Nine Truths Nine Yang Chapter 3264

Su Fang spurred through the blood of the king vine, moved toward the thunder and spurred away.

While urging the wishful Tianzhu round, shuttles through the chaotic time and space, and falls on the Lei Di Yin, bursting out a space distorting power, it is necessary to telegraph the Lei Di.

I know that a tongtom tongtom suddenly ruptured in time and space, like a sharp scissors slamming on the wishful wheel of Tianyi, and actually shattered the wishfulness of the Tianzhu, and twisted the gods and shattered.

Next to a Dai Tao ancestor, the Peak Powerhouse, the huge body was torn and the time and space flowed straight to Lei Di.

“you are courting death !”

Su Fang also released the purple body and the spider, directly ignoring the turbulence of time and space, killing the Yi powerhouse.

Whether it is the purple body, or the spider, it is a vain incarnation of incarnation, and it is difficult to form a ripple in time and space.

Chi chi chi!

The spider sprayed out the vain white fog and rolled out.

The Purple Movement also displayed a sense of supremacy in the creation of Heaven and Earth, shrouded the powerhouse of the Yi, plundering the air and letting it fall into the doom of escaping.

The white mist that the spider spits out penetrated into the Qian powerhouse within the body, causing his fleshly body fleshly body to begin to appear lesions and decline.

The Yi powerhouse made a roar and scream, but it was difficult to get rid of the passing of the air.

At this time, another airflow erupted, and the impact was on the Lei Di Yin, and it was rolled into the depth of the rolling vortex.

“This Lei Diyin is this Eminence!”

In the eyes of Euno, the excited rays of light flashed, urging the jade, and erupted a period of time, and suddenly threw the thunder and the time around, and then he went straight to Lei Diyin. And go.

Su Fang’s heart is in a hurry, when it is time to rush, the bloody powerhouse’s bloody silhouette is across the sky, blocking Su Fang’s way.

Shua shua Shua!

Fifteen of the alien ancestral powerhouses fly from the sky.


Su Fang gave a sigh of anger and rushed toward the blood.

“Human race 蝼 ants, let’s die… the technique of blood clot butterfly!”

With blood and hands, the blood and thoughts poured out from the palm of your hand, instantly condensed into a large piece of viscous plasma, revealing a breathtaking death, suffocation, and squirming and swollen toward Su Fang.

The rate of plasma tumbling seems to be slow, but in reality it is astonishingly fast, as the tumbling waves of turbulence generally crushed Su Fang.

“The technique of blood clot butterfly?”

Su Fang’s eyebrows are twisted, and the color of the taboos appears in the eyes.

At the time of the competition, Su Fang had seen the technique of blood clot butterfly.

This technique is the evil and powerful Divine Ability of the blood gamut. It uses the blood to smash the enemy, devours all the powerful enemies, and then breaks it out and turns into a very evil and powerful blood butterfly.

However, in the competition for the sky, it was the practice of coagulation butterfly by a dozen of people who blew themselves up.

At this moment, the blood power of the blood gang ancestor Peak powerhouse is displayed, is it necessary to be ten thousand times stronger?

“human race cultivator, even if you have a longevity lamp, it is difficult to break this Eminence’s blood coagulation butterfly technique. This Eminence will turn you into a blood butterfly and make you the eminence of this Eminence!”

After the bloody wave, the blood came through the evil and proud voice.

“Great return to the market!”

Su Fang no longer hides strength.

Qi of Primordial Chaos, thoughts, will, condensed in front to become a mirror of color of Primal Chaos.

The Chaos Profound Light in the mirror is frantically surging, a kind of ruin and end of everything, Heavenly Dao will, avenue and reason, brewing and tumbling in the mirror.

“What Divine Ability is this so amazing?”

The alien ancestors who had been killed from the surroundings, and the sense of the breath revealed in the process of the Great Return, all trembled.


The destruction of the will in the mirror, the moment of the moment is brewed to the extreme, and suddenly the breath changes greatly.


A universal life, the law of the law, Heavenly Dao created the will of evolution, the rationale, bursting from the mirror.

After the destruction and the end, it is the other side of creation, evolution, and great retreat, which is great good fortune.

Great good fortune!

Color of Primal Chaos The light column is sprayed from the mirror surface. Wherever it goes, the chaotic time and space becomes a chaotic state, and the bloodstream instantly breaks and evaporates.

Blood divine light transient, issued a sigh of anger, Hong Meng Tian Bao Hua Xue Shen floating in front of the body, the life to block the impact of the light column.


It is not only Hongmeng Tianbao, but Su Fang’s great good fortune has solved most of the power.

However, the blood is still affected, and together with the blood and blood, it is sent flying out, and the body below the waist is directly erased, leaving only the first half.

Nahong Meng Tianbao is intact, but the blood light is dim and the breath is also wilted.

Around a dozen interracial ancestors, the collision of the gods spread, including a Taozu Peak powerhouse, a total of five Taoist powerhouses directly in the Yu Wei to the ashes.

Other alien ancestors were all sent out by sent flying, and they were seriously injured.

Su Fang’s creation of great retreat and great good fortune, formidable power is overbearing!

Zi zi zi ~

The blood rushes to mobilize the blood, and quickly re-condenses the lower body, which looks unharmed, but the breath is wilting and the vitality is bad.

He was shocked by Su Fang’s peerless Great Divine Ability, where he dared to stop Su Fang, take back the blood, and turn around with the slightest hesitation.

Su Fang, a sly, pale face, and the breath suddenly became a lot of wilting.

The performance of Su Fang’s will, Qi of Primordial Chaos, and the consumption of thoughts are equally amazing.

Grab a medicine pill and swallow it. At the same time, it also urged the blood-sucking king to devour the “blood pigs” in the palace, and then forced the telegraph to the thunder.

However, it is too late.

Just at the time of Su Fang’s confrontation with Xueling, Zhou Nuo had already come to Lei Diyin and waved his hand in the hands of Lei Di.

Zhouo looked towards Su Fang and proudly said: “Su Fang, this Leidi is returned to this Eminence!”

I don’t know~

Just the next moment.

From the depths of the whirlpool, an old, majestic voice came out: “A group of ants, is it enough?”


A red glow broke out, the chaotic time and space, and the time and power of the time that Euno spurred the release of jade, it was difficult to block it.

Red glow appeared in front of Kono in a moment, in his hand.

When he held the right hand of Lei Di Yin, he became an ashes, and the red glow became a flame. The Lei Di was wrapped and wrapped directly into the depths of the vortex.

Zhou Nuo made a scream, only to see the hand of the Lei Di Yin was swept away by the flame.

“It’s the Divine Bird that has been out of trouble… Lei Diyin is in the hands of Divine Bird. How is this good?”

Su Fang’s heart suddenly sinks, and the situation he most wants to see still appears.

If Lei Diyin is in the hands of Euno, there is still a way to grab it back.

It’s now in the hands of a powerful Divine Bird that is immortal. It’s good to leave alive, how to grab it?

Unexpectedly, it will eventually be the result of this, no one can get Lei Diyin.

The longevity lamp suddenly opened in the palace: “Master, the Divine Bird did not completely break the seal, the Master is not without hope.”

Su Fang reluctantly sighed: “Even if it does not completely break the seal, how can I get into the depths of the vortex and get the lithographer?”

“Hateful, really hateful!”

Kono is not gnashing teeth.

Seeing that Lei Diyin, who is about to get it, is finally taken away, can he not be angry?

As for the injury on his hand, he did not care much.

“Blood Sir, let’s join in and suppress the Divine Beast!” Zenuo conveyed his mind to the blood.

The blood replied: “The Divine Beast is amazing. It is not the ancestors who can suppress it. Moreover, this Eminence is now seriously injured. It is impossible to suppress the powerful Divine Beast. It is impossible! That’s all!”

No way, I can’t get Lei Diyin together.

Zhouo looked towards Su Fang , said solemnly : “Su Fang !”

Su Fang smiled indifferently: “Why, do you still want to kill me?”

Zhou Nuo said: “Now, Lei Diyin is in the hands of Divine Beast. If you don’t get Lei Diyin, you and I can hardly complete the test of the original layer of the Lei Ze, and you can’t escape. One death.”

Su Fang said: “What do you want to say?”

“This Eminence teamed up with you to take back the Lei Di Yin from the hands of Divine Beast. This Eminence also has a momentary eternal charm that my family’s immortal powerhouse condenses, plus your strength and Hongmen Tianbao, may not have a chance to regain Take back Lei Diyin.”

“Joining with you?”

Su Fang’s eyebrows are twisted.

For the sake of the present, it seems that only the road to join with the company can go.

“A group of humble ants, not only want to play this Eminence treasure’s idea, but also try to suppress this Eminence, and act recklessly, this Eminence even if you don’t completely rush out of the seal, it is easy to kill you!”

The Divine Bird sneaked into the depths of the whirlpool through the contempt of everything.

Hong long long !

Once again, the whirlpool of time and space began to violently oscillate and roll, picking up a path of time and space, and exploding Su Fang and all the alien powerhouses.


A red light skyrocketed and quickly turned into a ten thousand zhang giant phoenix phantom.

Although it is just a phantom, it reveals an ancient, overbearing atmosphere. When the horrible will is under pressure, it will shatter the entire time.

Under the will of the god phoenix, Su Fang, blood sorrow and Taozu Peak’s high-level interracial powerhouse are also trembled, feeling into the boundless fire, the will and the soul are burning.

“Immortal! It turned out to be an immortal height of the phoenix!”

Bloody looks toward the head of the god phoenix phantom, full of eyes are full of panic, awe.


There are three ethical ancestors with a slightly lower cultivation base. Under the oppression of Shenfeng, the will collapses and the whole person begins to burn and instantly becomes ashes.

Quanuo fully urged Jade Ruyi, and with the power of Hongmeng Tianbao, he barely kept his will.

Bloody teeth shouted: “Stop! This Eminence comes from the blood gamma, except for this human race cultivator, other cultívation people are from the race with immortal powerhouse, if you dare to kill us, you will be chased by the immortal powerhouse !”

Zhou Nuo also followed the opening: “From the Tianzu family, and the next patriarch successor of the Tianzu people, if you kill me, can my family spare you?”

“hmph … or, let’s spare your life, let’s go!”

Shenfeng phantom issued a coldly snorted, swept a roll of wings, set off a time-space storm, straight into the deepest part of the broken time and space, forming a flood like a tide, always leading to endless time and space.


Bloody and sighing, flashing into the chaotic torrent, other alien ancestors also followed.

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