Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3263

The immortal powerhouse of the gods is called the god scorpion, and it is also a genius genius, from an ordinary cultívation, to an immortal powerhouse, and with the gods also rise.

Like most genius characters, the scorpion is also a singer, offended by someone who should not be offended, and was sealed in the void of Heavenly Dao by three immortal powerhouses.

The gods and the Yi people also declined rapidly and eventually died out.

The gods did indeed have countless treasures in the past, but with the outbreak of the tide, there was very little left.

Su Fang asked inexplicably: “The longevity lamp, since the gods were sealed, why did you stay in the gods?”

“The former Master is too conceited. After being promoted to immortality, he believes that he does not need to help him. He will also be subordinated and left in the gods as a township treasure. If not, he will never So easily sealed.”

“In the war of the destruction of the gods and the sects, I tried to save the gods and the gods and the enemy of the gods and squadrons. As a result, because there was no master urging, it was difficult to play the abilities that belonged to the genius, and was broken by the enemy with Hongmeng Tianbao. Divided into two, Yuan Ling fell into a sleep, if it was the Primal Chaos Heaven tide, the subordinates might have to be buried in this ruins.”

Su Fang, I realized it.

At the same time, my heart is also shocked: “I did not expect that the immortal powerhouse will be sealed!”

“That’s nature. The Master doesn’t think it’s possible to be immortal. The immortal powerhouse, despite having the life of Eternal Immortal, is in the same place as Heavenly Dao, yet it can still be sealed by the powerhouse.”

“The Lord remembered.”

Su Fang now understands why the Hail Sanctuary has an immortal powerhouse and is as cautious as possible and does not dare to offend twelve races.

“Reze’s original world is the big chance of Master. Don’t miss it. Master thinks, if you become the owner of the original realm of Reze, even if it is immortal powerhouse, you can’t help you, human race migrates to the original realm of Lei Ze, The end of the gods and Yunrou people will never happen in the human race.”

Su Fang looked towards The depths of time and space, the powerhouses such as Sinono and Blood Ling have disappeared. I asked the longevity lamp: “Longevity, you said that there is no terrible treasure in the gods, the breath that just erupted, Where did it come from?”

“That was a pair of Divine Birds that were conquered by God’s scorpion. Later, during the war, the male bird was sealed and the female broke through. According to the speculation, the head of the priest rescued by the Master is from The female bird that the gods escaped, and Nirvana Rebirth after the serious injury.”

Su Fang suddenly realized.

It is no wonder that the head of the phoenix will follow the eruption of the tide and enter the broken time and space of the gods, apparently for the sealed male bird.

The longevity lamp went on and said: “Master must be careful, the male bird is extremely powerful, the strength is not even weaker than the ordinary immortal powerhouse, and has the Body of Undying, which is extremely powerful. If the guess is good… then Primal Chaos Heaven The tide may be that the male bird hit the seal, so it caused the turbulence of time and space and broke the Primal Chaos Heaven tide.”

“so smart?!”

Su Fang is in awe.

Then he asked inexplicably: “The phoenix of Nirvana Rebirth, the strength is very ordinary, why is the male bird so powerful?”

“Shenfeng is also known as the immortal bird. After the death, Nirvana Rebirth, the female that the Master rescued in the Xuan Xuan domain, is in the weak state of Nirvana Rebirth. The strength is naturally ordinary. The general Taozu powerhouse can put it. Repression.”

“It turns out that…the other treasures of the gods, I will not put it in my heart. I am sure I have to get the hand of Lei Di, and the male bird is so powerful. It seems that there is a life and death battle… Go!”

Su Fang ended the exchange with the longevity lamp, moving towards the depths of the broken space.

Along the way, there are time-space broken and collapsed areas, time and space disorder, air storms sweeping, and the air jets from time to time carry material fragments and white bones.

With the strength of Su Fang, I have to be careful along the way, I can only fly, I dare not teleport.

About three months.

Su Fang shuttles through the chaos of time and space and comes to the depths.

Look at it.

I saw a huge whirlpool in time and space, flowing and undulating, and the broken material fragment floating up and down in the turbulent flow, like a scum of undulating waves.

The central area of ​​the whirlpool is not at the bottom, and I don’t know what is hidden in it. From time to time, the amazing atmosphere is ejected from it.

The heterogeneous powerhouses such as Eugene and Blood Ling cast their enchantments and stood in the middle of the vortex, staring at the bottom of the vortex.

Some alien ancestors searched in the whirlpool and found a lot of treasures, including Wang Pinxuan, but most of them have been broken, they are already unusable, or they are not useful for the Taozu powerhouse, so that these alien ancestors are not disappointed.

Su Fang urged Lei Ze’s original source to sense the breath of Lei Di Yin.

The result did not disappoint him. Sure enough, in the depths of the whirlpool, the breath of Lei Diyin was sensed, but it was very weak and faintly discernible.

“The depths of the vortex are the places where the male bird is sealed. The thunder of India is also there. Do you have to venture into it to find the Lei Di?”

Su Fang has a roll of eyebrows that stays on the periphery of the vortex.

The longevity lamp said that the male bird was extremely powerful, and Su Fang did not dare to rush in, only to wait and see, and look for opportunities.

Hetero, power and other interracial powerhouses are also hesitating.

Blood Ling disappointed and said: “There is no terrible treasure in the gods of the gods. At that time, the breath of the air whirlpool is not a great treasure, but a powerful life.” Go on an errand for nothing this time!”

“Go on an errand for nothing? That may not be the case.” Zhou Nuo smashed the rays of light from the depths. “If there is a strong life hidden inside the vortex, it is also being shackled there. If it is conquered, this Isn’t it a great fortune?”

There is a bloody smear in the bloody blood of the blood, obviously quite tempting, but the mouth is awkward and said: “To conquer the powerful life? The king of the county is really discouraged, the breath of life is amazing, very It may be the immortal height of Divine Beast. Even if it is being shackled, it is so easy to conquer it.”

Zhou Nuodao: “If you want to get the treasure, you have no risk. There are so many powerhouses in the 12 races, and the blood sir also has a Hongmeng Tianbao, and this Eminence also has a half-step Hongmeng Tianbao. There is no chance that there will be no chance to suppress that powerful life.”

The blood screamed inexplicably and smirked. “The king of Kono is going to get the thunder of India. Is this going to make my twelve race powerhouse a cannon fodder?”

Zhou Nuo said: “Since everyone is a smart person, then this Eminence will not cover up. We both joined forces to suppress the Divine Beast. Except for Lei Diyin, the rest of the treasure I took 30%. Just try to join hands to kill Su Fang. Under such conditions, is the blood sir satisfied?”


Blood Ling promised it very quickly.

Where do you know~

The sound of blood is not yet falling.

Suddenly, from the deepest part of the vortex at that time, a high-pitched, exhilarating song was heard, and then a red light burst out from the depths.

In the sound of the singer, there is an amazing force of the will, the alien powerhouse in the whirlpool, and the sound of the trepidation, there are several cultivation base weaker alien ancestors immediately broken.

Although the cultivation base of Zeno is weak, it is the heart of a floating butcher powerhouse, which makes him have a strong will and a realm of the heart, so he can barely bear the impact of the will.

Su Fang, who is far away from the edge of the vortex, is also a tremor of the heart, but it immediately returns to normal.

The sound of the sound is still echoing, the whirlpool of time and space begins to appear big turmoil, a stream of air is rising, and the whole vortex is boiling.

The alien powerhouse, located in the whirlpool of time and space, quickly exits the vortex.

Weng weng weng!

Su Fang’s original source of Lei Ze inside the Tao Palace suddenly began to tremble.

“Leidi Print!”

It is Lei Diyin who can trigger the origin of the original source of Lei Ze.

I saw a burst of airflow, wrapped in a group of thunder light, the inside of the thunder light has a small five-inch square of the five-inch square, it is Lei Diyin.

At this time, there was a chaos in the whirlpool of time and space. If it was caused by the origin of the original source of Lei Ze, Su Fang could not detect the existence of Lei Di Yin.

Su Fang sensed the Lei Di Yin, and Zhou Nuo naturally discovered it, and immediately became surprised and happy.

A Taozu from the Iron Tail, just in the vicinity of Lei Diyin, was immediately shouted: “Get the Lei Di Yin, this Eminence will have a reward!”

The Iron Tail Daozu discovered the Lei Di Yin, broke the divine power, shattered the chaotic airflow around him, and flew directly to Lei Diyin.

At this time, the time and space are turbulent, and it is difficult to display the teleportation technique. Su Fang is thousands of miles away from the Lei Di, and it is impossible to get the Lei Diyin before the Iron Tail.

But this is hard to beat Su Fang.


The bloody vine of one arm was spurred out from Su Fang’s right hand palm, piercing and smashing, like a blood snake, flying to Lei Di.

The Tail-Tail ancestors desperately shattered the jet stream and rolled the Lei Di into their hands.

At that moment, the blood vine pierced the Void, and the head of the Iron Tail ancestor was pierced, and the face was still full of surprises.

Then, a scroll of blood vines, entangled Lei Di.

Seeing that Lei Diyin is about to get his hands, suddenly a time of glory has suddenly come, and Lei Di is covered in it.

It turned out to be the sinuo, urging the jade-like general Hongmeng Tianbao, bursting out of the powerful power of time flies.

Entangled in the thunder of the Emperor Yindi, under the horror of time, quickly decayed and died, and finally turned into ashes.

“Not only is this Lei Di Yin is this Eminence, the Lei Di Yin on your body, but also belongs to this Eminence… Blood Ling Sir, kill him, this Eminence helps you suppress the Divine Beast!”

Kono is domineering, and then goes straight to the thunder.

Blood Ling with more than a dozen interracial powerhouse, moved towards Su Fang.

“I want to get the Lei Di Yin, see if you have that ability!”

Lei Diyin is related to the test of the Fifth Layer of Lei Ze, and it is also related to Su Fang’s own life and death and the survival of the human race.

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