongmeng Tianbao.

The blood released by the mirror turned into a blood mist, constantly infiltrating Su Fang’s defense. Su Fang felt that the fleshly body quickly began to melt, and turned into a bloody frozen, with Su Fang’s powerful life and Qi of Primordial Chaos defense. It is difficult to stop the powerful and strange power.

“It’s the blood gamma powerhouse, and it has such a powerful Hongmeng Tianbao!” Su Fang suddenly guessed who the shot was, and suddenly felt a sigh of relief.

“Su Fang, you are now in the middle of Hongmeng Tianbao Shenwei, you still have to die!”

The shape of Euno came slowly, looked toward towards Su Fang, and made a full of laughter.

Then, the Taozu powerhouse from the twelve races flew from the surroundings and surrounded Su Fang in the center.

宙诺said with a sneer : “this Eminence has long expected that you will enter the Shenshen god market, set an ambush here in advance, you really fooled, take out the Lei Di Yin in your hand, release my family powerhouse, This Eminence will make you die a little faster…”

Su Fang smiled and urged to wear the bloody king vine, trying to penetrate the surrounding blood light.

The sinus divine light changed slightly and asked the blood gamma powerhouse: “The human race ant has the ability to wear the sky and the king’s vine, and it will not let him escape?”

The blood gamma powerhouse disdain sneer: “Hong Meng Tian Bao Hua Xue Shen Jian is my family’s treasure, but all life, as long as it is trapped in it, will quickly become blood, unless it has immortal strength, otherwise this ant can not escape How about wearing the blood of the king and the vine? Is it even better than Hongmeng Tianbao?”

A ancestral Taoist ancestor tsk tsk sighed: “I don’t think that the blood sir Sir even brought the blood gamma’s Hongmeng Tianbao to bring… Hong Meng Tianbao is out of the ordinary, that human race cultivator Su Fang kills twelve race powerhouse countless, this Once with no difficulty, it will be suppressed, and I will admire it!”

The other twelve ethnic powerhouses have also complimented.

The blood gamma powerhouse proudly smiled and continued to urge Hong Meng Tianbao to deal with Su Fang.

Suunuo suddenly said: “The blood is slow and slow, the father of this Eminence and the dozens of Tianzu ancestors were stunned by this person, and they must be killed together by the power of Hongmeng Tianbao.”

The blood gamma powerhouse named Blood Ling, a bloody glimpse in the eyelids, revealing awkward look.


Su Fang gave a sneer.

“Heaven worms, swallowing!”

Su Fang passes on the mind to the worm.


A very fierce screaming sound came from Su Fang’s Taoist palace, and then the worms flew out and opened their mouths.


The blood around the awns was actually bitten by the phagocytosis.

However, the huge body of the acquired worm, thousand zhang, is completely revealed.

At this time, the worms are not only the body becomes bigger, but the whole body becomes a golden color, and the breath becomes extremely amazing. The bloodhouse and other alien powerhouses are also a trembling in fear.

As soon as the phagocytic worm appeared, it immediately slammed the mouth and smashed the cockroaches around Su Fang, and immediately went straight to the blood.

“That is… it turned out to be a worm!” The blood gamma powerhouse div divine light transient, eyes filled with jealous colors.

A few breathing time, the day worms shredded the heavy shackles of Hongmeng Tianbao Huaxue Shenjian, killing the vicinity of the blood-sucking gods, and then directly slammed on it, began to smash up.

There is almost nothing to eat in the phagocytosis. Xuanbao, Shenshi, treasure stone, spiritual object, and even Spiritual Qi can be swallowed.

And it seems to have a special liking for Hongmeng Tianbao. At this time, seeing a Hongmeng Tianbao, it is extremely exciting.

The blood gods will soon be bitten by the rays of light, and the power will no longer be seen. It will be bitten by the phagocytosis, and the blood will quickly close it up.

Looked towards, the phagocytosis, the bloody blood of a pair of bloody eyes filled with taboo: “Damn, that human race, how can the ants have the worm? The blood god is the treasure of my family, a little damage, it will endanger My family is booming, that’s all …”

At this time, Su Fang’s eyebrows flashed a bronze ancient lamp, which is the body of the longevity.

“Longevity lights, go!”

Seeing the longevity lamp, the alien powerhouses who have seen the horror power of the longevity lamp, all trembled, and even the soul of the source was trembled, and they rushed away.

However, nearly half of the alien powerhouses, including the genus, blood, and because of their own strength, did not escape.

“Hmph, I thought that with the longevity lamp, you can sweep all the powerful enemies?” A foreign powerhouse not only did not escape, but went straight to Su Fang to kill.

That interracial powerhouse looks at the appearance from the Yi, the strength reaches the height of the Taozu Peak.

However, Su Fang has sensed an amazing suffocating temperament from his breath. The odd thing is that the longevity body has not sensed the person’s original soul.

“It turned out to be a resurrection powerhouse of a Yi…”

Su Fang suddenly realized.

The inbidden technique of interracial techniques is endless, and there are some prohibitions that can make the dead powerhouse resurrect.

Like the resurrection of low-level cosmic life, these resurrection powerhouses have long since died, almost the same as smelting corpses, and have no original soul, only the evil will and the powerful fleshly body.

This resurrection powerhouse of the Yi people has the strength of the Taoist Peak, and it seems to have wisdom that is no different from normal people. Obviously, the Yi people have consumed a lot of energy and resources in his body, and they have cultivated such amazing. the height of.

“human race brat, your longevity lamp is useless to this Eminence, you have no arrogant capital, see how this Eminence swallowed you!”

The Yi people’s resurrection powerhouse smirked, revealing white sensation’s fangs, like the same rare beast, the horrible death will and the evil suffocating, dead air, swept over Su Fang.

“My strength is not only from the longevity lamp, even if I don’t need a longevity lamp, I can still suppress you easily!” Su Fang shows arrogance,

Su Fang’s strong will, naturally, is not afraid of the will of the Qiang powerhouse, evil suffocating and dead, and it is difficult to affect Su Fang’s consciousness.

He looked toward the Dai powerhouse and directly displayed the Great Return.

Chi chi chi!

A color of Primal Chaos Profound Light, tearing the smoldering smoldering gas into the body of the Yi people’s resurrection powerhouse.

“ahhhh ah…”

The Yi people’s powerhouse was caught off guard, and under the unremarkable power of the big returning, the body began to break down layer by layer and turned into nothingness.

Less than ten breaths, the Yi people’s resurrection powerhouse was completely removed into ash particles, disappearing with disappear without a trace.

The formidable power of Daguihui is actually powerful!

The heterogeneous powerhouses such as Eugene and Blood Ling, all divine light transients, realized that Su Fang’s strength is far beyond their imagination.

“This person, definitely can not stay, otherwise it will be a big problem of the twelve races … join hands, kill him!” Blood Ling issued a murderous aura tumbling coldly shouted.

A total of thirteen interracial ancestors, as well as the sinuo, all began to release their thoughts, or spurred the powerful Xuanbao, Mark Symbol, ready to join forces to attack Su Fang.

Su Fang smiled coldly, and once again began to condense the great return to the market, great good fortune surgery is also ready to go.

The longevity lamp is also ready to be motivated.


From the depth of the broken time, a big explosion of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, the original broken and chaotic time and space, into a big turmoil, became more fragmented and chaotic.

Then there was a burning, immortal breath that swept through the depths of the broken time.

I don’t know what kind of treasure, the breath will be so amazing.

“Rare treasure was born, and rare treasure was born in the gods of the gods!”

“That will be a treasure!”

The twelve ethnic ancestors such as Blood Ling have been looked towards the depths of time and space. Although they are obstructed by chaotic time and space, it is difficult to see anything. The eyes of each and everyone are still extremely hot.

“Zuo Nuo Shaojun Wang, according to this Eminence view, first search for treasure, and then kill this human race cultivator is not too late.” Blood Ling to the sound transmission.

Of course, Zhou Nuo knows that bloody and distinct is the power of Su Fang. It is even more taboo for Su Fang’s worms. I don’t want to risk killing with Su Fang any more. This is to find a step for myself.

“that’s all, then let him live for a while, wait for the Lei Di Yin in the Shenxu, and then try to kill this human race cultivator …” Zhou Nuo said, he is not afraid of Su Fang?

Immediately and many dozens of ethnic ancestors moved towards the depths of time and space.

“What kind of treasure is that?” Su Fang’s eyebrows, inhaling the longevity lamp into the palace, will follow those alien powerhouses into time and space.

This time, the main purpose of coming to the Shenshen god market is for Lei Di.

However, if you can get the god’s treasure or even inheritance, Su Fang will not miss it.

The Longevity Light Yuan Ling suddenly said in the Taoist Palace: “Master, your subordinate advises you not to join in the fun, the gods of the gods, there is no great treasure at all. What happened at this time is not what Hongmeng Tianbao.”

“There is no great treasure in the market of the gods?” Su Fang startled, faintly remembering the origins of the longevity lamp. “If you don’t say it, the Lord almost forgot to ask, why didn’t you tell the Lord early, you are from God?” Yi nationality?”

“The Master has never asked the subordinates.”

“That is also… the longevity lamp, and you tell the Lord, how is your former Master and the other, how can it be sealed?”

“In the original realm of Reze, Master knows the truth from the spirit, and there is nothing to say about it. Master wants to know, all of you tell you is”

The longevity lamp slowly brought some of the past events of the gods.

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